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Due August 2013 - part 6 - will we all fit on this thread?

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Woodifer Sun 18-Aug-13 23:19:14

Ok here's a new thread. 40+1 today for me. Will officially sulk if this thread is full before DC2 makes an appearance.

Boosiehs Sun 18-Aug-13 23:49:33

Well no sign of mine either. 39+3. Tired and feeling like a whale.

However I don't want junior to arrive just yet. DH had an op on his shoulder last Thursday and he can't do anything with his left arm and is in pain. Pretty useless with a newborn around!

PurpleDana Mon 19-Aug-13 00:04:20

40+1, or +2 now it's just gone midnight. Really cant see how baby can get any bigger inside me now, we are both so squished!!
Boobs are leaking more the past few days but nothing else to report. Ho hum...

LilPeasMama Mon 19-Aug-13 00:43:08

Hi everyone,
I really want to try to breastfeed but on the list of things to take to the hospital it states a tub of formula, I don't really want to buy one but I have worried, what if I can't BF for whatever reason then I don't have any formula handy?
What has everyone else done?

39+6 but no signs yet

Gerty1002 Mon 19-Aug-13 04:01:27

LilPeas I want to breastfeed too but was advised to buy prepacked made up bottles for the hospital just in case it doesn't work out as they won't let you go home unless you have some way of feeding baby. My hospital doesn't have facilities for making up formula.

They are a bit pricey but thought they would be good to have just in case. You can get them in big supermarkets or boots and come in boxes of 6 or 12 - I just went for 6.

JollyHappyGiant Mon 19-Aug-13 06:28:25

Signing in smile I've popped some cartons of aptamil in my hospital bag. I've got no plans to use them but BF with DS wasn't very easy and I'm going to be in hospital for a couple of days so it seems sensible.

38+4, ELCS on Thursday smile

MrsLianeB Mon 19-Aug-13 07:19:18

40+5 today sad having another sweep on weds if no movement and I am so bloody uncomfortable now! I better give birth on this thread!
lilpeas I'm not able to bf but know my hospital doesn't have ff facilities so you have to take premade single use bottles. Having had a friend unable to bf she was quite distressed and her oh had to run to tesco after midnight to buy some for their pfb, I would say a box of 6 in your bag and not used would take away any stresses if things don't go to plan.

BrieMonster Mon 19-Aug-13 07:35:09

Do all these hospitals really not supply it? Surely they have to if it's required by a bf mother for top ups etc. in fact even the mum's who'd already decided on ff were provided them in my hosp.
Just don't want anyone wasting their pennies!!

LilPeasMama Mon 19-Aug-13 07:52:48

Brie see that's what I thought?
A friend gave birth recently, although at a different hospital and was given small cups of hipp organic I think, as far as I know she didn't want to or had no intention of bf'ing and the hospital definitely supplied them?

MrsL that's it, I didn't want poor DP to be dashing off in a panic not knowing which milk to buy in the early hours if baby needed it.

cakebaby Mon 19-Aug-13 08:42:38

Morning mummies to be.....

Marking place, 39+2 and no sign of anything yet. Sweep booked for edd, though not keen on that really!

At a bf class we were advised not to take ff to hospital or have any at home unless intending to use it as temptation may prove too much when things get tricky. My hospital does supply it though if necessary.

Bakingabubba Mon 19-Aug-13 09:21:35

Morning all!

Well 40+6 here today and still nothing! sad Have MW appointment this AM and last week she said she would do a S&S today if still no baby. Am really hoping that it will get things moving cos I am getting quite bored of waiting for this baby and if it stays in me much longer it is going to turn me into the Michelin man. Was feeling super smug quite pleased that I had barely any foot swelling right up until 48 hours ago and now I have developed majorly attractive cankles hmm

With regard the great formula debate - hospitals vary as to whether or not they will supply formula. I am lucky in that our hospital does, although am planning to breastfeed, but formula is available if we need it (or for anyone who chooses to use bottles). I have a friend whose hospital doesn't supply any but she is planning to bottle feed so is taking boxes of the pre-made bottles. I think they would be better than taking a tin of formula as sterilising on a postnatal ward could get pretty interesting from my experience of how much space is available (think broom cupboard and then downsize a bit).

I have decided to buy a ready made carton of formula for the cupboard at home. We also bought the tommee tippee manual breast pump which a friend recommended mostly cos it comes with a bottle, newborn teat and small microwaveable steriliser box. It was quite cheap on amazon last week (under £20). This seemed to give us a fallback for 3am should we need one and also the option to express and feed breast milk by bottle for top ups if necessary etc.

Worth checking exactly what your hospital's policy is (ring up the postnatal ward) and if you need to bring your own then I would go with the ready made bottles. But also worth asking what they do with babies who are breastfeeding and need top ups because technically this is a medical intervention (usually but not always discussed with a paediatrician) as a baby needing a formula top up is potentially at risk of being unwell without the extra grub (otherwise they should be leaving well alone!) If this is the only reason that you would plan to use formula then it seems a bit much to ask you to bring your own - are they making your bring your own paracetamol as well?!

