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Sloths, slugs and heffalump bumps-july13

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princessllama Tue 28-May-13 14:16:36

Hope this works

TotallyEggFlipped Wed 29-May-13 20:37:15

So sorry to hear about your Grandad, Sasha. He will certainly have wanted you to enjoy the festival. I hope the weather's good for you.

Good luck tomorrow, paolocee & I hope your wife can relax & enjoy her birthday. Wish her a happy birthday from us!

dinkystinky Wed 29-May-13 20:44:38

Sashabella - sending you big hugs and condolences on the loss of your granddad. A quick dignified end sounds as good a way to go as I can think of. Am sure the anticipation of meeting your little one very soon will help your Nana, and the rest of your family, see some light on the horizon in the midst of this sad, sad time.

Paolo - those twins sound a great weight! Hope all OK with OH and both the scan and her birthday go swimmingly.

Thinking - hope you recover from your cold soon.

Abzs - hope you get those work photos soon. How annoying!

Silver birdie - hope Ds sleeps better tonight.

Totally - bet it feels good to have made a start. I hope the rest of the packing is equally quick and stress free.
Off to legoland tomorrow for 2 days - weather looks abit dodgy tomorrow but hopefully will make for a quieter park.

cheekbyjowl Wed 29-May-13 22:05:47

peeing on the proverbial post to mark my place. Will catch up on posts now x

mysterymeg Wed 29-May-13 22:49:11

sasha really sorry for your loss.

beginning best of luck!!

emblosion congratulations!! He's gorgeous!

Paolo all the best for the scan.

I am going to bumps and babies tomorrow. Bit nervous as not sure if anyone from my nct class is going so don't know if I'll know anyone. Then midwife in afternoon. Interested to see if my ginormous bump is measuring as big as it feels!

wifey6 Thu 30-May-13 07:34:51

Hello all...lovely shiny new thread smile

IcingTheCake Thu 30-May-13 10:25:52

Sasha what horrible news for you! Such an achievement being married for so long though, i hope this weekend takes your mind off it smile

Anybody else really struggling with sleep at the moment? I cant have any water for an hour before bed or i cant keep it down and i still have to sleep propped up, the heartburn itself isnt as bad but sicking up all the time is worse to be honest!
Go home from my holiday tomorrow confused wish i could stay for another week! Been so nice just relaxing with OH smile


elliejjtiny Thu 30-May-13 11:39:11

sasha so sorry to hear about your granddad.

icing I'm struggling with sleep too. Heartburn isn't too bad but I'm so huge I'm struggling to get comfy and then I need the loo at least once in the night

dinky enjoy legoland. DS1 asked if we can go for his birthday, 3 days before my edd. I said definitely not but maybe next year

beginning keep us posted

paolo good luck for the scan today and hope your DW is having a good birthday

emblosion I've said this on facebook already but congratulations again

abzs hope you get the photos

mysterymeg hope you enjoy the bumps and babies group. I went to one when pregnant with DS2 and really enjoyed it, especially the foot massage sessions

I've got my "essentials" bags packed (the optimistic bag for labour and first 3 hours, and the pessimistic bag with extra clothes, nappies and pads in case we are kept in for longer). Just need to put in some nice extras, books in case of long induction, nice bath stuff. Not sure what else, my mind's gone blank. I dug the moses basket out yesterday and it was looking a bit dusty and bedraggled so I've washed all the drapes, bedding etc. Just hope it dries soon. Also knitting like a mad woman hoping to finish the blanket in time. Not sure who was saying about buying clothes but yep I've done that. Got a stretchy dress, some decent pj's and more leggings. Also managed to spend £100 on the mothercare website last night on last minute "essentials". Someone hide my bank card!


Persuasion Thu 30-May-13 11:53:08

I've found you and finally caught up! I've been a bit rubbish at posting recently, but I'm watching with interest! I also had a list of comments but thinking pretty much said it all.

Congrats to emblosion, good luck to beginning and to all others with problems various!

I'm good, no news apart from being the size of a house shock

35 + 1

TotallyEggFlipped Thu 30-May-13 12:55:25

Icing - every night I wake up about 90 minutes after I go to sleep with reflux about to aspirate. Apart from that, I haven't really had much heartburn. confused
I'm also still waking to pee or drink a couple of times in the night and can't sleep much past 5 either. My body must be preparing me for sleep deprivation with a newborn.
Looking forward to hopefully getting a good nights sleep in a few years.......

MrsRoss26 Thu 30-May-13 12:56:49

Sasha so sorry to hear that news.

Paolo great to see you on here again - I hope the results of the scan show only positive things and MrsPaolo and the babbers stay happy for a bit longer yet!

