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July 2013 - Holy Shit, this is IT!!

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dinkystinky Tue 25-Jun-13 19:52:46

New thread for us to natter away on as babies keep on arriving. 11 at last count already and not even in July yet.. Who will be next??

dinkystinky Tue 25-Jun-13 19:58:32

Updated waddlers and riders list - happy to add on arrival dates, birth weights if people let me have them:

Due date list:

CottonSocks - 24th June
Sundaysunshine - dc2 (boy!) - 28th June
Skelosia - DC2 - 1st July
QuinandThem - 1st July
Badgerwife - DC2 - 1st July
Cutandstick - 2nd July
Runswithsquirrels - 2nd July
Thinkingof4- DC4 -2nd July
VinegarDrinker - DC2 - 2nd July
Persuasion - DC1 - 3rd July
esme80 - 3rd july
Glup - 3rd July
shelley72 - 3rd July
BB01 - 4th July
Dinkystinky - DC3 - 4th July
wifey6 - 5th July
Notprincesskate - DC2 - 5 July
OhGood - 5th July
PenguinsInThePantry - 5th July
marmitemad DC2 - 6th July
Gingerpanther27 - 7th July
DifferentNow - DC5 - 7th July
Abzs - DC1 - 7th July
Efme - 8th July
GeorgieWilson - 9th July
CitizenOscar - DC2 - 10th July
TwoOfThree - DC1 - 10th July
Chinainthegarden - DC1 - 10 July
Bigbelly4 - DC4 - 10 July
Calmisthemantra - 11th July
Specialknickers - 11th July
MrsMillions - DC1 - 11th July
Cheekbyjowl - DC1 - 11th July
Beginningofthejourney - DC1 11th July
Trustissues75 - DC2 - 11th July
mysterymeg - 12th July
Reikimummy - 12th July (DC1)
SlouchingPanda - 12th July
Thundercatz - 12th July
Twirliedobbit - DC4 - 12th July
Hai1988 - 12th July - DC2 - Girl!
LittleFlower888 - 14th July
Tashtastic - 14th July
Beaditsback - dc2 14th July
Mizar - 15th July
photographerlady - 15th July
Evelynj - 15th July
Guavasforbreakfast - DC1 - 16th July
MiniPenguinMaker - DC1 - 17th July
Boostar - 18th July - DC2
MrsWildermac - 18th July
TotallyEggFlipped - 18th July
SingingMomma - 18th July
MummyKanny - 18th July
GingerJulep - DC1 - 19th July
Niktasha - 19th July
whitedaffodil - 19th July
Grannyapple DC2 - 19th July
Thinking positive thoughts - 20th July
Icingthecake - 20th July
Cheeseandbread - DC1 - 20th July
PhieEl06 - DC1 - 20th July
AmaDablam - DC1 - 21st July
Lancslass83 -dc1- 21st July
butterflyexperience - 22nd July
BadMissM- DC2- 22nd July
AllYoursBabooshka - 22nd July
Orangebubbles - DC2 - 22nd July
Isitme1 - 23rd July
MightBeMad - 26th July
Cantreachmytoes - 24th July
MrsRoss26 - 24th July
Camb79 - 25th July
Sashabella0 - 25th July
BoyMeetsWorld - 27th July
marimba - 27th July
JessicaMLH - DC2 - 27th July
Lizincornwall - 27th July
LorrieJ- 27 July
TomDaleysTrunks - DC2 - 27th July
Silver15 - DC3 - 28th July
Trickybarmby - 31st July

Early Arrivals!

SuperShiv - DS, Oliver, the little fighter, 1 lb
Emblosion - DS, Oisin
Elliejitny - DS, Ezekiel
Paolocee/Donna - DDs, Leila Poppy and Caitlin Liv
Princessllama - DS, Humphrey
Devilforasideboard - DS, Will
Beginningofthejourney - DS, Theodore
Schrosawmargerydaw - DS, Caspar
BB01 - DD Rosie, born 22.06.13, 4 lb 9 oz
Differentnow - DD Posy born 22.06.13 8lb 4oz
OhGood - ?

I think NotprincessKate is scheduled for her C-sec tomorrow so good luck for the safe arrival of your little one and look forward to hearing how it all goes.

