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June 2013 - thread 8 - hope babies aren't late!

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redwellybluewelly Wed 29-May-13 23:06:18

We were about to run out of room!

Hope everyone finds the thread ok smile

rrreow Thu 30-May-13 12:08:53

massagegirl don't worry about the nipple shields. I think some little babies just have real trouble latching on to a nipple. I fed DS1 with shields for 6 months at which point I was finally able to ditch them and ended up feeding till 14mo.

Congrats oli!!! And yay for an amenity room. Post-natal ward is pretty dire in most places. Hope you and Joe are both doing well.

My itching has got worse sad am fairly sure it's Obstetric Cholestasis again as it feels exactly like last time. Am exhausted as I can't sleep, and when I do fall asleep finally I sleep very fitfully and scratch myself in my sleep.

Spent quite a few of my awake hours reading current research on OC (more research has actually been done since I had DS1 in 2011, so that's very helpful) and I am actually still wanting a homebirth as long as I go into labour before 39w. If I can tolerate the itching until I go into labour naturally that is. I do think I'll have a bit of a fight on my hands if I insist on homebirth but they only do the liver function blood tests at the hospital once a week so I wouldn't have results until next week anyway (at which point I'll be 38+3 or +5)

Feeling a bit despairing at the moment as I am so so tired but I have to be literally exhausted to be able to fall asleep and sleep through the itching. Was getting lots of uncomfortable BH last night with lots of pressure down low, am just hoping I'll go into labour SOON (now please!)

Steffanoid Thu 30-May-13 12:13:17

I think we should all send each other 'to into Labour's vibes and hope everyone's bh turn into more!
rrreow have you tried sleeping with soft socks on your hands like taped on? cause then you'd rub not scratch and break the skin? also a cool shower with no soap sometimes helps me when I have reactions to things, might help you?

Hawkmoth Thu 30-May-13 12:18:37

Rrreow, do you have anything for the itching? Even though mine wasn't OC after results they did give me Piriton which really helped.

pinkbear82 Thu 30-May-13 12:23:07

Thank you learner! thanks smile

UGH I decided to clean the fish tank...... I heard a strange noise and then gushing....... No not me, the bloody side of the tank cracked. confusedangry Cue wet feet, dog thinking new water feature to drink from and me phoning my dad to say the tank will be far easier to move and he can have the bloody fish.

Have used the carpet cleaner to suck the carpet dry(er) and have enough water in the tank to keep the fish in until dad can rescue them. Or I cave in and buy a new tank. Not sure which.

Today I was meant to be taking it easy with only a haircut planned.... Next time I get a good idea I'm ignoring it.

Sorry for ranting 'twas either that or possibly sit and cry and I decided I was wet enough already.

Steffanoid Thu 30-May-13 12:32:19

we just emptied our fishtank and our orphan fish now live in my sisters tank they are pretty to look at but they are ohs and he never cleans them out, well he does but nor often enough so he's having a break from them for now!

massagegirl Thu 30-May-13 12:38:59

Thank you rreow that is incredibly reassuring, she has fed soooo much better with them, feel like we've turned a corner after crappy breast feeding advice in hospital. I'd if you having the home birth? We were meant tk buy it didn't quite work out.. Am planning on Making use of the pool this week though.

learnermummy Thu 30-May-13 12:47:52

Oh dear what a pain pinkbear. I hate cleaning out our fish tank too. Was bought for DS2's second birthday. He's now 4 and the little buggers still haven't died!

I've booked an acupuncture session for this evening for preparation for labour. Did it last time and labour was very straight forward so guess it can't hurt to try again.

Must unpack my pool and check it's all there too. Still haven't got my head around the fact that will be delivering this baby soon. Every time i call DH he's like 'are you ok?' in a panic. Baby has to stay put until after the weekend though as we have a house full for DS2's birthday party! Why did I think that was a good idea...?

