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January 2014 (thread 8) Half way there just about! Finding out pink or blue

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BuntCadger Tue 13-Aug-13 11:13:23

New thread for us, can't believe another one filled! Half way there girls smile on the homeward stretch smile xx

MrsVDB Fri 06-Sep-13 13:09:25

Was super stressed about work but have now finished for 2 1/2 weeks and got everything done. Also managed to sneak into baby gap on way back (40% off in store and 30% online, pm and I can email voucher). Got a cute coat and far too much else!!

Off for scan now woo!!

Had consultant appointment yesterday and after mess up at reception which resulted in me trying to be firm and cross and instead crying like a loon infront of everyone in waiting room (bloody hormones!!) the consultant said very matter of factly that septate uterus can increase chance of miscarriage and if that happens I should wait 3 months them get septate removed to reduce chances of it happening again. They are going to scan my cervix today too to see if I need a stitch ( although reason not explained). Consultant agreed with doc that my stabby fanjo is normal (although again no real questions asked)

BookTart Fri 06-Sep-13 13:13:20

How did it go nature? Was it the best bacon sandwich you've ever eaten? grin

mrsv I'm having my cervix scanned for the first time on Tuesday. Please could you let me know what happens/how they do it etc? I'm a bit worried because I am having LOTS of stabby fanjo pain, and if they want to do a stitch at 23 weeks then it seems a bit late...

Naturegirl82 Fri 06-Sep-13 13:36:44

Book it really was the best bacon sandwich. I properly crammed it with really crispy bacon, figured as I had missed so much eating in the morning it would be fine. grin

The GTT was ok. They take very little blood, and after the first lot all I had to do was drink a bottle of lucozade which wasn't bad. My appointments were at home though so this might be different for those having it done in hospital. Then a 2 hour wait for the second bloods. Still feel lightheaded but just taking it easy (lying on the sofa with my laptop). Not sure I would have been up to going back into work, but then I have had a few dizzy/lightheaded spells so it may be different for others. smile Glad it's done, and I should get results next week.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Fri 06-Sep-13 13:39:14

Blimey MrsV good luck, and book too.

Naturegirl82 Fri 06-Sep-13 15:50:03

Hope all the scans have gone well.

extracrunchy Fri 06-Sep-13 16:16:55

MrsV your consultant sounds totally insensitive. Hope all's well. Same to you, Book.

Nature glad you can eat again. I suggest a Domino's, and fast.

extracrunchy Fri 06-Sep-13 16:17:41

Ooh MrsV would love a voucher - will PM you wink

MrsAVB Fri 06-Sep-13 16:57:59

mrsv, your consultant sounds like just the person who should be providing care to hormonal women, pfft, what a cockwomble.
book I have had two cervix scans as at my hospital it's standard to offer it (not everyone accepts apparently) at 12 and 20 week scans. You have to strip from the waist down (wear separates) and cover up with a sheet. The scanner is like a slim well lubed dildo blush and they use it to measure your cervix length and blood flow to cervix to see if you have any risk factors around premature delivery/ miscarriage. You can see the baby at the top of the picture too smile. It's a weird sensation but not painful and you're well covered up.
It's the weekend, yay!

BookTart Fri 06-Sep-13 17:17:41

Cheers mrsa, I reckon I can manage that smile Baffled by the need to take a same along, but weeing on demand isn't a problem these days!

MrsVDB Fri 06-Sep-13 17:47:37

Yes that was it book just like a early scan if you've ever had one. Cervix is normal which is good as apparently they didn't book me a consultant scan after ggrrr. Also found out I didn't see consultant it was just a registrar.

Baby is all normal smile and they confirmed its a boy which is good given the amount I've bought smile

AnotherStitchInTime Fri 06-Sep-13 17:50:33

MrsV I hope you are ok, I agree your consultant sounds very insensitive. From what I have read about a septate uterus it depends on the length of the septum and where the embryo implanted as to the risk and there are ladies who have carried to full term without knowing they even had a septate uterus. Some positive stories here.

Penny, glad to hear all was ok. These babies do like to keep us on our toes!