Who will be next? grin

IcingTheCake Tue 25-Jun-13 20:03:05

Lets hope this is it on this thread though! I dread having to go onto another antenatal thread because im late! grin

shelley72 Tue 25-Jun-13 20:14:21

marking place...

good luck for tomorrow notprincesskate, hope it goes ok.

feeling little bit calmer now, mostly because DH agrees with my thinking so will wait and see what tomorrow brings. have three weeks care for me sorted out post op by which time i was am hoping that school runs will be over and also DH came home tonight and they have cleared his diary for 6 weeks - so no travelling too far smile

dinkystinky Tue 25-Jun-13 20:19:21

Hurray for things coming together Shelley - hope you sleep better tonight as a result of having some plans in place.

MarieKL Tue 25-Jun-13 20:30:34

Congratulations to Different on the birth of Posy.

Shelley I'm so pleased things seem better now than they were earlier. Good luck for tomorrow. Could you ask to speak to the Superviser of Midwifes if it comes to the point where you really feel like you're not being listened too?

Dinky, glad your DS had a good day despite the delayed collection.

SundaySunshine Tue 25-Jun-13 21:02:16

Thanks for the new thread Dinky

Just marking my place, but good to hear things are a bit more settled for you Shelly.

Oh and good luck for tomorrow NPK smile

TotallyEggFlipped Tue 25-Jun-13 21:08:05

Glad the first day went well, dinky

Great to hear things seem to be getting better, shelley. Hope it goes well tomorrow.

Good luck tomorrow, npk

DD is at nursery tomorrow, so it's going to feel like my first proper day off since finishing work. Midwife is coming round at some point though, so I'm tied to the house all morning & I've loads of stuff I need to sort out too. Not sure it's going to be all that relaxing. smile

DH has gone to Glasgow for a conference, so this baby is definitely not allowed out in the next couple of days. I will be keeping my legs crossed.

esme80 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:41:26

Congratulations Different! Lovely name! Feeling v broody, want to meet my little one!

Glad to hear things are getting better Shelley. I also struggle with childcare, part of the reason Im hoping for a home birth. Have no family close. My mum is coming to stay on tuesday (from abroad) to help out, so if I did go over and need to be induced she will be here, which is a great relief as have been worrying. Now just hoping that will go into labour earlier and there will be community midwives available for home birh (my MW seems quite confident it wont be a problem)

Also getting very fed up! 39 weeks tom...

Thinkingof4 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:54:28

Congratulations different hope you are enjoying your first precious days with your daughter

Shelley I'm so glad things are looking a bit better now, I can understand the stress you've been under. I have plan a,b and c for when I go into labour and I'm still stressed about it!!

dinky thanks for new thread, I'm glad ds1 enjoyed his new school

Has vinegar posted today? Wonder if things are happening?

totally enjoy tomorrow! It's such a nice feeling having a whole day to yourself

I think I've done too much today, I'm totally exhausted now but just watching child genius before I go to bed. Ds1's front tooth fell out tonight so he has a lovely big happy smile and looks extra cute. He has been up twice so far tonight though to tell me he's worried tooth fairy won't find it!!
39 weeks today!

PhieEl06 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:57:27

Reappearing to say hi, & marking place. I'm useless at keeping up to date with this thread! blush Hope everyone is okay & like icing I'm hoping this will be the last antenatal thread for us all!

evelynj Tue 25-Jun-13 22:06:09

Thanks dinky & congrats different, love the name.

I've been eating loads of jelly belly sweets & feel sick now sad. Went to see my friends 1 week old today & he is ridiculously gorgeous, can't believe we're hopefully getting one in a few weeks!

Not sure how I'm going to entertain DS when playgroup ends at end of this week-any tips for lazy & exhausted mums with lo's to amuse?

Totally-have a fab day, what fun.

Thinking- that is so cute, how much does the tooth fairy pay in your house?

I slept with the wee pad thing under my sheet last night & it was horrid & sweaty-going to put a towel over it tonight & under the sheet in the hope it improves!

Hope everyone has a good night smile

dinkystinky Tue 25-Jun-13 22:08:10

Thinking - when ds1s first tooth fell out around 4 months ago I managed to wash it down the plughole while cleaning it. I had to write a grovelling mea culpa note to the tooth fairy for ds1 to out under his pillow - he was very relieved that the tooth fairy accepted it :-) Our labour plan a is our nanny, plan b my sister or her husband, plan c any neighbour we can rouse, plan d I go it alone with doula (who is now out of the country for most of the next week and a half) and dh stays home or plan e ( when everything else fails) unplanned home birth!

