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Due August 2013 - part 6 - will we all fit on this thread?

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Woodifer Sun 18-Aug-13 23:19:14

Ok here's a new thread. 40+1 today for me. Will officially sulk if this thread is full before DC2 makes an appearance.

PeanutSmuggler2013 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:51:20

Yep, totally there with you Baking and Mrs B - am 41+2 today and no sign of peanut, despite a semi-successful sweep yesterday (one finger only blush).

Induction booked for Sunday...have tried everything bar castor oil, baby too happy where it is!

Having had a fine pregnancy, have finally developed some hideous sciatica-cum-pelvic pain and its agony to walk. Think this constitutes my 'I'm ready now, lets get this bubs out' moment!

Good luck with your respective inductions smile, and keep updating!

Boosiehs Thu 22-Aug-13 17:18:38

Well as I'd hoped my BP is entirely normal (even a little low!), so no actual signs of pre-eclampsia at all.

Home again and having a nice sleep on the sofa in front of the cricket. No sign of bubs either, 40 weeks today!

BrieMonster Thu 22-Aug-13 21:27:49

Good thanks James, my wee boy is 6 weeks today, passed his check with flying colours so all good. (Was well and truly on the wronf thread apparently!)
Congratulations Snuffle... busy day for you!

Woodifer Thu 22-Aug-13 21:48:05

sounds good dana

my sweep was 1 finger only, cervix still slightly posterior.

induction provisionally booked for next friday, with meeting on Tuesday about alternative of expectant management.

Last time - the morning I was meant to have the expectant management appointment, I went in to labour (40+11 - she came 40+12), hope same happens this time...

JollyHappyGiant Fri 23-Aug-13 00:18:59

Mine is here!

Rebecca Piper born at 1537 yesterday, 39+0. Weighing in at 8lb 2.

Ditsy79 Fri 23-Aug-13 03:02:57

Congratulations Jolly!

BrieMonster Fri 23-Aug-13 07:00:56

Congratulations and fab name jolly!!

Gonnabmummy Fri 23-Aug-13 09:18:09

39+2 here gosh it seems very final!
Sweep booked for a week today, then discuss induction if still in there!

Going to phone labour ward once dogs wakes up and gets off my lap. Need to discuss there water birth policy as I've had two midwives telling me different. First one was confident in what she was saying and it was the same as NICE guidelines so thought nothing of it. But seen a different one and she says different and I want to know what I can have!

Gerty1002 Fri 23-Aug-13 10:04:59

Congratulations Jolly!

Boosiehs Fri 23-Aug-13 14:28:57

Congratulations jolly!!

Bakingabubba Sat 24-Aug-13 09:39:47

Morning all.

How are my sweep buddies? Hope you're busy having your babies. smile Can't say the same for me. About to have a look in the hospital bag again and make sure that I have enough stuff to account for being induced tomorrow as this baby clearly has no intention of coming out before then. Really thought something might start yesterday as felt sick, didn't want to eat, was more tired than normal, had decent show (but again post sweep...) and then had regular strong BHs for 3 hours every 10 minutes last night. Which promptly stopped when I went to bed. ARGH!!! Why doesn't this baby want to come out?!?

41+4 and feeling very deflated and like I am totally failing at this whole process already. hmm

cakebaby Sat 24-Aug-13 11:45:22

baking not failing, comfy baby, that's all!
I had an exam & mini sweep this morning, baby reacted more strongly than I did! Bit of bleeding now, MW doesn't think anything will happen before I see her next on Thursday. I have induction booked at 40+7 too.

Come on babybakingbubba out before tomorrow!

MrsLianeB Sat 24-Aug-13 11:46:32

Baking we are inducing buddies! No signs of anything after my 3rd sweep yesterday got to be at the hospital for 9.30 so hoping they can get me started and not have me waiting round or even worse send me home! I will be ultra sad if so!

I am getting proper excited as the day goes on can't wait to meet my little one got a big list of what needs doing today. DH going for a haircut and shave (for the piccies!) and I'm getting all the washing done so there shouldn't be a big pile for when we get home!
Good Luck to the rest of you and I will update once little one arrives xx

PeanutSmuggler2013 Sat 24-Aug-13 12:21:34

Nope, second sweep didn't work for me either Baking and MrsB! Had an hour of strong BH this morning but nowt else, so now concentrating on enjoying our last night of 'freedom' before induction tomorrow.

25th August sounds like a Good Day To Give Birth for us - am sure it'll be swift and wonderful for us grin...


Bakingabubba Sat 24-Aug-13 13:50:25

Thanks cakebaby smile am feeling better than earlier after a good cry and some chocolate biscuits

mrsB and peanut we clearly all have babies who want to be born on the bank holiday! 25th is same date (though not month) of my birthday so that would be easy to remember at least (for DH who is useless at dates!) My induction is 2pm tomorrow so may be baby on 26th for me however. We'll see...

I am doing all the washing too (and praying it doesn't rain!). It is quite a strange thought knowing that today is the last day DH and I will be at home together without LO!

Hugs to all x smile

PurpleDana Sat 24-Aug-13 20:13:22

Hi ladies!
Well the sweep worked, baby Poppy Mae born yesterday morning at 10.18am weighing 7lbs 11oz.
Natural birth, just a little gas & air for last hour or so of contractions, midwife wouldn't let me have it while pushing!
Didnt get water birth in end cos by the time they admitted me midwife told my hubby i was too exhausted to go in pool.
Good luck to the rest of u!

Gonnabmummy Sun 25-Aug-13 13:36:09

Congrats purple ! grin see you on postnatal thread when I make it there

39+4 today sweep booked on Friday not sure it'll do much not had a single twinge. Really don't want him to arrive on the sat anyhow so of it does anything hopefully it's slow!

MrsLianeB Tue 27-Aug-13 00:07:43

Henry William arrived at 8.10am bank holiday Monday by forceps delivery little lazy boy ended up being born 40+12 and weighed 8lb 5oz.

Gonnabmummy Tue 27-Aug-13 07:25:09

Congrats lianeB

Due date tomorrow nothing happening here though!
Was on the phone to my nanna last night and found out her wedding anniversary is one week today. My grandfather died 18 years ago I was only 3 she has never been with anyone else. Our LO will have the same name as him, wouldn't it be lovely if he arrived Monday smile fingers crossed

Bakingabubba Tue 27-Aug-13 22:36:33

Hi all

We had a boy!

Our little chap finally arrived on bank holiday Monday at 0048 after induction that started at 2pm on Sunday! It was a roller coaster of a labour (both fast and scary - Alton towers would approve) for several reasons and ended with forceps delivery as he was not in a good position and rather enormous at 9lb 6oz but totally worth every bit of it (including the 13 days past his due date wait) grin

We are both a bit battered and bruised but he is perfect.

Congratulations mrsB on your little chap. Hope he and you are doing well. Good luck everyone still waiting!

Gerty1002 Wed 28-Aug-13 10:59:28

Congratulations bakingabubba! Lovely news smile.

Me next please!

cakebaby Wed 28-Aug-13 11:47:32

mrslb congratulations, I love his names!

baking yeahhhh! Well done you, any names yet?

Gonnabmummy Wed 28-Aug-13 21:41:47

You'll have to beat me to it gerty
Due date today not a twinge sweep booked Friday

Boosiehs Wed 28-Aug-13 22:58:08

41 weeks tomorrow. Not a twinge, turned down the sweep today, kind of hoping bubs arrives on Sunday!

Boosiehs Wed 28-Aug-13 22:58:46

Many many congratulations to the new arrivals!!

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