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December 2013 - blue, pink, what do you think?

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NomDeClavier Thu 18-Jul-13 11:19:44

New thread! Pile in!

TakingTheStairs Fri 19-Jul-13 12:30:33

Yeah yeah, enough dessert eh queen! I hope you just gave her a number rather than names

MrsShrubs Fri 19-Jul-13 12:52:40

Good luck weechops!!

mumoftwo it was just the best feeling in the world, remembered to put the packs back in the freezer too ready for tonight!

queen glad the ceiling situation is starting to get better.

I had my first practice last night of getting up and doing night feeds, my SIL works for the Met and someone had dumped a kitten in the police station reception, the RSPCA and Bluecross didn't get back in touch with them and as we're the only people she knows with cats we inherited one at 12.30am, had to feed it every 3 hours using a syringe and kitten milk!

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 13:46:27

FFS, had another blood test on weds to check my platelet count and the receptionist at the doctors said the results are in but they can't tell me them until a doctor looks at them. She said this 'may or may not happen today'. Do they not realise that by telling me they're in but I can't have them, potentially till Monday is a tad unfair? Grr! I bet I have to wait all weekend...

froubylou Fri 19-Jul-13 14:15:27

Mum that's rubbish. Ring them every hour on the hour until they are fef up of you enough to get dr to have a look.

Been clothes shopping. Got some bargains from new look. But failed to find a maxi dress that doesn't make me look like a flump lol. So after much trying on and sweating I got a long vest type thing instead.

First time since starting to show I've been in front of a large mirror undressed. Was a bit of a shock! I am huge!

Having said that a mum at school was shocked yesterday when I told her I was pg lol. I've been wearing maternity clothes for about a month now including a 'hands off the bump' one.

Off out for a meal tonight with dp. Child free weekend. Used to get bladdered, smoke loads and end up gawd knows where on days like this. Tonight I'll be driving, chew some gum and be ready to come home for 8ish lol.

weechops Fri 19-Jul-13 14:19:34

We are having a BOY!!! Dd and ds are super excited to have a baby brother smile I really thought it was a girl too but I am so so happy and excited!

froubylou Fri 19-Jul-13 14:24:06

Mum that's rubbish. Ring them every hour on the hour until they are fef up of you enough to get dr to have a look.

Been clothes shopping. Got some bargains from new look. But failed to find a maxi dress that doesn't make me look like a flump lol. So after much trying on and sweating I got a long vest type thing instead.

First time since starting to show I've been in front of a large mirror undressed. Was a bit of a shock! I am huge!

Having said that a mum at school was shocked yesterday when I told her I was pg lol. I've been wearing maternity clothes for about a month now including a 'hands off the bump' one.

Off out for a meal tonight with dp. Child free weekend. Used to get bladdered, smoke loads and end up gawd knows where on days like this. Tonight I'll be driving, chew some gum and be ready to come home for 8ish lol.

Roselau Fri 19-Jul-13 14:34:00

WOOHOOOOOOOO off on holidays for two weeks!! And told my work about having to start mat leave early because of our move to LA so I feel so relieved and feels like I can really enjoy my holidays.

congrats on all the successful scans. I am so so so jealous because mine is still 3 weeks from today and I'm still not showing nor feeling a thing - 18 weeks tomorrow sad

at least holidays will distract me. will try to check-in once in a while smile enjoy the beautiful weather, stay cool!!

weechops Fri 19-Jul-13 15:19:20

Hope you have a fantastic holiday roselau ANC you can properly relax smile

TakingTheStairs Fri 19-Jul-13 16:02:46

Congrats weechops

LadyMedea Fri 19-Jul-13 16:33:07

Waving white flag...

Yesterday I was signed off work for two weeks for anxiety and depression. It's been building for 2-3 weeks but came to a head on Wednesday when by 10am I was sat at my desk at work uncontrollably crying. I've had anxiety before and was on Citalopram before TTC but I've never felt like this - completely out of control. I'm still crying on and off, just writing this sets me off. I've been referred for CBT but appointment isn't until 31st which is nearly when I'll be due back at work. Also not sure how it will work because it is an initial consultation then a computer based course.

Seeing my own doctor next Thursday to let her know. Left a message for the midwife today to let her know in case there is any other support.

I guess this could be antenatal depression. Whatever it is, it is thoroughly crap. I'm struggling to do anything, don't even want to watch tv or eat. Just spent the morning lying in a dark bedroom (finally a breeze through the window so it was bearable) with my eyes closed crying on and off. Forced myself to eat a cheese sandwich for lunch and to put away the washing.

My DH is being lovely as is my sister but she lives hundreds of miles away. This all really started with work stress, unfortunately being off just makes that worse as it will just pile up. I know I shouldn't really give a crap - no lives at stake - but it's hard not to.

God I hope this lifts or I find a way out of it. I can't bear the thought of being this miserable for another 20 weeks, and I certainly don't want to be miserable when twiglet arrives.

