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Twins due in Novemeber - any others?

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Franykins Thu 23-May-13 09:07:10

Hi all, I found out at my 12 week scan yesterday that I am having twins!! What a shock that was, they aren't in mine or my DP's family so a total curveball!

Needless to say I feel a little all over the place this morning and pg hormones have gone into total overdrive. I am so overjoyed and excited but also shocked and nervous, if not a little scared to be honest.

Just looking to chat with people in the same situation to shares the joys and worries that may be ahead.

I have a big supply of brew and biscuit to share...............................

SweetieTime Mon 09-Sep-13 20:59:57

Glad you both had lovely busy weekends. We did a weekend trip to London to go see Charlie & Chocolate Factory and tour of Buckingham Palace. It was a very busy weekend but loved it. That is the last weekend away we have booked.

I am glad of the change of weather too, my feet and ankles are feeling the relief already. I have embraced my maternity jeans this weekend too.

hetsto glad you are feeling much better, sounds like the meds and cooler weather are doing the trick.
The movements I am feeling are also getting stronger too. The movements are usually after meals and at bedtime. I don't think they are strong enough to wake me up if I am asleep yet.

Franykins glad to hear the scan went well and the twins are both a good size. My scan was similar although mine are smaller. Boy twin is 1lb7oz and girl twin is 1lb5oz. I think we are on for jumbo twins too. Mine have both been breach for the most of the time but are now both heads down, their heads are next to each other. I had thought they had moved as the kicks are now under my bust. The Dr said they will have plenty of room to move until 33 weeks and even after if they are determined so I wouldn't worry at this stage about yours going back to head down ready for natural delivery.
We are starting decorating this week as new carpet is delivered next Wednesday so it has to be ready.

hetsto Tue 10-Sep-13 14:23:02

Hello all, Glad to hear the scan went well Franykins and that they’re growing nicely. You’re right that their health is the most important thing, and I gather bigger is almost always better with twins! Keeping my fingers crossed that your little girl flips back ‘round – there’s time yet!

How was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory SweetieTime? I’ve heard really good things about it! Sounds like a lovely weekend. Very pleased your scan was good too!

They’re doing an ‘Active Buildings’ assessment at my work and have asked some randomly selected people to wear little monitors to see how much activity we get during the day – I was selected and I’m pretty sure I’m going to warp their readings! I’m up all the time to go to the loo but it takes me about 10 minutes to get out of my seat!

SweetieTime Thu 12-Sep-13 10:28:43

Hetsto how long do you/did you wear the monitor for? I am sure you won't impact their results.
How are you feeling now? Have the med and cooler weather worked a treat?

Franykins how are you getting on with packing your hospital bags? I was looking at your thread from a few weeks ago about this. I have made a list of things to include in my bag and the babies bag. I was prompted to do this when unpacking from our weekend away. I thought I might as well leave my toiletries and travel make up bag I know I might be kidding myself on the makeup front in the overnight bag we used and just add to.

We have made a start on the nursery too, DH has taken up the old carpet and painted the skirting boards. The new carpet is delivered on Wed and the furniture on Friday. We might not put it together for a while but it will be here.
I have ordered a travel cot with proper mattress for our room too. I have arranged to have this delivered to my parents as they wanted to buy it for us. It is saying early Oct for delivery so a while off yet and hopefully we can store it in the nursery when we get a bit nearer to needing it.

Have you made any arrangements for your mat leave yet? I have a meeting with my line manager next week and am not really sure what to say. I feel so well at the moment I am not sure now if to go at 32 weeks as I had planned or leave it longer. I am worried I might be sat at home twiddling my thumbs and bored out of my head for weeks.

SweetieTime Fri 13-Sep-13 12:29:17

Messages for Franykins who is struggling to post on threads at the moment so I have cut this from a message she has sent me.

This is my post from earlier in the week:

Sounds like a lovely weekend SweetieTime Hope Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was good. We have our last weekend (well night) away planned for mid October with DP boys. My cousin is getting married so we're off to that, although I have pre warned them that I will be rather far along in my twin pg so all depends on how I feel etc, they have said that is ok I do hope I can make it! so pleased your scan went well too

Thanks Hetsto was so lovely to see them again just 4 weeks till my next one. Where is the time going though? This has been the quickest 28 weeks ever and I've never known a pg to go so quickly, everyone is saying to me its just flown by. I'm so pleased I've had no issues, and all my blood tests and GTT test came back fine, but I can't help but think I'm going to miss being pregnant. As DP has the two boys already he may not want any more which I have to respect and who knows I might not want more after twins! I'm just enjoying it while it lasts like eating two choc hazelnut croissants for breakfast oops

That should be interesting Hetsto everyone just laughs (in a nice way as i'm laughing too) at me when I try and get up, it is an effort! My mum even told me I was waddling on Monday. I had to point out that I had spent all Sunday decorating so not only was I pg my whole body ached! My thighs were agony - so please take note SweetieTime with your decorating and don't be as stubborn as me! I sat down for approx. 3 hours in total but throughout the day and we were going from 9:30 in the morn to 9:30 at night. DP kept telling me off but I just couldn't watch him try and do it all in one day bless. We were meant to spread it out over the two days but due to sisterly issues grrrrrr Saturday was wasted! I was not impressed and what makes her life more important that everything has to be put on hold! Sorry rant over.

