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December 2013 - part 3

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Holly1977 Wed 05-Jun-13 14:06:11

Starting yet another thread as us chatterboxes have filled up 2 already!

Jucy, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Big hugs, wish there was something more I could say. flowers

Frouby, if you're feeling crap just fuck the housework off, I do! It'll keep.

I'm scared and excited in equal measures about the scan on Friday. Looking forward to seeing bean and being able to get on with things. But obviously scared of getting bad news like Jucy... 2 days, 1 hour and 50 minutes to go!

My friend has offered to be a birthing partner too. I may well take her up on it, I suspect she'll be more help than OH. And as I'm planning on having a home water birth and OH has already invited his bloody mum (!) think it'll be good to have a friend there. I'm not private at all, have zero issues with people seeing me naked (as my neighbours will tell you) and she's seen me throw up enough times from our party days (though never shit myself to be fair) that I'm not too fussed about that.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 06-Jun-13 11:16:11

Oh and forgot to say -told my mum and she pretty much said it was my fault for doing too much! I've been cycling - only every other weekend with the family and she reckons thats too much! I told her that these days exercise is encouraged during pregnancy as long as its moderate. She didn't get that at all. And MW saying i might have 'over done' it is making me feel like I've put this on myself!!?

I thought exercise during pregnancy promotes a healthier pregnancy and birth or am I wrong??

we're going on holiday to france in a few weeks and will be doing a bit of cycling (just leisurely cycles along cycle paths to some chateaus) and she said combined with the heat, it could be detrimental to me and my baby! She was pregnant overseas with my brother and it was so hot she sad so many women didn't go to full term because of the heat. Now I'm feeling really negative about it all....

mumoftwoboysS Thu 06-Jun-13 11:18:50

I mean 'brought this on myself'

Holly1977 Thu 06-Jun-13 11:48:58

That's bollocks, you haven't brought it on yourself at all or done too much. It's not like you've been running marathons ffs. Yes exercise in pg is a good thing. Of course you need to be careful about overheating, especially when exercising in hot weather but that's always the case pg or not. If you're going to go cycling, do it first thing when it's cool, take lots of water, take it easy, you'll be fine. I cycled 12 miles twice in a week with no ill effects so I think every other weekend is fine. Don't listen to those negative nellies!

froubylou Thu 06-Jun-13 11:57:19

Mumof2, take no notice of you ma. She probably means well but you will know yourself if you do too much. Our bodies are better than we think at telling us off. When I was last pg I had a very, very demanding physical job and tried to keep going as normal. Was fine most of the time but occasionally (usually about once a month) it just said 'no, not today' and I literally couldn't have gotten out of bed if I had tried.

I was probably doing too much with hindsight and I should have listened to my body earlier but my point is you will only do as much as you feel you can. My garden is a mess this year. DP done his best but its not really his domain and it would take about a week of full days to sort it out. Cant find the energy. And my kitchen is screaming out for redecorating. Cant be arsed with that either lol. So thats my bodies way of telling me 'no, not now'. OR I'm just being lazy and blaming PGy. Either way it can all wait.

Done my upstairs cleaning. Holly you will need a washing machine love when the bebo comes lol. And I know what you mean about learning to share space. I lived on my own from being 19 until I met DP about 7 years ago. DD1 is from a brief and bizarre relationship with a frog and I lived with her for 2 years before DP came on the scene.

He also invaded my wardrobe as he gradually (intruded) moved in. I lost the plot 1 day and bagged all his stuff up by the door. When he came home he was a bit puzzled until I pointed out that he didn't actually,officially live here. And if he wanted wardrobe/drawer space and a TV in every room he could bloody well go and buy new furniture and redecorate the bedroom.

He did to give him his dues.

But I still find it hard sometimes. I like it when he is at work. He can't make a mess/need feeding/make a mess/bug me/make a mess/want to have TV on in day (pet hate until recently)/make a mess.

Best crack on with housework.

Holly1977 Thu 06-Jun-13 12:22:53

I know Frouby. I have got a washing machine, it's just that the room it goes in has no floor at the moment! I picked a right time to start a major DIY project didn't I?! The floor's getting started this weekend so we'll see. Am probably going to get a tumble dryer too, everyone says I'll need one once bean arrives.

It's difficult with OH cos he doesn't officially live there, doesn't pay any board and rarely contributes towards groceries. He treats it like his place when it suits him (remote control is "his", when football's on etc) but when it doesn't (when cleaning needs doing, builders need paying) it's MY house. So every now and again I get really territorial and pissed off when he wants half my fecking wardrobe when he doesn't pay a bean or do much around the place. The fact I earn a lot more than him doesn't help this whole dynamic, and the fact that I own the house (well the mortgage deeds anyway, actually in negative equity!) I told him last week that when he moves in properly he needs to go out at least once a week and give me some space!