MrsShrubs Fri 19-Jul-13 16:54:19

Congrats weechops definitely seems to be more blue beans than pink from those who know at the moment!

have a great holiday roselau

ladymedea so sorry you're feeling this way, definitely try and get as much info and as much advice as you can. There was somebody else on here with a similar situation, I can't remember who now but I think their MW was able to point them in the direction of people who can help. I know it's easier said than done but just try to push work out of your head at the moment and concentrate on each day as it comes. If you need a day or two just to shut down and do nothing then do it, let yourself have some time to re-charge without having every day life get in the way. Just make sure you're drinking enough and eating (even though you may not feel like it) for you & bump. Main thing is you're aware you're not feeling your best, you've contacted all the right people and trying to do something to feel like yourself again, that's one giant positive leap in the right direction. Really hope someone is able to give you some support flowers

b0nker5Mum Fri 19-Jul-13 16:57:07

Lady, hope you feel better soon and get lots of support, can you call/Skype your sister? I know it's no replacement for a hug but at least you get to speak to her... Sending virtual hugs...

Frouby - does your daughter not like the idea of sharing you? My dd although a lot older has struggled a little (she is excited tho) she has been an only child for 16 years (when baby comes will be close to 17), so we have tried to keep her involved with everything, told her as soon as we knew, have bad extra scans so she could see baby and she is helping chose names (within reason), nursery furniture etc... She really doesn't want a brother though! wink How much involvement has you daughter had?

Weechops - congrats on your blue one. Wondering if I should find out... wink

violetbean Fri 19-Jul-13 18:22:35

Lady, hope you get lots of support and start to feel better soon. thanks I found that the website 'SuperBetter' helped me through a rough patch. It's like a series of tiny challenges to help you feel more in control. No worries if you don't fancy it, just a thought.

Rose, have a good holiday! smile

froubylou Fri 19-Jul-13 20:00:00

Bonkers she is horrified by it all lol. She was 9 on sunday. I did think she would be excited but she was pretty upset when we told her. Her behaviour since we told her as also left a little to be desired and she is normally an angel.

Have tried to involve her in everything. Have asked her what names she likes, taken her round mother care to get ideas about prams and stuff and have told her she can come to the 20 week scan. Have shown her piccys of the baby at each week and talked about what I'm feeling like etc.

She is still adamant she likes being sn only child lol. Little madam. I'm hoping that these holidays we can spend some time together and she will see the scan and we'll find out what colour we are having and she will bond a bit.

Lady big hugs. Get what support you can. Xxx

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 20:04:26

Lady hope you start feeling better soon, and I ditto what the others have said, just take it one day at a time and try to beat those negative thoughts. I hope you get the support you need, it must be awful to feel so down flowers xx

roselau don't worry that you're not showing yet - is it your first? (can't tell as couldn't see your name on the stats list stating which child number this is) if so, that would explain it. I'm massive but it's my 3rd!

Got MW to find out blood results in the end and the platelet count has gone up to 135,000 so I'm really pleased about that but her text was weird. She said, and I quote 'we will repeat (the bloodtest)in 4 weeks unless doctor wants to do b4 we need not 2 worry but do nt know how 2 reassure u'

wtf?? what does she mean by saying 'don't know how to reassure you' does that mean I should be worried or that she's just got a really shit bedside manner and can't be sensitive and reassuring (actually, I know that for a fact now!)

god, I'm glad she's leaving in 2 weeks, she hasn't reassured me at all or told me in detail what having a low platelet count means and what it entails- I've had to do my own research online and found some reassurance there.

Went my son's friend's house this avo (met his mum a few times) and turns out she's pregnant and due 2 days before me which is lovely but she told me about her combined results being 1:2000 and she's 40 so really good results, I told her mine and she said, ooh so are you going to have an amnio? I felt like saying great, thanks I feel so much better now. Her nuchal fold was low, mine higher and with my platelet thing I'm already worried that baby might have something wrong with it.

made me feel sad anxious thinking maybe I should have had one- even though I'm not within the high risk zone so they'd refuse me one anyway (unless I go private I assume) anyway, I WAS thinking positively and was thinking its only 2 weeks till my scan then I'll ask for TONS of reassurance then.....

ccsays Fri 19-Jul-13 21:05:06

Crikey, this thread moves fast, doesn't it?

Got our gender scan tomorrow, after what feels like waiting forever. Excited, but also scared, I hardly look pregnant, having no real symptoms at the moment and keep feeling like I'll get to a scan one time and something awful will have happened. Argh, it's shite having anxiety confused

So sorry you're feeling this way lady, I was signed off with depression for a fortnight too about a month ago. Try and take the time to look after yourself smile

NomDeClavier Fri 19-Jul-13 21:14:29

You can ask to have an amino done at pretty much any point so if at the 2 week scan something looks odd it's an option you can explore, mum. Your MW sounds a bit bizarre...

