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pregnant 20-somethings?!

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toasterstrudel Sun 14-Jul-13 10:25:56

couldn't find one in the age group threads so thought it might be nice to have a 20-something's group - obviously anyone is welcome though!

my basic info is:
age 22
edd 7th march
no dcs!

anyone else?

Madratlady Sun 14-Jul-13 10:33:57

Edd 17th jan
No other dcs

cherrycherry41 Sun 14-Jul-13 10:54:35

hello hello smile
EDD 6th October (but possibly having an elcs around end of Sept)
Blue bump!
Already have a DD who is 9 months!


cherrycherry41 Sun 14-Jul-13 10:55:35

Hit 28 weeks today btw so a bit further along than you two!

toasterstrudel Sun 14-Jul-13 11:01:25

hi madrat and cherry!

yes much further than me definitely, good to have people at all stages!

were you ttc? are you a sahm cherry? are your partners excited?

so many questions!

cherrycherry41 Sun 14-Jul-13 11:20:58

Yes, this baby was planned although we couldnt call it ttc as that to me sounds like having sex at the right time each month! However when I went for my 12 week post partum check up we asked if it would be safe to conceieve again and the doctor said he couldnt see any reason why not. We discussed contraception and came to the conclusion we wanted a close age gap anyway so what happens happens- if we conceive great, if we dont within 6 months or so we'll try harder! wink
Just so happens it took 2 weeks...

Work situation is this- Was working as a bar associate before DD, went on maternity leave for 9 months, went back to work in May this year and I am now on maternity leave again! So starting to feel like a sahm! Hoping to go back to uni in 2014 instead of working but thats all a suggestion atm.

My DP is over excited- it was his suggestion we have another.

How about yourselves?
Do you work?
How have your pregnancies been?

toasterstrudel Sun 14-Jul-13 11:44:10

i'm the same, i think i must be super fertile! i got pregnant in august, then we decided to try in january, was pregnant within 2 weeks as well - both didn't work out as hoped but third time lucky hopefully! we actually weren't trying this time as i was on the pill (didn't want to have to handle any more disappointment really) but we're both very happy about it!

oh amazing, (if it doesnt out you/you don't mind) - what did you do at uni / where did ya go?

i also left uni a couple of years ago to start a company with dp so we can work from home / do what we want basically haha so that'll be really good when baby comes - we're quite lucky in that respect! i agree on the small age gaps too!

mine has been much easier this time in terms of energy/sickness - just cramping, a bit of insomnia and giant boobs for me so far (aware i still have all the fun stuff to come probably though!) - how about you?!

heartlocket Sun 14-Jul-13 21:43:10

23, 7+3, no other children either

we'd only been ttc though not strictly for around 2 months so there must be something in the water at the moment!

not too many symptoms here just more tired than usual but am preparing myself for the worst, so excited though

does anyone know if it's normal to be so bloated this early? i know it's not the baby but i honestly feel like i look about 4 months pregnant - help?!

Gerty1002 Mon 15-Jul-13 08:18:34

Ooh just spotted this thread! I'm -- ancient -- a little older than you all - 25, 26 in September.

Also further along - currently 33 + 3 with Dc1.

Feeling the weight of my not so little one now, pleased to be finishing work on Friday! And I only have three shifts this week, which is manageable smile.

Great to talk to people around the same age group smile.

Gerty1002 Mon 15-Jul-13 08:21:19

Also heartlocket yes the bloating is normal, I remember being proud of having a little bump early on then all of a sudden, after readjusting my diet to cope with constipation (sorry tmi), it disappeared!

Try eating more fibre - fruit and veg and choose whilegrain bread and pasta instead of white.

toasterstrudel Mon 15-Jul-13 09:52:51

haha not ancient at all! i imagine he's a little bit heavier than what we're carrying around at the moment haha! i bet you're so excited! when's your due date then gerty? how accurate do you think it'll be?!

my bloating seemed to go down the day after i started drinking loads of water also!

it's definitely nice to speak to others around the same age group, looks like there's only a couple of us though!

Gerty1002 Mon 15-Jul-13 10:35:28

EDD is 30 August, but for some reason I'm convinced he'll be here before then. I know statistically I'm most likely to be overdue with first baby, but I seem to be feeling things really early - like I felt flutterings at 14 weeks and first proper little kick just after 16 weeks. Although I'm measuring right on the middle line my bump seems to be all arms and legs and not much fluid, but I'm not a midwife so that's just my guess!

I've always had irregular periods when not on contraception, so it's possibke dates are wrong as theyve already changed my EDD twice this pg.

However that's prob all a load of crap and I'm just being impatient to meet my baby! I'll prob be back on here in 8 weeks saying "STILL no baby" haha smile.

toasterstrudel Tue 16-Jul-13 08:16:55

Hahaa well hopefully your baba won't leave you waiting too long! I imagine you can't wait to not be lugging a small human around inside your body in this heat too haha!

