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This magical bus that is soaring high with bfp's due to land February 2014

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mrscookie78 Sun 09-Jun-13 19:40:25

Hey ladies, thought we could also chat over here now that we have got our bfp's, congratulations to us all. Hope we stay for the duration smile Feel so sick today, felt disheartened yesterday as I felt fine, serves me right confused

Champagnebubble Wed 12-Jun-13 13:36:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Wed 12-Jun-13 13:38:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bugsyburge Wed 12-Jun-13 13:51:37

ah now I see why it's abbreviated!!!!! is everyone booked it with the docs now? when are u all going? next wednesday for me but it seems so long away, I'm paranoid that the Pg will just disappear, infact I'm going to get another pregnancy test tonight to check again

Champagnebubble Wed 12-Jun-13 14:14:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrscookie78 Wed 12-Jun-13 14:15:22

Thanks, so how did the doctor work out your date champagne?

yes but I guess you get used to talking about cm. just you wait, you will then spend your life talking about poo when you have your baby.

I have the midwife on Tuesday 16th July, don't have to see the doctor first.

I know that feeling, im still peeing on my Internet cheapies wink I felt this way last time, its like you have made it up especially until you have your first scan grin

bugsyburge Wed 12-Jun-13 14:24:11

where do u get these internet cheapies from?

Champagnebubble Wed 12-Jun-13 14:24:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Wed 12-Jun-13 14:25:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ldt87 Wed 12-Jun-13 14:52:49

Hi, can I join? I miscarried at easter at almost 10 weeks and I'm now 6 weeks again due Feb 3rd by my rough dates. I have 2 girls who are 7 and 8 but this will be my first with my husband. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly this time. How far along is everyone? Xx

Champagnebubble Wed 12-Jun-13 14:58:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ldt87 Wed 12-Jun-13 15:28:38

Thanks, I found out on the 26th of May, so very early on. I'm exhausted, I've never been so sick and tired! My doctors don't book midwife appointments until your 8 weeks for 10 week booking in so I haven't called yet. I'm trying to stop myself from getting early scans etc and just be patient.

I'm quite scared after last time but also feeling quite positive for this one.

Missycheese Wed 12-Jun-13 15:40:15

WHOOHOOOOOO to our BFP's - celebrating 6 weeks today, hurrah and roll on Feb!!

Ouch my BOOBS !

mrscookie78 Thu 13-Jun-13 05:05:06

welcome and congratulations to the new ladies smile

sorry to hear that id, fingers crossed and hope everything goes well for this pregnancy smile

mrscookie78 Thu 13-Jun-13 05:08:20

thanks champagne, ived used so many due date calculators.

I found a great link yesterday on how to work out your due date. Add 7 days to your lmp and take away 3 months and ta dah you have your date grin

mrscookie78 Thu 13-Jun-13 12:06:33

Ok its official I now have a cold and feel pants. Im not surprised as dh and ds have just had one. Hows everyone feeling today.

I saw a friend this am and were chatting about this pregnancy, I said I feel like im making it up. She agreed, you do feel like this until your first scan. grin

FloJo151 Thu 13-Jun-13 16:33:37

hi everyone have joined the feb bus but would like to join here too. was on the june bus (and a few of the other buses!!)
I think due date is 16th feb and am about 4 weeks according to lmp but my cycles are only 25/6 days)
only symptoms so far are sore boobs, no show AF, very slight nausea every now and again and feeling tired.
this will be dc3 for us.
we had a cp/early mc last aug so am feeling quite apprehensive this time. have run out of preg tests so am going to use up the cheapy ovu tests I bought but never got round to using! have got 1 more cbd to use next wk to check conception time has moved on from 1-2 weeks.

am trying to hold off telling anyone but am going away with family and friends this wkend so im sure my mum will guess!!

Beautytobe Thu 13-Jun-13 18:08:08

Hi guys got my bfp yest but I have had some brown spotting I know they say its normal but am scared have any of u had spotting?

alicebear Thu 13-Jun-13 19:32:42

Beauty spotting can be a normal thing - it's hard to know. Try not to worry but maybe worth speaking to your gp or midwife if you have sorted one out yet? Perhaps not as it's so early. It may just be the embryo bedding in causing a little bleed.
Flo I think we have the same due date although I think my scan will put me back a few days as I ov late. This will be dc2 for us - hopefully! Also wanting to keep it quiet until ideally 12 wks...

mrscookie78 Fri 14-Jun-13 07:23:32

Congratulations Beauty and Flo, how are you today Beauty? Brown blood is suppose to be OK from what I have read as its old but yes call and make a doctors appointment to get checked out if your concerned?

LovesToBake Sat 15-Jun-13 06:18:19

Can I hop aboard? Just got my BFP this morning (first month of TTC #2) so due around 20th Feb. I had been experiencing lots of symptoms so felt pretty strongly that I was pregnant, just feeling grateful my body wasn't tricking me. Feel like I want to tell the world, shame I have to wait another 8 weeks for that...

Beautytobe Sat 15-Jun-13 08:42:19

Spotting stopped only had one little brown mark and had nothing since. Booked my docs but have been poas as like all u guys I just can't believe it! Prob going to ask for an early scan as my mum has a high risk of miscarriage and as this is my first time ever and very nervous. I can't believe it's real tho am so bloated and have terrible wind haha tmi! Got my first feeling I may throw up today am so not looking forward to that! We have told our family but not telling anyone till am confident everything is ok x

Champagnebubble Sat 15-Jun-13 10:51:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrscookie78 Sat 15-Jun-13 18:35:00

Feel pants with the cold! sad

congratulations loves smile

ive Googled everything so far, I wouldn't worry champagne. My symptoms seemed to of died down now, so ive Googled that a lot. I did poas yesterday am and was very dark so im not tio worried. I'm tempted with a scan but they are around £100 round here and its a lot of money. I completely understand for others to have scans, it feels forever in the early days till your 12 weeks.

I have noticed I don't like my tummy being leaned by anyone grin

jazzcat28 Sat 15-Jun-13 21:44:53

Hi ladies I got my BFP today - was briefly on the magical June bus, can I join you lot?

Test says I'm 1-2 weeks post conception wh

jazzcat28 Sat 15-Jun-13 21:48:53

Gah stupid phone

..which fits with when I got my positive opk and shagged a lot

Would the doctor date me as 2 weeks or 4 weeks (from 1st day of last AF)? Also when should I phone the doctors and do I ask for a doctor appt or midwife? <clueless first timer>

Symptoms so far just crazy vivid dreams, bruised heavy feeling in boobs, bloated tummy and what can only be described as strange crampy sensations!

DH and I in a bit of a daze tonight, not sure we can keep it to ourselves until 12wks!

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