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March 2014 - Thread 4 - awaiting our dating scans

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MTBMummy Tue 13-Aug-13 09:40:11

Stats thread here Here

PiratesMam Tue 13-Aug-13 10:04:04

Thanks MTB! grin can't believe we're on the 4th already.

liberuna Tue 13-Aug-13 10:11:45

Hi all
i've got my first appointment with midwife today but scan isn't until 29 Aug.

Want to wait for scan before telling anyone (apart from OH) so thank you all for being here because I'm about to burst. This is my first pregnancy.

How work hasn't figured out I don't know as I'm having "emergency bathroom breaks" through out the day

Wow! so in the time I've been trying to catch up on the last couple of threads a new one has started.

rosyryan Tue 13-Aug-13 10:12:07

Just checking in. Still feeling completely wiped out - and still nearly a month to go until my scan! Boo.

commsgirl Tue 13-Aug-13 10:42:46

Checking in. Can't believe we're on thread four already!

FoxMulder Tue 13-Aug-13 10:53:26

Hi everyone, I've been awol for a while with horrendous morning sickness. I've been good for nothing but lying in bed cursing God, not even loading up mumsnet! Oh God, it's hideous. My mum is on her way up to look after me smile. When it's bad (like yesterday) I can't even get out of bed to get food all day. It's not that I'm actually puking all that often, but I feel like death. And now my boss is saying he's taking 5 days holiday off me! Can he do that? I don't think he is trying to be an arse about it, but I've been off for so long now (10 days and counting) that he needs to do something. He says it's that or start paying me SSP.

Anyway, good news is I had a scan last week that put me at 7+4 (8+3 today). It was crazy seeing the little bean's heart beating.

MortifiedAdams Tue 13-Aug-13 10:55:34

Wow! thread four already. Think I totally bypassed thread three - it came and went to fast grin dating scan 30th August.

I had a dreadful week nine - totally floored by work.and tiredness. Dh was pretty much in sole charge of dd amd I missed them.both so much but I feel much more awake and healthy now!

MortifiedAdams Tue 13-Aug-13 10:56:38

Fox pregnancy related illness cannot and should not be counted as Sick Leave. It is wholly illegal for him to do that!

FrankelInFoal Tue 13-Aug-13 11:02:27

Fox, I'm pretty sure Mortified is right and that your boss cannot do that to you. Does he know you are pregnant?

11 weeks today and still no sign of scan date! I called the midwives yesterday but had to leave a message in their "we'll call back within 48 hours" answer phone hmm

I have a two hour Business Finance exam this afternoon, oh deep joy! I've been reading and revising for the last week but nothing feels like it is sinking in!

Beccadugs Tue 13-Aug-13 11:02:53

Place marking...

WOW thread 4, and no ones hit 12 weeks yet. We might make 12 threads by the end!!

rescoonetwothree Tue 13-Aug-13 11:21:09

thanks jk i thought it was a bit early, i have my booking in in two weeks so will see how it goes and mention it then !

gawjus i think thats a good idea to make one for the group - it could be a good starting point for you to ease him into maybe having a proper one if you did want one too, out of interest does he not use Facebook either?

also interested in home birth but don't think i have the guts (my family seems to have small babies / pregnancies varying from slightly dodgy to full blown eclampsia etc) just incase!

definitely interested in water birth though, does anyone know if you can take your own birthing pool in incase theirs are all full? i know it sounds silly but just want to be in the water for labour if possible even if i cant give birth in it!

glad to hear the annoyingness of pregnancy is fading for some of us, cant wait for this glowy business to start!

FoxMulder Tue 13-Aug-13 11:24:44

Yeah, he knows. I can't find anything official to say he's gotta pay me though. Maternity action says "Your employer should record any pregnancy-related sickness absence separately from other sick leave, so that pregnancy-related sickness absence is not used as a reason for disciplinary action, dismissal or redundancy." and "You are entitled to receive the same sick pay as other employees" which I guess I've had already

rescoonetwothree Tue 13-Aug-13 11:25:11

also sorry for spam on thread 3 thought it might be easier than people adding messages there!

faithfulandtruthful Tue 13-Aug-13 11:25:19

Grey It is an idea, I'm not sure that they would go for it though! Worth asking I guess. Do you have a choice of hospitals? Maybe you could choose the one where you were most likely to get to use a birth pool.


mimili Tue 13-Aug-13 11:29:52

frankenfoal I'm worried I wont get a scan date in good time either. My unit has an email address so if I have nothing by Thursday I might drop them a polite little enquiry. Perhaps you could do the same?

mimili Tue 13-Aug-13 11:31:51

frank spelling errors on your name! sorry!

faithfulandtruthful Tue 13-Aug-13 11:34:56

Frank and mimili I haven't had anything about my scan but my booking appointment was only last Thursday, I am keeping my fingers crossed I'm not in your position in a weeks time hmm (when I am 11 weeks). Hope you guys get it sorted soon.


MummyPig24 Tue 13-Aug-13 11:36:39

I just received a letter giving me another scan date. 31st August. I called to see which was correct and they said I could choose, obviously I chose the earlier one! It's my dads birthday that day so will have to do some creative juggling of our time but I expect we will do dinner with him that day.

x0gawjus0x Tue 13-Aug-13 11:41:32

I will def make one for group when im home grey smile yes he has one, he asked me if i wanted him to get rid of it so its fair but im hoping if u show him i trust him it will help him with me :-)

Anyone got advice on hair bleach i really need a full head of highlights done roots are bad tryin to hold on for nxt week will it be ok after 12 weeks? X

rescoonetwothree Tue 13-Aug-13 11:43:01

f&t i'm honestly not sure about choices, hopefully they'd be up for it if not! we'll see - i know i sound bratty but unless i have water (or there is an emergency) i think id be really nervous for some reason!

MortifiedAdams Tue 13-Aug-13 11:44:04

IM.another one considering water birth and our only has one pool, however my MW said it is very rarely used, almost noone in our area requests a water birth. Fingers is quiet for my delivery time too. Means I will probably have all and sundry in the suite with me as a lot of the MWs havent done/seen a waterbirth at that hospital.

The thought of.minimal interference is the biggest appeal as I despised beyond beleif the internal examinations and was intending on refusing them this time round. The pool will help that!

x0gawjus0x Tue 13-Aug-13 11:46:15

How exciting mummy wat date? Mines 20th smile x

LyraSilvertongue Tue 13-Aug-13 11:54:48

Gawjus, glad your DP is getting help to deal with his issues. Sounds like he's on the right track. My DP has issues with jealousy having been screwed over badly by his ex and the one before. He has trouble believing I won't do the same as they did. I have to reassure him a lot but its getting better with time.

Thanks for all your words of reassurance. I'd convinced myself yesterday that my boobs had got smaller and that was a bad sign but I don't think they have. I'm going to do a test later just to see if the line is still good and strong. I know it won't give me any answers but I might feel better seeing that line again.

rescoonetwothree Tue 13-Aug-13 11:56:38

also, just found this so looks like a no!

PramQueen1971 Tue 13-Aug-13 12:07:42

Apprentice, I wouldn't spoil DH's holiday if it were me. Is there a rellie you can take?

Madame, those human hamster balls are identical to me tits sad

I'm currently in a horribly controlling relationship: th'usband has to do exactly what I say grin

Good luck this afternoon, Frank.

Mortified, what's up with the internals? Are you shy?

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