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December 2013 - waddling slowly onwards

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LadyMedea Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:36

Our new thread!

violetbean Mon 30-Sep-13 23:57:50

I love my v shaped pillow (from Argos) but it's a pain to turn over with! Have been using it since about 10 weeks though so used to it now.

My veins are awful too, have to go to a phlebotomist every time and ask for a butterfly needle (the one they use for kids) and they take it from the back of my hand. Annoying but have stopped letting anyone but an expert even try so the experience is usually much less painful now!

Thanks for the new thread Lady smile

Xenadog Tue 01-Oct-13 07:00:32

Morning all. Well I slept through (apart from one loo get up) and I'm putting it down to Patrice my Pregnancy Pillow! DP is quite jealous that I'm snuggling up to another man(!) in bed but when I slept so well I can't get rid of Patrice now. Even the dog likes Patrice and when she came into bed for a cuddle this morning she hogged him!

Have a great day ladies and we're one day closer all the time! smile

mumoftwoboysS Tue 01-Oct-13 07:08:55

feather I'm glad they listened to you in the end then- nothing worse than feeling you'd have to go through something against your will.

Are the steroids in case baby comes early?

Looking fwd to my mw Apt this morning (tho not the blood test!)

Stom91 Tue 01-Oct-13 07:45:19

Just drank the lucozade... Feel rather sick now.. Hopefully I won't throw it up lol x

itsliz Tue 01-Oct-13 07:45:25

Ahh, so this is where you've all been hiding! Can't believe how fast we're whizzing through these threads!

whisper that's such a lovely gesture from your friends, it makes such a huge difference wearing something comfy and flattering during pregnancy doesn't it?!

Nom are the Baby Bjorn carriers really that bad? We weren't planning on getting anything like that but we were given one that's pretty much brand new by our neighbour. Haven't done much research into them but I've heard both good and bad reviews so far...

feather Good on you for standing your ground! Here's hoping that it all goes to plan on the day, I'm sure it will though, sounds like you're a force to be reckoned with, haha!

All this talk of needles and tests is making me feel really far behind - my 28 week appointment isn't til Monday so until then I have no idea what jabs I will or won't need!

Popped down to Tesco with DP last night but the Baby event doesn't seem that great this time round. A few decent bits (I think the Cussons Mum & Me range is all half price and nappies are 3 for 2 etc, but no real bargains to be had. sad

Mothercare is just next door to Tesco so we went in there and ended up getting tickets for their baby event thingy next week.
Has anyone been to one before or have any plans to go? It sounded like there's going to be a lot of useful advice, demonstrations, money off etc (and possibly a goody bag!)

More info here if you're interested:

Also, it's October which means we can now say we're having our babies the month after next! Eeeek! grin

itsliz Tue 01-Oct-13 07:50:21

Ooh and best of luck with the test this morning stom! If you feel rubbish, just take big deep breaths and try to keep yourself occupied. I'm sure you'll be fine though smile

Quick question... Am I the only one here that actually likes Lucozade?! grin

TakingTheStairs Tue 01-Oct-13 08:00:56

Morning all. I haven't been on for ages, don't think I managed one post in the last thread blush
Just checking in to say hello. Feather, so pleased to hear people ( of the medical variety) are finally listening to you x

PinkWitch803 Tue 01-Oct-13 08:11:50

I like lucozade sport. But not the original stuff!

LadyMedea Tue 01-Oct-13 08:23:34

I like original lucozade, it reminds me of being little.

I've dragged myself out if bed this morning to go see a friend 2 hours away by train. I think it will probably kill me - both in terms of exhaustion and SPD - but she goes back to work next week and I haven't met her 4.5 month DS! handmade quilt will also finally be delivered.

WhisperMen Tue 01-Oct-13 08:25:47

guy's it's has this year gone so fast? I think we've missed a month or can't be October already...<sits in the corner gently rocking backwards and forwards>

Stom91 Tue 01-Oct-13 08:30:44

Urgh I hate all lucozade.. DP loves the stuff...

Ahh October!!! I love October because it's my birthday & because it's the beginning of autumn...

Just arrived to the hospital and the pay machine is out of order... No need to pay for parking - result!

lisbapalea Tue 01-Oct-13 09:21:55

Morning all!
My arm is killing after yesterday's whooping cough jab - was really painful to lie on my left side so had a crap night's sleep. Also have woken up feeling really rough, almost fluey - do you think that's the jab, or I am coincidentally coming down with something?

Either way I am feeling really grumpy and sorry for myself. On my way into London for a day of horrible meetings, so I think my colleagues and clients will be lucky if they escape my bad mood today!

Cannot wait to stop work - 7th Nov cannot come quickly enough!

Chilli81 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:34:33

Wow this thread moves fast!

ccsays I'm also on count down. 19 more work days. Yeay!

MildredH Are you sure your pain isn't SPD? My pain often migrates down to my groin area. If it is there's stuff you can do to stop it getting worse.

Hope everyone has good days.

Stom91 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:47:22

lisa don't say that I have my whooping cough and flu jab at 2:30 today...

