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October 2013 - insert witty, worn out, nearing the end thread name here

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PseudoBadger Fri 16-Aug-13 08:11:34

New thread smile

ananikifo Fri 16-Aug-13 09:54:58

Congrats 34pink! I hope you are ok and Josie does well and gets to come home soon!

thethreeblondies Fri 16-Aug-13 10:07:43

Congratulations Pinklady so pleased little Josie is doing so well thanks

Empress77 Fri 16-Aug-13 10:11:31

Wow congrats! ickle Josie! Lovely!xx

pinkbuttons Fri 16-Aug-13 10:42:16

Wow pinklady Congratulations!! How exciting. sorry to hear you had such a rough time of it but so glad to hear shes doing so well, hope you are recovering well too. thanks
Love the thread name pseudo thankyou.
Didnt worry me orange no c section for big baby and no induction unless her weight also reaches that size.
At consultant waiting for bloods. Just been measured with paper tape measure and just to say to those that were worrying about it, have just measured 2weeks small with my "big" baby, is clearly ridiculous. Not looking like Im going to get an answer about birth today want to cry a little bitsad (bloody hormones)

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Fri 16-Aug-13 10:44:26

Welcome to the world little Josie!! grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Fri 16-Aug-13 10:46:27

<hands a tissue to pinkbuttons and gives a little hand squeeze>

Sanjifair Fri 16-Aug-13 10:47:28

Wow! Congratulations 34pink! Great news, though sorry you got so poorly. A friend of mine had HELLP syndrome and its scary stuff. She had no problems in her second pregnancy however. Gosh, the first baby on the thread! I am so unprepared, no hospital bag packed yet or anything.

Sorry to hear about people's work issues, it's not easy. As you aren't going back though clapham I would probably just let it go.

char1eston Fri 16-Aug-13 10:58:12

Thanks for the new thread, Pseudo. Haven't made it on for a few days so apologies for not responding to stuff.
I have some 20% off online vouchers for M&S if anyone would like a code? They are for clothing, lingerie, home and beauty. Have just looked at the baby stuff and they have some lovely bits. Voucher is valid until tomorrow. May be going into work later (had pains in my tummy this morning and couldn't work) but will be able to send discount codes later today.

char1eston Fri 16-Aug-13 11:06:29

WOW - congratulations pinklady and welcome to the world Josie. Having the first baby on the thread arrive makes it all the more real doesn't it - eek!
Here's some cake for you pinklady x

Pinkforboys Fri 16-Aug-13 11:08:11

Wow- a baby! Ditto to everything everyone else has said, pinklady, Congratulations, well done for getting through what must have been a really worrying time, and help yourself to a well deserved wine & flowers

TheFalconsmistress Fri 16-Aug-13 11:09:49

Congratulations 34pinklady first baby of thread!! glad you and Josie are doing well!

No movement here this morning hoping she perks up later they are worrying these little babys!!

favellio Fri 16-Aug-13 11:14:01

woo hoo!! massive congratulations on the first baby of the thread smile
glad everything is going well xx

Haylebop12 Fri 16-Aug-13 11:16:52

Good midwife appt.

He's head down at the brim of my pelvis, that kinda makes it seem more real tbh and would explain my new waddle. She confirmed which way he's lying (back on my left side).

Measuring 30.5cms and I'm 31+5 so pleased with that.

there was +1 protein and something else present in my sample so they're sending it off as possibly a see sign if a water infection brewing. No other symptoms though so will await as ny results.

See her again in 4 weeks at 35+5. Wow I had dd at 37+5. Getting super close!

Flyer747 Fri 16-Aug-13 11:17:24

Rock that Kim K look later today Clapham, have a good wedding.

Pinkforboys Fri 16-Aug-13 11:33:09

31 weeks today, yey!

Is anyone else fed up with their maternity wardrobe? Change of weather and I find it soooooo hard to work out what to wear. Every pair of jeans I've tried/bought gives me a builders bum whenever I bend over. Or, n the case of the over the bump ones, just feels like it [sigh]

Good luck with the weddings- I think I'd be in tears if I had a to dress up for an evening, then again, at least I wouldn't be in jeans...

Sparkeleigh Fri 16-Aug-13 11:43:37

flowers pinkbuttons It's so horrible feeling teary and knowing why you're feeling that way doesn't make it better!