Icing I've not had any significant heartburn problems, but am getting up on average 4 times a night now. I can't not drink before bed though - I'm so thirsty! Have you got yourself a megabottle of gaviscon/equivalent?

Ellie that's why I'm trying to stay off the internet at home! It's so blinkin' tempting to spend, spend, spend on baby as there are so many 'essentials'. We have yet to buy the car seat, but once that's banked I think I'll relax a lot more.

Hi to everyone else! I have just under 3 weeks left at work now and feeling rather glad about it. It's getting increasingly hard to stay motivated and awake! Am 32+1 now and can't believe how much bigger we can still get.

PhieEl06 Thu 30-May-13 15:40:31

Afternoon ladies, I feel like I've dropped off & neglected you all slightly but just been busy, keeping up to date on Facebook as its easier on my phone!

Beginning I hope all is well!

MrsMillions although your post was two days ago, you have me craving pancakes!!

Have posted on Facebook but if you're reading, congratulations emblosion.

So sorry to hear about your grandad sasha, thinking of you!! Xxx

Spending my day relaxing today as yesterday had to leave work & go to a&e as was struggling to breathe & kept nearly fainting, my boss's words to me last night were "I do not want to see you until next week." Taking advantage of this as its full pay! So had a lovely bath & going to sort my baby things out in a bit, unfortunately this will have to be done down my nans as my mom & dad are doing up their bedroom at the moment & the soon to be nursery which did have everything stored in has been cleared out to make way for their things! Nothing like a bit of homely disruption!

Hope everyone else is doing well, will be checking back more frequently now & won't neglect you all!

Gingerpanther27 Thu 30-May-13 16:06:47

Have been lurking on here and fb, just forget to post so not been ignoring everyone ....can't name check very well as on phone but can I get sort of answers or opinions please? I'm currently at my maternity unit and possibly in preterm labour - they can do a test if they do a speculum exam which would give them a much better idea if I am or not but after been through a few very shit days I don't have the ability to cope with one and I feel really guilty about it and part of me feels selfish and I don't know what to do...advice please? 34+4 x

photographerlady Thu 30-May-13 18:46:19

Beginning hope things are going well.

Phie rest up dear!

sasha sorry to hear about your granddad. Hope you and yours are ok.

Good luck to all those finishing work tomorrow.

Small update on my nightmare week - felt fine Tuesday at work but around 6pm I was curling over in pain every 10-20 mins with BH. I managed to get into bed and in the morning called off sick and rang the midwife. She put me on two days bed rest and said to come in if the pain gets stronger or my waters leak. So yesterday and today I have pretty much slept. Risked my chances to go for the food shopping but constant sharp pains in my bump and pelvic area. MW thinks its BH and stretching of my pelvis. I am going to sleep it off tonight and head in for a half day tomorrow (my last day before leave).

Cheeseandbread Thu 30-May-13 18:49:03

Hi Ginger I had a speculum exam on Tuesday as I was feeling a bit damp. They made me cough while examining to see if my waters were leaking- they couldn't see anything so took a swab to be sure. It felt slightly uncomfortable but wasn't too bad. If it will tell you more it might be good to go for it. Sorry you've had a bad couple of days.

Cheeseandbread Thu 30-May-13 18:50:56

photographer sorry you've been feeling pains- make sure you rest x

Gingerpanther27 Thu 30-May-13 19:45:40

I had a speculum just before I turned 26 weeks and. I found it really hard and invasive but I do have reasons

MummyKanny Thu 30-May-13 20:48:44

Poor photographer, that can't be much fun at all. Hope you are looking after yourself and treating yourself to lots of nice baths.

Ginger, I've had to have a couple of speculum examinations. They are never much fun but I find the key is to relax as much as possible - it's over a lot quicker that way! Good luck.

I'm really starting to feel the weight now. Moving around is becoming harder. 7 weeks to go!

33 weeks exactly!

dinkystinky Thu 30-May-13 20:59:01

Ginger - sorry you are going through a worrying time. Think of a speculum investigation as akin to a smear test as that's pretty much what it is,

Photographer - rest up lots and keep really well hydrated (as lack of hydration can make BH worse).

Phie - hope you're OK. Enjoy your enforced days of relaxation.

Ellie - legoland is great but no way I'd be doing it at 39 weeks either! The boys are loving it - kept all a secret, including the fact we are staying in the legoland hotel, till we arrived on site today and their faces were priceless. Another day at the park tomorrow then back home tomorrow night.

photographerlady Thu 30-May-13 22:02:26

Thanks ladies. Last day of work tomorrow so going to have a careful waddle commute to London and pack up my desk. Goodbye three hour commutes and roll on maternity leave.

MarieKL Thu 30-May-13 22:09:44

Sasha really sorry to hear your news. I hope you enjoy your time away and have fun in his memory.

