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February 2014 - the one where we start to find out if we're team pink or blue!

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jazzcat28 Wed 04-Sep-13 20:37:52

So I used the magic 1000th post in the last thread... ooops grin

EeyoreIsh Thu 05-Sep-13 12:46:35

ooooh, I'm in team yellow, and 18+4 today

EeyoreIsh Thu 05-Sep-13 12:48:11

sorry to hear your husband has gone awol winter, that must be tough. flowers

Thingymajigs Thu 05-Sep-13 13:11:30

It's so exciting to see second scans coming up. Can't wait to see how many of us are pink, blue or yellow. Mine is in two weeks so I've put off buying anything else until then.
Had my Downs syndrome results from the 16 week blood test and despite my MW preparing me for the worst the risk is only 1 in 100,000. So I'm very happy today.
In the last few days I've had some odd stretching high up around my belly button which is quite sudden and shocking. It makes me produce a weird 'Oueff' sound but DP just says that surely I should expect it as this is my third. Yes, but I don't walk around expecting inner tears to happen at any moment, do I? He corrected himself before I could though.
hello to the newbies smile

Bearfrills Thu 05-Sep-13 13:16:06

Sorry Lovestobake, I can't count! Had my 16wk check and I'm actually 16+1, was 16wks exactly yesterday (thank goodness for the MW and her little dates wheel). I've been referred to the Physio for my sciatica, seeing the GP this afternoon for a fit note and I've got to have an MMR at my postnatal check because my bloods showed I've got no immunity (I've had the MMR half a dozen times, I obviously don't convert the vaccine into antibodies). Got to ear the heartbeat too although Baby Frills is a little wriggler and was most displeased that we were eavesdropping, kept wiggling out of range and kicking the Doppler.

heidihole Thu 05-Sep-13 13:25:46

Just checking in. I post so rarely on here cos I can't keep up with all the news! When I'm not on my phone ill work out how to Pm to join FB group as I'd like to compare photos.

I'm 17+2 today with number 2. Had a urine check this morning and have protein and sign of infection so need to get another test done on that. Otherwise nothing interesting to say!

vix206 Thu 05-Sep-13 13:29:42

Anomaly scan all clear, no problems at all. And, just as I thought, we are having a little girl gringrin

So thrilled to have 1 of each smilesmilesmile

Sassy20 Thu 05-Sep-13 13:59:57

Great news Vix. Very exciting that you'll have one of each. X

winterflowers Thu 05-Sep-13 14:02:58

Congrats Vix! smile

juliet2013 Thu 05-Sep-13 14:04:46

Hi all - I haven't posted on here for quite a while as I find it so hard to keep up with everyone's news! I closed my facebook account a while ago for all kinds of reasons but planning to reopen it again soon so would love to join the group on there with you all grin

Just checking in to say that I had my scan the other day and baby looks nice and healthy and we are having a little boy! I was expecting it to be another girl but now I am really excited about having one of each and have already bought a few blue things!

Congrats vix on your news!

Hope everyone else is well too!

KoalaFace Thu 05-Sep-13 14:05:10

Congrats Vix

Have you got girl names picked put already?

mummybears1 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:13:30

Hi everyone, again dont really post too much...

I have my scan on 20th Sept and keep changing my mind about what i think it is!!

Heidihole I am 17+5 and had the same at my last midwife appointment but the results came back fine. I thought thats why i am peeing loads but it must be baby sitting on my bladder!!

laura0007 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:23:02

Congrats vix that's great! Team pink!
Winter my oh went AWOL too as soon as I told him I was pregnant so I'm going to be a single mummy too smile trying to look on the bright side! At least I don't have to argue with anyone about names!

heidihole Thu 05-Sep-13 15:59:17

oooh nice to have that good news mummybear i'll cross my fingers that the test tomorrow is clear. Think we're going to get a private 3D scan at 19 weeks. It's the only time we'll be back in the UK and we can't get them where we live. We've got photos of DC1 in 3D from the same sort of 'age' so would like the same for this one! Also means we'd find out a week early what flavour we're having :D

tinypolkadot Thu 05-Sep-13 16:03:40

Congrats vix one of each is perfect! smile

Has anyone put much thought into whether to have the Whooping Cough vaccine? I've been reading all sorts (for and against) and am very confused as to whether I should have it or not...

misskatamari Thu 05-Sep-13 16:26:25

Phew, I survived my first day back at work - soooo glad I didn't puke/fall asleep! It's weird having so much thread to catch up on now i'm not sat at home on my backside all day. The lab technician at work told me "don't worry, you just look fat" this morning....errrr, thanks!

Congratulations Vix grin such exciting news! Welcome to all the new posters too smile.

Has anyone got any experience of baby slings? Think i'm gonna go and try some out at my friends this weekend as they have a selection. Think I definitely want to get one so i can wander around/do the washing up etc with the baby!

misskatamari Thu 05-Sep-13 16:28:57

I've not looked in to the pros and cons of the vaccine tiny - just presumed i'd get it but I should probably find out a bit more about it. The midwife suggested it so i just said yes to it without even thinking that there may be negatives. Will definitely do some research now you've mentioned it.

tinypolkadot Thu 05-Sep-13 16:33:14

We bought this one

I was overwhelmed by all the straps and clips that were on some of them when we looked so this appealed as it looked pretty straight forward, and we got it in black as I really want dh to walk around with it on too.

