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April 2014...

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pinkpeoniesplease Sun 21-Jul-13 16:54:30

Well, almost!

BFP today, EDD 31st March but the March thread is well into thread 2 now!!

ratbagcatbag Mon 22-Jul-13 11:03:12

Awwww that was my dd this year, dd had other plans and arrived on 14th march. smile

Congratulations. smile

ratbagcatbag Mon 22-Jul-13 11:03:40

First dd is due date
Second dd is darling daughter. Doh!

FoxMulder Mon 22-Jul-13 11:45:53

I might be straddling this one and the March one. EDD 25th March, but I feel like everyone on the other one is way ahead of me.

LeeHandy Mon 22-Jul-13 17:38:18

hiya fox (waves madly).. are you well?
i got my bfp today and my due date is 28 march but i'm feeling a bit shy about joining the march thread too... smile.
pinkpeonies, congratulations!

pinkpeoniesplease Mon 22-Jul-13 19:10:07

Hi all!

You're both ahead of me, any symptoms? I have none, beginning to wonder if I'm imagining it! But as DH says " three tests is fairly conclusive".

I'm dying to tell someone... Anyone!! grin

LeeHandy Mon 22-Jul-13 19:16:37

hi pink.. since i only confirmed it with a clear blue digi this morning, i'm pretty sure, i can't have any symptoms yet. smile
the only thing is that my stomach feels a bit tender but it's been that way for at least a week.
i am also in the "am i imagining it?" stage. i feel like if i trip, or sneeze, the bfp will go away. that's also why i'm happy not to tell anyone, yet. i want to tell my mum first but she's going on holiday so i've decided not to tell her until she returns in 2 weeks. that will give me enough time to get used to the idea as well. smile

FoxMulder Tue 23-Jul-13 08:06:39

Hi Lee, hi Pink! Congratulations guys.

I think I can sort of...feel it in my abdomen. I get a twinge when I use my tummy muscles. And I get lightheaded when I get up from crouching down. And I keep getting a bloated tummy in the afternoon. But these are all things you could easily overlook if you weren't looking for them. Oh, and car journeys hurt. What's that all about?

I had a mc at 6 weeks just last month so I feel like I'm waiting for this one to end too. It doesn't feel real. Sorry, that's a bit depressing!

I've told my 2 best friends. They both live overseas, so I hardly ever see them but one was visiting at the weekend and we Skyped the other. I won't see them again until next year at the earliest, and I told them about my mc last month anyway so I figured 'where's the harm?'.

LeeHandy Tue 23-Jul-13 10:35:19

hi fox, maybe you'll feel better once you cross the 6 week mark? fingers crossed for you.
this morning my stomach hurt a bit more. it's funny that in the stress of getting pregnant and excitement of baby being born, we don't spend much time thinking about how painful this process will be. grin
dh went out for a beer with his mates yesterday and I was waiting home and sober like the little wife. this is the end of life as we knew it!! grin.

FoxMulder Tue 23-Jul-13 11:03:29

Yes, definitely. By this time last month I'd started spotting, so now I keep imagining I can feel something in my knickers and am reluctantly going to the loo to nervously peer into my pants like I'm watching a horror movie but can't look away smile. Then even when it's all ok I feel like next time won't be, like it's inevitable. I can't imagine having a big pregnant belly and definitely can't imagine having a baby!

I'm going to do a clearblue digi tomorrow in the hopes that I get a 3+. Last Weds I got a 2-3. Last month it was still showing 1-2 at this stage, so I feel like this one is going better already. Although I know they're not terribly reliable!

My DH has just sold his massive guitar amp because a) he never uses it and b) it is in the room that will eventually be the baby's room. It felt very symbolic of our lives changing!

Roll on Thursday, when I will be 6 weeks (by my reckoning).

pinkpeoniesplease Tue 23-Jul-13 19:11:36

Hi both! Wow, still just the three of us!
I too find it hard to imagine myself actually heavily pregnant or with a baby despite ttc for a while smile

I registered at the Dr today despite having lived here for 6 years! I asked what the process is in this area for getting a booking in appointment, before I know it the midwife comes over and makes me an appointment for 20th August! She said I need to choose which hospital I want to give birth in!!! I've only known I'm pregnant for two days!

Have either of you spoken to your Dr?

impatientlywaiting Tue 23-Jul-13 20:28:49

Hi you three.
My DD is 26th March, and as I'm so close to the end of March that I could very well be an April labour too I thought i'd pop in and say hi.

Especially as I recognise all three of your names from the July BFP bus.

Has it sunk in for any of you yet? I'm 4+4 and found out last Wednesday, and I keep forgetting about it, and then remembering when I get the odd twinge. Part of me wants to tell my friends and family, but the other part of me is really enjoying just me and DH knowing. I'm normally a proper blabbermouth so I've impressed myself that i've met up with a few of my friends already and haven't mentioned it.

We're going to visit friends in Germany when I'm 9 weeks, so planning on telling mum's, dads and sisters before we go, our German friend when we are there and everyone else at 12 weeks. I've never kept a secret for more than a week though so i'll see how I go.

When are you three planning on telling people?

LeeHandy Tue 23-Jul-13 21:32:54

wow fox, you're already clearing the room for baby?! i would be really stressed at the thought of doing that. smile good luck with the cb digi tomorrow. smile
i think i will only really believe it when i see the scan.
pink, i called the doctor today and made an appointment for thursday. i was stammering over the word pregnant because this is the first time i have actually said it out loud for myself. grin
we're actually buying a new house and will move there in a month so i need to start looking at hospitals in that area.
hi there impatiently! nice to see you here... it is still sinking for me but we're keeping it quiet for the next couple of weeks. i'm waiting for my parents to return from holiday and will tell them then.
today we went out for dinner and our friend ordered me a cider. i had to pretend drink it and took a few sips. more changes!!

