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December 2013 - part 3

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Holly1977 Wed 05-Jun-13 14:06:11

Starting yet another thread as us chatterboxes have filled up 2 already!

Jucy, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Big hugs, wish there was something more I could say. flowers

Frouby, if you're feeling crap just fuck the housework off, I do! It'll keep.

I'm scared and excited in equal measures about the scan on Friday. Looking forward to seeing bean and being able to get on with things. But obviously scared of getting bad news like Jucy... 2 days, 1 hour and 50 minutes to go!

My friend has offered to be a birthing partner too. I may well take her up on it, I suspect she'll be more help than OH. And as I'm planning on having a home water birth and OH has already invited his bloody mum (!) think it'll be good to have a friend there. I'm not private at all, have zero issues with people seeing me naked (as my neighbours will tell you) and she's seen me throw up enough times from our party days (though never shit myself to be fair) that I'm not too fussed about that.

TakingTheStairs Wed 05-Jun-13 14:50:31

Juicy, so sorry to hear your news. You must have gotten an awful shock. Take care of yourself.

Holly Your OH has asked your MIL to the birth. Wow!

Supersesame Wed 05-Jun-13 14:57:21

Hi, I'd like to join please! I'm 12 weeks today and like Holly, have scan on Friday. Although I have kind of cheated and have had 4 scans already!
At 6, 8, 9 and 10 weeks! My GP has just got an ultrasound machine and is using me as a guinea pig. Its fab free and very reassuring.
Althouh I'm still nervous about the official hospital scan on Friday.
Have had 2 mcs before this pregnancy so I'm hoping that I can get to the 2nd trimester next week.
My main complaint is horrible acid reflux. Gaviscon is my friend by it seems to appear if I haven't eaten for an hour. Which means I'm eating a lot to make it go away and feeling heavier already.

FluffyDucky Wed 05-Jun-13 15:12:35

Jucy my thoughts are with you, I hope you are letting yourself grieve. Take care of yourself xxx

Holly1977 Wed 05-Jun-13 15:17:54

Err yeah, it's a bit mad really isn't it? My MIL is lovely, like her more than my own mum if I'm being brutally honest. But in hindsight, maybe not...!

Welcome Supersesame and aren't you lucky to have had so many scans! Sorry to hear about your mcs and reflux. I'm feeling fatter heavier too sad

TwickyWoo Wed 05-Jun-13 15:47:18

Hi - great to see so many others expecting at the end of this year! I'm expecting my first (EDD 23/12/13). It wasn't planned, but me and the OH are over the moon. I had a dating scan at around 7 weeks as I had no idea on dates at all :S so I should be around 11+2 now. I'm waiting to be booked in for my 12 week scan and am excited and nervous in equal measures... each milestone at a time I guess!

Reading the boards has been a real eye opener, but also a really nice experience to join in with everyone and their journeys!

It is nice to meet you all waves

Featherbag Wed 05-Jun-13 16:29:34

Juicy I'm so sorry hmm

I'm ill, sore throat, temp, cough, think I'm getting an upper respiratory tract infection. Have still been to the gym today though and then for a long walk, ending at the park to tire DS out as I'm on a long shift tomorrow and NEED him to sleep! Reckon if I ignore illness it'll go away, it has to, I just don't have time to be ill! This month and next are the qualifying months that payroll will use to calculate my average wage for mat pay, so I've been doing as much in the way of overtime and weekends as I can. So not only do I not have time to be ill, I definitely can't afford it!

Got my 20 week scan appointment through, 18th July, can't wait!!

2Labradors Wed 05-Jun-13 16:51:30

jucy I'm so sorry and my thoughts are with you

kyz1981 Wed 05-Jun-13 17:05:23

jucy I am so so sorry to hear your sad news- please take care.xx

I had my scan a few weeks ago and they changed my EDD from 1st Dec to 28th Nov - but I'm going to hang around here if that's ok - Baby seemed so big compared to my memories of DS/DD- also had a cervical scan for some unknown reason but all was fine.

I am being monitored due to the fact my DS was born on the 7th centile so will have growth scans- I had no idea he was considered small - only found out when I had my scan - so that was a shock and means plenty of appointments after 28 weeks.

