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December 2013 - part 3

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Holly1977 Wed 05-Jun-13 14:06:11

Starting yet another thread as us chatterboxes have filled up 2 already!

Jucy, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Big hugs, wish there was something more I could say. flowers

Frouby, if you're feeling crap just fuck the housework off, I do! It'll keep.

I'm scared and excited in equal measures about the scan on Friday. Looking forward to seeing bean and being able to get on with things. But obviously scared of getting bad news like Jucy... 2 days, 1 hour and 50 minutes to go!

My friend has offered to be a birthing partner too. I may well take her up on it, I suspect she'll be more help than OH. And as I'm planning on having a home water birth and OH has already invited his bloody mum (!) think it'll be good to have a friend there. I'm not private at all, have zero issues with people seeing me naked (as my neighbours will tell you) and she's seen me throw up enough times from our party days (though never shit myself to be fair) that I'm not too fussed about that.

froubylou Fri 07-Jun-13 20:20:11

Brill news holly. Does it feel real yet lol.

I painted my toe nails today and struggled to reach them pmsl. And have felt heavy all day. Am slightly breathless just doing normal stuff.

Anyone else feel the same or is it the stopping smoking and hayfever and asthma? Nasal spray and piriton seems to be doing trick though.

FluffyDucky Fri 07-Jun-13 20:44:31

Frouby I feel quite breathless too and quite easily (going up stairs etc) I've been anemic before, it feel similar to that! Glad you are starting to feel better!

Has anyone thought about fathers day and cards? I am tempted to get my husband a card from mini-moo for fun lol

Holly1977 Fri 07-Jun-13 21:53:13

Not really, it all still seems a bit unreal. I keep looking at the picture over and over trying to convince myself it's an actual baby! I'm sure I'll get there eventually!

I get quite breathless and apparently huff and puff at really stupid things but then manage to cycle 12 miles including a solid mile up hill at the end without feeling too tired. All very strange.

Is anyone else having problems fully emptying their bladder? Don't know if I'm imagining it but it feels like I have to go all the time but when I do it's not really that satisfying. Not as bad as cystitis or anything, just annoying.

FluffyDucky Fri 07-Jun-13 21:55:46

Holly, it will begin to feel more real now smile When you pee, try leaning forward a little, it helps to empty more. You won't fully empty it (ever really) but it does make a difference x

Alyssa1978 Sat 08-Jun-13 07:27:55


When I was pregnant with my first i sent a card from moon pig with a pic of the scan on the front, now I have 2 running around I'm just gonna add bumps name on my sons card.

I am really breathless just walking up stairs but my lungs are fine and I'm getting 98% oxygen to my body so apparently its a wonderful side affect of pregnancy smile

froubylou Sat 08-Jun-13 07:48:09

Glad its not just me than lol. I remember being breathless towards the end with DD but not so early on. I was anemic last time as well so will mention it to the midwife next time. Been taking pregnacare vits though so shouldn't be I wouldn't have thought?

Anyone else a bit pissed off that it looks like we are in for a scorching heatwave? We'll all be fat and waddly and sweaty for july and august. And we can't sit in beer gardens with a nice cold Bulmers either. Though I did try an alcohol free kopaburg last night and it was a reasonable compromise. Better than lemonade anyway lol.

Bizarre dreams have returned. Last night I was swiimg with DP in a pool I learnt to swim in as a child. Robson Green tried to chat me up, so DP sacked him cos he worked for us. Then when I went to get changed there was an illegal rave in the changing rooms and no one would let me in a cubicle to get dressed. Then me and DP and Robson went to my nans for sunday dinner. But my aunty deb was supposed to be cooking it and she was very late and my strange cousin took over and turned the leg of lamb into a roast chicken. WTF!!!!

abcdemma Sat 08-Jun-13 17:14:37

Hi ladies, back again. Scan went swimmingly and bambino even turned to wave at us. Defo needed the old kleenex lol!
On the flip-side, sorry to read the couple of bad news posts on part 2 thread, I just can't imagine....
Bought the OH a card from 'the bump', it'll prob freak him out but hey ho smile
Frouby I'm loving the sound of alcohol-free cider since I'd kill for one in this weather, do any of the pub chains sell them or is it just supermarkets? At least we'll only be 5-6 months in the heatwave and not ready to pop haha!
Sorry to anyone eating right now but is anyone else ridiculously bunged up (and not the nose...)??

