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The PESH are getting busy and looking out for a cluster diff!!

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pinkr Wed 24-Jul-13 20:53:02

blonderthanred, boy, born 26th October 2012.
FriendofDorothy, boy, born 14th December 2012.
QueenRollo, boy, born 21st January 2013.

Need dates:

Rollerbaby, No pink here, expecting boy due March 20th 2012
IveBeenExpectingYou (CockDodger), A very active baby girl, due March 28th 2012
Silver, hoping for an easier sneeze, due mid-July 2012
Starryeyedmole, regretting recently investing in scales
cakeandcava approaching walrus proportions, DC1 EDD 21/10/12

LazyMachine (38) DC1 EDD 9/2/13
CamelKnees (34) fat and fatigued DC2 EDD 22/04/2013
HaveALittleFaith (31), Faithlet arrived 14.04.13
fertilityFTW (34) date needed.
pinkr, (33), any day now!!, DC1 due 22/08/2013
Jethro (36) head in the sand Edd 071013
Frankel (32) nauseous and knackered Edd 4/3/14
Noks - info needed
Sinky - info needed

Done my best - apologies for any misinformation or omissions!

JethroTull Tue 01-Oct-13 11:12:26

I'm so glad I'm not alone in feeling like this!

Once he's latched on he feeds well its the getting him to latch that's the issue. It just takes forever. I've been waking him every 3 hours to feed but think that sometimes he's too sleepy to latch. This morning he went almost 4 hours & latching was much quicker.

He's had 2 really good feeds this morning & has taken off both boobs. The midwife is coming again today & will weigh him - I'm really hoping he's put on some weight, I think it would put my mind at rest a little.

Faith, I left the FB group, nothing personal, I just found it all very intense smilesmile As a Hag I think we need to find some humour in shit situations like this!!

JethroTull Tue 01-Oct-13 11:15:33

Pink - expressing has kept me sane! It does make me feel a bit like a cow (especially last night when I was double pumping) but I'd rather express than use formula at the mo. I've given myself a six week challenge. I can put up with anything for 6 weeks. If its got no better I will consider my options. smile

Ginfox Tue 01-Oct-13 12:26:26

Jeff by your 6wk benchmark I would think you'll have it sussed (if not before). As Jupiter says, feed when he seems to want it, try and rest when he sleeps, and don't worry about how many hours pass between feeds. This bit does pass quickly, although it doesn't feel like it at the time.

And as Pinkr says, far too much hassle arsing around with bottles and formula, esp in the middle of the night.

HadALittleFaith Tue 01-Oct-13 13:26:24

We were still on the nipple shields at 8 days. I was told to wake Faithlet for 3 hourly feeds initially but one time I woke her and she was awake and miserable for 2 hours. She looked at me like Hey, you woke me! Gradually I trusted her to wake herself and she generally woke every 3-4 hours but fed better on her own terms. We introduced a bottle at 3 weeks - I expressed in the morning when I had lots of milk and gave it in the evening.

HadALittleFaith Wed 02-Oct-13 08:36:25

How are things this morning jeff?

How are the differs?

We are sleep deprived thanks to what I can only assume is teething.

JethroTull Wed 02-Oct-13 13:29:50

Hideous Faith! One of my boobs is engorged & I can't seem to get anything out. Pumping is AGONY. I've tried hot flannel, shower, hand massaging.... I've not even made it out of bed.

FrankelInFoal Wed 02-Oct-13 13:37:49

Oh Jeff poor you. I can't give much if any advice but I've heard that cabbage leaves in the bra help with engorged boobs.

I'm doing ok, 18 weeks yesterday shock. My acid indigestion has temporarily been halted by a stinking cold hmm. I'm not sure which I prefer!

pinkr Wed 02-Oct-13 15:02:09

I'm no expert but could be mastitis...ant red spots or lumps? Get to a doctor and get checked asap!

HadALittleFaith Wed 02-Oct-13 16:29:04

I agree with pinkr! The sooner you get it seen, the better. Sorry it's tough jeff sad

SinkyMalinks Wed 02-Oct-13 16:43:18

Frank, I didn't realised but with my change of dates, I'm exactly 2 weeks behind you. 16weeks yesterday here. Appt with midwife tomorrow, but was told at my booking that they don't Doppler at 16 weeks, so I'm expecting to get my urine dipped and bp checked and go home...

Sorry about the boob Jeff. Agree with faife, can you drag yourself to the gp/get a midwife to come round? Sounds really sore.

