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December 2013 - steaming towards 3/4 cooked

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LadyMedea Sun 01-Sep-13 16:35:26

Our shiny new thread... Pile in!

abcdemma Sun 01-Sep-13 21:36:26

Stom try moving around or making a loud noise to wake baby up, or eating/drinking something. You may just be focussing on the pain and not be aware of baby's small movements...?

Stom91 Sun 01-Sep-13 21:41:10

Yeah thats what i was thinking... Ill. Leave it abit and see how it goes. Going to watch a film. So when I'm relaxing she usually has a party lol. I've not been doing g much just sat in bed on laptop...

I'm juat worrying about every lil thing at the min. Thanks abc

MrsShrubs Sun 01-Sep-13 21:52:43

stom I'd give it 24 hours, midwife told me to have a really cold sugary drink so something like orange juice or something and lie on your left side, that can help stimulate movement. It may take a while for it to kick in though. I called the midwife after 2& half days but really that was too long as Id gotten myself freaked out but everything was fine, he had just gotten himself into a position where I could no longer feel him but the move my monitor showed me he was moving non stop. Or call them first thing tomorrow and see what they say.

Stom91 Sun 01-Sep-13 21:58:12

Yeah I've tried all that and walking... I'm sat here I usually I can feel a little niggle but I can't feel anything.. Starting to worry myself now.
Do u think it'll be ok to leave til tomorrow morning?
Sorry it's still all new to me

DaleyBump Sun 01-Sep-13 23:20:46

I would say give your MW a ring, Stom. No point sitting worrying! I'm sure everything's fine though smile I've been up twice for reduced fetal movement and they're really great and there have always been other mums-to-be up with the same worries smile

violetbean Mon 02-Sep-13 05:00:49

Hey Stom, like your bump pic! Hope you can feel baby again soon and that the pain dies down.

I have my placenta at the front so I can hardly feel movement at all, just a kick or butterflies low down once or twice every few hours and if I'm not concentrating it's easy to miss. Has anyone started recording baby movements - and is this even necessary?

Hand-holding to all with ailments, I'm struggling with the insomnia but otherwise ok at the mo. Thinking of you all!

hetsto Mon 02-Sep-13 09:47:06

Thanks for starting the new thread LadyMedea

Oh CryingGivesMeAHeadache, your service station tale made me chuckle so much! You poor thing; I expect you’ll be living that one down for a while yet. Hope the cold clears up quickly!

Roselau - Nutella is the best, I’m getting through about two jars a week at the moment. Naughty but so nice! I’m still eating like a complete pig, and the babies are definitely growing! A couple of us over on the twins thread were comparing notes and one lady said she’s got to a 66” waist at 34 weeks – eeek!

It’s funny – I was so happy that they put us down from weekly to fortnightly monitoring, but I actually really missed seeing them last week and the reassurance that brought. I’m looking forward to our appointment on Wednesday and hopefully getting to see them somersaulting again! smile

So sorry to hear from all those suffering this weekend – insomnia sounds particularly dreadful! I’m beat at the end of every day recently so can’t imagine not being able to sleep on top of that. Stom91, hope you’re feeling a bit better – sounds like you’ve been going from one thing to the next recently, so fingers crossed this will be a better week for you! Good bump pic too! Hope you’re feeling a bit better too MrsShrubs!

froubylou, it’s really nice to hear that you’re feeling well in your pregnancy, I have to say that by and large I am too! Now I’m getting used to being about a foot ‘deeper’ than previously, I’m even beginning to enjoy the way I look as well; like you, I’ve somehow been lucky enough to put the weight pretty much just on my stomach so far. smile

Soopermum1, I know what you mean about the stripey t-shirts! I really like stripes generally, but even I’m getting a bit sick of them in maternity wear. I’ve got about 5 maternity t-shirts and I think 4 of them are stripey. The horizontal stripes make the bump look even bigger too!

It’s really nice to hear a good news birth story mumoftwoboysS; I reckon I could handle an hour and a half! Has anyone tried this website? I’ve been searching for positive twin birth stories and used this site to get in touch with a few mums of twins who were happy to share their experiences. I think it’s a great idea, as there are so many horror stories and scaremongering around, so thought I’d pass it on.

Stom91 Mon 02-Sep-13 10:28:07

Well i feel really sick this morning lol so I hope not a not yhe return of the morning sickness...

Going to waddle to town and get mum and birthday present today. Lol..
I didnt call me as I fell asleep. Though didn't sleep well.She jahasn't moved much yet so if it carries on I'll give her a call..