RueDeWakening Thu 30-May-13 12:49:24

massagegirl I wouldn't worry about using shields - I used them for a year with DD, who had an undiagnosed tongue tie. And used them with DS1 when he came home from hospital because his mouth was too tiny to latch properly, despite me learning deep latch techniques when he was in NICU.

Congratulations to Oli and Joe, and anyone else who has had their babies that I've missed!

I have a question for you all: last night I felt really ill - got very shivery and cold, even though I was laid on the sofa covered in a quilt, duvet, and had a hot water bottle. Violent shivers, teeth chattering etc and it lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Once I warmed up, I spent the rest of the night absolutely boiling hot. It's happened 2 other times since M was born. I need to tell the MWs, don't I? Any ideas what it could be? Don't feel like I have any signs of mastitis which was my first thought, and I've expressed after a couple of feeds to make sure M is emptying me out properly, that all seems OK. Csection scar is fine, no sign of infection there. Anything else? Thanks xx

massagegirl Thu 30-May-13 13:05:57

Thanks rue they've kept me sane today.
I'd call mw about your hot cold feeling crap. I had the same twice whilst in hospital... Felt awful cold sweating, shivers, fainty. They checked everything was fine and was my body just totally exhausted. Guess its a shock to the system. But def ask someone.

rrreow Thu 30-May-13 13:15:02

Steffanoid I've cut my nails really short! They usually have to be anyway as I play the violin (you can tell when I haven't practiced for a while by the length of my nails grin). Can't do the sock thing as it's especially itchy hands/feet that keep me awake, so putting stuff over them will make them warmer and more itchy (I have to sleep with my feet sticking out of the bed!). I will try a cool shower before bed tonight though. DH has also been amazing and giving me full body rubs which are SOOOO soothing. I really think they release sleepy hormones as he did it at 4am and then I was finally able to fall asleep even if it was fitful.

Hawk I took some Piriton earlier. Can't say if it helped as the itching isn't as noticeable during the day / when not in bed, but I'll definitely take one tonight before bed and hope it helps.

pinkbear Oh no that's all you need! How annoying. Enjoy your haircut though. Do they give you a head massage when they wash your hair? I love those.

rue hope you're feeling OK. It might be just exhaustion but best to mention it to the midwife in case it's an indicator for something they might know about.

OK off for my midwife appointment now.

SunnyL Thu 30-May-13 13:19:35

I'm 39 weeks today and I was convinced baby was coming last night. DH went out yesterday evening and I felt rubbish. Very sore back, exhausted and just a bit queasy. However after dinner of baked beans on toast (going to be a fab mum amn't I?) I started to perk up. I'd clearly worried DH though cos this morning he was convinced he heard me pacing up and down downstairs which got him panicking. Anyhow - all back to normal today and feeling great. It'll end up being another 2 weeks now won't it?!

Welcome to the world Joe!

ginauk84 Thu 30-May-13 13:40:17

Wow we are on page 3 already!!

Congrats Olimoss hopefully you will be home soon 

Babybeann welcome to the thread, I am due 27th so not far off you.

I am convinced I will need inducing so that makes me 42 weeks on 11th July so I am not expecting baby till then – I think if something happens naturally I will have the shock of my life lol! Although we are all prepared.

I don’t have a kindle and you have made me want one now, been looking at them online! Lol.

Baby is being really violent, I thought by 36 weeks they weren’t supposed to move as much, but my god I got really fed up yesterday evening as it blooming hurts! Today she has just started again!

We ordered some rattan furniture for the garden yesterday and it’s going to be about 4 weeks delivery – scary to think baby will almost be here then – hoping she will be here!!

Aldi have got a baby event on from today and a £5 off from Daily Mirror so am going to have a look round later to see what bargains I can find!!

massagegirl Thu 30-May-13 13:52:05

Gina I was absolutely convinced baby would be overdue, thought I'd need to be induced. She was a week early! No one was more surprised than me!

ginauk84 Thu 30-May-13 13:57:42

massagegirl hope that happens here! So desperately want to use the MLU, think you hear so many stories about 1st babies being overdue and needing inducing you just assume it will be the same. Hubby thinks I should get on a trampoline, lol!