Argh, men are so annoying! He told me he'd arranged to get off work early tomorrow so we could get to the scan on time. He's just told me that he can't and he's leaving at normal time. Which means there's no way we'll be there on time and I'll be even more stressed about it than I already am. I hate rushing for stuff, especially when the stakes are high. Then he bloody hung up on me for "having a go" at him about it. Naturally I've just left him a long shouty vm and told him that I'm leaving for the hospital on time and if he's not at mine by then tough. God, I've made the decision to take the afternoon off so I can take my time and not rush there and now he's done this, what a fecking idiot!

13loki Thu 06-Jun-13 17:36:59

Afternoon. It's national day here, so à public holiday, and because it's à Thursday, we get Friday off, too! Warm and sunny, so we walked into town and took part in some festivities. Beds delivered to the new house tomorrow, so spending the afternoon there, probably having a BBQ. 2 days of not being able to keep food down (I thought I'd actually skipped the worst of morning sickness this time) have left me tired and dizzy. Swimming tomorrow, hopefully getting a membership so I can do aqua aerobics open Tuesdays (and get work to pay for it)

AbiElizabeth Thu 06-Jun-13 18:21:59

Hello all. Just had my 12 week scan and seen Peanut for the very first time. Everything is fine and it was magical.

I'm really sorry for everyone who has had bad news/having a rough time.

FluffyDucky Thu 06-Jun-13 19:27:15

Hi Abi, that is lovely! Its so nice seeming it for the first time smile

Holly, you are SO right about knickers! I was only saying to husband yesterday mine are getting tight and uncomfy. Not sure if I see the point of mat pants (yet, maybe) may just get a size up. I wear hipster/shorts style anyway so luckily dont get in a the way of the bump fat

This weather is so nice but by 'eck my feet are sore and swollen today! I had my risk assessment at work today so I've asked if I can sit on the tills for a while each afternoon to help

harry78 Thu 06-Jun-13 19:53:55

Hi all I had my scan today and little boo was wriggling, kicking and waving away! So much so that they couldnt take the nuchal measurements sadly. They saw a nasal bone though and have referred me for a quad test. Does anyone have experience of one of those?

LadyMedea Thu 06-Jun-13 20:37:50

Ok I've cracked and ordered some maternity tops (and a sundress) from H&M and New Look. I just don't have enough longer tops to keep me going while bump catches up with boobs and ordering the size bigger considering how much bigger boobs are just resulted in tents. We shall see if they fit and are well made enough to be worth keeping when they turn up. I do like both shops, but I don't like clothes that fall apart on the first wash. These may only have to last a few months but still....

Anybody else feel slightly odd spending money on things that will last such a short time? I'm lucky and most of my work clothes are jersey dresses so will last a bit.... dreading the day when those don't fit.

PistachioTruffle Thu 06-Jun-13 21:38:23

Lady, I know what you mean, and I'd been trying to hold out until after the scan to buy anything. I've just ordered two pairs of jeggings from mothercare, they have buy one get one half price on all clothes until, the 13th of June. I felt so frumpy and uncomfortable in my current jeans I had to do something!

Does anyone know if it Is the done thing now to ask couples if their baby was planned or a surprise? We haven't finished telling people yet, but quite a few have asked this! I think it's a little rude to be honest, and wouldn't dream of asking, but I'm not sure if I'm being oversensitive. Has anyone else had it?

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 07-Jun-13 07:57:10

If anyone asked me that id be surprised pistachio. That's no one else's business!

mumoftwoboysS Fri 07-Jun-13 08:48:18

Never heard of a quad test sorry Harry Why didn't they just rebook you to do the nuchal test again?

Yeah I don't like buying clothes for such a short time but as I've had 2 before I've got a big bag of maternity clothes that I got down from the loft so should be sorted- apart from a few pairs of shorts I'll be needing as the waistline on my current shorts are not forgiving at all!

I have bought a few bits off ebay in the past (second hand) and found it a good way to buy tho was a bit disappointed by one dress as it was so washed/worn out. I'm going to put my stuff on ebay after this too as maternity clothes always sell well.

I have found H&M good for value for money and a bit better quality than New Look. Next good quality too but a bit more pricey.