Sorry to hear you're felling down lady. I had AND with DS and it's very hard. Don't put pressure on yourself, focus on what makes you feel better. I found exercise really helped, as did meditation, and don't be afraid to approach your MW about specialist support from the midwifery team.

roselau with DS I didn't show until after 23 weeks. I'm barely showing now, although more towards the ended of the day when my core muscles are knackered. It's also down to your body shape and how much room there is to go up before out is the only option! Enjoy your holiday grin

Names.... We have very odd choices so far, so I'm not sharing! Although DH is still convinced we should call a DD Serenity as a middle name.

LadyMedea Fri 19-Jul-13 21:55:19

Thanks for all the kind words and support it means a lot. violet I'll have a look at that website. I'm happy to try anything.

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 23:37:23

nom well I don't think I want an amino- sorry the way I said that sounded like I do, I just want reassurance - I was happy and had come to the decision that my slightly high nuchal score (but well within what is deemed normal) probably means nothing but this woman's comment has just opened up that dark pit of doubt again! It doesn't help that DH is away so I'm spending my time watching crap tv and surfing online forums where people have had high NF and some bad outcomes. I'm an idiot, need to stay away from google!

NomDeClavier Sat 20-Jul-13 00:22:23

Well the 20wk scan will give you more info and until then you're bound to worry (everyone does) but as you point out you need to stay away from google!

If it's something you do decide then it is an option though.

2Labradors Sat 20-Jul-13 08:25:59

Ooo shiny new thread smile

lady I'm sorry you're feeling crap at the minute, glad you're seeking help.

Lovely to hear about everyone's boys & girls. My bargain Moses basket arrived from the next sale yesterday, it's gorgeous, all baby blue grin

I went to pregnancy yoga one evening last week, it was lovely. Not much exercise, lots of lying down & relaxing and some stretching. I would recommend.

However, this low lying placenta thing means I have to get permission from my midwife to go again, as apparently no exercise is advised. I do more exercise hanging my washing out. So I'm hoping she agrees to me going again.

I'm feeling like a bit of a whale. I'm over 21 weeks, and have a really comfortable maxi skirt I've been wearing but caught sight of myself from behind in the mirror and my arse is HUGE! I'm a all hips, bums & thighs girl but this skirt just makes me look like the back end of a bus. Think I'm going to stick to dresses, the flowing type that don't stick to my hippo like bottom blush my DD keeps telling me how lovely the skirt is too, bless her

Stom91 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:48:00

hey so im very new to this and dont understannd the abbreviations e.g. dh and ds etc.. im 18 weeks today .. when did you feel baby move in first pregnancy and what did it feel like..? i think ive felt bbay move but then im not sure if its just wind haha.. feel soo fat and frumpy right now and this heat is killing me. im due on 21st dec... really hope bump doesnt arrive on christmas lol x

ccsays Sat 20-Jul-13 20:04:56

It you go up to the top of this page Stom there's a link that says 'acronyms' which explains it all smile

Well we went for the gender scan aaaaand it's a girl! grin Couldn't be more chuffed, that was what I wanted (though obviously would be thrilled just to have a healthy wee bab). Plus I felt three little prods from the inside today (a 18 + 1) after having only felt little flutters that I weren't sure were actually anything, so that's pretty exciing too.

Aaaaaaaah, I'm having a daughter!! grin grin grin

MildredH Sat 20-Jul-13 22:34:15

Hi All,

Sorry have been incommunicado.. went on a long weekend abroad last week and managed to get our bag stolen from by the pool- lost both iphones amongst other things.. Replacements now arrived via insurance- was just pain in the arse!

All well pregnancy wise- feeling well just tired- especially in the heat.

Work wise am having an absolutely horrible time and don't really know where to turn. Long and boring story but basically tried to get referred to occ health to reduce 12 hour days to 8 hours and come off night shifts. Realise it's possibly a bit early- 21 weeks- but feeling really knackered and found the last set of nights knocked me off my feet for a week.

Occ health didn't have capacity to see me so advised me to see GP, which I did and she gave me a fit note for the above. Occ health then tried to talk me out of this before finally agreeing. My consultant who initally was supportive has now written an email to all concerned saying he has little sympathy for my situation, wants to know the reasons I can't do 12 hour shifts and even says that he's aware that I was "well enough for a holiday abroad last week".

I'm now wondering whether I was really unreasonable to ask for this? I also have to work with this consultant on Monday which is going to be really uncomfortable.

sad sorry for the long moan- it's really stressing me out. I now wish I had just struggled on as it's all become very unpleasant although I slightly wonder if this is their intention to try and put you off asking to reduce.


Music- hope you recover quickly! enjoy the rest if you can!
Feather- really glad you had a successful consultation at last-
Lady- so sorry to read you're feeling low. make the most of the support of your DH and definitely try to contact your midwife- maybe she could speed up an appt for CBT?

2Labradors Sat 20-Jul-13 22:44:42

mildred that's awful. How dare that consultant say you were "well enough for a holiday abroad", of course you were, it's a holiday not a 12 hour shift. I'm 21 weeks too and there is no way in his world I could handle 12 hour shifts especially night shifts. I work 6 hour days mon-fri and it totally drains me. You have done amazingly well to manage it until now. Stick to your guns.

ccsays congratulations on your little girl

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