PainAuxRaisins Tue 23-Jul-13 22:30:48

Hi all - mine is due on April 1st (thinking of calling him/her my little April fool if that's not too mean) so I thought I'd join you lot since you're all at a similar stage to me. Plus I recognise some of your names from the July BFP bus! Have done 2 tests and seen 2 faint lines at the end of last week but going to wait til Thursday then do a digi test for extra confirmation. Not planning to go to the Dr til I'm at least 6 weeks along - I still feel as though I'm imagining it all at the moment and don't want to tempt fate too soon. At the moment my symptoms are not too bad - boobs have calmed down a bit and no nausea (but kind of waiting for that to kick in next week). Just feel shattered every evening after work...and this heat is not helping. Swinging wildly between wanting to tell absolutely everyone....and the next minute being too scared to tell anyone. DH knows and is over the moon but not planning to tell anyone else just yet. Just watching Wills & Kate on the news awkwardly handling their new baby and feeling just a little bit broody - just as well the BFP came through when it did!

Flixy102 Wed 24-Jul-13 06:14:28

Hi everyone, just thought I'd join you ladies as I got my BFP yesterday and I'm very excited! I have PCOS and underwent ovarian diathermy last month (where the surgeon burns away the cysts on your ovaries to encourage natural ovulation). Well lets just say it worked! grin

Maybe this is a silly question but what do we do now? Do you make an appointment with the doctor or is there some other way to make a booking in appointment? As you can tell, I'm clueless!

FoxMulder Wed 24-Jul-13 08:26:55

Ooh, yey, loads of new people! I feel like a bit of a fraud what with my EDD being 25th March. It's only going to get worse as loads of new April people join.

Lee No, I'm not really clearing the room for a baby, it's just that his friend wanted to buy the amp and we wanted to sell it. It's a coincidence really that one day we will need the room. Oh, and it does feel so weird saying you're pregnant out loud! So, so weird. When I told my friends I felt really embarrassed and when I told the doctor I was all clinical about it. I need to work on sounding happy (which I am, obviously)

Flixy I think the procedure for booking in appointments is different in different hospital trusts. With mine, the midwife is at my GPs once a week, and I just called the GP and made the booking in appointment directly. Some people have to see their GP first, though, who then refers them to the midwife. Call your GPs I'd say and ask them.

I did my clearblue dig this morning and got 3+!!! gringringrin It's official, I'm more pregnant than I was this time last week.

Flixy102 Wed 24-Jul-13 08:51:56

Thanks fox and congratulations to everyone on the thread! Just made my booking in appointment directly with the midwife, which was easier than I expected!

Still feel like a major fraud tho! Like its not really happening even tho I've stared at the positive test all of last night and again this morning!

FoxMulder Wed 24-Jul-13 09:41:38

I'm rather worried I'll get told off when I got for my booking in appointment. Last month they told me to wait until I had a proper period before trying again and I, er, didn't.

LeeHandy Wed 24-Jul-13 14:41:44

nice to see new people!! welcome!
fox, I know what you mean by feeling a fraud, but I don't think anyone will kick us out now.. wink congrats on staying sticky enough for 3 weeks..
my appointment is tomorrow with a doctor and the nurse kindly offered "would you like to see a lady doctor" when I mentioned pregnancy. I will update once I finish that.
I thought this morning of buying some more cb digis just to see if I am still pregnant and if I had gone to 2-3 weeks yet (it's only been 2 days since I had 1-2 weeks) but I have symptoms to report!! I was eating my lunch and just had a huge wave of nausea and nearly ran off to the loo in mid sentence. have not been sick yet but have been feeling very nauseous for the last hour so I am probably still pregnant! grin can't believe I am excited about feeling nauseous

LeeHandy Wed 24-Jul-13 14:44:15

pain, why are you waiting for 6 weeks, if I may ask? I was also wondering how soon to call the doctor but then decided that there's no point in waiting because they will only do the first tests when it's due - I think at 8 weeks - so I might as well just chat about vitamins and things like that and get a file opened.

FoxMulder Wed 24-Jul-13 15:25:30

I waited a week after getting my BFP to call the docs. Just to make sure it wasn't a chem preg and because of a feeling of tempting fate. Not that I believe in that, but last month I started spotting as soon as I'd put the phone down to make my appointment.

Pog389 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:09:33

Hi all, im new here! I got my BFP yesterday evening on a little stick test (although AF isnt due until Friday) and then confirmed on a digi one. we'd been trying since May and I'm surprised its happened so quickly! We dont want to tell anyone but i feel like i need to talk, I'm so nervous / excited!

Im so early and I dont feel like its real!

my dates say I should be due 5th April.

pinkpeoniesplease Wed 24-Jul-13 17:42:34

Welcome new posters!!

I too feel like a fraud! I go from dying to tell people to wanting to wait until the12 weeks scan!

I really want to tell my Mum but not so much IL's in case anything happens but I know that's awful and DH wouldn't have it, it's both or nothing!

pinkpeoniesplease Wed 24-Jul-13 17:51:08

And also, I'm getting bad cramps which last about 20 seconds but are quite intense a few times a day.
Anyone else getting this?

Flixy102 Wed 24-Jul-13 18:10:38

We've just been and told both sets of parents. We're not telling anyone else until we get to the 12 week scan (touch wood!) Wanted to let them know in case something goes wrong and then we will have their support.

I'm not sure if I've been having cramps but definitely getting twinges all day. Also not sure if I'm just a lot more aware of my belly region than before! Feel a bit bloated too.

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