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September 2013 - Definitely in the third trimester now!

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badguider Mon 01-Jul-13 12:42:48

New thread... will try to find the stats thread and link...

Kittenkatzen Mon 01-Jul-13 17:56:40

Ooh another shiny new thread - the last one without a birth announcement or two?! shockgrin

I'm with you all suffering with emotional incontinence - dh was late home from the gym yesterday so obviously i convinced myself he'd crashed the car and was lying dead in the road i cried. Then we have some wall stickers to go up in the nursery but DH didn't fancy it last I cried. Had to give myself a good talking to this morning when I almost cried when my boss said he wasn't going to work on the presentation he needed to do right that moment blush

kimjayne Mon 01-Jul-13 17:56:41

readytosettle - that's a really good point. What is the deal with Bank holidays??? Hadn't even thought about that to be honest.

Readytosettle Mon 01-Jul-13 18:54:58

You're entitled to them. Statutory minimum holiday is 28 days including bank hols, I get '33 days hol including Bank hols' in my contract so that's what they have to give you when ur off....unfortunately my hr person had failed to recognise this technicality and was only offering me the 25 days company holiday....took a month for her to admit she was wrong (of course she wasn't wrong, the 'law had changed' apparently.....hmm, funny that it was exactly the same when I worked in hr 6 years ago!!). Anyways, we got there in the end :-)

Belvedere Mon 01-Jul-13 19:15:42

Mooster - I've only heard good things about the baby bjorn bouncer. I've been looking in eBay but they are nearly the same price new plus I think he resale value is good so might just splash out. Lots of my friends say they were a life savior and my newest niece loves her. Anything for an easier life!

I'm due next month and will probably be induced early, that's sooooo scary.

I bet one of us will give birth on this thread - now that's scary

Dorita75 Mon 01-Jul-13 19:43:23

Oh frogchops you made me laugh with your tale of DP 'hiding' and the remote control! Only laughing because I can sympathise! Also kittenkatzen I thin DP is going to die every time he goes away or is late home, he's had a stag do and got 2 weekends away soon and I just know I'll be sobbing myself to sleep!

I've started getting some aching in my groin, as if I've done exercise, that kind of ache. I assume it's something to do with the pelvis moving (I've heard it moves apart?) or the weight of the baby. Anyone else had this? It's at the top of my thighs on the inside. Thanks!

RakeABedOfTyneFilth Mon 01-Jul-13 19:54:45

Scary day at work - was asked to put together a business case for them to recruit (internally, more like augmentation really) a maternity cover for me. Had a moment of being a bit miffed that I'm replaceable but then looked for an opportunity to get my team looked after really well, think I might have a plan now.

Yikes that someone will have a birth announcement on this thread!!! I'm at the early end of the list... probably need to sort out those pads and newborn clothes. At least I've started carrying my notes around now.

weebarra Mon 01-Jul-13 20:07:45

Hello shiny new thread! And thanks bad guider for starting it. Checking in from spain, having a lovely time although knackered from running about after the boys in the heat! Intermittent wifi signal so will be catching up properly when I get back in a couple of weeks.

GirlWithTheYellowHat Mon 01-Jul-13 20:12:18

Just marking my place.

All I do is lurk! Maybe I should join in more

TripleRock Mon 01-Jul-13 20:36:27

Hi everyone, another new thread!

YY to being overly emotional! I cried when someone gave DD a balloon animal at the weekend and nearly again today when I found one of DDs stray hairs on my work jumper. The sight of her little blonde curl was almost more than I could cope with ffs grin

Joskar Mon 01-Jul-13 21:04:46

Well done runningbear!

Question to anyone who has had their WC jab: How long does it take for the swelling to go down? This hurts and I am so over pain just now!

Joskar Mon 01-Jul-13 21:10:00

Dorita that's SPD or pelvic girdle pain

Do not suffer this. See my previous (extensive and excessively detailed!) comments on this topic.

jennimoo Mon 01-Jul-13 21:25:59

My wc jab was very tender f

jennimoo Mon 01-Jul-13 21:26:40

Or about 2 days them eased off and was just a tiny bit site/ itchy for a few more days.

JammyTummy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:31:26

Dorita I had that a few months ago (probably at about 4 months), and mostly when I was walking. It went away after a while, but I think it's coming back now (but so far not as bad as it was).
Joskar thanks for the diagnosis, will have a look at your link! Also, I think it took about 3 days for my arm to start hurting completely.