Have you enjoyed the pregnancy?

Gerty1002 Tue 16-Jul-13 09:23:58

Yes he's quite a heavy little baba, look forward to being able to put him down haha - though I know I won't want to when he's here smile.

I have enjoyed the 2nd and 3rd trimesters - the first 14-16 weeks were hell. I had just started a new job at a higher level in my career and they were really awful and unsupportive. I had awful sickness/all day nausea and exhaustion, to the point where i lost over half a stone, but they were completely unsympathetic - so I made a decision that mine and my family's health and wellbeing were much more important than my career, and I quit.

Funnily enough, once the stress of that was removed my nausea improved dramatically. Then I got my old job back in a pub that I'd worked at in uni and it was the best decision I've ever made - it has kept me fit, I enjoy the interaction with custoners and am working with old friends.

Anyway I'm rambling now but since nausea left and I started feeling baby move I've loved being pregnant! Obviously there have been tough days with aches and pains and insomnia etc, but baby just has to do a wriggle and I smile my head off.

Work is getting difficult now being on my feet all day, but I only have two shifts left and will be finished on Friday smile.

Having said all that, I haven't had a good sleep in over a week now and I'm feeling a bit rough today haha. But it's all worth it!

Sorry for the essay! How are you all getting on with symptoms etc?

lyndsey90 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:46:59

TTC for 11 months
Had 1 chemical miscarriage

9+3 now smile

scoutfinch1 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:55:15


39+2 so due on Tuesday grin

Gerty1002 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:57:52

Huge congratulations lyndsey! I bet you are over the moon smile.

Sorry to hear about your previous mc.

Welcome to the twenties club haha smile

Gerty1002 Wed 17-Jul-13 16:58:49

How exciting scoutfinch, any twinges yet?

scoutfinch1 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:12:13

Thanks gerty I've been having BH contractions for a few weeks now, but they are more frequent now. Had a bit of a show last night so keeping my fingers crossed that it shouldn't be too long now but who knows. Bet your pleased to be finishing work soon. Have you started getting ready for baby or are you waiting until you finish work?

laura0007 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:15:41

I feel old looking at this thread! I'm 27 but I think the oldest here!

It's my first baby, unplanned and daddy has left us to it! So I'm going to be a lone parent too.

I'm due 3rd feb and I'm 11+3 today smile

Gerty1002 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:27:40

scoutfinch Ooh do keep us informed of any progress! We are totally finished preparing - everything was bought after 20 week scan due to our over-enthusiastic parents (which we definitely can't complain about) and my hospital bag is pretty much ready due to my irrational feeling that this baby is coming early! So maternity leave will be all about the cleaning - though in this heat I'll be lucky if I can manage one room a day!

Laura congratulations - if it makes you feel better I am almost 26 haha, so you're not old at all! Sorry to hear about unsupportive idiot father, but I'm sure you'll do a fab job on your own smile

Bluecarrot Wed 17-Jul-13 17:29:22

Ha! Can top you all- I turned 29 a few weeks ago and 15w + 2d pregnant with my second.

I was childminding but gave it up due to health issues and all the little ones heading to school ft the same year so I was really made redundant!

Laura, I was in same situation as you with dd ( though I was 17 at the time) and the dad did come back into her life eventually, pays maintenance no problem etc.

Get in touch with CSA over maintenance early on so you can get the ball rolling once baby is born. He might come round to idea of baby eventually but make sure you do as much as you can to be financially secure.

This baby was planned(with new DP!) in a lets-see-what-happens-when-we-stop-contraception kinda way ( answer- bfp in first cycle!). Had a few scary moments with bleeding but seems settled now ( touch wood) and I'm busy sewing, knitting and crocheting for baby smile

Madratlady Wed 17-Jul-13 17:52:38

Mine was planned and my husband is very excited too.

I'm doing lots of sewing and knitting too Blue do you use Ravelry for patterns?

I lost my job a few weeks ago and even though I was lucky and found a new one I've been waiting a month for my CRB check and just got told today it's likely to be a few more weeks. So I'm skint and in debt and have no idea when I'll be able to buy baby stuff.

Still, I'm sure we'll manage somehow!

laura0007 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:57:52

Thanks Gerty, and yay blue I'm not the oldest! grin

rescoonetwothree Wed 17-Jul-13 18:21:04

hi everyone, can i join?

23 / 6-8 weeks apparently? having a scan tomorrow as i am off with dates i think! / no other children

madrat things have a way of working themselves out in the weirdest ways, I'm sure everything will be fine! very annoying that it's happening now while you've got lots of stress anyway though!

mine also wasn't planned, but we're engaged and secure so ended up going with 'welllll go on then why not' (which is the romantic story i won't be telling my unborn child)...

i've been having really weird dreams, has anyone had that? may just be me... haha

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