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December 2013 - blue, pink, what do you think?

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NomDeClavier Thu 18-Jul-13 11:19:44

New thread! Pile in!

MsCatShoes Sat 31-Aug-13 13:32:27

Thanks for the messages everyone - still quite weepy today but think it's the sleep deprivation and the ongoing anxiety issues. Upshot being that today has left me a zombie.

DH being very kind this morning, which is good.

I want to drive out and get a massive bag of mini-twirls or something similar.

Glad you are feeling better stom smile

NomDeClavier Sat 31-Aug-13 18:01:10

mildred try lilypadz - they're not breast pass, they actually stop all leakage because they're a silicon type thing that pushes your nipple into your boob (bad explanation)! But they're bloody brilliant!

Shopping wise... I have some lovely fabric to make a quilt for the pram, and flannelette for sheets and little nighties. Plus a bargain JL pram suit from a second hand shop.

Sorry to hear all the woes. I join in feeling fat, frumpy and generally yuk. I just can't find maternity trousers that look nice so I've got leggings and jeggings in a 12 for now, but I'll do when bump gets bigger.

crying I shouldn't laugh but OMG that was hilarious.

I'm glad you all took pleasure in my humiliation grin to add to my embarrassment today I walked smack bang into a glass door. well it was actually a window. in a restaurant. a very full restaurant. I'm going to go and live in a cave forever now grin

MildredH Sat 31-Aug-13 20:31:50

Gannet- we really like the wayfarer too although DH reckons the wheels are small (?) and might not wheel as well as others but all the reviews I've read are good..

Thanks for the tip Nom- I bought some breast pads at Boots today funnily enough but couldn't bring myself to wear them as they're friggin enormous. I will look for what you've suggested..

Having a lovely evening on the sofa with DH, curry, X factor and an alcohol free beer!

Stom91 Sat 31-Aug-13 21:02:12

sounds perfect mildred..
my dp is having dinner at his parents, i wasnt feeling up to it so been sat on here looking at wall stickers/quotes for babys bedroom.
cant wait to get into new house and decorate.
i hope we can move in before she arrives!

Alyssa1978 Sun 01-Sep-13 16:16:35

Do we have a new thread yet?
Not sure how many posts were allowed lol and not sure how to start a new one x

Stom91 Sun 01-Sep-13 16:17:32

Me neither lol.. Its been quiet so. Maybe we do? Lol

LadyMedea Sun 01-Sep-13 16:36:13

It's 1000 posts so nearly there.... New thread started at

glenndanielle Wed 09-Oct-13 08:24:01

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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