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January 2014 (thread 8) Half way there just about! Finding out pink or blue

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BuntCadger Tue 13-Aug-13 11:13:23

New thread for us, can't believe another one filled! Half way there girls smile on the homeward stretch smile xx

Holly94 Tue 13-Aug-13 11:19:37

Can't believe how fast it's going! Feels like yesterday I was staring at that faint, pink line!

BuntCadger Tue 13-Aug-13 11:25:02

Lol holly it is flying! Is this your first? Congrats and welcome xx

Naturegirl82 Tue 13-Aug-13 11:26:45

Just checking in smile

Holly94 Tue 13-Aug-13 11:33:16

Yes my first... A very, very unexpected, surprise baby (I'm probably the youngest on this thread at 18) but very much wanted. Although I spent the first trimester in a complete state of shock I think it's finally starting to sink in, I'm having a baby in January.. Or February, whenever he/she decides to make an appearance smile
Congratulations to you all grin

HumptyDumptyBumpty Tue 13-Aug-13 11:57:41

Reporting for duty!

Yorkiedodah Tue 13-Aug-13 12:13:03

Hi everyone Bit of a mamouth post with tmi warning.

Been quiet for ages and just wanted to share my scary weekend wiv u and get sum virtual hugs.

A friend of mine had invited me and dp to her wedding reception in Herts on Sat so we made the journey down from west yorks on the train.

Went for a pub lunch as the reception didnt start till six and sat down.30 mins in I felt like what was the start of a period.

Freaked out so decided to head to our hotel room and decide what to do there.
Called my mum, by this time it looked like a full type period and she said I should call an ambulance.

Now the hotel was the wedding reception and guests had started to arrive.
Paramedic came in a car and when DP asked what the outcome could be this 'professional' turned around and said it was miscarriage!!

I was totally freaked and was crying and when the ambulance came I was whisked away to the local hospital.

Im about 17 weeks and they said I was too early to go to the mat unit so went to the gyn ward where I was admitted.

Doc examined me with what looked liked a plastic smear test thingy. I was still crying thought this would harm the baby even more.sad sad

Blood was everywhere cramping had just kicked in and I really thought it was all over.

They admitted me in over night put me on a drip- Dp was not allowed to stay with me so went back to the hotel room.Doc said the placenta could have come away. I was desperate for a scan but was reassured with hearing baby's heart beat.

Bleeding subsided over night and was discharged the next day.

The bride texted me to see if I was okay which was lovely.

Now im at home hav mw appt tomorrow and Im terrified that this could happen again.

Sultanajo Tue 13-Aug-13 12:29:27

Marking my place - thanks bunt!

Sultanajo Tue 13-Aug-13 12:36:11

yorkie blimey hun! What an absolute nightmare for you! You must have been so scared! Did they work out what had caused it or is it inconclusive at the moment?

Yorkiedodah Tue 13-Aug-13 12:52:40

Sultan It really was. Doc said there was no 100 way of finding out what had caused it. He did say phaps the placenta had come away from the lining. But then he said ' I couldnt care less where it came from just that it stops'
At the time that was exactly what I wanted to hear although doesnt help much with reflection.envy envy

Holly94 Tue 13-Aug-13 12:56:41

Yorkie hope everything's okay flowers
One thing I've noticed on mn is there's lots of ladies who've bled through pregnancies and gone on to have perfectly healthy babies.

Yorkiedodah Tue 13-Aug-13 13:05:51

Hi Holly welcome to the thread
One of the nurses said something similar. This pregnancy malarkey is not easy -going through random bleeding ... i just dont know. sad sad my 20 w scan couldnt come soon enough (29th). Have you got a date for yours yet?

BookTart Tue 13-Aug-13 13:13:33

Crikey yorkie, that sounds terrifying, you poor thing. I hope everything goes okay tomorrow. Could you ask for a scan maybe? I can't believe they didn't scan you in the hospital angry

Hiya holly!

