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Martians 2014: thread 10. More scans, bigger bumps and eating for two! Nearly halfway there, ladies!

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IceNoSlice Wed 25-Sep-13 21:16:51

Thread 9

Shiny new thread. Welcome all those due to pop out a baby in March 14, whether you're an old hand or a newbie, come join the fun!

x0gawjus0x Thu 26-Sep-13 06:43:59

These ladies are truely so lovely thank you so much words cant explain how much youve helped me i feel so lucky even though ive never met you thank you doesnt cut it x

Jolleigh Thu 26-Sep-13 06:49:53

JK - I don't hate veggies! It's as valid a choice as any, just not one I could make.

My steaks at Gaucho were beautiful yesterday. I got the trio of medallions and was making orgasm noises right the way through my meal. (I'm naughty so had all 3 rare, and they were like butter to chew). And so people know, a £5 tomato side salad us actually quite tasty...has about 6 different kinds of tomato in it.

I've been invited to a 'shortened' interview for that role I've been contacted about. I'm assured that it won't be a full blown interrogation. Can't say I want any kind of interview, but I am well aware that if they agree to pay me the amount I want, I'll get quite a significant amount more cash during my first 3 months mat leave. If they try to get me to take the job without sweetening the deal with the pay, I'm simply going to turn it down. It's not worth the extra stress if I'm going to hardly get a pay bump. Interview is a week today (2nd interview while upduffed - I know I'm hard core lol)

Welcome back Saggy - we missed you. x

SoSurprised Thu 26-Sep-13 06:50:21

Saggy lots of hugs your way. I have been thinking of you and am really glad you've come back smile

Jolleigh Thu 26-Sep-13 06:59:54

Hi gawjus I didn't see you there (have been attempting to wrestle my comedy-sized-boobs into a bra for work). How are you doing?

x0gawjus0x Thu 26-Sep-13 07:05:39

Hey joll im doing ok better than yesterday just thinking about my scan later is making me feel better i hope they dont cross their legs!

your poor boobs my bras dont fit either infact my left boob is bigger than my right one now i wonder if they do mixed cup sizes !

x0gawjus0x Thu 26-Sep-13 07:07:10

Nearly half way ice its crazy isnt it 2.5 weeks and ill be 20 weeks ahhh :D and all weve done is worry! X

Jolleigh Thu 26-Sep-13 07:15:32

Hoping your little one gives you a good flash if its bits gawjus wink

Don't think I can consider myself nearly half way yet...I'm only 14 weeks. I've been the youngest practically everywhere I go (August baby) and now my Alien is one of the younger bumps on the thread and I get to see soooooo many people find out gender before I do. Boooooo! wink

JK10 Thu 26-Sep-13 07:26:46

Ha ha! Thanks joll! £5 tomato salad compared to orgasmic steak mooing on the plate!!! Made me laugh!!

gaw good luck at scan! Bubba will be fine, I had same huge emotional stuff going on when pg with dc2 but all was well. They are tough little things. Can't wait to hear pink or blue.

Who is next? I'm not finding out as I have boxes of both pink and blue. The only thing I need is a pram, as mine finally broke after baby 4.

lyra was it u who bought the orb? What colour did u go for? I really like the teal but it that classified as unisex or too boyish? Thoughts please!?!

JK10 Thu 26-Sep-13 07:28:17

joll brill news about I interview! Go grab yourself a whopping pay packet, and celebrate with another big fat, juicy, orgasmic steak!

Jolleigh Thu 26-Sep-13 07:45:41

JK - you never know, I might treat myself to a small glass of merlot if everything goes to plan wink

gawjus - I've only just seen the Facebook page. What the actual fuck?!? Can we safely refer to that cunt as your ex now? You're seriously better off without him. Let us know if yoy need any kind of help. I'm sure all if us can pull together and get a peaceful outcome for you. x

OwlinaTree Thu 26-Sep-13 07:46:57

Oooh gawjus larger left breast means it's a boy!!

How exciting!! Do you find out today?

OwlinaTree Thu 26-Sep-13 07:49:04

X post with joll sorry you are having relationship issue.

RaspberrysAndIcecream Thu 26-Sep-13 07:52:14

Morning ladies - I feel I had to read everything before replying, and that took a while!!! grin

pram congratulations on the new place!!! Glad it's worked out for u. Have they given u a moving I'm date?

saggy glad you're still on the thread with us. I read ur other thread with tears in my eyes. Your baby is very lucky to have such an awesome Mummy!!

gaw I'm not on the Facebook page yet but I hope you're ok.

Is anyone apart from JK10 not going to find out what they're having? I don't want to know!! I'd quite like a surprise and also I think that it may encourage me to shop ridiculously if I know what sex it is!!! So for the sake of our bank balance, I don't want to know!! Lol!!

joll I'm also only 14 weeks, our babies will be the younger Martians!! Also good luck for ur second interview next week!! Interviewing in pregnancy is hardcore - much respect!!! Some days I feel like I can hardly string a sentence together, let alone doing an interview!! :-)

FrankelInFoal Thu 26-Sep-13 08:03:07

Saggy just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of best wishes to you and your family. You've been put in a position that no one wants to find themselves in and I agree that your baby is so lucky to be coming to such a wonderful home. I hope that doesn't sound patronising blush

karamcleod Thu 26-Sep-13 08:33:01

My phone is playing up so finding it difficult to keep up.

saggy you are amazing, and as I'm sure you can tell, we are all here for you.

gawjus I've not been able to see what is going on on fb, but I saw the original post and I really hope you are ok, you are going to have some really tough decisions to make soon. I know this might seem the wrong thing to say but this could not have happened at a better time. You really need to decide what is best for you & baby. I have been in the same place as you and if you need to talk just PM!

