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July 2013 - Holy Shit, this is IT!!

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dinkystinky Tue 25-Jun-13 19:52:46

New thread for us to natter away on as babies keep on arriving. 11 at last count already and not even in July yet.. Who will be next??

pocopearl Fri 12-Jul-13 12:39:34

Have a scan at 4pm today to hopefully fin out why baby has grown 5cm in a week. Was up most of the night (finally dropped off around 5.30am) worrying and making the mistake of goggling reasons why baby would grow so quick... they have already ruled out gestational diabetes and everything else looks worse so am quite scared but hopefully its nothing, maybe baby just has a massive backside and was poking it up. Im very pleased I can vent/share on here as DH tries to be reassuring and says things like it will be fine but I can tell he is worried too.

Hope cheek is getting on ok, and Im pleased the cabbage leaves seems to be helping lots of you, have added savoy cabbages to my trolley on my online shop ready to send for when baby comes, I have some growing in the garden but don't want to be going out there and getting leaves from them, might end up with a caterpillar in my boob as well.

I know its hot and we are all swollen up and uncomfortable but I hope everyone has a lovely day smile

scoutfinch1 Fri 12-Jul-13 12:49:02

Wow lots to catch up on again. Congratulations to all of the new arrivals, lots of lovely names too. Sorry no personals today but hope all of you that are still waiting aren't too uncomfortable and all you with your babies are enjoying cuddles and feeding is going well.

Silly first timer question but has anyone had painful BHs? I have been having BHs for weeks not but yesterday I went for a waddle walk into town yesterday and had two or three that really stopped me in my tracks. It panicked me enough to get home very quickly but they had gone off by the time I got home. What does this mean???

scoutfinch1 Fri 12-Jul-13 12:56:00

waiting I was very smug pleased that I hadn't got any stretch marks until they all appeared overnight and seem to just keep appearing every day. Fingers crossed they don't get any worse. Lots of water is supposed to help I heard.

dinkystinky Fri 12-Jul-13 13:06:12

Your body is warming up for birth Scoutfinch - ignore them as much as posed and breathe through the ouch ones.

Loving the sales of savoy cabbages sky rocketing! You may not need them but definitely an idea to have one in, just in case. Worst of the engorgement seems to have passed (touch cabbage!) and J suddenly quite hungry so all good in the dinky household for now. No poo from J yesterday or today so far - am expecting the mother of all poonamis at some point, ideally when dh is back from work tonight!

dinkystinky Fri 12-Jul-13 13:07:56

Poco - hope the scan is reassuring,

TotallyEggFlipped Fri 12-Jul-13 13:29:23

poco - good luck with the scan.

Abzs - sorry to hear you had such a rough night. I hope you get the chance for a bit of rest today. If not, I find constant carb munching helps me get through sleep deprivation. I hope you're enjoying the (grown-up) patio furniture. grin

TopBanana - Never had a C/S myself, but elective sections are lovely operations to be at and a totally different kettle of fish to emergencies. Hope it's a positive experience for you.

Health visitor came round this morning. She's lovely & all went well. Naomi has gained another 100g this week, so I think I deserve a muffin. grin

Thinkingof4 Fri 12-Jul-13 13:59:22

So many posts today and my brain is mush! Welcome back to our returnees and congratulations re the new babies. Keeping everything crosse for cheek
Thanks also for the supportive words re my parents, my rage has subsided now! dinky she's my older sister (40) and my dad thinks she's an 'old' mum and needs lots of extra help!!

icing I hope your dm has a chance to think things through and realises she's not being very fair

abzs grin at patio furniture, at least you'll be getting the weather to use it just now

slouching I'm a bit put out too that I won't have my baby on this thread but maybe we'll be the first on the next one!

badmiss hope baby has arrived safely by now and that you are home soon with no added complications

mightbe I'm really pleased you've got something sorted re water birth, now you can relax a bit more