They managed to get my blood first time which makes a nice change!
I had a crappy night sleep too... Feel like i haven't slept a wink. Worrying about money it think :/

lisbapalea Tue 01-Oct-13 09:51:01

Sorry stom I shouldn't be such a misery guts! Am sure your jabs will be fine - glad the blood taking was straight forward!

NomDeClavier Tue 01-Oct-13 09:57:43

lisba I'm quite thankful I get to avoid the whooping cough jab! Hope your meetings go well.

stom good luck for the blood tests.

lady poor you sad I hope your friend appreciates the effort! I can't wait for my sewing machine to be out of transit so I can get making cute baby things. I have fabric to make a complete pram set, but not a nasty frilly one, and flannelette for nighties and a roll of fat quarters for a quilt....

If you're not interested in baby carriers feel free to scroll past now!

itsliz Baby Bjorns and similar carriers aren't the work of the devil unless they're used forward facing - excellent blog but they're not optimal either.

Imagine the choice between sitting on a chair and a bicycle seat. How a baby sits in a classic Bjorn is like sitting on a bicyle seat. All their weight is concentrated between their legs, their legs are swinging free and pulling down. If there is any kind of pre-existing weakness in their hips then this will make it ten times worse, exacerbated if you're swaddling with their legs straight or the car seat is very narrow and they spend a lot of time in it etc. A properly wrapped fabric sling or an ergonomic carrier is like the chair. Hips and thighs are supported and the only flex is in the knee. Very small babies are froggied up so there isn't even that.

As for you the classic carriers have 2 straps which cross at the back, and they're quite narrow. Baby's entire weight is focused at the top of your shoulderblades pulling your shoulders forwards and you off balance. A wrap sling crosses further down and ties at the back giving you lumbar support. A soft structure carrier is more like a backpack put on your front. Most can also be used as back carriers too. There are other options - ring slings and mei teis (which are a cross between a structured carrier and a wrap - but I mention wraps and soft structured carriers like the Ergo and Manducca because they're best known.

A new style baby bjorn has lumbar support which on me does nothing unless I cinch it so tight it squishes my boobs and makes upper body movement impossible. I think men find them much better tbh. They also have a wide seat for the baby, but people still turn them forward facing and the brand shows them forward facing which just breaks my heart. If you want baby to see the world when they get to 3 months or so then try a hip carry in a ring sling. Before then they a) don't need the stimulation and b) don't have good enough neck muscles to hold their heads up so they end up flopping back and over-extending their throat.

If you want to buy a carrier look for a reputable brand and beware of fakes (particularly ergos sad) because they may not have solid stitching or might use toxic dyes.

A baby bjorn is a great introduction to carrying your baby hands free and fine for occasional use - you're parked halfway down the road and don't want to lug the pram in and our the car or you live on the second floor and the pram is down 2 flights of stairs - but if you plan to use it for extended periods like alyssa or you have a refluxy baby like I had who needs to be carried 24/7 then protect your back and your baby's hips and get a decent carrier. They don't have to be expensive and you can pick them up very reasonably second hand. Remember that carriers like the Bjorn are tested by the brands for use similar to a car seat, which a baby shouldn't be in for more than 2 hours at a time. They're really not designed for extended babywearing as practiced in many cultures. When you look at the commonalities across those culturs in terms of carrying style whether it's SE Asian, African or Peruvian you find they're universally easier on the person carrying and the baby is well supported. The number of people I know who are aghast that I carry a heavy 2.5 year old, even when pregnant, are the same ones who had a classic Bjorn and said after 3 months their back was knackered, which is a shame because carrying continues to be so useful through teething, separation anxiety, when they want to walk but get tired but want to get down...and a carrier can go all sorts of places a pram won't! So don't not use it, but bear in mind its limitations, use it with baby facing you only and if you find you're using it more than a couple of hours at a time or on a daily basis for less time or your back starts hurting and you want to go on carrying then look up your loal sling library and investigate other options.

That was a bit of an epic. Sorry sad I'm only a bore about that and BFing! BFing because I think the support is crap and this because I had borderline hip dysplasia which didn't need correcting in a spica, although sometimes I wish it had been, but thanks to a very enlightened paediatrician in the eighties my parents were told to use terry nappies (the bulk spreads the hips holding them in the correct position) and avoid baby carriers. Thankfully there's been a lot of research since then on safe carriers but it made me do a lot of reading around when I was having DS.

mumoftwoboysS Tue 01-Oct-13 11:16:11

Mw appointment went well, baby growing well/on dates,lovely to hear heartbeat and when I told her I'd been having blood tests for low platelets she looked at the results and said that's not low and the other mw shouldn't have worried me about it! She deals with low platelet/high risk births and there's no need to worry unless they're below 50,000 (mine were 129,000) I'm so annoyed I went through all that stress and worry for nothing!

nom thanks for the info- wondered why my back always killed using the baby Bjorn- thought I just had a weak back. So are you saying the fabric ones that you wrap round loads of times are better? I borrowed one of those and used it for oth DC's when they were tiny and used to cry a lot in the evenings-kept them close to jiggle and walk around and was less knackering than holding them. Need to get another one now. Also have a baby Bjorn but DH tended to use it more last time.
Are you the one who is the bf councillor too? I'm gonna need some help with that after 2 failed attempts!'

