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Yankeedoodlenic Tue 27-Aug-13 14:32:05

Hi fellow MN users!

I am looking at antenatal classes in addition to the NHS ones I will attend. I would love to attend the NCT classes as I've heard great things about them but I am just too busy between now and the due date that all of the courses they offer conflict with things in my diary already!

So I've found a private company that offers them in the Milton Keynes area called Birthpoint It is still a lot of money (£145 for a 4 course session) so I really would like some feedback before I give them my hard earned money!

This is baby number one for us so I would love the confidence a course could give us. Not to mention meeting other new families.

Thanks in advance. I hope you can help.

PS I did consider posting on my local MN but it is not very good - I just checked and my post from July is still near the top and STILL has no replies! :-(

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