My MS has finally gone and I have been feeling much much better - it only seemed to get better at around 14 weeks and not the promised 12.

Hope all the scans go well this week xx

violetbean Wed 05-Jun-13 18:15:10

Jucy, so sorry, thinking of you. Hope you have lots of RL support as well as the amazing people of MN. Hand-holding. xx

Gooseysgirl Wed 05-Jun-13 18:56:26

Marking place.

So sorry Jucy to read of your losssad

clare8allthepies Wed 05-Jun-13 19:27:10

Sorry to hear your news Jucy thanks

Hope everyone is ok, time is going so slowly, 15 weeks today, feels like I've been pregnant for eternity! Still nearly 6 months to go!

Is anyone else suffering from backache? Had it last time but only right near the end!

LadyMedea Wed 05-Jun-13 19:54:58

Marking place

Jucymyname Wed 05-Jun-13 20:06:35

Thank you everyone for kind words. I'm a bit numb but ok. sad

Take care of yourselves x

yogafan Wed 05-Jun-13 21:14:16

Hugs for you jucy - take good care. So sorry this has happened, so unfair. X

weechops Wed 05-Jun-13 21:30:26

Ah there you all are smile forgot to say I got my 20 week scan date from the midwife today. It's Friday the 19th July and ill be 19+4 seems like ages away! But it's only 5 days after we come home from holiday, so hopefully that'll perk me up when I'm unpacking smile

MildredH Wed 05-Jun-13 22:52:21

Aaaha.. Now I get it! Tried to post three times on old thread and kept "disappearing".. Then realised was because had got to 1000 posts!

Jucy- I'm really sad to hear your news. I hope you're doing ok. It's tough. Give yourself time to get over this. The threads on mc are helpful if you feel like looking in terms of what to expect. thanks

Holly- completely get you. Esp trying to find stuff to wear. I get my clothes ready the night before- just looked for something for tomorrow.. NOTHING FITS!! FFS I'm only 14+4 and shouldn't be in mat clothes yet. It's really frustrating. Thought I'd done ok with an outfit today but at lunchtime caught sight of myself in full length mirrors sad not a great look!

Going to have a look online for some looser dresses for work!

Hope everyone well.. X

froubylou Thu 06-Jun-13 07:26:44

Here you all are. Lost you all for a minute.

Jucy I posted last night on the other thread but obviously its gone. I am so, so sorry to hear your news. Please be kind to yourself and your DP. Biggest, biggest hugs.

Holly I did fuck the housework right off lol. Did my paperwork, had some soup and watched another episode of One Born Every Minute on the Iplayer thing instead lol. So I have it to do today instead. Sigh.

Still Im stuck for doing anything else thats not within walking distance of home. Car went for its MOT on saturday and still there. Bill so far is £400 and there is an oil leak to find and mend still. FFS, thats my stash of cash wiped out.

Does anyone else find that they have no patience with friends at the min? Some of the schoolgate mums who I usually chat to are getting right on my nerves at the min. They irratated me immensley yesterday for no other reason that talking about Florida and holidays. Now we love our hols and usually go away at least twice, sometimes 3 times a year. We love our beach hols and tenerife is one of our regular destinations. We shop around and book late (OH self employed so a bit flexible on dates) and spend between £600-£1000 for the 3 of us and that could be either S/C or AI.

Now these mums that were discussing Florida all have 2 or 3 kids each. All the mums work at least 3 days a week and instead of taking a holiday each year or even 2, they all go to florida every couple of years.

Now I'd like to take DD at some point just so she's been. But for me I'd rather her have a couple of hols each year that 1 every few years and once you have been somewhere like that I would imagine you can tick it off the list.

Each time they go you are talking about 4k. It just seems a huge waste of money to me and I think the kids are missing out by not having beach holidays as well? For what it costs to do florida they could have 3 nice holidays for the same money?

Or is just me being a hormonal bitch lol.

I tried a pair of leggings on yesterday. Size 12's that I usually end up pulling up all day. Fecking things didn't fit. I looked like a sausage in a skin that someone had squeezed in the middle pmsl.

So thats me managing with 2 pairs of jeggings and various tracky bottoms that I usually wear for the stables. Oh, and a pair of OH's combat shorts with a hair bobblehrough the button.