Has anyone else had pain in your ribs on the right side? It's been sore constantly for the last day or so for me, almost feels like a foot is wedged in-between them. I was considering ringing the midwife but from googling it seems fairly common..

On the plus side for me today, the guy replacing me in work seems pretty good so I'm considering moving my maternity leave forward to 38 weeks. With a weeks leave I'd get off at 37 weeks in 6 weeks time then. Ideally I'd like to hold out, but I'm not exactly giving them my best at the minute!

Wickedgirl Fri 16-Aug-13 11:47:57

Massive congratulations pinklady. Our first baby! How exciting. How are you holding up?

tuckingfits Fri 16-Aug-13 11:59:44

Huge congratulations pinklady. Josie is a lovely name & she sounds like she is doing really well. Look after yourself too.

I had 32 week scan yesterday to check position of placenta as it had been on my c section scar - it has moved! Sort of yay,sort of "oh shit". Just as well I am really enjoying the hypnobirthing classes & can really see the benefits of the theory.

Unfortunately I am still experiencing the shortness of breath (unexplained as I was checked out v thoroughly a few weeks ago) and it lead to me feeling like I was going to pass out in a shop we stopped at yesterday,then I had some kind of panic attack/hyperventilation episode which scared the life out of me. I had midwife appt in the afternoon & mentioned it to her & how crap I am feeling generally. Not really interested was her general demeanour. I came away disappointed & feeling let down. She commented on how tired I looked & said my iron levels might be starting to drop,but they won't take blood again for another four weeks.

She did measure my fundal height as 28 weeks (I was 31+4 yesterday) with no mention of it & the fact that the sonographer reassured me yesterday that the baby is perfectly average in terms of all measurements just goes to reiterate to me that the measurements are really just pie in the sky & should not be stressing anyone out!

pinkbuttons Fri 16-Aug-13 13:03:56

thankyou for hand holding and reassurance ladies. just back from consultants what a faff! had to wait an hr to get bloods done as they werent able to take my thyroid antibody bloods on the maternity floor ?! so had to go to main hospital. Having antibodies checked and if they're high baby will need to stay in hospital for up to a week for monitoring of her thyroid. Upset and frustrated that this has never been mentioned to me before, bt still hoping the fact that shes clearly growing well means it hasnt affected her. Have another appt at 36+6 to decide where I can give birth. Dissapointed Im not out of limbo bt guess I should be glad its been picked up on now rather than risk her being ill.
Glad all was well at scan tucking although frustrating about midwife, would it be worth getting drs appt instead incase is not just due to pregnancy? I was diagnosed with asthma whilst pregnant with DS, pregnancy just exacerbated it.
Also glad all wepl at midwives hayle
really not long to go now! The arrival of little Josie is making me think I should pack my hospital bag smile

cuillereasoupe Fri 16-Aug-13 13:08:02

Congratulations pink and DP and new baby! lovely news!

xuntitledx Fri 16-Aug-13 13:23:38

Congratulations pinklady - our first baby, so exciting! Hope you are all doing well xx

I'm thinking that's going to be a big kick up the ass for the rest of us procrastinating over hospital bags etc!

MotherOfNations Fri 16-Aug-13 13:24:33

All to real now that people are having babies. Congratulations 34pink. Glad to gear little Josie is doing well and hoping it's not too long until you are able to take her home.

rubytwosday Fri 16-Aug-13 13:39:17

Congratulations Pinklady. Thinking of you and baby Josie. It sounds like you are both doing extremely well. Glad baby is growing well pinkbuttons but bad of midwives/docs etc not to mention to you before that baby will have to stay in.

Bored today - waiting in for someone to come and work out why the boiler doesn't fire properly and for a bathroom suite delivery. DP promises bathroom will be fitted by the time baby comes.......!

Shootingstarsandcomets Fri 16-Aug-13 13:46:50

Omg!! A baby already! Congratulations pinklady hope you have her home soon

Shirehobbit Fri 16-Aug-13 14:02:58

Just hopping online on the way to the reception to share something I know you'll appreciate - end of the ceremony, and there's a queue for the loo before the couple have even made it out the door, three of us, one @25wks and two of us @32wks grin
Pregnant solidarity! And all of us in heels.

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