Pistachio I find this an awkward question to answer and wish people didn't ask as it is none of their business!! But for some reason -esp with a third, I think they assume it must have been an accident- almost like -who would want another one?? strange....

waiting for my HCG results today....hoping they mean all is ok. One person on Mumsnet said that one blood test for HCG levels doesn't tell you anything as you have to do two to see if it's dropping or not. Bit annoyed as I'm putting my trust in the doc and wanted reassurance, now I'm not sure if the test will be telling me anything or not! Oh well, I have nothing else to go on....

NomDeClavier Fri 07-Jun-13 09:20:26

So this is where you've been hiding!

I think with the first DC people do ask, pistachio. By the second they assume you planned it unless they're v close together or v far apart. My mother asked me!!!! DS is 2 - you'd think that was a fairly normal time to be thinking about another?

Harry a quad test is like the triple test, but includes inhibin-A. I'm pretty sure I had it last time as the triple screen and NT measurement were right on the borderline for accuracy.

Mum you'll be fine. I was pregnant overseas with DS and went to 40+4, excercisobg for at least an hour every day even through what was summer there and I was at the gym the day before I went into labour so yes, you can exercise! Drink plenty, stop of you feel tired, dizzy or breathless and if you're really worried get a heart rate monitor. I'm still cycling lots, with DS in the bike seat, in France and it really isn't too hot!

I'm still in normal clothes and was to 23w with DS so I'm not worried about getting my mat clothes out yet. I do have a retroverted uterus though so baby tends to grow backwards and upwards before my body realises there's a whole ton of space to go forwards! Gives me killer backache. Proper 1st trimester scan next Thursday. Despite having had one scan and seeing baby and heartbeat I'm still bricking it. And DH can't be there sad

Holly1977 Fri 07-Jun-13 09:39:38

Lady, I don't feel odd spending money on clothes that will last 6 months at most. I feel totally and utterly pissed off and very feminist about it all! It's not fair how much we have to spend before the baby even comes.

Fluffy, I didn't even know there was such a thing as mat knickers! Are they really necessary?! Some of my knickers are bigger than others so I'm going to have a too tight knickers cull this weekend and see what I'm left with. Hopefully just buying some slightly larger ones will do.

Pistachio, I think that's really rude and totally overstepping the mark other than from a good friend maybe.

I've bought quite a lot of mat stuff from ebay, bit of a gamble that it'll fit but a LOT cheaper than new.

Scan in 6 hours 10 minutes... Slightly less nervous today, trying my best to be positive and look forward to it...

readyornot2011 Fri 07-Jun-13 10:51:57

Ok CVS done. Slightly less traumatic than last time, except when the doctor shouted NO NO NO! Just after the needle had gone in then left it a good 10s to tell me it wasn't the baby it was the material/sheet covering me that was the problem. Got a few more grey hairs from that one I'm can tell you. Now to wait until Tues for the results by which time I'll probably be totally grey.

froubylou Fri 07-Jun-13 11:19:05

Morning all

Readyornot, good luck for the results. I bet you are glad that bit is over though. Did anyone see on the news this morning about the 'new' screening for downs etc being made available on a trial basis at a couple of hospitals? Assume this is the Harmony test they are talking about that you can currently only access privately?

Holly try and be excited rather than scared hun. What wil be will be in the end and look at it as an opportunity to see bean for the first time rather than anything awful. A lot easier said than done I know. Got my scan next thursday and already scared.

Knickers. I gave in last week and bought some HHHHUUUUGGGEEEE ones that go right over my mini bump lol. They are about as sexy as wet squid but you don't get that rollydown sensation with them. Went up 3 sizes (!!) and got full briefs rather than the bikini brief or hipster shorts I usually like. Have to admit they are very comfy and cheap enough (5 pairs for a fiver I think from Morrisons?) to chuck in the bin when they no longer fit.

Or use as spare curtains pmsl.

I was hoping my sister who is roughly the same size as me and who's little boy is 5 months was going to pass some maternity clothes on but apparantly she thinks shes thrown them away as she was trying to loose her weight and didn't want the temptation to slip on something comfy in her wardrobe lol. Can understand but she could have waited a bit longer. After my scan next week I think I am going to buy a couple of longer tops, some more leggings and maybe a long cardi for the summer. Really don't want to buy maternity summer stuff as it summer could be gone anytime now lol. At least if I try and wait whilst august/sept for jeans and stuff I'll know they should fit until the end.

Just had a strop at myself. Really wanted a cheese salad sandwhich. Made myself wait until 11ish so it could be an early lunch rather than a snack. Buttered bread, put my salad on and went to open cheese to find it was just turning that horrid whitey mouldy colour. Hmmmppphhhh.

