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Polish people and other foreigners in comunity of Camberley/Frimley/Lightwater area

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betioszka Mon 26-Aug-13 15:16:18

Hi I am 29 Polish and would like to move to Camberley area with my 2 year old and a husband as we think it would be a nicer area for a family with kids do grow up school wise and all green surroundings rather than busy Ealing that we are currently living and are a little fed up with. We have visited few times looking to buy 3 bedroom house and really love it there but not sure if we would be accepted there as a Polish family, if it would be easy to make friends and be a part of an existing community? Haven't seen many foreigners there and suddenly thought that it could be difficult as for the past 8 years we have been living in a very multicultural international city of London.
Please advise?
All Best

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