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we've smacked that rat now brooking for healthy pregnancys and sneeze births!

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cartoontrickster Mon 29-Jul-13 18:28:00

hope everyone finds me. confused

This is post 1000, good job I made this for you all smilesmile

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 18-Sep-13 22:52:10

Also offering sympathies Kitty, it's the longest wait ever!! But so worth it wink

Glad you're feeling better about clothes Trix, Sweetie is our guru grin. I shall need to revisit her post when I get paid!

Is the GP going to run more tests now Trix? How frustrating it didn't pick anything up.

Solars I get pulling sensations too. Very strange sensation!

Kitty what did they say in your lecture? Poor Fin has had no additional nutrition, just feeding off me grin

BlindKitty Wed 18-Sep-13 22:15:47

Thank goodness we don't have to wait for a 12 week scan!

SweetieTime Wed 18-Sep-13 21:23:42

kitty you have my sympathy, the wait for your 7 week scan seems to take an age. I hope it passes really quickly for you.

Trix glad you are pleased with your purchases and you found my links useful

cartoontrickster Wed 18-Sep-13 20:12:55

kitty it is sooo much worse than the 2ww, but will be worth it when you see that little heartbeating.
inspired by sweeties capsule wardrobe ideas I have purchases a few items. I already had some jeans, but I've now got 4 dress (one isn't mat but still works) and a coat. I had ordered another from asos but its an awful fit. I've yet to find any black trousers that are right for me but I've made a good start thanks sweetie for inspiring me.

BlindKitty Wed 18-Sep-13 19:23:10

Good thanks solars, still eagerly anticipating any small sign of pregnancy and of course, oct 1st for my 7 week scan. I swear its actually worse than the 2ww lol!!!

So we had a lecture at work today re foetal nutrition, especially the first few weeks! I swear it was directly aimed at me! Really wanted to ask questions but didn't wanted to arouse suspicion!

cartoontrickster Wed 18-Sep-13 18:42:48

hi solars I'm ok.
swab test came back normal. so I prob need some more indepth ones done.
I had some pains which sound like yours its round ligament pain. just every growing and stretching.

RubberBullets Wed 18-Sep-13 18:28:39

Chinese gender thing said girl for dd

Solars Wed 18-Sep-13 18:20:19


It's quiet on here today, I've been doing boring filing that I've been putting off for ages but doesn't it fee quite cathartic when it's done?!

I've never watched OBEM but did watch midwives a couple of weeks ago, MrS didn't enjoy it though, especially when I got emotional about one of the couples, think big fat tears rolling down my face!!

I've used the Chinese gender thing and apparently it's a boy for us, but I guess that means girl?! I'm still not sure about finding out the sex at our next scan, MrS is quite keen to, I'm still not sure.

How is everyone doing? Maybe, Pen, Keep, Sweetie, Trix, Kitty? I've had some funny pulling sensations in my pelvic region on the left side but feeling ok generally.

cartoontrickster Wed 18-Sep-13 18:16:36

grin rubber thanks.

RubberBullets Wed 18-Sep-13 17:14:37

Trix when it comes to the birth you would be glad of smaller measurements grin

SweetieTime Wed 18-Sep-13 09:54:14

Maybe mat leave feels a long way off at the moment. I am thinking of going off at 32 weeks, which is 7 weeks away. I have 4 weeks annual leave before my official mat leave would kick in at 36 weeks. It really depends how I feel and if I can carry on. I am really lucky as work let me work from home as often as I like which really helps.

NoMaybeAboutIt Wed 18-Sep-13 09:32:21

Morning all!

Yes Kitty, I watched it too. Love midwives. Not as much as OBEM though!

Glad you're taking it a bit easier Sweetie. When will you start mat leave?

SweetieTime Wed 18-Sep-13 09:27:26

Kitty welcome to the thread of glittery buckets and preggo tales of things the books don't tell you.

I was also convinced I was having 2 boys, not sure why just had a feeling. At my sexing scan they couldn't make out 100% if it was a boy due to pesky umbilical cord. They knew girl was defo a girl though. At my scans now they ask the gender of the twins so they can measure the correct twin in order. I am not sure if having 2 same makes it more difficult to identify which is which for monitoring.
I might give the Chinese Gender predictor a whirl, not sure it will predict correctly for me though.

Kitty very brave of you watching Midwives, I can not watch anything like that, I couldn't really before but so cannot now.

Defo a porridge day here, bbbrrrrrrr very chilly. Felt like I had been run over by a truck yesterday and still a bit jaded still today but am working from home so will take it easy.

I saw that one Kitty, 10 minutes that little girl was called Griff grin I kept checking K after I had her, I was so sure I was having another boy blush

BlindKitty Wed 18-Sep-13 07:26:28

Ah I'm so far away from all of you atm! It's still 'a baby' to me atm, nowhere near having that feeling of whether its a boy or a girl!

Did anyone see midwives yesterday? One girl had a water birth and the midwife passed her the baby without checking the sex. The mum said oh it's a boy and then 10 minutes later they realised she'd been looking at the umbilical haha! grin

cartoontrickster Wed 18-Sep-13 07:16:19

well it says I'm having a girl (for some reason I'm not sure, think its a boy) it also says pebble was a girlhmm that's wrong. I guess it has 50% chance of being correct!

NoMaybeAboutIt Tue 17-Sep-13 22:15:10

Good choice Trix grin

Pen we think it's a boy. So poor fin will have a right complex if he turns out to be a she wink

MrM loves a bit of birth grin

ThedementedPenguin Tue 17-Sep-13 21:31:59

kitty he might surprise you.

Dp refused to let me watch any show, wouldn't discuss it, but he was fantastic during labour. He did me proud. grin

ThedementedPenguin Tue 17-Sep-13 21:30:46

I used that one trix

I loved my icandy apple, although it is just unusable now. My icandy pear has a flat wheel. So I need to get that sorted.

maybe have you got an idea of what your having? Do you want a certain gender?

When I was pregnant with ds I new he was a boy from the start. Just had that feeling deep down. Still cried when I was told he was a he. This time I haven't a clue. When I picture my family I only see boys, so I can't wait to find out if I'm right.

My sisters really hope it's a boy as in my family they are seriously outnumbered.

BlindKitty Tue 17-Sep-13 21:30:10

I'm watching midwives! Love this show but I'm banished to the bedroom as it freaks dh out (yeh, I know, he's going to be crap isn't he lol?)

cartoontrickster Tue 17-Sep-13 21:07:49

is there a link pen? dunno what treats is but id like a go! yes I had the scan on sat, setting aside what she said about the measurements it was lovely to see treats.
well after saying I didn't want icandy I have of course ordered an icandy apple grin .
glad you've been better pen

Pen I did the Chinese gender thing with toddly boo and booby's due dates, and it told me I was going to have a boy and a girl shame it got them the wrong way round wink

NoMaybeAboutIt Tue 17-Sep-13 21:02:22

I've tried it Pen. It said girl. Then another thing I did said boy. To be honest, it's 50-50!! Glad you're feeling better lovely.

Midwives is on!!

ThedementedPenguin Tue 17-Sep-13 21:00:36

Oh and sorry for mammoth post smile

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