And talking about sewing- those of you who've done patchwork quilts have you done them before? I love crafty stuff and would love to have a go but no idea where to start- it's a bit daunting...

itsliz Tue 01-Oct-13 11:35:37

So glad to hear everything is going ok mum! I don't think midwives realise just how important it is to say the right thing to a pregnant woman, especially considering how much we end up over analysing everything! Good to know that there are some nice ones out there though smile

And don't apologise Nom, that's exactly the sort of info I needed! It's things like this that make me so, so glad that I joined MN because I just wouldn't have a clue otherwise...!

Taking into account everything you've said, I don't think we'll be using the Baby Bjorn much. I've suffered from a bad back since I was 5 (fell off of some gym apparatus at school and landed on a hard wooden floor because they didn't put any crash mats down... Ouch!) so I really don't want to risk making that any worse, let alone causing my baby to have problems with his hips or posture.
I think we'll hang on to it just in case, but since we live quite close to town and drive everywhere else, it would only be used for short periods of time, if at all.

If we hadn't been given the Baby Bjorn then we probably wouldn't have bought one, so it just helps to know exactly what we've ended up with! I suppose it could be worse though, at least it's branded and not a fake!

NomDeClavier Tue 01-Oct-13 11:58:10

I'm a trainee BFC, mum, so feel free to ask any questions but there are loads of very, very experienced posters who are incredibly generous with their time over in the feeding sections that far surpass me in my knowledge. I'm still learning smile Glad your MW appt went well!

As for slings do go along to a sling library and try some out. There are likely to be plenty of very experienced baby wearers there, even if you find them a bit far out their expertise is invaluable! The best libraries are run by trained baby wearing consultants (that's another course I'd love to do). The fabric ones are very handy in the early days, as long as it's a stretchy, because you tie it up and then pop baby in and out. Plus you can feed in them!

I have quilted for a while, but I started with very simple quilting and you just have to try stuff out and be brave so go for it! There are tons of tutorials online.

WhisperMen Tue 01-Oct-13 12:12:20

in a lot of pain today. the bottom of my back and my hips feel like they're on fire and paracetamol is doing naff all sad also stupidly tired after the second night with hardly any sleep thanks to the pain in my hips when I lie down.

pregnancy is stupid. it makes you exhausted but then never lets you sleep.

anyway, end of moan grin

that info about the carriers is really useful. we have been looking into what to get and feeling clueless. good to know what to avoid.

hope you're doing okay today storm with all your stuff going on.

mumoftwoboysS Tue 01-Oct-13 12:12:26

Nom will remember that when I start bf tho I'm sure I'll be I the bf thread too!! And yes, maybe I should just be brave and try quilting- just wish there was a class near me for some guidance.

Sorry a bit tmi but the last few days I've had loose stools which is giving me a tummy ache (going 3-4 times a day) I just read somewhere that prenatal vitamins can cause it- and funnily enough I've been more vigilant and been taking them every night. God. It's making me feel lousy (not sure what's worse, being bunged up or like this!) might stay off them for a few days and see. Anyone else had this problem?

NomDeClavier Tue 01-Oct-13 12:19:04

Are you sure there isn't a class? Often local sewing or wool shops will have one. If you're anywhere near Marlow or Henley on Thames I can recommend an excellent one.

Sorry you're feeling rubbish whisper sad I agree pregnancy is rubbish - makes you tired and won't let you sleep is about right!

Stom91 Tue 01-Oct-13 12:47:34

Pregnancy is rubbish... We should sue them for false advertising lol.

Yeah I'm ok whisper.. Back is killing me too and so tired as didn't sleep.. Plus that lucozade has given me a headache... Caffeine overload I think lol..

Managed to sort of work our money out. DP can cover all bills on his wages if we just spend the bare minimum. Next month should be better hopefully..

Talking of BF. I'm going to a class thing on the 24th... BF really freaks me out and i just feel it's not for me. Dont get me wrong ice got nothing against anyone doing it. Its natural and so good for baby. But it's just weird for me.. Hopefully this class will help make me less freaked out

MrsShrubs Tue 01-Oct-13 13:11:06

Blimey can't believe how quickly this has all moved! Thanks for the new thread!!

Thanks to those about the growth scan info, hoping by my next appointment my measruement won't be so boarderline, just annoyed none of the other MWs didn't write my measurements down so I can see what the progress has been like.

Those with vein problems I had this at my 12 week appointment and the phlobotamist said that not being hydrated enough can have an effect so this morning I drak plenty of water before my appointment and while I was waiting and was in and out in about a minute smile so maybe try that?

nom thanks for all the carrier info and stom for asking because I'd been wondering about the same thing with the bjorns v slings.

Nursery work has started, so excited!!!!!

abcdemma Tue 01-Oct-13 13:35:52

Found you all smile (thanks Whisper lol)
Booked antenatal classes but need to get BF ones sorted too, busy month ahead!!

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