Ginger It's so hard when for whatever reason you find these things difficult. Unless medicially necessary can you postpone and see if you feel stronger tomorrow.

Phie lovely to hear from you. Glad your boss is so understanding. I hope the rest helps.

Photographer Ouch! here's hoping they ease off tonight so you can get through your last day at work. Good luck to all those finishing tomorrow. I can't wait but slightly worried I won 't have time to complete my handover!

Dinky Legoland sounds brilliant. I went there years ago with a friend and half way round we realised we were probably the only adults there without children! Had a great day though.

I'm also waking up several times a night, combination of needing the toilet, leg cramps and DS waking! Feeling the weight as well so can't wait for mat leave to start.

Off to bed soon but quick question for anyone who's had a c-section before. Can you wear PJs after? I'm trying to pack my hospital bag and struggling to find a nightie that fits my bump without exposing my breasts so thinking PJs are a better idea in case I have to stay in on a postnatal ward, but worried if I have an emergency c-section PJs will be entirely unsuitable! Random worry I know but any advice gratefully received.

dinkystinky Fri 31-May-13 06:37:02

Marie - my friends who had csecs wore PJs - they were v loose bottoms that came up well over the bump though. Re leg cramps - coconut water and bananas will help fend them off but the absolute best thing is magnesium phosphate pillules - I take 4 in the morning and 4 before bed and haven't had any leg cramps in 2 weeks ( was starting to get them in bed before that ) - another plus point of the mag phos is it seems to be keeping my bowel movements regular (tmi but if I can't share on here where can I ?)

Happy last day at work before mat leave day Photographer

Guavasforbreakfast Fri 31-May-13 08:46:05

Oops - the thread fell off my radar in the last few crazy weeks at school, SATs time is manic! Finally recovering from half term illness (seems to hit me every time, my body keeps me going until the first day off then collapses!) Job for this morning: catch up with all the chatter!

33+3 - 2 weeks tip maternity leave grin

Cheeseandbread Fri 31-May-13 09:10:11

Hello again Guava I have 2 weeks left too grin

Reports and SATs marking for me today... Currently hiding in bed with the cat.

Photographer I hope your last day goes well- I think some others are finishing today too? Hope you all have good last days xx

I can't wait for mat leave!!

(Bean seems to be getting more active at night now- anyone else? This on top of my 4 trips to the toilet each night does not make for much sleeping... Just preparing me I guess)

Anyone heard from beginning? Hope all is well if you are reading this beginning flowers


Guavasforbreakfast Fri 31-May-13 09:30:11

Phew, caught up on the new thread at least!

Princess hope your itching has improved and it sounds good that you might be able to get to 40 weeks! I was tested for OC too but like someone else said it came back negative and low iron. Hope the meds work!

MummyKanny I've seen something called an airflow wrap instead of a bumper, really thin so if baby's face presses up against it they can still breathe, but stops trapped arms and legs. Will prob steer clear anyway to be on the safe side.

Beginning and Ginger hope everything's ok and that little ones hang on a bit longer! No advice from me as first timer, can do virtual hand holding though!

Marie I succumbed to shopping temptation when visiting my sister in London this weekend, bought a couple jojomamanbebe wrap tops and a topshop dress - canNOT afford that kind of splurge but was sick of having no variety or anything nice to wear! Plus my sister is a model, I felt like a sack of potatoes next to her in my normal maternity clothes... Got lots of compliments on the dress if anyone needs a confidence boost - top shop, navy and white fitted maxi dress.

Paulo hope your OH is ok, keep us posted.

Sasha really sorry to hear about your grandad. There have been a few deaths/major illnesses in OH's family in the last year or so, MIL said how nice it was to have the baby as a positive focus for everyone.

Not much new with me, feeling heavy and occasionally crampy, MW says BH shouldn't hurt so it must be baby doing larger movements? Have had bad cough and cold for days which has made it worse, I'm sure my stomach muscles are totally destroyed now confused


SlouchingPanda Fri 31-May-13 10:05:05

Just catching up. Day off today which means I'm sitting on the sofa in my dressing gown eating ice pops and watching Helicopter Heroes. grin

I am suddenly feeling even more enormous. I have proper old lady cankles at the end of the day and am considering installing a winching system to help me get out of the bath. I am tired and teary and need a rest. Like Guavas and lots of others, I have two more weeks to work and it can't come soon enough. Photographer hope you are celebrating tonight!

Sorry to hear Sasha's news and hope all those feeling rotten and rubbish are resting and recuperating.

Congratulations Emblosion on your beautiful boy, and Shiv if you are still here I'm loving reading Oliver's updates on FB and hope he continues to grow stronger.

34+1 today and off on a buying spree...

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