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January 2014 (Thread 6) - The Lies and Truth of pregnancy..... Read on!!

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LittlePeaPod Sun 30-Jun-13 13:59:49

Lie = Your glowing vs Truth = Your sweating, freezing, puking and an emotional basket!

Lie = After the first trimester your ms will disappear vs The truth = It will be there in the second trimester and the third..... and probably after you give birth! Get used to it!

Lie = You don't look even look pregnant vs The truth = whatever, you look pregnant from space!

Lets see what we learn from the second trimester! grin wink

curlywurlyllass Mon 08-Jul-13 06:58:38

Congrats mrsV on your scan smile

Good luck to everyone having a scan today, think there are lots of us

Sarahl hope u feel better soon

MrsVDB Mon 08-Jul-13 07:03:11

sarah ours was face down first so had to bump my bum on the bed to make it roll over too. So cute seeing them move isn't it!

Good luck anyone with scans today

sarahl hope you feel better today smile

enjoyingscience Mon 08-Jul-13 07:35:20

Feel better soon Sarah, hopefully it will just be a 24 hour thing.

tooth it's me who's in Newbury. Is that three Berkshire types now?

Hope you're coping with the heat. This house is like an oven!

Sultanajo Mon 08-Jul-13 08:43:40

Extra loving the "hippo feet"! grin That's a pretty accurate description!

sarahj you were very energetic yesterday! Not surprised you were knackered and aching at the end! Sounds like a fab day though!

sarahL so sorry you are feeling so unwell! That's terrible luck - really hope it's short lived!

Good luck to everyone with scans today - how exciting!

Wow - last night was RIDICULOUS with the heat - both DH and I slept downstairs on sofas last night with fans on us in an attempt to cool down - we did finally fall asleep but it was hilarious because it felt like those sleepovers I had with my school friends! I would have been laughing at lot more if I hadn't been stressing that have a full on day at work today!

Am actually struggling to type with my fat fingers this morning - they went down overnight and were fine first thing, but as soon as I get a little hot they blow back up! I feel like I need one of those ice towels Murray was using yesterday - looked like bliss!!!

Yorkiedodah Mon 08-Jul-13 09:17:48

Hi ladies, its been about 3 weeks since I've stopped by. Been off work about 4 weeks now with HG and hopefully will make it back in before the school term finishes.

Anyway the sun is shining I don't think I want to puke and I have my SCAN today at the BRI. Will keep you posted. Hope everyone else is doing well too. xxx

Naturegirl82 Mon 08-Jul-13 09:51:18

Good luck everyone with scans today. smile

Pidgy Mon 08-Jul-13 10:09:04

Howdy! I have my scan today!

But, have a confession...saw the little monkey on Friday as was back in hospital again. Think they were just being safe as I had some more pain where the appendix was (still there in fact) and my gp told me to go back immediately.

Anyway, despite telling me before it was a 'nasty' appendix, another doctor let slip it was perforated, which surely means the same as burst? I asked if that's what I had before and they said no. So the concern was that I might have an abscess where it was, but because I'm not 'ill' they thankfully don't think it is.

Some of my worries were alleviated when I saw the baby waving at me and she said it was measuring ok for dates.
Rest of the tests today but feeling more positive.
Just hope DS behaves!! He's coming with us.

Good luck to everyone else having scans today!

toothfairy yes, I am v close to Egham. Seems there's a few of us!

Has anyone signed up for Nct classes? Because its my 2nd I looked into a refresher course- basically to meet local people with a new baby. I did Nct where we lived before and still in touch with many, but the distance makes it harder. No one else had signed up locally tho, so I'm loathed to at the moment.

I'd be up for meeting mummy's on here. Probably too soon to organise but keep it in mind if anyone local would too!

SarahJayne321 Mon 08-Jul-13 11:25:58

Good luck to all having scans today smile

The heat is absolutely vile, I'm not a summer person as it is, much prefer cold weather, so the heat is driving me mad! So glad I'm not massive in this heat though.

Pidgy I've not signed up or looked into any classes, midwife hasn't mentioned either, maybe she will at my 16w appointment?

farmersdaughter Mon 08-Jul-13 11:31:50

Zara Philips is due in Jan too?

Zara are you on here??? gringringringrin

fryingpantoface Mon 08-Jul-13 11:51:27

How lovely for her! I like Zara Philips :-)

MrsVDB Mon 08-Jul-13 13:03:44

Ha ha farmers

pidgy I'm not going to do nct. £250 seems rather expensive way to make friends, I'm going to try and make friends through mother and baby groups instead. I'm not that sociable and I'm sure when I'm heavily pregnant ill be even less so ha ha

Naturegirl82 Mon 08-Jul-13 13:25:44

3 hours until my scan. Eek. More excited than nervous at the moment. I'm taking comfort from the fact my bump has grown which it surely only would have done if bean had grown. So glad the morning has gone so quickly, really thought it was going to drag. smile

keskiviikko Mon 08-Jul-13 13:53:12

I'm with you SarahJayne. Not a heat fan. But even in my favourite place in the world it's over 20 degrees at the moment. Hoping it's going to be cooler on Wednesday, or the doctor will have something else to blame my raised bmi for!
I've only seen my midwife once, she wants to see me at 16 weeks, but I guess with the regular trips to the hospital I don't need to see her very often.

