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October 2013 - Are we neary *there* yet?!

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MrsHoratioNelson Sun 25-Aug-13 18:39:46

Welcome, welcome, sit down, put your feet up.

<Rolls out gym balls and hands round Gaviscon>

Spreadsheet here

Haylebop12 Sun 25-Aug-13 18:51:38

Checking in!

Shirehobbit Sun 25-Aug-13 18:52:24

Would it be wrong to have another bowl?

roofio87 Sun 25-Aug-13 18:55:13

checking in!! had a very busy day here with my niece and nephew. been lovely. apparently my nephew can't wait to teach the baby how to act like a pirate!!smile

textbook Sun 25-Aug-13 18:55:28

Thanks MrsHN grin

MoN hope you're ok after your fall - maybe take it easy for the rest of the day?

Party went well - only 1 child cried (when he lost his balloon!) Dd had the best time, but is now very very tired, so dp is putting her to bed while I watch Ace Ventura on the telly grin

textbook Sun 25-Aug-13 18:58:39

Shire Crunchy Nuts were my craving last pregnancy - the only time I ever got a ++ on my urine dip test was when I had wolfed 2 massivebowls before seeing my midwife. I was blush when I had to explain. They are soooo moreish...

MotherOfNations Sun 25-Aug-13 19:00:23

I'm fine though I may take your advice textbook and laze around eating tiramisu. Still got to move myself and iron school uniforms though.

PseudoBadger Sun 25-Aug-13 19:01:46

Thanks MrsH love the spelling mistake grin

Hope you're ok after your fall MoN?

Hope Nat is feeling ok tonight.

I've decided that dp is being a tit. Competitive tiredness and now tonight competitive back ache. He's fed up with me being pregnant by now I know, and I'm fed up with him being fed up with me. Grrrr

Shirehobbit Sun 25-Aug-13 19:02:14

I am going to resist.
No, really I am.

Must stop thinking about them...

Umlauf Sun 25-Aug-13 19:07:07

Checking in.

tiramisu tiramisu tiramisuuuuuu.

Last night of holiday (not that its felt like one as I can barely move in the blasted heat) so we're off out for dinner. Chinese or Pizza.... hmmm....

Shirehobbit Sun 25-Aug-13 19:13:39

Confession time.
I've been a difficult cow today. Baby is sat really uncomfortably low down, caused my legs to buckle with pain eveningsat one point, I've snapped and sulked and just been generally fed up.
I don't know long DH will put up with it without joining in. And I can't say I blame him.

Umlauf Sun 25-Aug-13 19:17:44

Does anyone have the Maxi Cosi Citi car seat? Just in case you haven't seen this recall

Natalieand Sun 25-Aug-13 19:19:22

Oh dear I laid down as I had another funny s of feeling sick shakes etc like yesterday and thought perfect opportunity to feel for some baby kicks..... 2 hours later I've just woken up and were off too some local fire works in a minute..I'm sure its ok as I've had no further bleeding and I've had a few kicks today just not as many as I usually have so I'm gunn monitor tonight and possibly go in to be monitored tommorow if all is still the same.

Purchased some hospital bag items today, nightie, face wipes, lip balm, body spray. Now just too start on more practical stuff for it lol. I got a black nightie with pink spots on and buttoned down the front about 1/4 if the way (even tho I'm bottle feeding) for £4.50 in primark for those still needing nighties zxz

Flyer747 Sun 25-Aug-13 19:20:16

Checking in I'd like a front seat in first class please grin

Mon hope all ok. Do you eat tiramisu daily by any chance grin I eat chocolate or cream slices or scones daily.

I only had to wear a sea world t shirt today yey! And we were so busy I didn't have to walk around selling raffle tickets, chuffed! I hope tomorrow follows suit as well.

Happy bank holiday everyone.

MrsHoratioNelson Sun 25-Aug-13 19:30:46

Bugger Pseudo I was hoping no-one would notice grin

Oh and as for this: "tiramisu tiramisu tiramisuuuuuu" I have a choice of tiramisu or caramel pannacotta in my fridge for pudding smile

Another productive weekend - real progress on the baby's curtains, got Lansinoh, PJs for after baby arrives, moses basket stand, bottles just in case, pruned the wisteria, built my Poang (soooo comfy) and sorted out what baby clothes we still needed. Phew! Oh, and I had a massive piece of blueberry cake after my lunch smile

MotherOfNations Sun 25-Aug-13 19:34:14

Not daily flyer sometimes I mix it up a bit and have profiteroles or cheesecake grin
It's Desperate Dan's fault. It would be rude not to eat it when he's bought it for me. There's another one in the fridge that I suppose I'll have to force myself to eat as the use by date is today. Oh well. I'm sure I'll manage.

Umlauf Sun 25-Aug-13 19:34:31

oh horation you have a poang? Ikea trip nuber 2 is on Saturday and I'm wondering about the Poang! Are you going to use it as a feeding chair? That was my intention...

Flyer747 Sun 25-Aug-13 19:41:56

MrsH pruning your wisteria, impressive stuff....I need my bush pruning too (did not mean that in a rude way I actually have a bush outside that needs cutting) grin

Go desperate dan he sounds like a keeper mon. DP just bribed me "go and get me my debit card from upstairs and I will drive and get you some chocolate" I flew up the stairs. grin

TheFalconsmistress Sun 25-Aug-13 19:42:49

checking in!

PseudoBadger Sun 25-Aug-13 19:43:19

We have a table booked for dinner at 8. DS won't go to sleep sad

Warlin Sun 25-Aug-13 19:45:26

Checking in! Another thread, surely this one will see a birth or two..or three!

Thanks for starting it mrsh

Busy day today so am totally wrecked. Time to sit down, relax and wait to dh to cook dinner smile

MotherOfNations Sun 25-Aug-13 19:50:59

I just had a roll and tomato in lieu of dinner. I'd cooked a beef curry but I very rarely eat red meat and always manage to convince myself it smells off.

MrsHoratioNelson Sun 25-Aug-13 19:55:50

Umlauf it would be a perfect feeding chair, that's precisely why we bought it. It is sooooo comfortable, I may not even leave it to give birth grin

BUT make sure you get a footstool too. DH was too stingy to buy one - we bought the grey sheepskin cover for the chair when it was on offer and it was quite expensive, but of course I knew I wanted a footstool and now the grey sheepskin isn't available any more hmm

claphammama Sun 25-Aug-13 20:02:55

checking in! hope everyone has had a nice day.

I had a terrible night last night and hardly slept - seems we are all taking turns... so had a quiet and boring day today to recover. Haven't accomplished anything I was planning to accomplish today but never mind. So exhausted today...

oh nice pseudo... where are you going? somewhere nice?

mrsh why doubts about Conrad? Is it because you still don't feel it's a baby name? I agree but reckon they are babies for such a short time... I've met 3 grown up Conrads and they were all handsome, manly and charming. Perhaps that's why I like this name so much grin. I think we are still set on it and we really don't have any other names we agree on. Do you have other names you both like?

I also have bushes that need trimming - at least the ones outside I can still see and reach so may tackle them tomorrow grin

MoN sorry about your fall and hope you feel ok and not too bruised? You have to eat the cake if the use by date is today... otherwise you would be rude and wasteful. Have to eat it...

textbook well done on the party today. I admire your energy...

I may watch a horror tonight on Apple TV... need something to wake me up and remind me I'm actually still alive

MrsHoratioNelson Sun 25-Aug-13 20:05:47

Clapham! You are right! I am being silly.

(But I did have to snigger about you taming your inaccessible bushes while you can still see them grin)

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