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February 2014 - Part 5 - The one in which nobody has ANY vomiting, heartburn, or random leg injuries...

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marzipanned Tue 20-Aug-13 21:09:53

Well, here's hoping!

misskatamari Tue 20-Aug-13 21:24:04

I'm choosing to believe that by the end of this thread we will all be blooming and glowing with beautifully forming bumps! grin

CubanoHabana Tue 20-Aug-13 21:27:48

Mmm! Just had some very lovely (and healthy of course) cheesy chips with garlic sauce! Yum! Oh has even kindly left me a slice of kebab pizza, although too full for that at the moment!

EeyoreIsh Tue 20-Aug-13 21:28:11

Marking my place!

Still on holiday in sunny France. Had a panic a few daysago after burning my tummy. Am now sunbathing in the shade.

I've already cracked open the unsexy pants. I thoroughly recommend the shorts type smile

I'm 16+2 and waiting for bump to emerge from flab and to feel the baby.

And in other news, my sister has just gone into labour for my little nephew. Very exciting times.

Sorry I haven't been able to do a proper Hello, there's no wifi so I'm cheekily checking mumsnet the expensive way when DH isn't looking!

Sassy20 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:02:04

Marking my place x

jazzcat28 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:05:31

Ooo a shiny new thread!

I need big pants and maternity tights. Anyone got any suggestions where to get tights?

Glad to hear your holiday is going ok do far Eeyore (except the sunburn... tsk)

When should I stop sleeping on my back? It's my usual position, can lie on my left side but wake up on my back in the mornings.


Timpani Tue 20-Aug-13 22:09:08

Hello! Marking place!

As for being active... After DS I actually wanted to get up and about and show him off to the world! My problem was stupid visitors just turning up (and even just walking straight into house in the case of some relatives!) when I was snoozing on the sofa in just my PANTS! And granny maternity padded pants too. Visitors did my nut in.
Don't think I had a visitor free day for over three weeks! Was a nightmare. I've heard people aren't as bothered by number two... ;) hoping that's a bit the case here visitors wise at least! That's why I went out - to avoid people haha!

I am feeling knackered but too wired to sleep. Annoying. And I'm feeling a bit more arghhhh cos my friend mentioned to me that they've had a run of still births at my hospital recently. sad Awful.

Anyway, might try a snooze!

Sassy20 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:12:05

Jazzcat - h&m do reasonable maternity tights that aren't expensive. My mw told we when I was pregnant with dd that if I went to sleep on my side but woke up on my back not to worry. It's just that when you're further along its not advisable not to sleep on your back as can slow blood flow or something like that.

pippin66 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:14:25

Marking my place new here and loving it smile

pippin66 Tue 20-Aug-13 22:16:46

Always wondered about the lying on your back thing and how to stop it if you do it in your sleep!!?? How early should you try to avoid it im 14 + 2?

Littleen Tue 20-Aug-13 22:23:52

8 day period would be fine! On one of the minipills I took for a while, I once had a period for 6 weeks, then a 3 week break before I had a 4 week period, so I am the champion of this. As a friend says though (about women); never trust a creature who can bleed for a week and not die! mwahaha.

Got my 12 week GP appointment tomorrow, am 13+1 then, aaaand next tuesday we got a scan booked privately! :D Will be so exciting. Even bought some cookie monster and elmo socks today, they are so tiny, we put them on the cats. Just so I don't forget there's someone in there :P

Any advice for appetite? I'm not underweight, so it isn't a major issue for me, but worrying abit about baby. I have no appetite right now, only eat very bland food and very small portions - just don't fancy anything!

Grats with a new nephew EeyeoreIsh, if he's popped out by now!

CubanoHabana Tue 20-Aug-13 22:48:10

littleleen loving that you put the socks on the cats! We have been given a new born clothes set and dh keeps threatening to dress the cats in one of the baby gros but I have managed so far to dissuade him by saying the cats are too big for them!

Somanychanges Tue 20-Aug-13 22:54:11

Another thread already wow! I am off to sleep but just wanted to mark my place before hand. See you all tomorrow.

Thisisfreakingmeout Tue 20-Aug-13 23:06:50

Marking my place as I walk home from a friend's place so busting for the loo I'm tempted to just let it all out,

Can't walk fast enough!!