Sorry for being so moany.
Have a good day xxx

Hope little one starts moving around soon storm my little one has also been quiet this morning. Perhaps we just have sleepy babies? grin

I just got back from my 25 week (even though i'm only 24 weeks) MW appointment. Everything is fine apparently. Bump is bang on perfect so DP can shut up telling me i'm massive Found out I have to have that anti D injection next time. ugh more needles! Got my gestational diabetes test on the 20th too. Really hope I don't have that. I want to be able to eat icecream sad

Stom91 Mon 02-Sep-13 10:52:02

I've got my 25 week check thurs. Not 25 weeks til sat though! Glad all went...
So when I was as weighed at the beginning i was 79kg Iwent on mums scales llast night and it's says 77! So while I'm on town I'm gong to boots to double check haha.. I don't feel I've lost weight with the amount of crap I've been using eating lol

And yeh my dp calls me massive so I hope mw says I'm bang on too haha

I've lost weight too. It doesn't make sense as i'm eating like a machine haha. I have been walking more I guess...I need to go to town today but I'm shattered and can't breathe through my nose so I am having a disney dvd day.

itsliz Mon 02-Sep-13 11:02:20

Morning, all!

Can't believe we're onto thread number 4 already! Just catching up on everyone's post as I was visiting family in Somerset over the weekend.

Spent all of Saturday on my feet as my friend had asked me to come down and photograph a small festival that he'd organised. Had a great time but my back and legs were killing me by the end of it all! Saw a lot of old friends at the festival as well, which was nice but exhausting what with answering hundreds of baby-related questions and standing around letting people admire my bump...!

Big hugs to everyone that's struggling at the moment - I think most of us are into or nearing the third trimester now, so at least the end is in sight! grin

I'm mostly feeling ok at the moment, just really achey and restless. Think that's down to being out of work though, as I really don't know what to do with myself... Trying very hard not to end up being the sort of unemployed person that watches Jeremy Kyle and stays in their PJs all day!

hetsto, that website sounds like a great idea, definitely going to check it out smile

Oh and sooper, I've had so many rants about that! Honestly, if someone gave me £1000 to spend on clothes then I could do it within seconds... but if you told me I had to spend it all on maternity clothes, I'd probably tell you to keep the money, haha! Since we're all feeling huge and generally rather unattractive during pregnancy, you'd have thought that maternity clothes would be pretty and flattering to make us feel a bit better but they seem to be the complete opposite! New Look are pretty good for maternity stuff though and I've managed to get a few tops and jumpers on eBay for no more than a fiver each... And they're not in yucky colours, they're not huge and frumpy and more importantly, they're not stripy! grin

Loving all the bump pics by the way, might have to join in and post one at some point!

NomDeClavier Mon 02-Sep-13 11:06:07

Place marking for later!

Re/: water birth mobility is an issue but in that you need to be able to climb in and out - clearly if you're mid contraction it's not really going to be instant moving but they'd expect you to be able to get in and put under your own steam IYSWIM.

I appear to have varicose veins on my fanjo. It's a very bizarre sensation! Either that or something's prolapsed!

MrsShrubs Mon 02-Sep-13 11:20:51

oh my god crying I am so jealous of your Disney dvd day, nothing more I would rather be doing right now instead of being at work!

Chilli81 Mon 02-Sep-13 12:23:57

hello all. Thanks lady for three new thread.
I'm still catching up with all the parts as been away in north Wales with no reception.
I'm also jealous of your Disney DVD day. I am on annual leave today as my childcare fell through but feeling exhausted and looking after a toddler with spd is a total nightmare. I am praying he had a nap today so I can go back to bed for a bit.
Also house is an absolute tip but physio says I'm not supposed to be vacuuming (not that I can be arsed right now anyway). I want a fairly godmother to clean my house.
bit worried about how I'm going to cope in December with two if I already feel so tired. aaargh. guess I should have though about that earlier!
hope all of you with UTI s are feeling a bit better. it's so uncomfortable!

Chilli81 Mon 02-Sep-13 12:24:31

posts not parts.

Alyssa1978 Mon 02-Sep-13 12:35:19

How's everything stom
Definately sounds like when I had my uti and I also couldn't feel bump moving at all ( don't know if its related) labour ward midwives checked bumps hb and everything was fine and he started moving again the next day.
You're not being moany at all, I was very protective first time around and I think everyone is, it's all new and I think we all wait so long to be pregnant the thought anythings wrong is terrifying. I was a bit more relaxed with ds2 and this one, don't get me wrong any bit of pain I'm not comfortable with and I will phone my midwife or labour ward as that's what they're there for and no way would I take a chance with bump.

Oh and a glass of cold milk always gets him bouncing around like mad lol.

Got a growth scan at 3.30pm today so fingers crossed everything ticking along nicely, hope everyone else is doing ok, I'll catch up on the last opulence of days posts tonight, in the meantime take care everyone xx

Alyssa1978 Mon 02-Sep-13 12:36:53

Couple of days not opulence hmm

hetsto Mon 02-Sep-13 13:01:20

Stom91, on the sickness – I was worried about that early last week, it lasted a few days and I was sick a couple of times each day, then died off towards the end of the week, so I decided it was probably some kind of bug. Then it returned today, so I wonder if it’s the shock of a Monday morning that’s upsetting me! I know that sounds silly, but sometimes getting up really early can make you feel a bit queasy, so I’m thinking perhaps my body-clock just gets too used to the weekend lie-ins. I’m going to try and tackle it by laying off breakfast until a bit later in the day I think. Did you have bad morning sickness in the first trimester? I seemed to be sick all the time to begin with, and this thankfully nothing like as bad as that!