I can't comment if it's any good or not though!

tinypolkadot Thu 05-Sep-13 16:39:37

That's what I thought too misskat and then I saw a comment by someone on another thread which made me wonder why some people don’t want to get it done.

SugarMiceInTheRain Thu 05-Sep-13 16:46:24

Congratulations Vix how exciting! I am secretly thinking this one will be a girl but not saying anything, and really don't mind which we have.

We have a Moby sling, which I love - stretchy, comfy and can tie it in all sorts of ways, depending on size/age of baby, whether they want to be forward/backward facing etc. Loved using it and can't wait to get it out again!

Milkandtwo Thu 05-Sep-13 16:48:42

misskatamari we got this one for short journey's and around the house when I want both hands free for chores etc: close caboo
Seemed like a good straight-forward but versatile solution (ie easy to put on without help as no knots but lots of positions possible) and I wanted something that would distribute weight evenly as I get back and shoulder problems. I tried on on my neighbours 4 week old baby and she immediately fell asleep on me for 2 hours - previously she wouldn't stand to be held by anyone other than her mum so I thought that was a ringing endorsement! It was very comfy and I was able to move about easily with her in it.

My mum also wants to by me this bjorn baby carrier one for when we go on longer walks etc (when we visit her in France). Bit sturdier for when baby is bigger, has hip belt to take the weight off my back even more and is one of the only baby bjorn's that support the baby to the back of their knee rather that dangling them by their crotch - which I always thought would be quite uncomfortable when the nappy has been filled!) This is also a front and back carrier so is expensive but lasts them right up until they're too big for a sling!

jazzcat28 Thu 05-Sep-13 16:56:10

Damn I knew there was something I should have asked my midwife on Monday... anyone know when we should be having the flu and whooping cough vaccine? My next MW appointment won't be until 24wks which will be end of October... is that too late? Can they even give it to us or do I need to book in with nurse/GP instead?

Bearfrills Thu 05-Sep-13 16:57:04

I'm probably going to get the vaccine but a lot of places do it at the same time as the flu jab (if you're far enough along) and I think that's too much all at once so if I do get it I'll be asking to have just that vaccine on that day.

The doctor did my fit note. I got as far as "Things are really getting on top of me ... " and she asked me what I wanted written on it and how long! I explained everything and she agreed no late shifts for the tiredness and the heartburn from eating late. I know 'heartburn' sounds a but pathetic but its god awful and I get acid reflux with it so it keeps me up half the night. She also agreed that I should condense my shifts so that I'm commuting less (an hour and a half each way) and to give me 'me' time which she says will hopefully help me feel more like myself. She wants to see me three weeks time to see if its making any difference as she thinks I may have ante natal depression but doesn't want to go down the route of anti-depressants and 'labels' until we know whether lifestyle changes will make a difference so the fit note says "pregnancy related heartburn and fatigue".

I'm so nervous to hand it in to work! I think something will be said along the lines of "are you kidding?!" but meh. They can like it or lump it. Who said "stand tall"? I can't scroll back in my phone, but I'm standing <take no shit emoticon>

And DH has said today that I should start my mat leave at Christmas (when I'll be 32 weeks) so I'm not travelling with the Christmas shopping/January sales crowds, so that I'm off over Christmas, and so I have 6-8 weeks with DS and DD before baby arrives. We put DDs name down for preschool this morning to do two mornings a week from January and if I'm off then I can take her/collect her, have two mornings a week for myself (and 1-2-1 time with baby once he/she arrives). I said it'll mean I'm due back at Christmas and he said "don't go back" then joked "we'll be poor but we'll be happier". I knew there was a reason I heart him smile

tinypolkadot Thu 05-Sep-13 17:01:07

Oh bear that brought a little tear to my eye, your lovely dh! I'm glad your doctor was supportive and you can now hopefully take the time you need to start feeling better.

I think it might be 28 weeks jazz although I'm not sure!

Milkandtwo Thu 05-Sep-13 17:02:00

Bearfrills I heart your DH a bit too - what a bloody sensible nice chap you got there smile. Good for you on the fit note. Who gives a s^*t what they say or think, there's nowt they can do about it - water off a duck's back love.

gnittinggnome Thu 05-Sep-13 17:10:55

bear that's good to hear - I can't imagine how grim it must be to be working in that kind of atmosphere. Hopefully Drs note will trump pettiness. As an aside, if you've got a little time to yourself, could you try some guided meditations or visualisations, to help you feel more yourself? It's not for everyone - I have a friend who'd much rather go for a walk than listen to a guided meditation - but I use them and find they are very stress-releasing. Have a look on YouTube, I'm sure there are loads on there! (one I personally don't recommend is The Joy Of Pregnancy by Michael A Nardi, as he has a very objectionable -to me- voice and seems just too creepily happy that you're pregnant, but if you like that sort of thing, it's probably great smile)

And your DH sounds lovely smile

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