Love to you all. <3

x0gawjus0x Thu 26-Sep-13 08:38:32

I hope it gives me a good flash too jolls !! Havent taken my engagement ring off yet though sad

Thanks jk more concerned about them than me did hear their lovely hb yesterday though!

Does it owl? How does my boobs know before me haha i am sooo sure its a boy though!

thanks kara seems alot of these ladies have been where i am and now they are all in loving relatiomships and i hope im that lucky x

karamcleod Thu 26-Sep-13 08:47:53

Oh also baby mcleod has been going mental since yesterday evening, I can actually feel it through my tummy! Fuck knows what he/she is so excited about but kept me up most of the night.
17 weeks today. 21 days until next scan!

TotalShock Thu 26-Sep-13 08:49:24

Thread nine went so quick! So I thought I'd at least try and catch up a little before thread 10 passes me by.. Thanks for the new thread ice!

pram I'm so pleased you got the house you liked and even better at the price you wanted! It looked lovely

rock glad you had a good anniversary and it sounds like you and pram are meeting up which I'm sure will be great. I don't think I know anyone that is pg in RL and we still haven't really told anyone yet apart from some family!

gaw I'm not on fb but hope your ok and looking forward to your scan x

joll good look with the interview! Also glad you had such a good meal! Hope you're feeling like your normal self again x

saggy you can talk as much as you like, there's so many people that care and as someone else said you'd be the first to offer comfort to someone else xxx

Hello to everyone else!

BadlyWrittenPoem Thu 26-Sep-13 08:59:12

Thanks Abi - I think I just worry because it'll be so different to first child or child after a huge gap.

Raspberry I'm not planning on finding out either.

Thinking of you gawjus.

MummyBee87 Thu 26-Sep-13 08:59:57

Raspberry we're not finding out either. We decided last week at our 13week scan. I really want to find out because I know I'd be great with a girl as I've been there myself etc so i'm terrified about having a boy and feel I need to do extra preparation lol! But OH really wants a surprise and my mum agreed that it would be nice to have it as a surprise too so thats what we're gonna do. I am worried i'll be an awful mum to a boy though so i'm secretly hoping its a girl which then makes me feel terrible for wanting one more than the other sad.
I had my first cup of tea in years yesterday I just really fancied it (decaf of course) I switched to decaf coffee in January or so but I've not been in the mood for one as the smell made me feel sick. Have to say I'm now wanting another tea so off to the canteen I go.
One of the things I have to say I'm not missing is pepsi/coke, which again i've avoided due to caffine (sp?) blush is anyone else trying not to drink caffine and finding it difficult or easy?
What other things are you guys avoiding, aside from the obvious blue cheeses and un-cooked meat/eggs etc?

JK10 Thu 26-Sep-13 09:10:11

joll if it's only a small glass! Push the boat out and have 2!

rasp think I too would go on a crazy totally unnecessary spend up if I knew the sex! I love shopping! Another thing I know a lot of u hate!! Although I only buy when something is needed, most of the time!

karamcleod Thu 26-Sep-13 09:11:19

I haven't had any caffeine either, just down to the fact OH is very sensitive to it and has tonnes of problems with his heart and bp, and he seems to have inherited from his father so best to be safe than sorry.

I miss pate, goats cheese, brie, rare steak, wine and fags but at least its for the greater good!

BadlyWrittenPoem Thu 26-Sep-13 09:13:20

Mummy I've been either pregnant, breastfeeding or TTC for all but seven months of the last seven years so apart from very occasionally having a caffeinated drink, I've avoided caffeine almost all that time. I keep decaff tea bags in the change bag so that if I'm at someone's house and they don't have decaff I can provide it and in cafes if they don't have decaff I tend to have a hot chocolate. I'm a bit of a tea fan (I used to have about twenty different varieties of tea at home) so I do miss the variety but other than that it doesn't really bother me.

BadlyWrittenPoem Thu 26-Sep-13 09:16:19

I think caffeine is the only change in my diet I have made as everything else either I've looked into the risks and decided that the risk is too low to worry about (e.g. runny eggs, pate, cheeses) or I don't have it anyway (e.g. raw shellfish, shark, marlin, swordfish, alcohol).

April13 Thu 26-Sep-13 09:22:02

hmmmm, i have cut caffeine down, but I must admit I do take it to the maximum and usually slightly over every day, am I bad??

I think I felt a kick last night, almost positive I did, but so quick I am now wondering if I imagined it. When the midwife listened to HB on Tuesday she told me it was a wriggler so should be feeling something very soon...maybe wishful thinking??

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