Still don't think I am fat enough for maternity clothes though. But don't want to keep buying the next size up as the arse is starting to look baggy and at the rate I'm growing I won't be in them long enough. Dunno what to do. Just live in PJ's til I'm really fat I think lol.

PistachioTruffle Thu 06-Jun-13 08:35:56

I'm so sorry jucy flowers

I tried to post on the last thread too, and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work.

Frouby, I think you might be a tiny bit hormonal, yes grin I find myself in moods where everything/everyone is really irritating, even stupid things that normally wouldn't bother me! I'm putting it down to hormones, rather than me being a grumpy cow haha.
A holiday just about anywhere sounds amazing at the moment, there won't be any for a good couple of years unfortunely due to finances. I just want to feel the sun on my skin!

Does anyone else feel reluctant to tell people? Most of our immediate family know, but the rest I feel a bit strange about telling. I'm not sure why, but I just feel a little uncomfortable ringing them and saying 'I'm pregnant'. It's odd.

QueenofWhispers Thu 06-Jun-13 09:16:10

Guys! i started another thread by accident--when I didn't see this one. Got to delete that one.


QuietNinjaTardis Thu 06-Jun-13 09:28:24

Hey everyone. I'm sorry to hear your sad news juicy.

I've just had a barney with dh, he's such a dick sometimes nothing whatsoever to do with my hormonal unreasonableness oh no so cross. My sickness seems to have cleared up a bit thankfully. Still taking medication but might call doc and see if I should start to cut down a bit. Can eat a bit more normally which is nice.
Have also ordered some maternity clothes for summer wear as have no shorts that fit me and only one dress. Also some tops as most of mine are too tight now. Eek!

Holly1977 Thu 06-Jun-13 10:03:51

Mildred, I'm in mat clothes and am only 12 weeks tomorrow! I've finally found some under bump mat jeans, they're amazing. Just as comfy as mat leggings and not nearly as unattractive! I always thought you could just wear baggy clothes or a size up when you're pg but obviously not. Now I've accepted it and started wearing proper mat clothes I feel much better. They're tailored differently I think. It's just depressing and PISSING ME OFF how many clothes I'm having to put in my "too fat for these now" bag(s) on a daily basis. I can just see by the end having like 3 things to wear on a rotating basis. V worried that knickers are getting too tight too. I had taken to being mostly naked at home but I've got a friend staying for a couple of days (he's had a barney with his wife, don't know details yet) so am having to wear fucking clothes! angry

I think you may be a bit teensy tiny bit hormonal yes Frouby! (ducks for cover). Though that doesn't mean those women aren't massive bitches and that you're not right about everything. Pg women are right about everything, always. End of. Especially when they're hungry. I think my partner is starting to get this now.

Yeah I'm kind of wondering about that Pistachio. We've told most people who matter already (and a few who don't) and I've been wondering whether with the remaining people if I should ring them individually and tell them before we put the scan picture on Facebook or whether that seems a bit ego centric. On the one hand I am looking forward to everyone knowing but I also feel a bit weird about it becoming public knowledge cos I get the feeling once it is, I'll be like public property. I haven't had too many people giving me advice and telling me what to do yet but I'm sure that will change.

Got steroid nasal spray and eye drops from doc today, along with physio referral. Once I'd got through the initial 20 sneezes that always go with nasal spray, I feel better now. Swam 40 lengths last night (felt like wonder woman!) and am cycling home tonight. Maybe the mythical 2nd trimester is here...

Anyone else see that thing from the royal college of obst... bla bla.. and just think "what a load of total and utter fucking bollocks" ?!! I spent most of Sunday spraying my hedge with insecticide due to a massive and weird caterpillar infestation. Luckily I don't do a right lot of cleaning so that's alright. Frouby, you'd be amazed how long you can get away with NOT doing house work you know. Try it! wink

froubylou Thu 06-Jun-13 10:27:04

Am trying it this morning Holly lol.

Its amazing how little you can achieve just by replying to (not very) important worky emails, eating jam on toast and scouring around the internet for suitable unmaternity fashion ideas. So far I can see smocks and wrap around tops and maxi dresses are perhaps suitable for some but won't suit me. I spend most of my time in very casual wear as I work from home and play with ponies so anything slightly formal makes me feel as though I should a) schedule a meeting with someone and b) dig out my make up bag which is somewhere in DD's room having being 'borrowed' about 3 weeks ago.

