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September 2013- We've managed to hold them in!

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fl0b0t Tue 30-Jul-13 17:28:11

Hi all! Providing the ladies who are currently in hospital don't give birth before the last 20 posts in our old thread, we've made it to a new one with babies all still staying put for now!

Here's the stats thread

Welcome newbies! If anyone wants to join the FB group (better for sharing documents and pictures), please message myself or jennimoo with your real life name and email address and we can add you to the group!


RunningBear78 Wed 31-Jul-13 12:50:39

Aaaaaggghhhhh I have the most itchy nipples, its driving me crazy! Any suggestions what I can put on them to stop the itch?

Ouch about yr hands, sounds v painful!

Good news Charl, hope you get home soon.
Feel yr frustration flip, but at least you can get a grip on things now and hopefully baby growth will slow a little over the coming weeks.

LCR77 Wed 31-Jul-13 12:55:56

Holy shit, all becoming very real. Our babies will be here very soon. Have just 2 weeks left before I finish work, my mat cover started this week, my dad is painting the nursery as we speak and all major baby buys bought or on order.

Really sorry to hear about your GTT results flipflump, I also got picked up late at 32 wks and was really upset when I found out - got my head around it now though. Have you had a growth scan for baby yet? I have and baby is measuring fine, as average as average can be - just I'm measuring big. Currently I'm controlling with diet as my blood sugar levels are fine. Have you started measuring your blood sugar levels yet?

Obstetrician I saw last week was great and she said measuring big for dates isn't really reason enough to refer for GTT, as long as your growth/fundal height is following the curve at the right rate. Have to wait until growth scan at 37 weeks to discuss whether induction is necessary as she said I was borderline whether I had GD anyway

Been having lots of weird labour related dreams since started NCT classes last week - really loving them and DP getting a lot out of it too. AN teacher really good and not pushy at all.

Good luck to all of you having a hard time at the moment with hospital stays - been thinking of you x

fl0b0t Wed 31-Jul-13 13:43:47

Emma- I changed mine to the week after for the same reason- shall be in birmingham and my midwife is only in my surgery once a week.
Unless you have any pressing issues, I think they're just routine anyway!

3.5 more weeks at work for me! smile
(oh god, so much to do and sort out for handover....)

Geesescareme Wed 31-Jul-13 13:50:26

Just had my first experience of a random women commenting on my bump. In sainsburys she said 'crikey you must be about to drop any day now!', with 7 weeks to go and wearing my most bump-minimising dress I was a bit taken aback!

fl0 I would definitely have a worn with your midwife or ring up your surgery to talk to a nurse about your hands as it seems really bad from what you've been saying. Better to get it looked at incase it's something else going on or a sign of something else? Give you some piece of mind then.

Does reflux feel like a trapped burp on your throat?!

Readytosettle Wed 31-Jul-13 14:29:22

emma we have apts at 34 weeks here anyway if that helps?!

RunningBear78 Wed 31-Jul-13 14:33:31

Help! I can't stop eating chocolate. Seriously, I know this sounds hilarious, but I'm actually worried, especially with the number of you with GD. I managed two days without chocolate, but have eaten twice as much as I usually/ought to in the past two days. Can I give myself GD from eating chocolate in huge quantities? I did measure a bit big at my last appointment, and am a little worried ... but despite the fact that I eat really well the rest of the time (dietcoke not a word about my cake intake thank you!) I just can't stop with the chocolate at the moment.

Any suggestions what I could eat instead? I've tried fruit, but the thought of chocolate is actually distracting me from work blush

EmmaDee Wed 31-Jul-13 15:08:21

I dont know what to do about my appointment, I have just heard that someone I know who was due around the same time as me has lost her baby at 28 weeks. This has now made me totally paranoid and I want to see the mw for reassurance.

I had stopped randomly freaking out, but now this has brought it back. What are the odds after 32 weeks? Im scared to google as Im in work and could be reduced to a fit of tears, am already teetering on the edge.

jennimoo Wed 31-Jul-13 15:13:54

Emma - I'm afraid in not googling either, but I heard done friends bad news around this time last time around and it did really upset me. I'd make your appointment earlier for reassurance. I don't think it necessarily means you'll have the next one later, it's usually the gap between them they're interested in.

It is scary having them hidden inside but it's also worrying once they're born, and if parents of older children are to be believed it never stops being worrying!

weebarra Wed 31-Jul-13 20:05:14

i think this end bit is scarier than the beginning! We're almost there but we've now bonded hugely with our babies and probably have an increased awareness of what can go wrong.
For me, bp and bloods all fine and going to get out tomorrow but....i've just lost my plug! can't remember how imminent that means things are!

jennimoo Wed 31-Jul-13 20:13:21

I think it can still be ages after plug goes but I lost some of mine 4 days before birth and the rest the night before last time around!

Dorita75 Wed 31-Jul-13 20:29:50

Geesescarme yes! The only heartburn I've had is a hot burpy feeling in the back of my throat. Water seems to be the only thing that brings it on. Milk helps me and I've also got a supply of gaviscon tablets to help. Good luck!

mrspaddy Wed 31-Jul-13 20:35:59

Hello.. hope you are all well. I am just over 34 weeks. Had breastfeeding class yesterday. Really enjoyed it.. the little dolls are so cute!! Rugby hold.. here I come.
Getting a bit of a sickly feeling/tummy upset but other than that doing great. After ironing my maternity clothes there I keep thinking I won't miss them but have a feeling I will be wearing them for a while yet!

flipflump Wed 31-Jul-13 21:00:44

Thanks LCR, yeah was pretty upset too but after having lots of questions answered I'm a lot more relaxed.