Well midwife in again today for another sweep, she can't believe I've not had baby yet given that I was 'very favourable' 10 days ago when I got first sweep!! I'm even more favourable now, 2-3cm dilated, almost fully effaced, cervix anterior etc!! The good news is my induction has been brought forward by 24 hours to Monday afternoon and I feel quite happy and relaxed about that. Mw reckons it would just be ARM and then assuming contractions started I could still go to midwives unit for delivery.
I have got a really achey lower back today, but it's constant rather than intermittent so not convinced it's anything of relevance.
really hot again too so I'm going to get paddling pool out for boys once ds3 is up from nap and we can hopefully just chill in garden till dh is home. Dh will be about all weekend so my week of no help with the boys is almost finished!! Thank goodness for that

Thinkingof4 Fri 12-Jul-13 14:00:57

Well done on Naomi's weight gain totally I think at least one muffin is in order grin

VinegarDrinker Fri 12-Jul-13 14:17:24

Weigh in here too and B is now over her birth weight, hooray! She's gained 120g in 4 days which seems loads shock Nipple trauma seems to be improving especially using the rugby ball hold, although Rt side still quite painful (was the same with DS, think it's something to do with the angle of the nipple on that side making it hard to get a good latch). She is still a tinge jaundiced so not been discharged by the MWs just yet.

Otherwise we are still getting on really well. Been out & about loads, on buses, trains, tubes all over the place. Stitches feel absolutely fine. I'm getting enough sleep to feel human, although with DH back to work properly next week that may all change!

dinkystinky Fri 12-Jul-13 14:30:13

Hurrah for M's weight gain (enjoy the muffin Totally - well deserved), sensible mW Thinking (though I still maintain that baby is on its way this week!) And B's weight gain Vinegar. Had my 5 day MW appt and J was curiously chilled - didnt even cry when stripped to weigh (and only lost 140g which given tongue tie for first couple of days am happy with) and fed all the way through his heel prick test, most unusual of a child of mine (the other 2 were most vocal in their disapproval:-) ).

CitizenOscar Fri 12-Jul-13 16:35:04

Hi Camb - yes, I was on the due in June 2011 thread. The group sounds great. I never join Mumsnet FB groups because I've always wanted to stay anonymous but I have to say, you're making it sound very tempting...

Especially as DS1 screamed for 4 hours yesterday eve - only fell asleep at 11.30 at which point DS2 woke up and wanted feeding! I think DS1 was just feeling a bit unsettled by DS2's arrival - nothing else seemed to be wrong. Fingers crossed it was a one-off- DH & I are so tired!

MW was very stern with me today when I admitted I hadn't got round to doing any pelvic floor exercises since DS2 was born, so here's a reminder for you all:

dinkystinky Fri 12-Jul-13 17:13:05

Oh no Citizen - hope you all get an early and restful night tonight.

Pelvic floor exercises - esp important to do these if you have stitches there.

MummyKanny Fri 12-Jul-13 17:25:44

Hi everyone! Happy weekend, woohoo! Hope you all have fun plans, with your new babies or while waiting for your arrivals.

dinky - my vote is for the first of the next thread titles. I wonder when we can all graduate to the post-natal club?!

Waiting - I've just finished my second week of maternity leave. I spent the first week doing fun things and have mainly relaxed this week. I suddenly sprouted stretch marks too much to my annoyance. Am resigned to them now but am moisturising like a crazy person!

Phie someone mentioned Sunday being a good day to give birth too, not sure why! I've run out of chores to do, am cleaning all the doors and windows again while I wait for DH to get home.

39+1 for me. Have started on the raspberry leaf tea and have spent a lot of today bouncing on my ball. Feel ready to meet BabyKanny now, not sure I like the idea of having to wait much longer! I've also booked some birth preparation reflexology and acupuncture for next week so hopefully that will move things along.

I've had a total of 6 phone calls today from friends and family asking for progress and I'm not even at my due date yet! Grr!