KalevalaForMePlease Wed 21-Aug-13 05:53:35

Oh wow, another new thread! I must get better about posting! About the sleeping on the back thing, I found in the later stage of my first pregnancy that I was sleeping surrounded by pillows, I had one between my legs for the SPD, two behind me to keep me on my side and one thin one under the bump. Poor DH!

laura0007 Wed 21-Aug-13 06:39:25

Ooh new thread smile
I'm going to Mallorca on Monday and looking forward to it! It will probably be my last proper holiday until baby is at least 30...

vix206 Wed 21-Aug-13 06:57:26

Hello! Just quickly popping in to mark place by not recommending h&m maternity tights. The bump bit hangs between my legs and I spent all day hitching them up. £7.99 not well spent confused
I hear asos ones are better...

Bearfrills Wed 21-Aug-13 07:32:53

Yup to the pillows, I had a bed full of them by the end! And I found that once I got to a certain size if I rolled onto my back in my sleep I quickly woke up as it was uncomfortable. A pillow (yes, another one) in the small of your back can help too, it means if you do roll onto your back in your sleep you're at least not flat on your back.

Because there's no nursery run to do I've just been waking up when the DCs wake up, usually around 8:30ish. Today DH came upstairs at 6:30 to say we need some food shopping. DS was in our bed and was bolt upright at the sound of DHs voice. I told DH I'd sort it, hush so DS goes back to sleep. Bloody DH took a strop which woke DS up even more which woke DD up hmm

212VIP Wed 21-Aug-13 07:49:38

Just marking my place. Morning ladies!

LittlePandaBear Wed 21-Aug-13 08:00:59

Morning and hello new thread! I've just seen that there's an April thread now, we're not the newbies anymore!

Is anyone else sadly interested in celebrities also expecting at a siimilar time to us? I guess the ones who have announced pregnancies are D list but I stilll find it interesting to see what they're wearing, how big or small their bump is, and ultimately what they're gonna call their baby. We don't want them to call their baby our fave name and then feel like we can't use it too!

So far, I think there is:

Simon Cowell's baby!
Michelle Heaton
Peter Andre
Megan Fox
Zara Phillips

I'm sure I've missed someone...

misskatamari Wed 21-Aug-13 08:44:23

Oh no bear - I think my DH would get a slap in such a situation. Hope you're not too knackered!

In terms of pillows my friend told me about a massive long body pillow on offer in lidl at the moment for a tenner - apparently great for later in pregnancy. I got one but haven't tried it out yet but figured it was a bargain so may as well invest.

littlestgirlguide Wed 21-Aug-13 08:52:03

I had Topshop maternity tights last time, they were really comfy and a good feel to them, nice and soft, also lasted the whole pregnancy without laddering. I put a pair on by accident a few months back, and wondered why they kept falling down.

misskatamari Wed 21-Aug-13 08:58:59

Ooooh I always forget topshop do maternity - I've got a £30 gift card too grin time for a looksie!

marzipanned Wed 21-Aug-13 09:07:20

Oh no, I've failed the thread, I was sick in the night last night. Maybe that doesn't count.

Littleen I've had weeks of not wanting to eat anything, and knowing that if I don't eat I'll get even sicker, and being systematically put off one food after another as I threw them up. My advice is - eat whatever you can. Doesn't matter if it's bland, doesn't matter if it's unhealthy (but do take your vitamins as well).
Remember the recommended weight gain is over the course of the whole pregnancy, right now your baby just weighs a few grams, and lots of women (myself included) lose weight during the first trimester. Hopefully in the later stages your appetite will come back! Trust your body to know what it needs. And therein ends my essay smile Glad you got a private scan booked though!

I am desperate to try out my cat in the sling but he is THE BOSS and would have none of it.

Oooh, and DH booked a gender scan for this weekend!

gnittinggnome Wed 21-Aug-13 09:33:27


Re tights, I haven't tried these before, but after dire warnings of varicose veins from my mum I'm going to invest in a pair of these: and hope they are more sturdy than average.

littleen wow I wish my two cats were as compliant! Although putting them in a sling might work, they are super-clingy atm...

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