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Anyone in Watford or surrounds due in jan 2014???

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katielicious Thu 30-May-13 17:05:43

Hello fellow preggers! Anyone fancy meeting for a coffee and chat? Would be nice to get to know some mums or mums to be before January 😄

Thisisfreakingmeout Wed 05-Jun-13 23:27:58

Hi I am Watford area and due early Feb. I'm not "out of the closet" yet but once I'm public with the news, perhaps then?

How are you getting on?

juicyjuice Thu 06-Jun-13 16:12:14

Tried to write on here before but not sure it worked? I'm in Watford, due end on jan, really nervous for some reason!

juicyjuice Thu 06-Jun-13 16:13:40

Ah it worked this time! Can't wait to et over the 8 and 12 week hurdles- this is my first so this is all new to me, no idea what to expect!

Thisisfreakingmeout Thu 06-Jun-13 19:22:06

My first too! Nice to have some company.

juicyjuice Fri 07-Jun-13 14:49:44

Definitely! Still at the 'not telling people stage' (7 weeks today) and it's driving me crazy! How far along are you two?

Thisisfreakingmeout Fri 07-Jun-13 20:28:55

Only 6 weeks. I have a doc appointment on Thursday as my surgery won't book you in with the MW until the doc has confirmed pregnancy. I am surprised as so many people on here say their widwife just takes their word for it!

Once I'm public it would be good to meet some fellow M2Bs!

juicyjuice Sun 09-Jun-13 09:39:38

I went to the doctor just under two weeks ago- got my letter for my booking appointment not long after. Doctor didn't confirm the pregnancy- if it wasn't for the huge number of tests that I'd done (and the constant nausea) I would think I'd imagined it all!

juicyjuice Sun 30-Jun-13 16:25:27

How are you both getting on? Had my booking appointment and now have a scan date! Feeling nervous and excited! Hope things are going well x

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