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Just Shagging Grads Fred 8! Roll up, roll up, all Viroids welcome!

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HumptyDumptyBumpty Fri 02-Aug-13 14:24:27

Just Shagging Grads, here is your shiny new Fred!

For those that don't know, a 'viroid' is from the original JSing thread 1, where someone was trying to type ladies (in reference to all the JSing ladies), but their phone decided to call us all viroids instead!

The name stuck and we've been the JSing viroids ever since.

The last thread saw plenty of births and we've got loads of new Grads to add to the mix. Bring on the TMI posts, the midnight moans, the birthwatches and the pom poms!

Our stats thread is here, so if you find us, please add your stats too.

There is also a Just Mumming thread for grads of the grads thread

And if you want to find out what Just Shagging is about or catch up with the undergrads go say hello to the Just Shaggers here, now on the 17th thread.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Fri 02-Aug-13 14:25:44

Checking in (on my own Fred grin) - hope you all find me!

Hooya Fri 02-Aug-13 14:48:58

Ooh new Fred, new people and new babies!

Congrats GBT on your early baby!! Woohoo! You've reminded me how soon my turn is... scaredexcitedscaredexcited etc etc

And congrats chaffinch and stroke on your BFPs, welcome!

Here I've been working like a bastard and reading up about breastfeeding <obviously ignorant> getting scared now! It seems a bit difficult...

HumptyDumptyBumpty Fri 02-Aug-13 16:27:46

hooya oooh are you next? Or is there someone else due before you? Just checked stats fred and can't see anyone, but it's not v up to date.

wavesandsmiles Fri 02-Aug-13 16:42:41

Checking in.....excited to hear who is next.

Hooya - I am sure you will get lots of support to get you going with breastfeeding. I got a bit panicked as it is 8 years since I had a newborn, but turns out that if all is well, then it is pretty straightforward, if a bit ouchy at first. Lansinoh, savoy cabbage, paracetamol and ibuprofen are my friends right now.

Maybe we should all make it a mission to update the stats fred?

MrsAVB Fri 02-Aug-13 16:43:33

Thanks for the new Fred humpty! Checking in... X

Strokethefurrywall Fri 02-Aug-13 21:53:01

Well done on the new fred humpty - I'm checking in early to say hi - I'm 6 hours behind you all here so feel like I'll be playing catch up loads!

Went for my 1st scan today, saw the little Hobbit measuring 5 weeks 5 days (so a day behind) with it's little heartbeat at 109 bpm. Magic.

And I've spent the rest of the day running around like a headless chicken on coke trying to pack for our house move. Turns out dogs aren't in the slightest bit helpful at packing. There are boxes everywhere so I decided to save myself and sit down and mumsnet for a bit grin

Hope you're all well!

frogchops Sat 03-Aug-13 19:30:18

Would really like hooya to come on and confirm Edd again....I'm 20/09 and panicking slightly that I'm getting closer to being next! I remember the day I made the move from jsing to grads, oh my thats gone quick! :-/

thethreeblondies Sun 04-Aug-13 08:27:53

I find time is flying too Frog I'm due 19/10 only got 5 weeks left at work! Eeeeeeek we will all be meeting our babies before long grin

Hooya arm yourself with all the knowledge on bf you can, I'm sure I was relaxed as I knew what might go wrong or be difficult, as it was I took to it really easily no really sore nipples or anything! (ooh i had a touch of mastitis a couple of months in but a day in bed feeding my newborn put that right) I bf DD1 for 10 months and DD2 for 22 months, found it a bit hard to feed "openly" in public but used to find places I felt comfortable to do it discreetly smile I'm really hoping it goes as well this time as found it convenient (and free) I'd struggle and need guidance to ff!

Hooya Sun 04-Aug-13 11:48:36

Hello! Ohmygod can't believe I might be next! When's kitten due?

My official EDD was the 17th Sept but the boy is coming out via ELCS on the 10th Sept - am I next then? Scary! frog that means it's not you - but I agree it's gone so fast!

Thanks for the advice on bfing waves and blondies - I will persist and try not to be too scared!

frogchops Sun 04-Aug-13 12:15:47

Oooh I knew you were next hooya, but then I was a bit blush about being next on the list. Unless there's anyone inbetween?? Anyone??

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sun 04-Aug-13 22:22:17

So, so far we've got:

hooya due 10th Sept
frog due 20th Sept
blondies due 19th Oct.
Mrs AVB due Jan 2014 - not sure of date?
Humpty due 3rd Jan 2014
stroke due March 2014? is that right?

No Aug JSers due then? Were we all slacking in Nov 2012? grin

wavesandsmiles Sun 04-Aug-13 22:47:27

Gary was due in August I think, and my EDD was 30 July....babies didn't want to hang around though smile

23 November 2012 was when I got my BFP - seems like an absolute LIFETIME ago!

thethreeblondies Sun 04-Aug-13 23:05:28

Kitten is due 12th Sept, not that I've just stalked her to find out..........honest blush

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sun 04-Aug-13 23:21:32

waves ah, so you have speedy babies, that's it!