I saw the diabetes nurse specialist today, she has started me off with blood monitoring. I've to have it reviewed in a weeks time at a clinic. So far today my results are well within normal ranges. Fingers crossed I can control with diet too. So relieved I'm now getting the appropriate care. Had a growth scan last week, the results from that triggered the GTT test to be done. Baby is measuring big on scan, well over 90th centile. Having another scan in a weeks time. Get an extra nose at our little bundle.

CharlW1 Wed 31-Jul-13 21:31:52

Flip annoying they didn't catch it before but at least you're getting the right care now. it's really good if you can control it with diet - I'm on tablets 3 x a day and will see if I need to go on insulin tomorrow.

I'm back out of hospital now - thank goodness! have to go to my hospital tomorrow to get second steroid injection and just try and relax as much as possible.

Yes to heartburn and achy hands first thing in the morning - my joints ache so much (hands) and I can't close my hands in a morning. Cold water definitely helps but the ache can last most of the day.

andadietcoke Wed 31-Jul-13 22:03:47

emma the odds are definitely in our favour now - after 28w they jump up massively to 90%+

fl0 you have my every sympathy with your hands. Mine are just getting worse. The consultant said if it had happened earlier she would have referred me for physio but there wasn't much point now. I get physio paid for by work though so might try and go next week at some point. I've heard the wrist supports that stop your wrist flexing help if worn in bed, or find a way to sleep where your hands are elevated.

runningbear cake, cake?! Have you tried really strong dark chocolate (I like the Lindt one with sea salt in) and just having a couple of squares? Sounds very virtuous but that takes the edge off for me. Depends on what you're craving though. And they do say that your body craves what the baby needs. Could you force the chocolate down if it was for baby bear's sake?!

badguider Wed 31-Jul-13 22:08:06

no suggestions on the chocolate craving bear - personally I am totally off food as my stomach seems to be the size of a peanut right now and eating almost anything makes me feel like i've had two christmas dinners!

dh isn't happy and wants me to keep eating.. am compromising on a very small bowl of healthy cereal and keeping up with my vitamin pills.

weebarra Wed 31-Jul-13 22:14:50

Glad you're out now charl!

flipflump Wed 31-Jul-13 22:17:40

Enjoy being back in your own home and your own comfy bed Charl!

flipflump Wed 31-Jul-13 22:52:31

Sorry, another GD question from me. Does anyone know how long the clinic appointment with doctors, nurse and dietician takes? Is it a long one? DH is going to arrange time off for it but wondering just how long he needs.

Also, I guess I'll have to amend my snack/drink shopping list for hospital bag. What should I buy instead of Capri sun, biscuits and dried fruit?

CharlW1 Thu 01-Aug-13 01:19:47

flip mine was 3 hours in total - I saw the diabetic midwife, had bloods, saw the dietician, had a scan and then saw the consultant.

For hospital bag M&S do the best sugar free cloudy lemonade - freeze a couple of bottles so they stay ultra cold whilst at hospital. Nuts are really good and as is cheese and also the odd banana will be fine. it would be a really good question to ask the dietician or diabetic midwife.

RakeABedOfTyneFilth Thu 01-Aug-13 07:39:22

Reflux hit me last night. Couldn't get to sleep, as lying down flat was impossible (acid in throat) and propped up was just plain uncomfortable. Stomped downstairs in a grump, DH still awake, we looked up NHS website which says it can be worse in second/subsequent pregnancies as well as just being later on (36w now) and decided antacids were ok. I had the very last two 'Tums' in the house, and then eventually got to sleep (don't care if it was a placebo effect!!) ... must buy more today.

DS is 4 today! He had a few cards and a present, but is convinced he is not really 4 until his party though. Strange boy. smile

weebarra Thu 01-Aug-13 07:51:00

Happy Birthday Rake's DS!

MrsMangoBiscuit Thu 01-Aug-13 08:14:13

Happy Birthday Mini-Rake!

Well done to everyone with early labour scares/problems, for managing to keep them in!

No info on expressing or mixed feeding yet as the BF counsellor wants to talk to me in person. I've been told she's great, so hopefully will be helpful.

Got my birth plan pack yesterday, to read through before my next appt, when we'll make my plan. (I wrote mine week's ago but hey ho) Pack included info on contraception, obviously meant for post birth, but I couldn't help thinking "bit late for that!" and laughed so hard I woke up DH. grin

ION, after having my waters broken without warning last time round, and everything going to pot from there, I'm starting to freak out a bit about this time round. Will have to have a good chat with DH and MW about it, so they can both keep me reassured. sad

frogchops Thu 01-Aug-13 09:11:30

So like a Billy no mates I've been looking at the old thread wondering why everyone is so quiet!
Anyway, am getting lots of 'you've really dropped, you're def not going til 20/09' comments.
Both my mum and dad (separately) have gone abroad for 2 weeks so I'm hoping nothing happens while they're away and they leave me with mil and SIL (you know the one!)

flipflump Thu 01-Aug-13 09:19:04

Thanks Charl, we'll be prepared for a long one.

Thanks for the top tip, will pop into M&S. I can't eat nuts so hopefully dietician can make another suggestion. Hope you are at home today with your feet up!

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