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April 2014...

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pinkpeoniesplease Sun 21-Jul-13 16:54:30

Well, almost!

BFP today, EDD 31st March but the March thread is well into thread 2 now!!

PainAuxRaisins Wed 24-Jul-13 21:37:08

LeeHandy - not sure why I don't want to see Dr just yet. For some reason I just feel as though it will all be a bit more established by next week and I will be a bit more ready by then. Maybe I'll just telephone the surgery this week and book something for next week, then at least I've taken the first step and got the ball rolling. Symptoms are very much on and off - today had my first proper wave of exhaustion at work (thought I would drop off at my desk) but thankfully no nausea yet. Twinges aplenty and feeling starving all the time! Congrats and welcome to the new additions!

NotWithoutMyMerkin Wed 24-Jul-13 22:23:55

Hi can I be another march joining the April instead? Due 26th mar but everyone miles ahead on the mar thread. Congrats for the bfps

LeeHandy Thu 25-Jul-13 06:55:31

fox, pain, your approach seems logical and now I wonder if I have jumped the gun a bit. sad i hope I don't go to the doc and get told off or something.
welcome march and April newbies!

FoxMulder Thu 25-Jul-13 09:09:44

No, don't worry you won't get told off! When are you seeing the doc, and how far along will you be then?

LeeHandy Thu 25-Jul-13 09:40:19

I'm actually going today and I am 4 weeks now. I hate going to the doctor anyway so I'm not expecting much from them. smile I will report when I return.

LeeHandy Thu 25-Jul-13 17:12:37

okay I've just been and it was probably a waste of time. smile I have been booked in for an appointment with the mid-wife for 3rd September and that's about it.
The only thing is that we're moving home in the end of August, so that appointment will also be cancelled and I'll have to start from scratch at the new GPs.
Why do they say "tell your GP immediately" if what they actually mean is "Tell your GP when you're around 8-10 weeks pregnant"?

Flixy102 Thu 25-Jul-13 18:46:05

Oh no! That sounded like such a waste of time, how frustrating. I'm seeing the midwife on Tuesday and I'll only be 5+4. Hoping she doesn't day to go away and come back lol.

LeeHandy Thu 25-Jul-13 21:07:15

flixy, did they tell you it was a booking appointment? if they did, then you'll be sorted because that's the proper one where they take all your details and blood tests, etc.
for some reason, my surgery said the mid-wife booking appointment can only be done after 10 weeks. so she calculated when i would be 10 weeks along and gave me the next appointment after that.

Flixy102 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:10:39

I asked the receptionist at my doctors surgery if I needed to make an appointment with the doctor to get a first appointment with the midwife. She said no you just go straight to the midwife and made me an appointment, didn't ask how far along I was or anything. I'll just blame her if I'm too early grin

LeeHandy Thu 25-Jul-13 22:17:10

and perhaps I should have just asked for the midwife as well instead of being a dope. oh well, we live and learn. grin

FoxMulder Fri 26-Jul-13 08:45:38

Hmm, annoying, are you moving far Lee? Just thinking you'll be quite a way along by the end of Aug and it might take ages to get another appointment at the new GPs.

I bet the advice is to tell the docs immediately incase you don't want to keep the baby.

I've got my booking in appointment next Weds. I'll only be 6+6 then. I just told the receptionist I had recently found out I was pregnant and what was I supposed to do. She asked if I was happy to continue with the pregnancy, then said I needed a booking appointment with the midwife. But didn't ask how far along I was.

Flixy102 Fri 26-Jul-13 09:14:50

I just checked on my docs website and they say to make a booking in appointment at approx 6-8 weeks so I reckon it'll be fine. I'm not sure of my dates anyway as I didn't actually have a period prior to getting pregnant smile

FoxMulder Fri 26-Jul-13 09:20:45

You didn't?! What happened then?

I didn't either, technically.

Flixy102 Fri 26-Jul-13 09:34:41

I have PCOS and haven't had a period in over 2 years. I had a laparoscopy and ovarian drilling on 21st June and ta da! It obviously made me ovulate on my own and I conceived sometime in July.

FoxMulder Fri 26-Jul-13 09:49:25

Wow, that's pretty flippin' awesome. Extra congratulations for you!

Trishstar Fri 26-Jul-13 10:29:24

Just popping into say Hi ladies! I didn't get my BFP til August (was a complete surprise!) and my due date was April 16th but my DS had other ideas and I had to have an EMCS on March 31st. He's honestly the best thing to happen to me (aside from hubby too!).

Best wishes to you all! Enjoy every minute of it. I wish you all healthy pregnancies xxxgrin

FoxMulder Fri 26-Jul-13 10:54:46

Thanks Trish!

FoxMulder Fri 26-Jul-13 11:10:09

And congratulations on your little boy.

Trishstar Fri 26-Jul-13 11:49:40

Thanks Fox! Reading you guys on here is making me broody!!!!

Flixy102 Fri 26-Jul-13 12:15:39

Aww thanks trish and congratulations!

Meant to ask fox, why were you periodless prior to BFP?

FoxMulder Fri 26-Jul-13 12:48:01

Oh, well my last period was actually an early mc rather than a normal period. Not sure if it counts. It was all normal before that though.

Flixy102 Fri 26-Jul-13 13:06:44

Sorry to hear that fox. I'm sure it doesn't make this pregnancy any easier.

FoxMulder Fri 26-Jul-13 13:18:49

Yeah, it's a bit of a weird feeling. I feel a bit subdued, like I can't get excited about this one yet. It was actually this day last time I started bleeding proper (after spotting for a few days). But I've had much more positive signs this time, so I'm cautiously (very cautiously) optimistic.

toobreathless Fri 26-Jul-13 19:50:42

Also popping in from April 2013 to say congratulations and all the best for healthily pregnancies and beautiful babies!

April is a lovely time of year to have a baby but I would say so I've had two April babies in 2011 and 2013.

LeeHandy Fri 26-Jul-13 20:13:18

Fox I'm not moving very far, but it's out of the borough so i can't keep the same GP or hospital unfortunately.
I'm hoping they will give me an appointment soon enough, but I think I will not have a choice anyway. I will have to just wait and see.
On another note, it's great that you've made it this far without any problems. Fingers crossed for you.
Thank you, toobreathless and Trish! Congratulations on your new babies... flowers

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