Sending virtual ice lollies to everyone suffering in this heat!


TotallyEggFlipped Fri 12-Jul-13 17:36:40

Thinking - great news on induction bring brought forward. It'll be Monday in no time, if nothing happens over the weekend. (keeping my fingers crossed for you for action sooner rather than later though). Hopefully, if you don't pop this weekend, you'll only need ARM and it'll be quick, esp as number 4....

Vinegar - yay for B's weight gain!

dinky - N was fine with her heel prick, even when it had to be repeated, but screamed blue murder when I stripped her off to be weighed!

Citizen - I hope you (& DS1) have a better night tonight. Thanks for the pelvic floor reminder - I've been very lax about doing them. (not even sure I'm doing them right, to be honest). Maybe someone should be designated as the 'Official Pelvic Floor Exercise Co-Ordinator' on the post-natal thread to intermittently shout at us all to remind everyone to do them......

SundaySunshine Fri 12-Jul-13 18:50:43

Heel prick day for my little man too. He was very brave and only squealed a little bit, well as much as is possible with a mouthful of boob!
He didn't disgrace himself on the scales ( like his big sis did) either smile
He has lost 10% of weight which made the HV cluck a bit, but I'm not concerned as he is generally a good feeder.

I vote for the first new thread title too. Looks like we'll needit quite soon! I'm on the phone as usual so I'll leave to the experts smile

Hope everyone has had a good day x

SlouchingPanda Fri 12-Jul-13 19:03:08

New thread this way!

princessllama Fri 12-Jul-13 19:36:07

Hello have been reading but preoccupied by move to suffolk yesterday. Finally all here in countyside, only prob is that during the stress of it my milk supply has massively decreased. Humphrey cried for 2 hours last night making his reflux bad too. I felt awful seeing him hungry. Things dont seem so bleek today as my amazing dh has driven back to london to fetch the milk in our freezer and fx should be on his way back now. I have started taking domperidone- ( as prescribed on that website dinky!) apparently i should see an increase in milk after 48hrs.
What has happened to badmissm? I really hope she is ok.

Camb79 Sat 13-Jul-13 11:42:59

Poco I had a similar thing a few weeks ago - having measure 0.5 - 3cm over at various times, the 36 week Midwife appointment showed I had 'grown' 9cm in 13 days. I got panicked, she said it was all fine, totally ok, but eventually she went and got a doctor who remeasured and it was 6cm over and they ordered a scan. The scan showed that, like my first baby, the new baby is 96th percentile on AC, HC and 75th on femur, and there is no extra amniotic fluid, which was what they had wanted to ensure. She's just a big baby. Baby number one was 10 '3 (4.6kg) and is now a tall, lean two year old. I was tested a lot for Gestational Diabetes, all negative. This baby is estimated at 3.2kg at 37 weeks, number one was estimated at 3.8kg at 37 weeks (also had a scan with her). So, all told, I think a big baby is all it is... I went for a c section on those grounds last time, and it was wonderful. Same again for next Thursday when I'm booked in for baby two. Try not to worry, if the 'liquor volume' as they call it is ok re amniotic fluid, then it's mainly just down to the total absurdity of using a strip of paper to decide how long your uterus is on any given week... Good luck!

BadMissM Sat 13-Jul-13 21:54:48

OK, for those of you that missed it, I was admitted to hospital early, on Sunday the 7th..then spent two days on a steroid/glucose/insulin drip.. in the sauna of a delivery suite. Had quite eventful elective caesarean on the 10th (apparently I have extra blood vessels!).... lost quite a bit of blood, then all the canulars fell out (long story) . Finally, my son Caspian Albert Sebastian Alexander was born at 2.34pm, by ELCS under general, on 10 July. He weighed 7 lbs or so (3kg 400). He is gorgeous.... photos to follow!

I've had no internet/clever phone for a week.... still a bit sore from everything, but was finally allowed home this afternoon....

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