MildredH Sat 08-Jun-13 17:56:54

Abcd- yes, horribly so although had some action yesterday which made me more comfy.

Keep meaning to drink some prune juice but been too sicky over last few days to want it.

Another GLAMOUROUS side effect! Must work out what's safe to take apart from lactulose which I'm not keen on as my patients always complain it makes them windy and can give gripey pains..

Alyssa1978 Sat 08-Jun-13 18:36:57

Just got my results back from nuchal test... Low risk, 1 in 34774.

5ammy Sat 08-Jun-13 19:47:30

Just got our Downs syndrome probability back as 1/100,000.

Went out last night - had a great night, but kinda wished I could have had a drink and acted a bit recklessly, instead of just tap water.
On the plus side I didn't have the sore head! Nor did I embarrass myself.

lisbapalea Sat 08-Jun-13 20:26:51

Hi all!
Lots of good news on here with all these scans, so congrats to everyone! I still have more than a week to wait which is very frustrating as by my reckoning I am already 12 wks! I am currently feeling a bit paranoid and anxious as DD has come down with chicken pox which I know can be very dangerous for pregnancy. I had chicken pox just 5 years ago for the first time so my immunity should be nice and strong but I am still feeling a bit worried - I keep convincing myself I am itching but I know I have no spots!! I think I will try and see the GP on Monday anyway, just so I can let them know, and hopefully put my own mind at rest.

musiceverywhere Sat 08-Jun-13 23:34:38

Hi all, so glad to hear of all positive scans. Had mine Tuesday, all well. Couldn't do NT measurements though so they managed to squeeze me in for another one the next day so saw the baby again! Can't remember what I've posted, but am STILL waiting on a decision re: cyst so going for another scan in 4 weeks. But going for a week in the sun (hopefully!) first. To those who have given up smoking, well done! I'm definitely missing a cold g & t at the moment!
And I can't check who it was on my phone, but the poster whose midwife suggested they smoke to reduce their hayfever/asthma symptoms?? (instead of being a professional and finding out what treatment they CAN have) shock I think the theory might be cigarette smoke paralyses the 'hairs' in your airways (making you at greater risk of chest infections etc) but on flip side when you stop smoking they must be super sensitive when they 'wake up' again! Anyway, hope you've got some relief now.
Went to charity shops for summer clothes today and got a lovely purple stretchy maxi dress from Monsoon! Bargain smile
Does anyone fancy a new list of updated due dates??

froubylou Sun 09-Jun-13 12:32:42

Hello all

ABC, I got my lovely cider from one of the big pub chains local to us. Its a HungryHorse I think? Does food as well as drink and quite a big pub really. My local doesn't have them though. But have requested some to be ordered in as we know landlady quite well.

Mildred I've been the same all way through. In fact constipation was one of the reasons I actually suspected I may be PG a week before AF was due. I find a big glass of orange juice usually does the trick. With plenty of water throughout the day as well. Nothing worse than that bloated achey feeling.

Music it is me that has had an interesting time giving up the evil weed lol. Stopsmoking midwife was pretty useless when I saw her last week. At first wouldn't have it that asthma/hayfever was worse by stopping smoking, then had to have the theory behind why explained 3 times and then consult Dr Google on her laptop herself before she'd believe me. Anyhows shes back on tuesday and was planning on doing some of her own research and consulting with the GP's. Bet shes dreading coming back to see me pmsl. But I did buy some Piriton and been taking that last thing at night and first thing in the morning, which combined with the nasal spray seems to be keeping the worse of the symptoms away hayfever wise. Very chesty at the min though. Fed up of coughing and piddling a bit. PMSL, literally.

Good news about all the results coming in as well. I decided against having any TBH. Because I am a wuss lol. But glad everyone elses are good.

And no one go into the part of the board that has 'testing/choices whilst PG' I think its called. I had a browse through and although there is an awful lot of knowledge and support, its just given me a load more things to worry about pre-scan lol.

Ignorance is bliss sometimes. Last time I was PG 9 years ago I had the usual books from the Midwife and that was it. Now I know loads more stuff that TBH I wish I didn't. Google is a double edged sword!

Just added to my weight gain and had a KFC on the way home from the Big Shop. Yummy yummy in my big fat tummy lol.

