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January 2014 (thread 9) Pregnancy half time is over. Fast growing bumps, braxton hicks and we thought we would worry less!

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Frizz1986 Wed 11-Sep-13 12:55:24

Hope its ok me setting up a new thread.
Couldnt see one, but if I am just being blind please tell me.....

Frizz1986 Wed 11-Sep-13 13:01:53

Noticed that the other thread had filled, and was like OMG we haven't started another one yet.
Hope I haven't totally missed one that has already been done.

Toby am very jealous of your bread. It is my weakness, but am looking forward to making home made pizza at the weekend when my best friend visits.
Haven't seen her since getting pregnant (schedule clashes as she lives near Leicester) so am looking forward to showing off my bump.
I love Waitrose too and would shop there all the time if I could. I had one back home that my mum used to go to for special occasions as the stuff is so nice and then last year 1 opened up north near me. Was so excited!!

I am planning on getting a flu jab and whooping cough.
You can get the flu jab as soon as your gps has it. I called mine last week and they don't have it in yet, but it is normally Sept/Oct time I am told.

Whooping cough is from 28 weeks so I have still got a while before I can have that one done.

Re: coats..... My winter one is starting to get a bit tight but really cant afford to get another one. Hope it holds out a bit longer but otherwise I will just wear it opened and hope I can make do.

TobyLerone Wed 11-Sep-13 13:23:30

Well done, Frizz! I noticed when I posted that I had xposted with a few people but didn't realise I was #1000! Then I noticed that the thread was full but didn't want to duplicate if anyone else had made one.

MrsAVB Wed 11-Sep-13 13:33:09

Yay for thread 9- well done frizz.
My winter coat just about does up at the moment. I will def need a coat of some sort as I walk everywhere. But wondering if some kind of swing/ empire line thing rather than a maternity coat would be better.
toby impressed with your cooking. I keep meaning to buy a cabbage but feel uninspired by them as they remind me of school dinners...
I am getting the jabs, annoyingly at my surgery I have to make a separate appointment to the midwife one though, which I know makes sense as injections aren't a good use of midwife time, but still annoying.

TobyLerone Wed 11-Sep-13 13:44:49

I love savoy cabbage and red cabbage. DD, who is a freak, likes horrid school white cabbage.

YY if you walk everywhere you're definitely going to need a coat. I'm super lazy and don't walk anywhere! Rugby is really the only time I will ever need a coat.

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 11-Sep-13 13:48:01

Yay new thread! smile

Sarah so glad to hear your niece's operation went well, everything crossed for continued improvement x

Short post as running round like a loon today, will look through and name check more later.

Dd1's first day at school, had to leg it to Croydon to pick up my Britax soft carrycot (£25 Ebay bargin) then back to pick her up. Now I have to get the train to my Dad's to test drive my new double buggy.

I have two maternity coats, one Mothercare second hand Ebay one for £10 which is thinner for autumn, but will fit a big jumper underneath. The other one is a thick SuriAjuni one that I had for dd2. She was born in February last year and it was great as it fitted over the sling wrap to keep her and me warm. I intend to baby wear a lot again so I am very glad I still have it.

MrsGSR Wed 11-Sep-13 15:00:07

I'm planning to get both jabs to, no idea how to go about getting them, I'll have to try and remember to ask my midwife. My next appointment is as 25 weeks so plenty of time smile

I have my exam next month, then a paediatric first aid course neurotic first time mum and then a few months of nothing but knitting smile

Glad to hear the surgery went well sarah, keeping fingers crossed she keeps improving x

TobyLerone Wed 11-Sep-13 15:10:45

I was thinking of doing a paediatric first aid course too, MrsG, and this is DC3 so you're not that neurotic grin

Sultanajo Wed 11-Sep-13 15:27:59

Yay thread 9! Thanks very much Frizz! Can't believe we have filled yet another one!

Sarah phew - thank goodness your niece is doing OK! Will keep everything crossed she will be properly on the mend soon!