I am officially in heartburn hell.

frogchops Mon 01-Jul-13 21:39:23

I've got to ask this? I've suffered it for ages thinking its normal but I'm not sure. When I lean forward or slouch (I no I shouldn't!) my bump clicks (?!) in the upper right, just under right boob, area. As if a rib is clicking? Maybe just me blush

JammyTummy Mon 01-Jul-13 21:42:06

Oh. That should obviously say 'stop' hurting.
I've had that clicky thing before. I didn't ever call it clicking (in my head), but kept thinking it was like as though something was catching on the side of my rib and pinging off. That too stopped after a while...

Sorry I literally sound like I've had every ailment going hmm

Joskar Mon 01-Jul-13 21:46:32

I had my jab on Friday and my upper arm is still massive. You can see the lump through my shirt and it's bright red, hot and itchy. sad As though the permanent SPD, heartburn, Braxton Hicks, carpal tunnel and constipation brought on having to take hundreds of iron supplements weren't enough. It's one fun thing after another. Self pitying much?! wink

weebarra have a fab holiday. Super jealous!

SGJ Mon 01-Jul-13 23:21:00

Joskar, you are a champ. All I want to do right now is pull my knees right up to my chest to work out the kink in my back (obviously not possible with gargantuan child in the way) so I really don't know how you cope on a day to day basis. Thank goodness for the next 3 days at work so I don't have to hoist a toddler around or bend over to play/pick up toys/wipe bum etc every 5 minutes...

KamikazeeKid Tue 02-Jul-13 00:18:35

hetty how did your consultant appt go following bleed and what did they do/say/Check if dont mind me asking?

HettySunshine Tue 02-Jul-13 06:44:51

Kami, it was good thank you. After the obligatory 45 minute wait I was called in to see a nurse/ HCA type person who was lovely and took my blood pressure and dipped my wee and told me not to worry as everything was fine. She then went and got the doctor who talked to me for a good few minutes and explained about the polyp (that's what caused the bleed) and confirmed that it wouldn't affect my birth options as long as it behaved itself over the next few weeks in which case they'd probably sort it out as a day case after the baby is born.

He also listened to littley's heartbeat (perfect) and measured my fundus height which was 2cm smaller than when I went to the midwife on Wednesday (I think the baby is lying across my tummy at the mo) which means I get an extra growth scan in four weeks - not to be sniffed at!

So all in all a very positive experience. I have been really lucky though, all the midwives and doctors etc. I have seen have been brilliant. smile

MrsMangoBiscuit Tue 02-Jul-13 06:56:10

SGJ, you could try on all fours, knees wide apart, and tilt backwards slightly whilst arching your back. It's not as good, but it does help. Also rotating your hips whilst you're like that, but make sure no one is watching you as you will look ridicuous! grin

Yes here to clicky ribs, although not as bad as last time round. Guessing that's because they've moved up and out the way before.

Kittenkatzen Tue 02-Jul-13 07:26:52

Argh I'm still forgetting to carry my notes around with me. Really must start doing that.

Glad the consultant appt went well hetty, sounds like you've got a good one smile

SGJ I second mrsmango's suggestion for relieving the back pain - it's a move taught in the birthing classes I've been going to....get down on all fours, drop your head and arch your back whilst breathing in and then breathe out and push your hips back to your bum or do sweeping clockwise rotations.

ION I haven't yet bought a changing bag - anyone got any recommendations? Looking for something relatively unisex so that DH won't be embarrassed to be seen with it smile

HettySunshine Tue 02-Jul-13 07:46:23

Kitten, we've gone for this one:

It is surprisingly roomy and has lots of useful pockets. It comes with a thermal bottle holder, a dirty bag and a (small) changing mat. I've switched the mat for the free one we got with the pampers bag though as it's much bigger.

HettySunshine Tue 02-Jul-13 07:49:31

Oh and I think the back exercise being talked about is a yoga position called The Cat. We do it in my class. Here is a link to a YouTube video. It's definitely helping with my (admittedly very mild) lower back pain.

TripleRock Tue 02-Jul-13 07:58:14

WC jab here tomorrow. Bit worried about it after seeing some of the ill effects others have experienced.

Will have even more sympathy now for our wee babas when its their turn at 2 months old!

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