BuntCadger Tue 13-Aug-13 13:20:04

Yorkie - that sounds terrifying and sending virtual hugs to you. I hope your midwife manages to reassure you and that it doesn't happen again. With ds1 I had a bleed which was a bit of placenta as it moved up. With ds2 I had post coital (post shagging) bleedblush was told that they had another woman in who been using a vibrator and had a bleed! Suffice to say I am rather paranoid about and naughty business at the mo.

BuntCadger Tue 13-Aug-13 13:21:20

Wow holly was a lovely surprise and it is the most amazing thing and greatest privilege being a parent. I wish I'd started much sooner. I'm 38 now and this is number 4 x

MissTink Tue 13-Aug-13 13:21:50

Hi, I'm 19 weeks today with my first, super excited and a ill bit scared just thought I would say hello.
Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time yorkie big hugs xxx

MrsVDB Tue 13-Aug-13 13:25:38

yorkie that sounds awful hope you're ok

Sultanajo Tue 13-Aug-13 13:30:54

Holly and MissTink Welcome aboard!!!

Mrsv another boy! Hurray! Was beginning to think I would be the only one! wink What a little monkey hiding his bits!

yorkie fingers firmly crossed - I have known several friends who have kept having bleeds throughout - some really quite heavy - and all has been well. Hope they scan you tomorrow for reassurance....

MrsAVB Tue 13-Aug-13 13:32:44

Checking in...
yorkie hope you're doing ok, sounds horrible but so glad everything turned out ok. Hope you are managing to rest up.

Holly94 Tue 13-Aug-13 13:41:23

yorkie just think you're this far now.. With each week the chance of anything happening drops even lower. I had a random bleed (spotting) the other day and panicked and it turned out to be nothing at all - they had no explanation for it other than 'it sometimes happens'! My scan date is 12th September.

MrsVDB Tue 13-Aug-13 13:51:53

Posted this on other thread as didn't realise we were so close to end but had my gender scan today

So after being 99% sure it was a girl it's a boy!! Now id better take back the girly stuff I bought!!

He's going to be stubborn. Had his little legs stretched out but crossed so couldn't see anything. Then had to jump about with pants around my knees and he curled his legs up but still crossed but eventually gave us the money shot!!

Yorkiedodah Tue 13-Aug-13 14:13:29

Thank you all for your positive messages. It'd be lovely to get a scan tomorrow but dont think I will. Just taking it easy as Im still on holiday and have plenty of time left till school starts again.

A boy! such good news xx

I cant wait wink wink x

MrsGSR Tue 13-Aug-13 14:15:07

Welcome Holly and MissTink!

flowers yorkie. Fx for your midwife appointment. I've mentioned before that my SIL had a bad bleed at 17 weeks, she's now 30 weeks and baby is perfect.

Mythreeknights Tue 13-Aug-13 14:42:18

Checking in grin Sounds like lots going on today! Yorkie, fingers X that the bleed was one of those 'random things'. Mrs VDB, did you FEEL that you were having a girl and it turned out to be a boy? Was it gut instinct? I'm sort of thinking I'm having a girl as this feels so different to my last 2 pgs (boys) but I'm also expecting a boy as that's more likely...but I want to know who FELT they were having one thing and found out they were definitely having that gender, or other?
I think I felt a kick yesterday, but not getting too excited as was probably wind. My 20 week scan is still DECADES away (10 Sept...I'll be 21 weeks) Other than that, all good. Had wierd sex dream about the carpet fitter last night, that was definitely not good. Got to the point where he was about to hop into bed with me and saw that I had a bump and I was like, HANG ON, you are NOT my husband, I'm NOT sure about this, but mmmmm it would be nice. hmm what's going on there??!

lovelilies Tue 13-Aug-13 14:53:00

Marking place grin
So sorry for your ordeal yorkie fx all ok thanks

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