Okay, we're up to:

hooya due 10th Sept
kitten due 12th Sept
frog due 20th Sept
blondies due 19th Oct.
Mrs AVB due Jan 2014 - not sure of date?
Humpty due 3rd Jan 2014
stroke due March 2014? is that right?

notsoold Mon 05-Aug-13 04:07:39

Wow...found you guys!!!
Please add me to the list 25/10 to meet our little boy...
Time is flying now and dh book us into a nice hotel ( pleasure) during relatives visiting ( pain)...

Hooya I wasn't successful with bf with dd so did a lot of reading like you and was more prepared when ds came. So well done you!!!

I thought of joining a nct class to meet new mums ( as not one of our friends have lo) but really in two minds after seeing the price and speking to the person running it ( very pro bf/ no pain relief etc)...good for her but is my third!!! I still remember the pain!!smile
But didn't want to be isolated when baby comes!!!

wavesandsmiles Mon 05-Aug-13 08:18:24

The list is scary.... I mean, I only just got my bfp right? I write this with said bfp now 9 days old and sleeping on the changing mat next to me on the bed.... But seriously, everyone only just got their bfps and now all these due dates are so soon!

frogchops Mon 05-Aug-13 08:56:21

Phew.... Kitten is after hooya!! wink

MrsAVB Mon 05-Aug-13 10:13:29

I'm Jan 1st... The race is on humpty! Although I'd much rather be late and get all the festivities done without drama!
I think cookie and andie must be due in feb/ march?
Asos have 50 maternity items at 50% at the moment grin

frogchops Mon 05-Aug-13 10:59:16

Rushes to asos after just spending a fortune on the mamas and papas sale blush
Days off work cost me a fortune!

Hooya Mon 05-Aug-13 11:01:48

So I am next? Shiiiit that is scary! Visiting hospital next week to meet the anesthetist and choose my room... Still curious to see if I chicken it out of the c-section at the last minute, currently doubt it but who knows!

I was starting to think I'll miss being up the duff but each time my feet swell and each time I think about meeting the boy, I change my mind grin

Hooya Mon 05-Aug-13 11:07:41

Hey notso lovely to hear from you! And frog you too, but don't say the words 'internet shopping' to me, it's a disease, I'm telling you!

Loving the baby race!

waves how awesome is it to not feel sick any more?

HumptyDumptyBumpty Mon 05-Aug-13 11:29:35


hooya due 10th Sept
kitten due 12th Sept
frog due 20th Sept
blondies due 19th Oct
notso due 25th Oct
Mrs AVB due 1st Jan 2014
Humpty due 3rd Jan 2014
cookie due Feb/March 2014?
andie due Feb/March 2014?
stroke due March 2014? is that right?

waves does it really go that fast - I s'pose it does, but the last two weeks have been slooooooooow for me. Waiting for a proper bump and movement, no real appointments (the 16wk one wasn't v interesting as they refused to listen for heartbeat, so it was just paperwork). Hoping that the two week countdown to my 20 wk scan, which starts tomorrow, will speed things up a bit.
Bless your BFP, though - asleep on a changing mat! Cuteness! Also v convenient, so v well done mini-waves.

notso I am going to NCT for that very reason - I don't want to be pushed into no pain relief/bf (although I want to try to bf, but know it can be hard), but I want the friends! We'll be moving shortly, so will need a network of people to whinge to have coffee with in the first few months.

Does anyone who's further on than me remember when they started to show 'properly'? I was a 16 before getting bfp, and have a 'shelf' of flub above belly button, and have always had a sticky out lower belly, so although I can feel there's a hard bump in there, it doesn't really show just by looking. I'm sounding a bit pathetic, but I want to know there's a baby in there - and to look pregnant! I know, I know - I'll look back at 30+ weeks and think 'you idiot, Humpty, it was so much better when you could bend over', but I'm a bit sort of 'am I really pregnant?' at the mo. Sorry for the whining.

frogchops Mon 05-Aug-13 11:49:29

Humpty I was showing really early on, 10-12 weeks ish although people I see every day said they could tell well before this :-/. I was a 14 pre preg and at 33+3 today I'm wearing 18 pj bottoms and my normal 14 pj top. I do remember going for some blood tests at 19 weeks and laughing that the woman next to me was 28 weeks and smaller. I guess everyone is different. wink

wavesandsmiles Mon 05-Aug-13 13:49:56

I started showing properly (as opposed to looking like I had a bit of a tummy) at about 7 months, but that's HG for you! I was a size 8/10 before, got away with staying in some of my normal clothes right the way through (low cut jeans and elasticated waists only mind...) and I am back in my clothes again, although my boobs are now HUGE so some dresses and tops aren't fitting, and my super skinny jeans don't fit yet either due to the tummy muscles not being toned. (They also change size depending on whether Caspian has just been fed or not confused)

Not feeling and being sick all the time is beyond amazing. To celebrate I had a mammoth baking session this morning, making home made flapjacks and heaps of coffee and walnut cake with coffee buttercream icing. (I've made so much I have actually put half the flapjacks and half the sponge cake in the freezer)

At times it does go slowly, but it genuinely feels like no time since the 2 week wait, and the subsequent BFP.

If anyone as the opportunity to go, I really recommend the NCT relax stretch and breathe classes. No antenatal chats, just really pregnancy yoga on a gentle scale. So, a good way of meeting other mums-to-be if you want not to go to the antenatal classes.

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