Toby our issue is waste also, hence making a menu plan for the whole month and then sticking to it! We have tried doing this before but have then deviated when work gets in the way and it's then too late to cook, or we decide to be naughty and have a take away! This time we are sticking to it so far and have decided we will allow ourselves a take away on one night when we are really knackered and can't be arsed to cook! grin

I was wondering about coats too! My hoodie jumper still just about fits so am currently wearing that and will team it with a scarf and layer up a bit if needed and will only buy a coat if I really need one.

Am completely knackered today - two nights now where I have gone to sleep without a problem, but then DH has come to bed, woken me up and then I can't seem to get comfy again. Bump is too big now for me to lie on my back, but when I am lying on my sides I am getting really bad hip pain which is radiating down my legs! I peed three times and it was a relief to get up! I must have laid awake for about 4 hours last night! I have tried propping myself up and surrounding myself with pillows, but nothing so far has worked. I have just ordered an egg crate foam mattress topper as after frantic googling this was recommended. I will feedback how good it is once it arrives in case anyone else is suffering with the same at any point.... DH thought he would make a joke and say "don't worry, just a few more weeks to go!" Ummmm, try 15-17 weeks, so yes, just a few more.....

Wasn't expecting to start suffering with things like this yet, so it's a bit of a shock. Plus when I walk up the stairs, but the time I get to the top I sound as though I have been running due to heavy breathing! I mentioned it to the midwife this week and she said she would check my iron levels at the next appointment but if it gets really bad to see my GP. Well, I don't really know what counts as really bad, but it's just embarrassing at the moment! I answered the phone the other day and the person on the other end said "did I make you run?" I lied and said yes, because I couldn't admit the truth!!! blush

Right, back to work for the last slog....really struggling today. (Yawn!)

Sultanajo Wed 11-Sep-13 15:29:39

When I said I peed three times, I meant I got up to pee three times, not I peed in the bed three times! Things haven't got that bad yet! grin

MrsGSR Wed 11-Sep-13 15:32:13

That's reassuring Toby! DH has done first aid, but mainly battlefield first aid and I'm hoping we won't need that!

Sultanajo Wed 11-Sep-13 15:35:55

MrsG that made me laugh! That is definitely something I am interested in too. I bought some DVDs on babies, one of which is infant first aid, which is what attracted me.

MrsGSR Wed 11-Sep-13 15:36:12

sultana the stairs wears me out too! My iron levels were fine at my last appointment so I'm blaming low bp.

I also keep getting really dizzy and feeling like I can't get enough air. I have to lie down and breathe deeply for a few minutes until it wears off.

MrsGSR Wed 11-Sep-13 15:38:11

Thar reminds me sultana, the red cross have a load of first aid videos on their website, if I remember I'll put up a link when I get home (on my phone waiting for DH). I haven't watched any yet but they look quite good smile

MrsAVB Wed 11-Sep-13 16:07:19

another - I hadn't thought about a coat also being useful for wearing with baby in sling, thanks, now I have another good reason to buy one!
I find that we spend more if we meal plan, my approach is generally looking at what are the top 3 items going out of date in the fridge first and making something from them! And buying meat/ fish/ prawns in bulk and freezing in portions. And yellow label hunting - but only buying if its good enough value compared to what we normally buy.
sultana that sounds miserable! I normally sleep on my tummy and its only been the last 2 weeks or so I've not been able to. I think someone said before about wanting to cut a bump shaped hole in the mattress so they could still sleep on their Getting out of bed/ from sitting is definitely more effort that usual too.
My cockwomble boss told me today that I definitely wasn't one of those women who just pops out at the front as I was getting big all over. "And you can see you're getting big from behind". Geez... Doesn't everyone know that's not what you say! And generally people have been saying I'm small! Pfft...

enjoyingscience Wed 11-Sep-13 17:10:43

Hi all! Nice new thread.