Futterby Sun 09-Jun-13 19:43:35

Hey, can I join in? I'm actually due on the 30th of November (St Andrew's Day grin) but I'm expecting to go over but a bit. Kind of taking part in the November antenatal thread but I'm just so far behind everyone that I'm feeling a bit left out!

merr Sun 09-Jun-13 21:43:25

Hello all,
Just been reading through the first bit of the thread and starting to catch up!

Edd 25th Dec with number two, feeling pretty awful all the time which never happened with no1, so feeling more nervous. scan on Friday and hopefully all will be well.

Going to try and catch up with part two now, whilst eating random rubbish, as usual.

MildredH Sun 09-Jun-13 22:31:30

Welcome Merr & Futterby..

Futterby we share an EDD.. smile

Futterby Sun 09-Jun-13 22:50:15

Hi Mildred smile that's pretty cool, there was nobody else in the November thread with the same edd smile

MildredH Mon 10-Jun-13 07:07:27

Wouldn't it be amazing if baby H actually turned up on Nov 30th?

I'm utterly determined to get on top of this constipation problem naturally.. Sliced kiwi & dried apricots in the packed lunch today. Lurvely!

Is it really Monday again already? hmm

Alyssa1978 Mon 10-Jun-13 08:44:35

November 30th is a great birthday, it was the day ds1 was born grin
Wasn't due until December 19th but I guess he just wanted out.
Ds2 born on July 17th and this one is due December 2nd.

froubylou Mon 10-Jun-13 09:55:38

I've just had a ham salad sandwhich for breakfast pmsl.

It was what I wanted. My salad cream fetish is alive and well. And I'm usually a salad dressing kind of girl.

Problem is the ham was for tea tonight and now I will have to nip out and get some more. The best place to buy ham without going into town is the little village bakery/sandwhich shop. Which does a mean homemade sausage roll.

Feck. Am going to be ginourmous! I usually put on about 7lbs when I stop smoking. Add that to the fact that I am permanently hungry and cooking a small person and I bet I am waddling in another month.

I have some grapes and strawberries in the fridge for healthy snacks when I feel the urge to smoke (which has been very strong the last day or two) but I haven't even opened them yet.

Baby likes winegums!

mumoftwoboysS Mon 10-Jun-13 10:14:44

One week today I'll be sat in the scanning room (is that what it's called??) can't wait!.....

felt sick this morning and I'm 12+4 I thought it was supposed to subside by now hmm

frouby I like salad cream at the moment too but for breakfast??! (what does pmsl mean btw? I'm just not up with the lingo!)

good luck to those having scans this week

lisbapalea Mon 10-Jun-13 11:15:25

Mumoftwo - I am in the same boat! 10am next Monday for my first scan - feels like I have been waiting forever as I am also 12+weeks. What EDD are you estimating? I have calculated anything from 21Dec to 28Dec so am quite interested to see what the scan tells me!

I called the midwife team this morning just to ease my paranoia about DD's chicken pox and they have confirmed that I will be OK as I have had it already. I got myself a bit worked up about that with stories of people catching it multiple times etc, but am taking the midwife's word for it now.

I have eaten appallingly over the last week as have been utterly knackered because of DDs interrupted nights, as well as having a stinking cold of my own, so I am going to do everything I can this week to improve my nutrition. Well, after dinner tonight as that is a pizza that I found in the freezer....

Futterby Mon 10-Jun-13 11:22:33

Mildred, a great big glass of orange juice always sorts me right out smile

Mumoftwo, my morning sickness was still going strong at twelve weeks but I was fifteen weeks on Saturday and haven't been sick in forever it seems smile hopefully you're feeling better smile

FluffyDucky Mon 10-Jun-13 11:27:23

Pmsl = pissing myself laughing...

Just bought a new pair of work shoes. I'm finding my feet are so uncomfy & swollen by the end of the day my current ones are almost cutting into the wide bit of my feet (always a red mark) luckily clarks have a sale, got a new pair for £20. My feet will be pleased

PistachioTruffle Mon 10-Jun-13 11:55:03

Hello all!
We told the rest of family and close friends this weekend, and had some very positive reactions, so pleased its done and out in the open!

I've also started signing up for baby clubs to get vouchers and money off codes, and got the Emma's diary freebie pack too (I've put made up phone numbers in though, I didn't fancy phone calls from them)

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