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September 2013- We've managed to hold them in!

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fl0b0t Tue 30-Jul-13 17:28:11

Hi all! Providing the ladies who are currently in hospital don't give birth before the last 20 posts in our old thread, we've made it to a new one with babies all still staying put for now!

Here's the stats thread

Welcome newbies! If anyone wants to join the FB group (better for sharing documents and pictures), please message myself or jennimoo with your real life name and email address and we can add you to the group!


WaggyBlueElf Wed 28-Aug-13 15:36:25

Texts have started here too Rake - four so far, so I suppose it could be worse. How many times can you say 'we'll let you know' before appearing rude?!

I have been getting slight crampy feelings low down though, so I don't know if something is starting? I still don't think he's engaged and had no show or anything else to indicate he might be ready to emerge so I'm guessing it'll still be a while.

Great news about Freya weebarra, and fingers crossed mooster!

LotsaTuddles Wed 28-Aug-13 16:17:25

Unfortunately, my none poo turned into a poo eventually (but it was soft so maybe it's 'the clear out').

Still having a few little pains that are what I imagine are not very painful contractions (but I'm not sure, I only know how the midwife has described them).

Going to have chilli for dinner though see if I can help move things along. Tried to look half heartedly for raspberry leaf tea earlier but couldn't find any.

Where's the best place to get it?

fl0b0t Wed 28-Aug-13 16:39:34

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who is a bit bunged up and snoring!

TripleRock Wed 28-Aug-13 17:01:01

Yes I was snoring last night too. I was informed of this this morning by my 2yo DD blush

RunningBear78 Wed 28-Aug-13 17:23:55

Hooray, great news weebarra and good luck mooster.

I think I am starting to feel the Braxton hicks contractions a little, but I feels so generally uncomfortable around the bump it is hard to tell.

Had a chat with the mw about a possible home birth, she seemed very blase about the whole thing in a 'why wouldn't you' kind of way. Anyway, in case we do decide to stay at home my 38 week appointment will be at home, and they will drop some stuff off (not quite sure what).

Might look into last minute pool hire... Might need it quite soon!

Busy day with Dad sorting out the house. Shelves are up in the nursery so we just need to unpack things now! Excited.

Manoodledo Wed 28-Aug-13 17:28:42

Yes to snoring! I even caught myself doing it when I kept falling asleep on the sofa after lunch watching Cbeebies with DS2. Yes to feeling a bit like I need a poo. I had the clear out thing the other day. Had a really dodgy tummy and I really thought that was it, but apparently not... Had terrible grinding pain today which I could almost swear I could hear as well as feel. DH has just appeared back from working for the day an hour and a half away. Had managed to convince myself I would go into labour and he would miss the whole thing. Again, apparently not. Can you tell I'm ready for this now...?

I got raspberry leaf tea from Holland and Barrett.

Weebarra hope you and Freya are home now.

Bippidee Wed 28-Aug-13 17:33:23

Ladies, I really need help with bedding! I'm pretty much there I reckon, but I'm flummoxed by blankets. What do I need for the Moses basket and cot?

LotsaTuddles Wed 28-Aug-13 18:06:03

I just have a gro bag in my Moses basket Bippidee, was told that would be plenty. Have a blanket too, just incase.

My DH works an hour and a half away everyday, so it's obviously going to happen during the day, when he's at work.

Hmm, may have to find my nearest Holland and Barrett tomorrow.

Joskar Wed 28-Aug-13 18:21:33

Hope you and Freya are safely back home, weebarra.

I was just going to do grobags too. I don't think you need anything else with them but I was going to get some cellular blankets in case baba likes being swaddled at first.

Have finally sorted out the spare room and put baba's stuff in the drawers. Feeling quite relieved as it was a very big job. Won't be turning it into a nursery for a while yet as the wee one will be in with us and we need it as a spare room.

My list of big jobs has pretty much been done now. Wrote the birth plan last night. Made the mint jelly. All the essentials wink. Now all I have to do is...

... PACK!

TripleRock Wed 28-Aug-13 18:32:50

You will need sheets, either fitted or flat, to go over the mattress. You will need plenty in case you have a sicky baby, especially if you are going to double layer your sheets.

Gro bags are totally fab, but check the label. Many are only suitable from 8/9lbs depending on brand. So you may need some top sheets or light cellular type blankets for the first few weeks, or swaddle type blankets.

TripleRock Wed 28-Aug-13 18:38:45

Also, you will need at least 2 gro bags because they will get puked or pooed in in the middle of the night, so you'll need a spare ready. Plus they take some drying.

I'll stop clucking now blush

fl0b0t Wed 28-Aug-13 18:43:22

Did my post not post? Why would you need to "double sheet"? More washing?!

ION- *NEW THREAD ALERT*- we've only got a few posts left here so I went ahead and sorted the next one:
Come join me! smile

RakeABedOfTyneFilth Wed 28-Aug-13 19:14:59

Double sheeting - if you are quick at whipping off a puked-on sheet, the one below is still ok and you don't have to fiddle with putting on a new one in the middle of the night. If however it has had long enough to soak through, you've lost the use of two at once.

We have double sets of sheets on DS's bed now although he is completely reliably dry - but that's a sheet and a waterproof undersheet. I am not sure that you should use waterproof sheets for moses baskets because they aren't very breathable (and although the guidance is to lay babies on their backs, some of them are just so much happier on their fronts that they would be cheek/mouth down onto the plasticky-backed sheet).

Readytosettle Wed 28-Aug-13 19:31:48

I was told to use muslins over the top of the sheet in the Moses basket as they're easy to whip off in the night if the baby is sick...

MrsMangoBiscuit Wed 28-Aug-13 21:41:50

We'll be using muslin squares as the extra layer for the moses basket, but DD's bed has 2 layers, matress protector, sheet, matress protector, sheet. If there's a night time accident I only have to pull the top layers off, chuck her spare duvet on, clean her up, and hopefully get back into my own bed before I've managed to wake up fully!

glenndanielle Wed 09-Oct-13 08:24:34

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