I always mean to meal plan but it never quite happen. We live a two minutes walk from the shop which doesn't help. Will have to try harder on mat leave though, as we'll be skint.

Yes to peeing in the night. I'm usually up at least twice. With fecking pelvic pain too it's a wonder any sleeping at all happens. It's a bugger.

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Sep-13 17:46:42

Just checking in. will try and catch up later. Currently traveling on the train which is causing major travel sickness. Definitely a low point for me throwing up in the train toilets! sad

Sultanajo Wed 11-Sep-13 17:59:13

mrsa I used to be a tummy sleeper and trained myself to sleep on my back. The sides are so uncomfortable! A bump shaped hole would be awesome, but would also need a hole for my boobs too now!grin

Omg I cant believe your boss! I mean, who says that? Like, ever? What a dick! You should have replied, "yes, but I can lose the baby weight, but u will always be a dick"! wink

mrsg I remember someone mentioning the red cross site.,Must remember to check it out...

nature I feel for u! Travel sickness is the worst! Poor u! Hope u dont have much further to go....thanks

Sultanajo Wed 11-Sep-13 18:00:35

enjoying remember its just a few more weeks to go! wink

Just about to venture out in the pissing rain! Joy! At least it will wake me up! grin

Mac2014 Wed 11-Sep-13 18:32:16

A quick rant to mark my place. Commuting cuntpuffins. Wearing a badge on the train home. Tool 30 minutes to get a seat, despite asking to take a priority seat. Acknowledged by lots of people with ridiculous eye contact then the raise of a book.

Hate them all.

And breathe.

TobyLerone Wed 11-Sep-13 18:39:59

Next time, sit on one of their knees. Just right on it. Please do this.

Sultanajo Wed 11-Sep-13 18:45:09

Oh mac I second Tobys suggestion! And please can I be there when u do it? grin

Toothfairy78 Wed 11-Sep-13 18:58:23

Hi just checking in.
Thanks for starting new thread frizz.

sarah glad to here your niece had a good op. Still rooting for her with everything crossed.

sultana good thing you clarified about getting up to go pee. I nearly sputtered my pitta and ketchup over the iPad!

Last night my slacking with housework finally caught up with us. DH discovered he was down to his last pair of clean underpants! Oops. Better go do some laundry. Then off to investigate the nappy nippas that arrived in the post to today...

sarahleanne Wed 11-Sep-13 19:29:49

mac please do what toby suggested. Absolutely hilarious grin

frizz well done on the new thread.none of us even mentioned we were getting close to the end , we were all too busy chatting away.

RE. first aid , luckily my old job I had to do yearly updates on first aid including babies so I am ok on that front.

Found out something today that I didn't realise. I never knew that you couldn't still be on annual leave once baby is born. So, I have moved my annual leave forward by two weeks as I have 6 weeks to take. Im now officially finishing work on the 2nd December smile.I do have a feeling I may get a bit bored though???

DH has ordered me a slow cooker. I'm off to research what stuff I can stick in it!

Frizz1986 Wed 11-Sep-13 20:08:23

yy to hip pains in the night. I have been getting them since about 14 weeks. First I could only sleep on my right side, but now I have had to shift to sleeping on my left as its my right that hurts. Am sure that soon it will revert to being the left that hurts again and I'll have to switch again!!
I seem to wake up at 4-5am to pee and I just wish I could hold it longer or be up at 1am as it just isn't nice knowing that I will only get an hours more sleep.
Is it stupid that I am worried as I havent needed to get up to pee for the past 3 nights!! So silly what I worry about.

mac I would be very very peeved indeed!

tooth luckily with dh being out of work atm I am making him keep the house clean. Its not going as well as I would like but he is trying (a bit)

mrsa cant believe your boss. That is very rude and he was lucky you didn't punch him.

I am at present searching for venues for our work xmas party.
I like doing all the researching so am getting some brochures printed to give to my boss. We are leaving it a little late though so worried that everything will be booked but we can only try.
The plan is to have it on 14th Dec so I will be huge!!

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