I am being a bitch arent I lol. Its just schoolgate politics. They all seem to think tenerife and greece and majorca are for plebs and fecking florida is the place to go. I hate rides as does OH, I can't think of anything worse on holiday than travelling to different theme parks and queueing for this, that and the next thing and being miles away from a beach. For me holiday is about sunbathing, relaxing and getting mildly pissed every night. Waking up late and staying up even later and having a siesta in the afternoon if you fancy it. DD loves her holidays too and although every kid wants to go to bloody disneyland she understands that if we did that 1 year we wouldn't be going on a 'proper' holiday the year after either. She wants beach holdiays too lol. We'll compromise I think when this bean is old enough and do Eurodisney.

I have a suitcase on top of the wardrobe I keep chucking things in that don't fit. More in that than in my drawers and TBH most of whats in drawers and wardrobe doesnt fit and I won't wear. Just can't bring myself to store them all yet incase this belly is just bloat and will miraculously disappear.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 06-Jun-13 10:44:28

Just found part 3- was wondering where it was!

Well bleeding stopped -only had it for one day in the end. I phoned mw, she said to take it easy?? Then texted her and said I wanted my scan moved fwd a week for peace of mind, she told me to call hosptial but said they may not move it without a doctors authorisation. She was right. The lady I spoke to was downright rude (despite me saying I was worried and there was blood) and said my scan could NOT be moved. Its not like its my body or anything, and I have any say in the matter??!! Sooo, I went to my doctor, she was nice and sympathetic but said the hospital wouldn't move my scan for a small amount of blood. Seems you need to be bleeding bucket loads before they feel it necessary to do anything around here! As a compromise she said I could have a blood test to check HCG levels to make sure baby is progressing ok. I agreed as I thought it'd be better than nothing (and hopefully will rule out a mmc and put my mind at rest a bit)

So blood test today, and results tomorrow. So fucked off that I can't get my scan moved. My friend had EXACTLY the same thing and got a scan within 48 hours.

Jucy so sorry to hear your news. xx don't know what else to say really but hope you're ok.

Holly1977 Thu 06-Jun-13 11:08:20

I've figured it all out. When you don't feel like doing anything, don't. Sit on your arse, eat chocolate, read, sleep and fuck the housework off. When you do feel like doing stuff and have some energy (like today in my case) make the best of it cos it won't last! smile

You're not being a bitch at all. And if you are, so what. A good bitch is good for the soul. And I totally agree. Holidays are for sunbathing, sleeping, eating, drinking, eating, reading, eating, drinking, eating, sleeping, shagging, eating, drinking etc (can you spot a theme?!) Bitch colleague always bangs on about how she simply can't be inactive and always had to "do stuff" on holiday. She has property in Chamonix (bitch!) and spends the whole time doing house work, DIY, going for long walks, skiing, doing more house work and pussy whipping her husband. She's horrified when I tell her I spent 2 weeks doing absolutely fuck all. Difference being of course I'm not mental (...!) like her and can sit quietly without having to keep busy all the time.

yeah, I was going to put stuff in a suitcase but am still holding out the vain hope I might go on holiday this year. Plus if I clear too much stuff out of my wardrobe, OH will think that entitles him to half which it bloody well doesn't. I've tried to explain. I'm a girl, I have more clothes, you don't get half. And no I'm definitely not being petty, territorial or hormonal! I've lived on my own for a couple of years now, I'm finding it hard to share my space. Must remind myself how lonely I was sometimes before and that I'd better get used to it cos there'll be 3 of us soon. OH has got nocturnal hyper hidrosis though which is awful. Especially with my new super smell, the sheets are wringing wet sometimes and stink. And I've only got 2 sets and no washing machine! I've hung the duvet on the line today and Febreezed the rest of the bed to within an inch of its life.

That's rubbish, sorry to hear that mumof2. I know this won't make you feel any better but statistically it's probably fine and the bleeding probably doesn't mean anything sinister. I don't see why they couldn't move your scan forward a bit. Well I do, cost saving exercise. Bastards. Fingers crossed for the blood test, let us know the results asap xx

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