Sorry for long post but hope it is vaguely helpful to someone out there!

Come on August babies - we want to meet you!!!

Gonnabmummy Mon 19-Aug-13 13:06:59

38+5 here no signs as of yet, apart from my back feels like its broke in 2. Was fine til about 3 days ago.

For know I'm happy to get a couple days over as DP has hols booked for last two week in sept so will make a nice month off with paternity Ifhes around 5 days late i think. Also it would make him a early sept baby like me smile

Only 9 days till due date and its flying in everyone said it would drag but isn't for me. Anyone else finding it hard to comprehend that the wiggly worm inside them is about to become a newborn baby. I just can't get my head around it, can't believe there's a full baby ready to rock n roll in my belly! Lol x

MrsLianeB Mon 19-Aug-13 13:48:23

Brie from what I can gather the hospital get some special bf status and a lot of money so do not offer any assistance for ff. Due to medication I take I can't bf so asked for help and advice for ff and no one is even allowed to advise me apart from telling me to read the formula packet!
Its not like I've chose not to bf I'm not allowed too!! angry

Snufflebabe Mon 19-Aug-13 14:39:03

When I had DD 3 years ago, there was no pressure on either form of feeding. I tried BF, it wasn't for me, so the hospital provided mini bottles of formula. The teats came in separate packets which you then just screwed onto the bottle. When it was time to leave, they gave me enough to do the first couple of days.

PurpleDana Mon 19-Aug-13 18:34:50

gonnab I really struggle to imagine my very wriggly worm inside me actually being a little baby at the end of all this. I actually got so upset and worried about it that I spoke to health visitor about it when she came for an introductory visit. She said it was perfectly normal for me to feel that way based on my past fertility issues & how much this baby is wanted. I used to have quite morbid thoughts & thought that because I couldn't picture her being here it meant that it actually wasn't going to happen. Now she's overdue I am worrying again that its because something is wrong :-(

LilPeasMama Mon 19-Aug-13 18:41:25

baking are they making your bring your own paracetamol as well?! gringrin

snuffle they were the exact same thing as what my friend had so it didn't even enter my head to take my own.

Well how silly do I feel.....
TMI warning

Had thrush, saw GP, given cream, swab came back as postive, script left for pessary.
Used pessary last Thursday, since then or since Friday I have been getting clear clumps of jelly like discharge confused
I thought it was just down to using the pessary and that was supposed to happen?
Rang the triage unit this afternoon, midwife says its mucous plug shock
cue how silly do I feel!
No pain or other symptoms so told to ring back if anything else happens, my DP is so excited but now but I feel scared like I'm not ready at all!

Boosiehs Mon 19-Aug-13 18:47:00

Good luck littlepeas! Fingers crossed this is it.

I'm sat in the GP waiting room where I've been waitin for over an hour to hve my BP checked. It's a bit high and I've been coming in every couple of days. This is so annoying! Te wait isn't doing anything for my BP!

Gonnabmummy Mon 19-Aug-13 19:08:00

purple your overdue just keep thinking it literally will be any moment now that you'll meet baby smile
That's what I keep saying to DP who can't wait, I say everyday that goes by means you have a higher chance of meeting him the next day smile

Bakingabubba Mon 19-Aug-13 19:27:12

Good luck LilPeas hope things soon get moving for you!

Another TMI alert:

I had my 'stretch and sweep' this morning. Was more of a vigorous poke in the cervix (sorry if TMI) as couldn't quite do the real thing hmm... Have had some bloody discharge since and A LOT of braxton hicks earlier. I am not holding my breath but really really hope something might happen soon...

Gonnabmummy Mon 19-Aug-13 21:07:18

Fingers crossed baking

fell asleep aroun 4:15pm and didn't wake up til 6:45pm, just realised about 5 mins ago that I don't think I've felt LO move since I've got up :/
Going to concentrate for an hour if nothing phone hosp.
Grr unneeded stress
Will update soon x

PurpleDana Mon 19-Aug-13 23:17:49

Thanks gonnab :-)

JollyHappyGiant Tue 20-Aug-13 04:08:37

Yaaawn. I'm not built for 4am wake ups. Hope baby realises this once they arrive!

Gonnabmummy Tue 20-Aug-13 08:08:38

Forgot to update, half hour later we had a tango so alls well got midwife tomorrow will be 39 exactly so close now!

Bakingabubba Tue 20-Aug-13 08:24:07

Glad to hear about the tango gonna smile

Distinctly uneventful night here... It is our wedding anniversary today so planning a nice day out followed by dinner in a nice restaurant. Feel free to mess up my plans baby...!


Gonnabmummy Tue 20-Aug-13 10:12:43

Aww baking would be lovely if baby rocked up on your anniversary fingers crossed for you smile

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