Glad to hear all’s well at the 25 week appointment CryingGivesMeAHeadache. Best of luck for the scan Alyssa1978, I can’t wait for my scan on Wednesday!

froubylou Mon 02-Sep-13 13:01:58

Here you all are.

Stom have an ice cold drink and lay on your lwft side for a while. Usually gets them wiggly again. If you are still worried give your mw a call. Must admit towards the end of last week I didn't feel as much movement but I think baby seb has changed from horizontal to more vertical. Getting kicks and pokes low or high rather than in one side now and the sides of my tummy gone soft and my bump more pointy if that makes sense?

Indigestion driving me mad lol. Does anyone know if I have to see someone to get gaviscon on prescription orcould I jjust call and speak to mw?

Had a lovely but tiring weekend at a pony show. DDon a resreserve championship so over the moon with her and the pony. Lovely way to end the season with that pony. Got 1 more show with the other one on Sunday then we have done until next year. End of an era really as next year we'll have the baby with us and hopefully our own lorry too so will be very different going with dp and the dc instead of with us going with my friend.

Friend was a nightmare again on Sunday sigh. She didn't do very well and wanted to go home early but we had more classes booked in so she had to wait and sulked about it. If I had a quid for every minute I have waited for her over the years in some god forsaken cold, wet, windy field I'd be a wealthy woman lol.

Dd back to school tomorrow and feel sad about that too. Lots of endings and new beginnings coming up!

Roselau Mon 02-Sep-13 13:05:39

am loving the autocorrects hahaha! also catching up on posts from the weekend - thanks for the new thread smile

Spent the weekend stuffing my face with delicious food. I will miss eating whatever I want!

Had 25 week appointment with GP this am (I'm 24 wks 2 days). he had no idea that he was supposed to do it, and thought it was MW's job so we were both confused. But i was definitely told it was GP and the MW wrote it in my book. anyways, he's lovely really. Even if he was late for his next appt, he went to find a doppler so that I can hear baby girl's heart and I heard her loud and clear! it was so amazing. but he didn't measure fundal height. He didn't seem concerned. Said I gained 4kg since pre pg and I'm at 62kg, again he didn't seem too concerned. So I'm just rolling with it.

My next appointment is the week before I move to Los Angeles!! Going so fast! My hubby is leaving next week and I'm sad that we will be 4 weeks apart. But we just had to do it so that I can get my mat leave - it's a lot of money so really worth it.

25 work days to go (although I will be working part time for 6 weeks from the US, but i don't count that).

I hope all of you feel better very soon!

Stom91 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:08:09

Hi all.. Yep tried the cold drink thing and laying on my left.. And sitting up as that's when she bounces.. Tried walking.. Having to come back from town early as I feel so terrible... You know that feeling u get when you've eaten too much and ur belly just hurts it's like that..
Still feel sick...
No i didn't have bad sickness just has really bad nausea but was never sick.

Think I'm Deffo going to give mw a call when I get in. Least I can stop worrying then.. Just hate to waste their time :/
Urgh fed up now lol x

MrsShrubs Mon 02-Sep-13 13:45:47

I wouldn't worry about feeling like you're wasting their time stom the midwife last week said to me that's there job and they would rather you be in every day (although I'm sure that's a slight exaggeration) if it put your mind at rest.

frouby I got mine last week through my doctors reception, I'd just finished my MW appointment and I said they couldn't prescribe it for me could the doctor do it, she just took my details and said they'd have it for me to pick up from the pharmacy (they're next door to each other) the following day once the dr signed off on it. Give yur reception a call and see if they can do similar without your doctor having to see you, it's only gaviscon so it should be fine. Just remember your maternity exemption card when you pick it up so you don't have to pay smile

Stom91 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:55:55

I've phoned 4 midwifes as mine no longer practices the person takin over is on holiday and the others are not working yet. So will it be ok to ring labour ward?

mumoftwoboysS Mon 02-Sep-13 14:18:46

stom yes phone the hospital maternity ward and someone will be able to help you- do you have a few numbers on your notes? That's crap that you can't get hold of a mw. Mine is the same- never answers her phone and now she's left I have no idea what would happen if I called! Hope you talk to someone soon- if you're worried just be persistent and make sure they let you come in for a scan. I know I'd feel like I was making a fuss but you're not- after all they are there to help.

frouby I also didnt want the hassle of making a docs apt to get some Gaviscon so just called the docs reception and they got the doc to call me back, she did a prescription over the phone which I picked up a few hours later. Get the big bottle of Gaviscon advanced! I've started using mine now and think I'm going to need it more and more!...

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