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December 2013 - waddling slowly onwards

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LadyMedea Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:36

Our new thread!

PistachioTruffle Mon 30-Sep-13 19:36:33

Thank you! flowers

Whisper, what a lovely thing for your friends to do! They sound like real stars.

If I don't start sleeping soon I don't know what I'll do. I'm sooo tired sad

Stom91 Mon 30-Sep-13 19:36:44

Marking place x

mumoftwoboysS Mon 30-Sep-13 19:37:49

Another thread already! Now I just need to remember what I read on the last one!

feather I'm sorry if you mentioned it before but why do you want a c- section? Did you have a bad experience last time?

NomDeClavier Mon 30-Sep-13 19:39:51


Gosh feather that sounds bloody awful. Glad you got your way in the end.

I need to go have the GTT done Thursday or Friday morning, plus all the other bloods. I'm really not looking forward to thank drink. I threw it up last time I had it.

alyssa have you considered a second hand pram? There are some good bargains on preloved for what wouldn't be much more than a good sling. If you'll be using it as baby's main mode of transport for the love of all things holy dint get a baby bjorn type one. You'll knacker your bank and it's not good for baby's hips. A proper sling or carrier will support baby in a froggy position or knee to knee when they get a bigger.

Stom91 Mon 30-Sep-13 19:48:28

nom I'm planning on drinking my through a straw so I can't taste it so much (put the straw as far back as I can lol)
I hope I don't throw it up. Bright orange lucozade everywhere will not be a good look lol..

I'm really worried about this whooping cough jab! So worried it's going on hurt I'm not. To fused about the flu jab as I've had that before.

NomDeClavier Mon 30-Sep-13 19:50:53

It's not so much the taste that gets me as the nausea from too much sugar.... Which is sort of the point of having the test!

WhisperMen Mon 30-Sep-13 19:55:59

it's weird that they don't need to do a blood test before the lucozade Storm else how do they know your normal level and if the lucozade has affected it?

One of my dads friends has just popped round and given me a massive dish of chicken casserole. I haven't a clue why she did it, but it's solved the problem of not having any food to eat. She just knocked on the door, I opened it and she went "hiya Whisper, thought you would like this. Don't worry about the dish, just give it to your dad when you see him, got to dash, bye" and ran off back to her car. I was left standing in the doorway holding a pot of casserole with a confused expression. It seems it's be nice to Whisper day haha.

Featherbag Mon 30-Sep-13 19:57:40

Alyssa, I've just ordered a stretchy wrap sling from Victoria Slinglady on eBay for about £18, I did a fair bit of research beforehand and her slings come highly recommended for tinies!

I want a section for many reasons, but mainly because of surgery I've had which could be disrupted by a VD. It could also be catastrophically disrupted by episiotomy and forceps, leaving me needing extensive reconstructive surgery and/or totally incontinent. I was meant to have a section last time but when I went into prem labour I was completely ignored and forced to deliver vaginally against my will, with no pain relief. I avoided episiotomy by a whisper, as I was too out of it to argue when the doc said she would likely need to do one. The medical staff seem clueless about the surgery I've had, why I had it, consequences of VD, etc. and I just don't trust them. I have never felt so helpless, ignored and frightened as I was during the last labour, where I am usually strong, assertive and have a very much 'get on with it' attitude. As a result I suffered badly with PND which ruined my first months as a mum, I could've handled the NICU weeks but I couldn't handle how I felt. I'm not having more babies, so I'm leaving nothing to chance this time, I WILL have a good experience!

NomDeClavier Mon 30-Sep-13 20:02:49

VSL wraps are bloody brilliant. And she is a nice, helpful person. Good choice, feather.

That's really sweet whisper. Enjoy it!

I'm sitting snacking on pretzels and Nutella. Piggy piggy.

Xenadog Mon 30-Sep-13 20:06:04

Featherbag that sounds like an awful experience! Have they agreed you can have the C sec? Fingers crossed you have the labour/birth you want this time.

Whisper how lovely??? Seriously what a fab day you have had!

Thanks for setting up the new thread LadyM smile

Stom91 Mon 30-Sep-13 20:09:43

whisper she didn't say anything about doing one before? My sugar is usually a 4. And it's in my notes. So i guess that's ok....

I've just got a letter saying drink the lucozade at 730 and be at the hospital by 9 for a blood test at 930

Featherbag I hope you get the CS you want x

WhisperMen Mon 30-Sep-13 20:09:54

I think the universe is being nice to me to make up for the fact it took me nearly 2 hours to do a 10 min walk home from the midwife because I had horrendeous pains and had to keep sitting on the pavement and I have been in quite a lot of pain ever since. That and I have to go and get punctured again because my one useable vein apparently doesn't want to work anymore.

Does anyone know what happens if they physically cannot get any blood for the 28 week bloods?

NomDeClavier Mon 30-Sep-13 20:11:58

They'll get the blood out another vein whisper. They've had to go for DS's feet before sad Are you getting your bloods done by a proper phlebotomist at the hospital?

mumoftwoboysS Mon 30-Sep-13 20:15:32

Oh and I just got an email about the tesco baby event if any of you need any more bargains/essentials!

WhisperMen Mon 30-Sep-13 20:16:32

I have to go to the hospital sometime this week or next to try and get them done there. my veins are so stupid. I literally have one that you can get at and it's the smallest skinniest little thing ever. When they did the bloods for my booking appointment and had to do all the vials then it took about 10 minutes as it just drips out really slowly.

kchapper5 Mon 30-Sep-13 20:17:31

Ooo Shiny new thread smile.
whisper hope your pains get better soon.
I have to have a blood test first then the sugary drink then sit for 2 hours and have another blood test when i go next week.
I'm in a good mood tonight because i'm off work tomorrow smile only so I can have my flu jab but still I've booked myself into the hairdressers afterwards to make me feel better smile

Stom91 Mon 30-Sep-13 20:24:31

Hmm im seem to be the only one that isn't have a bloodtest bbefore the lucozade... Strange..

Ooh enjoy the hair dressers.. I'm having mine done Friday smile

MildredH Mon 30-Sep-13 20:47:04

Thank you for the new thread grin.

Marking place.

DH is away tonight- thinking of going to bed now just to get comfy.. The lower back pain has migrated now into a wierd position in my groin- kind of in the crease btw my thigh and fanjo on one side.

BohemianRaspberry Mon 30-Sep-13 21:38:59

New thread and everyone's already piling in! Yay

When I had the GTT stom I had fasting blood test at 8:40, drinky lucosade immediately after, second blood test at 9:40, fasted again and bloods taken again at 10:40 if that helps? I had three readings - 5, 10, 5

Envying your day whisper smile

Stom91 Mon 30-Sep-13 21:51:42

Oh weird I'm just having the one. As I have to drink the lucozade before I go to the hospital to have blood taken.

PinkWitch803 Mon 30-Sep-13 21:53:06

Someone asked about the pregnancy pillow. I find mine really comfy unless I am hot, or need to turn over! So for the last couple of days I haven't used it.

PinkWitch803 Mon 30-Sep-13 21:54:02

Oh, I do have a couple of those bean bag pillows and I use the floppiest one to support my belly if I a not using the big extra person in bed pregnancy pillow.

Featherbag Mon 30-Sep-13 22:07:16

Forgot to add, got my first dose of steroids today to strengthen those little lungs! Getting more tomorrow.

ccsays Mon 30-Sep-13 22:17:33

Just marking my place.

That's me back a work now, seven shifts to go then I'm off! Counting down!

Off to bed for an early night now, still sweltering all the time!

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