Hope everyones scans go well today. It's reasurring to see the little thing wiggling around. Bob was waving his arms around then turned over and mooned! Thanks for the well wishes. Hopfully the CVS will be done this week and i should find out what is going on by Friday. I'm a natural pessimist, so I guess I can only get a pleasant suprise!

enormouse Mon 08-Jul-13 14:45:26

Good luck for those with scans. I'm quite jealous.
I haven't been offered nct or antenatal classes as yet. But have been offered parent craft. To remind me of parenting skills according to my midwife. Felt a bit hmm about this as DS is only 21mo and I haven't forgotten how to look after him yet. Does anyone have any idea what parent craft is? Personally I'd prefer antenatal classes as last year the only thing I was given was a dvd about Antrim hospital.

enormouse Mon 08-Jul-13 14:54:19

Oh and blue thanks so much. He doesn't cover larne but he said he'd help me find someone local. if that doesn't work out I think I'm going to go back to using the bigger driving schools, at least that way I know I can make a complaint if I need to.

MrsGSR Mon 08-Jul-13 15:09:14

This will be long, as I haven't been on here since Friday as DH has been home for the weekend, so we've been enjoying the sun by taking his niece and nephew rock pooling smile Yesterday I did the race for life in memory of my mum, which was actually really good, walked with a load of my family and gossiped the whole way! 12 + 2 today, nausea is fading (or at least it's not constant anymore!) but still exhausted and there is a whole new load of little niggles to worry about! I'm definitely starting to show a little smile

Toby I'm glad your scan went well, hope your DD is doing ok smile

Very impressed with everyone planning on a home birth, I am not brave enough! Maybe next time when I know what to expect.

SarahJ Sorry to hear you were so ill, I hope your feeling better now! I'm staying at my Dad's for a few weeks and he accidently bought packet mash the other day, ick.

Tarka I'm so glad your scan went well! I hope your morning sickness starts fading soon.

Bunt Zom is such a cute name! Congrats on your scan smile

Keski sorry your having a worrying time, flowers

Frying, mac and MrsVDB Congrats on your scans smile

I accidently spent £30 on wool the other day blush have knitted a pair of booties and am halfway through a hooded jacket pattern smile

eccentrica Sorry to hear about your fall, but I'm glad everything was ok at the scan smile

I keep shopping for maternity clothes, and end up looking at cute baby clothes instead blush so I now have very little to wear.

enormouse Stupid driving instructor, he definitely should have told you before giving away your slot!

Nature sorry to hear your feeling so rough sad

Sultanajo my fingers were definitely swollen yesterday, I usually fiddle with my wedding ring when I'm bored but it wouldn't budge!

Sarahl hope you feel better soon!

Good luck to all those with scans today!
I'm trying to avoid doing any OU work, hence the long post!

sarahleanne Mon 08-Jul-13 15:18:59

thanks for all the get wells.
short post because I have zero energy... anyone know if we can take rennies whilst pregnant? horrendous heartburn caused by sickness and cant stand gaviscon.

SarahJayne321 Mon 08-Jul-13 16:24:20

Sarah I think they're fine, double check with pharmacist though Hun x

Small rant alert... Is anyone else getting sick to death or being taken for granted? Partner, yes same one who was a cuntpuffin is really starting to annoy me. Whenever we have plans something more important always seems to crop up, and when I complain I get "well all my time is spent with you anyway" and I'm "controlling" blah blah blah. Getting to the point where I'm seriously starting to not give a flying fuck anymore!

MrsVDB Mon 08-Jul-13 16:24:34

sarah I read you can but pharmacist said no. Maybe call midwife to double check, or Tommys?

TobyLerone Mon 08-Jul-13 16:40:22

It even says on the packet of Rennies that you can take them when pg

sarahleanne Mon 08-Jul-13 17:03:35

Thanks guys. And Toby I didn't have a packet of them, dh was bringing them home for me after work.

TobyLerone Mon 08-Jul-13 17:07:16

I don't know where that 'even' came from blush

Bluecarrot Mon 08-Jul-13 17:25:56

Away back to hospital for another check and an anti-d jab sad Send positive vibes please!

MrsVDB Mon 08-Jul-13 17:43:36

Good luck blue

SarahJayne321 Mon 08-Jul-13 17:45:42

Good luck blue xx

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