Silver15 Tue 25-Jun-13 22:08:28

Thanks Dinky for the new thread. Also glad DS had a good day at school.

Shelley glad things are working out for you.

Just marking my place.

dinkystinky Tue 25-Jun-13 22:11:15

Evelyn - if weather nice, paddling pool in garden and loads of toys to play with - will entertain for hours. Otherwise baking, floor picnics, craft stuff, dressing up and modelling balloons were good with mine when toddlers.

SlouchingPanda Tue 25-Jun-13 22:38:14

I'm betting we can easily fill up another thread - still 16 plenty of time til my due date and I'm certainly not feeling any imminent labour vibes smile.

dinkystinky Tue 25-Jun-13 22:51:19

Me too Slouching - no sign of Bean wanting to make a grand entrance anytime soon.

IcingTheCake Wed 26-Jun-13 00:23:22

shelley im glad things are looking a lot better for you!

Gah stupid insomnia is back, been dozing for a couple of hours and now awake because my whole body aches too bad to go back to sleep sad
It's going to be a fun night...

shelley72 Wed 26-Jun-13 04:26:24

Well I've succumbed to switching on mumsnet. Yes things have improved for after the birth, but still no change with setting an actual date though. That's today's battle. I'm not quite sure why they've asked me back in, I think they think that by making me hang around lots I will be slightly more amenable to their bullying suggestions! I feel completely railroaded and as though I have no say whatsoever in the birth of my baby. Like they're not really listening to my views at all . I'm also going to ask about their skin to skin / no breastfeeding in theatre policy (especially as it goes against unicef guidelines) which is what I'm supposed to be reading up on now. It's homework too so at least I'm doing something productive!

TotallyEggFlipped Wed 26-Jun-13 04:35:49

shelley - sorry you can't sleep either. In the hospitals I've worked at I haven't been aware of any policies on BF/skin-to-skin in theatre as such, but it really just hasn't been safe/practical. You're usually lying flat on your back with both arms up across your chest, a big drip, monitors and a surgical drape in front of you. There generally isn't room to safely hold a baby. They do encourage the partner to hold the baby sitting right next to your head though, so you can see/touch him/her. I've also seen fathers doing skin-to-skin in theatre.

shelley72 Wed 26-Jun-13 06:05:23

yes but i have big issue with dad doing skin to skin / having first hold stemming from my first birth. its in my notes so i hope that it will be considered (as long as we are both well obviously).

when i had DC2 (by section) my midwife came along and made sure that i was having skin to skin and feeding straight away (whilst being stitched up) - resulting in a much better experience, and no subsequent PND / BF issues. so i know it is possible to do, and i have been shown how baby should be placed on me (supported by DH) as im aware i will only have one arm free. now i just need to make the hospital understand how important it is to me. i think the suggestion of contacting the supervisor of midwives was quite useful and i may do this later on.

hope you managed to get back to sleep totally. im working my way through the latest series of HH smile

shelley72 Wed 26-Jun-13 06:06:29

oh and any news from ohgood yet? hopefully no news means she's enjoying newborn snuggles!

dinkystinky Wed 26-Jun-13 08:19:53

Good luck today Shelley - are you giving birth in the same hospital as you had DD in? If so, I dont see why they cant implement the skin to skin arrangements etc from last time round. Hope you Totally and Icing got more sleep.

MightBeMad Wed 26-Jun-13 08:46:41

Morning all - one week until due date!!!

MrsRoss26 Wed 26-Jun-13 08:48:48

Congratulations different on the birth of Posy, what a wonderful name smile

Shelley so glad you've been able to organise things post-op, that must be a massive weight off your shoulders. I'll be thinking of you today, hope all goes well with the hospital. When we talked about CS last night our nct lady seemed to think there should be no problem with skin to skin in theatre. I hope you can organise it.

Good luck npk! Hope all's well for you too! Looking forward to hearing about names.

totally I hope you get to fit in some relaxation today: maybe some Wimbledon will force a sit down?

thinking: your tooth fairy story is making me grin - what a cutie you have already!

Day x in the big brother house, and I'm already climbing the walls... bed is even more uncomfortable since (I think) baby has moved down and I can only sleep on my left sad

36 today though, so not long!

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