So had a quavers salad sandwhich instead lol. Not quite the same and the salad creme (new fetish, its nice with chips and on jacket potato) made the quavers a bit soggy.

Car back later though so will be able to do a big shop. What I really ought to be doing now is cleaning the fridge out whilst its nice and empty. What I am planning on doing is waiting for this last lot of clothes to dry, taking it upstairs to put away and 'just having a min' on the bed. Which will probably end up being a good hour. But in my defence I really didn't sleep very well last night and was up from 2am until about 4.30am, then OH's alarm went off at 5.30am and got up with him.

FluffyDucky Fri 07-Jun-13 12:32:22

Ready well done & thinking of you x
I think the test they were talking about may be one I was told about, there is one they can do in america & it's availble here but costs about £600!

Gannetgob Fri 07-Jun-13 13:46:15

I've just got back from my scan and I'm just feeling a bit fed up and down.

Everything is fine with the baby but they weighed me and I've put on 8lbs in 4 weeks. It's really depressing. My bmi is nearly 32. I can't afford it to get much higher! It's just made me think about how hard I've had to work to lose weight in the past. I went from a size 22 to a 14/16 and I can see myself getting back up to that stage again.

I haven't been doing any exercise, but now I'm past 12 weeks I can do a couple of the antenatal classes I wanted to do. It's just food that's the issue for me. The thought of healthy stuff just turns my stomach at the moment. So I'm eating crap all the time and having to eat often because I feel sick so much.

Moan moan moan.

Please tell me I'm not alone in thinking this!

readyornot2011 Fri 07-Jun-13 14:08:26

Frouby, I hear you on the salad cream! I've got through nearly a whole bottle since I fell pregnant.

froubylou Fri 07-Jun-13 14:34:19

Gannet my bmi was just normal when I got pg. Dont panic at numbers and figures and measurements.

Mine will go over I know BUT until they develop a seperate bmi for pg women Im not interested. For mine to stay normal I could only gain about 3lb. Which I dont think would be healthg for me or the baby.

Now we are moving on in our pgs we should start to have more energy. So eat what you want but increase your excercise. Lots of walking does the tricn for me personally.

But brilliant news about your scan!

Holly yours must be soon. Dont worry if your dp doesnt make it. We are all there with you!

Holly1977 Fri 07-Jun-13 15:02:54

It's just under an hour. Just waiting for dp to arrive, he's promised me he'll be on time. he'd better be cos I've just had a series of massive technology related tantrums / screaming fits. Usually a good indicator that I'm feeling stressed! Trying not to be but... anyway, figured out a better way to get to the hospital and just realised it's where I had my colposcopies so I know exactly where I'm going now. Just want it over and done with. Started drinking my pint of water, still not convinced my body can hold that much so I'm drinking it slowly for now!

Agree with Frouby, try not to worry too much Gannet. Try and eat healthily, get some exercise and don't worry about losing weight in the future, there's just no point in fretting about that now. Easier said than done I know!

Right, ipod fired up with some relaxing songs for the car, ready to go... wish me luck!

Holly1977 Fri 07-Jun-13 16:25:37

Bean present and correct and jumping round like a loon! think it had hiccups actually! Amazing, there's a flipping baby in there! Wow, so happy. Please excuse all the meltdowns!

mumoftwoboysS Fri 07-Jun-13 16:47:00

Good luck Holly hope it all goes well!

Just got my HCG results back- she said it's high (45,550- whatever that means!) and is a good high number for a healthy pregnancy. She said that after 8-9 weeks they can't use HCG levels as an accurate way to date the pregnancy as hormone levels naturally decrease after that. I guess I have to be happy with that (and the fact that there's been no more bleeding) and hang on another 10 days till my scan....

Ganet I've put on 6lbs from eating loads too due to needing to stave off the nausea and also not fancying healthy stuff (she types whilst eating a currant bun-yum!) so you're not alone. I don't have a high bmi but it just shows whatever shape or size we are it's normal to gain that much weight due to trying to stop being/feeling sick so don't beat yourself up about it. I'm sure it will level off in 2nd/3rd tri. And its easier to exercise after the 1st tri when energy returns and we stop feeling quite so shite.

inkymomma Fri 07-Jun-13 17:38:29

Finally found you on. Only having internet on my phone is becoming a problem.
Finally having my scan on Monday. Bit nervous. Just want to make sure everything is ok etc.
Saw my MIL today after having lunch with my SIL and DH...she looked at my tummy and said 'gosh it looks like you are having triplets' I bloody well hope not! I don't think I am that big but she's got me worried now!
(it was quite a big lunch followed by an ice cream...that my excuse anyway)

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