Been puddle jumping and baking today with dd1&2 so I have got lots of lovely cake to eat later mmm smile

Frizz1986 Fri 06-Sep-13 20:34:23

Omg i am so peckish!! Just want to nibble so much right now but am on a strict budget (as close to £20 a week on our weekly shop) so no nibbles allowed sad Just needed to vent....

MrsVDB Sat 07-Sep-13 00:00:52

Oh also forget to say another high anterior placenta here!

Angelesque Sat 07-Sep-13 07:49:19

Stitch hooray for being due date buddies! So exciting!

Spacefrog enormouse had my anomaly scan on Thurs and baby was also v awkward!!! Had to stop looking at radiographer as he kept making me laugh too much with his annoyed faces each time baby thwarted his attempt to get the pics he needed! All good though, and radiographer was utterly entranced by how good the heart looked, hooray!

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sat 07-Sep-13 09:31:15

Off on hols today for a week - don't get up to anything too naughty ladies, lots of love.

MrsVDB Sat 07-Sep-13 09:49:11

Have fun humpty

Kiddicare have 15% off online code save15. Doesn't include uppababy but some other prams are included smile

Sultanajo Sat 07-Sep-13 12:47:26

nature great to hear u made it thru the starving and had the best bacon sarnie ever! Guess what I had for lunch yesterday? wink

mrsv great news despite your insensitive cuntpuffin consultant! High five for a boy! We are gonna get peed on! grin

Sultanajo Sat 07-Sep-13 12:50:06

humpty have an awesome holiday! grin

mrsv you dont have to tell me twice! I was in there yesterday with mum and actually managed to get her to make some non practical comments! Much better day baby browsing all round and know which cotbed I want, so will see if it has the discount online.....grin grin grin

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 07-Sep-13 12:56:24

Congrats on your boy MrsV thanks

Enjoy your hols Humpty

For all you ladies who are getting a bit squidgy around the thighs, but find it hard to get to a class:

This lady has loads of workouts tailored by trimester on her YouTube page. There are three half hour work outs (includes warm up and stretching) for each trimester so that you can vary your workout. I think ideally doing all three each week with a days rest or gentle stretching exercise like yoga or swimming in between.

I have just done workout 1 from the second trimester series while dd2 is napping and it works you out well (I was doing the last stage of the Shred before I found out I was pregnant, so for some it may be too much, but there are modifications).

Now I don't feel so guilty about all those cakes I ate yesterday! wink

Sultanajo Sat 07-Sep-13 13:26:26

Thanks another! I was on the first stage of shred when I found out. Shred was harddddd but it was short and intense which I liked! grin

Just worked out if we got the crib, cotbed, mattresses and car seat this weekend from kiddicare it would save us £100 which is pretty significant! Will see if DH agrees....grin

MrsGSR Sat 07-Sep-13 13:34:17

Yay for all the good scans! Lots more boys, and more anterior placentas! My notes say 'Anterior, not low' so I'm guessing that means high, which explains why I've been feeling a lot more kicks lower down.

Blue congrats to your DD!

MrsV sorry to hear ou had such a crap time at the consultants appointment flowers

Good luck for tuesday Book

Enjoy your holiday Humpty!

Another thanks for the link, I've been so lazy recently I keep thinking I should look for some videos!

DH is away until sometime next week, I have an essay due in on wednesday that needs another 3000 words and I've not been sleeping angry

extracrunchy Sat 07-Sep-13 13:47:48

I bought a pregnancy fitness box set a few weeks back with Pilates, yoga and gentle-ish aerobics. Did it a couple of times but just can not be arsed... I have nothing but admiration for those of you managing exercise and toddlers! I've decided my toddler is plenty. Yup.

Sultanajo Sat 07-Sep-13 13:49:15

mrsg boo to the 3000 words! sad Double boo for not sleeping!,sad Are u getting any knitting done?

Sultanajo Sat 07-Sep-13 13:56:00

extra I am disappointed with my structured exercise efforts recently! However, I have actually done quite a lot of walking recently when I think about it - more this morning also as had to run quite a few errands. However, as my school reports used to say - could do better! blush

MrsGSR Sat 07-Sep-13 14:30:39

sultana I am managing to do some knitting! I shouldn't really until I've finished the essay but it's soothing! I've been knitting some abc blocks smile

extra having a toddler is definitely a good workout! I was exhausted after one day with my nephew!

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