Steffanoid Thu 30-May-13 14:05:24

Gina, they've got a travel cot for £20 it's a hauck one so a good brand, they've a blender thing as well but I've sent my mum off for the cot for me

redwellybluewelly Thu 30-May-13 14:33:50

Rue that sounds like an infection - I would get some advice - mastitis doesn't always show on the surface, or it could be a UTI?

We've got a sick DD - nasty cough getting nastier - my 3 days of maternity leave seem to be not as productive as I'd hoped, hate it when she is ill, 9/10 it ends in paramedics being called.

AmIGoingMad Thu 30-May-13 14:51:01

Pinkbear what a nightmare with the fish tank! Go and enjoy having a relaxing haircut! I'm having mine done on sun morning before my baby shower in the afternoon!

It sounds like those of you feeding little ones are doing so well- it's such a difficult time! Which shields are you using btw? I've ordered lots of different ones to try. Didn't have any last time as hadn't thought of them and switched to formula without as many different tactics being used as I would have liked.

Scan went well today! I couldn't see baby anywhere near clearly but sonographer was happy with everything! She's head down so that's good and it was senior sonographer who asked if we knew sex I said yes but confirmation would be good so she said that on her opinion I can safely start buying pink! Then showed me the distinct lack of boy bits where they would have been!
Head is within normal range and slightly larger than the average. All fluid etc good do I'm happy!

AmIGoingMad Thu 30-May-13 14:52:12

And rue- definitely speak to midwife of only to our your mind at ease- its important to take care of you too x

AmIGoingMad Thu 30-May-13 14:53:09

Sorry red- missed that! I hope that your Dd gets better soon and doesn't get too ill

learnermummy Thu 30-May-13 14:53:41

So sorry to hear about your dd Red. When is your CS date?

Gina it was my second that was v overdue, first was pretty much on time!

rrreow Thu 30-May-13 15:03:47

AmIGoingMad I have the Medela ones. Size small 16mm iirc (Not sure if bra size is an indicator but non-pregnant/bf I'm usually a B or C and have fairly small nipples).

Just came back from my midwife appointment. She said baby is quite low down. Just checked notes and it says 'relation to brim 3/5'. So that's halfway there!

I think she was a bit taken aback by my insistence on still wanting a homebirth despite possible OC but was supportive when I mentioned what I'd been reading and the fact that it was definitely an informed decision.

forgetmenots Thu 30-May-13 15:10:26

Pleased to hear your scan went well AmI - and a girl, how exciting smile You better get that name picked smile

Hope you're feeling better Rue, I hope you've had a bit of advice, sounds nasty.

BH going crazy, really want it to turn to actual labour!

Hawkmoth Thu 30-May-13 16:05:43

I've sent DH to Aldi today for the electronic thermometer. I've relied on a forehead crystal one up to now, but I just seem to get more and more paranoid with every illness my children pick up!

Been on my own today. Made DH a birthday card!!! Also cried in the shower for no reason whatsoever. I'm a mess.

37 weeks by scan dates tomorrow so operation waddle and curry will commence. Not going to comment on the other recommendation for bringing on labour (not pineapple) :D

curiousgeorgie Thu 30-May-13 17:00:20

Hawkmoth - I've gone for a digital ear thermometer this time too... And already used it on my 2 year old about 5 times, it's amazing.

Just back from the midwife and there's protein in my urine, my blood pressure is a bit high and I've been having migraines and dizziness all week. Have to see the consultant in the morning confused

elsabel Thu 30-May-13 17:18:32

Hey everyone, i know im coming along a bit late in the game but can i join?

Im 39+4 with dc1 and fully engaged symptom spotting like mad! But know it can be a while yet..

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