SinkyMalinks Wed 02-Oct-13 16:44:08

Ooh. Was Pinkr. Not faife. In my defence it is v sensible faife type advice!

HadALittleFaith Wed 02-Oct-13 16:58:32

I luff how I am seen as the sensible, non-sweary ESH grin

SinkyMalinks Wed 02-Oct-13 17:48:38


FrankelInFoal Wed 02-Oct-13 17:56:09

I'm a mostly non-sweary BESH (autocorrect tried make that "sweaty"). I find it's more effective when I do swear that way grin

My earlier comment about the acid indigestion being halted by my cold has proved to be premature - it's back sad

HadALittleFaith Wed 02-Oct-13 18:53:49

Sweaty for me too!

My sympathies Frank. I had awful reflux too. Threw up in my sleep once!

FriendofDorothy Wed 02-Oct-13 22:06:48

I was really anxious about getting The Little Mister to latch on too. It seemed so bloody fiddly!

Somehow we managed it though and it definitely gets easier.

If you are engorged with red spots you definitely need to get checked out though.

SinkyMalinks Thu 03-Oct-13 14:53:28

Urgh. I think I had pretty low expectations for the 16 week appointment, but it really surpassed even that.

Started with midwife telling me I had the wrong name. Admin woman had to come out to back me up hmm. Apparently she had already ticked my name off, so I had been seen. I took me saying, "well, have you seen me?" I then got taken in. To be told off for not having filled my specimen pot. Even though the single toilet had been engaged since I'd arrived.

Then she felt my stomach and told me I was "much bigger" than my dates and who had given me my edd? She then topped it off (after reading through my notes and TTC history) by telling me I probably got pregnant after I relaxed.

The only question I had was what my neucal results were - 4.5 weeks ago. But they don't do those apparently.

Waste of time.

JethroTull Thu 03-Oct-13 15:00:53

Sinks the more interaction I have with Midwifes the less I like them. My hospital & post natal care experience has been hideous. It's taken a visit from my neighbour who happens to work on the county's BF support team to get me any help. She also thinks MiniJeff might have tongue tie - if it's been missed I won't be happy.

When's your next appointment?

SinkyMalinks Thu 03-Oct-13 15:12:14

20 week scan at the end of the month. Then end nov for the 25 week appt. The hospital appointments (got seen by a lovely mw after my 12 week scan) are great- really helpful, lots of info, just nice (n=1!). The 2 at the community centre have both been shit. I'm pretty certain you shouldn't tell someone they're much too big and then just leave it. She's marked me down as 18 weeks... confused. Apparently it's not important. So why measure at all?

Poor you and mini jeff. What's the next step then? Is your useful neighbour going to help?

FrankelInFoal Thu 03-Oct-13 15:24:36

Sinks how rubbish for you. I much preferred the midwife I saw at 16w to the 12w one. She was fine, just a bit dour. 16w one was very chatty and friendly and seemed excited for me IYSWIM.

Jeff glad you are getting some support, even if it's not coming from where it should.

pinkr Thu 03-Oct-13 16:02:43

Shh sinks the relax method of getting pregnant...if only someone had told you eh? wink
I found midwife very hit and miss!

SinkyMalinks Thu 03-Oct-13 16:21:01

in better news, the hospital has found my neural result - 1:46000! Not bad for an old bird!

HadALittleFaith Thu 03-Oct-13 17:46:23

Blimey sinks mine was 1:3000! My community MW was pretty old school (been qualified for 25 years) but was reliable when I needed her.

Ah that would explain things jeff... I think Faithlet has upper lie tie but at her age they're unlikely to do anything about it so I will just monitor it as her teeth come in and as she starts talking! I hope things improve soon. How is the boob?

HadALittleFaith Thu 03-Oct-13 20:37:24

Oh I've had a BF clothing revelation I must share! I have tended to wear clothes with a vest underneath so I can whip my top up and pull bra down. However my vests are a bit tight. My friend lent me a breastvest but they are expensive. I considered cutting my vests and then it hit me: Wear it back to front! still get the tummy coverage but boob access is unhindered. Just wish I'd thought of it 6 months ago! smile

JethroTull Fri 04-Oct-13 07:38:58

Boobs are much better thanks Faith. I've been massaging with hot flannels & the expressing helps to relieve it. MiniJeff seems very happy, he's had his eyes open more & when the MW weighed him yesterday he'd put on 110g in 2 days. So now he's only 7oz off his birth weight. She's coming back on Monday & fingers crossed he'll be back at birth weight and they can discharge me.

How do you feel about BFing in public Faith?

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