This is from this morning:

SweetieTime so far I have packed most of things babies will need (although going to go through this at some point as I think I put all babygrows up to 7.6lbs and am a little concerned they may be too small after the scan!) As for my bag atm its all in a carrier bag as I keep as DP to get the over night bag out the loft whenever he goes up and he keeps forgetting. What I have for me so far is 2 pairs light weight pj's, two open front nighties, one for labour and one for after just in case I have to have a catheter (lovely thought) I have a lightweight dressing gown, pair of slip on slippers with proper rubber soles. Some little bottles to put disperse things like shampoo/conditioner/shower gel into. A travel size face wash and moisturiser. Also a face of face wipes and baby wipes. My make up will defo be going in! I am also (very vain I know but I hate myself without make up ) tempted to get a beautician friend of mine to put lash extensions on so I dont' have to worry too much about those first pics after birth! I will not keep these up once they fall out/off though it would be a one time thing. Also on the list I have dry shampoo, clothes for coming home, moist toilet wipes (been advised on this one due to soreness and normal toilet roll) hair bands, maternity pads, breast pads, socks, lip balm/Vaseline, comb, sweets, juice (to make warm temp tap water taste better) phone charger, camera, sports top bottle to drink from and music. Hmmm seems a lot! But it's what I've been advised to take. some of it will be going in a separate bag for after labour though and I'll leave it in the car till its needed. Then I can swap stuff over and DP can take some of it back home. Don't want the hospital to think I'm moving in.

Regarding maternity leave I have 5 weeks left today I am starting with a week of annual leave (all I have left) then mat leave starts on the 28th Oct. To be honest although I generally feel ok and have a stress free job I can't wait! I just get so tired and end up napping at my desk Luckily we aren't overly busy here at the moment and guys just leave me to (embarrassing!) As it is by 8:30 in the eve I tend to be on/in bed. I just can't get comfy on the sofa and am so tired. I don't go to sleep though I read or watch some TV. Generally DP joins me bless him but I do tell he doesn't have to.

Talking of DP I was so worried he wouldn't get any paternity leave as he hasn't been in his new job long enough (he started about the time we conceived!) but they have been so nice to him and have given him an additional two weeks leave full pay and a month of light duties! This is on top of his normal annual leave, so really we're quids in on paternity leave. Feeling blessed!

Ok I know I say this a lot but sorry for the mammoth post! As I said I've not been able to post since monday!

Hope your all well

Don't worry about replying in full to me - I just didn't want you both to think I was AWOL Hopefully it will be sorted soon, I am still reading your posts though.

Hope you both have a good weekend x

Franykins Mon 16-Sep-13 09:39:19

Morning, how are you? Hope you've had a good weekend. Mine was, interesting!

My dad came down so kindly wallpapered our hallway smile so pleased to be getting somewhere with it all. However, I spent Saturday night in hospital sad I was worried about bubbas movements on Friday, they weren't what they usually are. Then on Saturday I felt them only twice and that was with a LOT of prodding and poking. I went in about 8 and was monitored, they found their heartbeats straight away smile but as I still couldn't feel them they scanned me. There were slight movements but only gentle (I did get to see little boy practising his suckling though, how cute!) So they decided to keep me in. I wasn't really thinking they would do this so I had driven in with my mum, who can't drive my car (didn't help I squeezed it into the smallest space!) so by 10:30 she was ringing round to see who could come and get her as I wouldn't let her bus home on her own on a Saturday night from Brighton. Luckily a friend picked her up, I was going to pay for a taxi. Then my dad and sister came to get my car as it was parked on a road that needed to be paid for come the morning. They also dropped off a nightie and phone charger. Of course they could have taken mum home but didn't get to me until 11:45 when I was on the ward. Was monitored throughout the night and again in the morning. I was now feeling movements and rather strong ones, think bubbas where fed up with all the straps round my bump and prodding and poking from the midwives. Then the consultant came round in the morning and scanned me again. When I said I had felt them quite a bit by this point he was happy for me to go home smile I have to see my consultant this afternoon anyway so the ward consultant was happy with that. Not an event I want to be repeating! I was really worried when they said they were keeping me in. There was another lady in the bed opposite me who was expecting triplets smile she was taken up Sunday morning for a C-section. She sounded so relieved bless her.

Well I hope you had a less stressful weekend than me!

Franykins Mon 16-Sep-13 09:39:31

And yay I can post again!

SweetieTime Mon 16-Sep-13 11:23:54

Franykins great to have you back with us. Gosh what a scare at the weekend, so pleased everything was ok for you and the bubbas. Glad the hospital took you seriously and you weren't fobbed off. Sounds a bit comical with all the logistics of getting cars sorted out though. You will have to see what your regular consultant says when you see him. Have the twins move position much? I haven't felt the same movement over the weekend but they have been going for it this morning so far. I think mine have shifted around as the kicking is now in different places. I too was a bit worried yesterday as I hadn't felt a lot of movement but I had been busy with DHs niece staying with us and if they were moving about they might have been kicking less. Who knows but I would be popping along to hospital if worried.

We went to Mamas & Papas outlet at the weekend and got a couple of pram suits in pink and blue. They are so adorable, I went for newborn up to 10lb size. As this should see them through the worst of winter. I also got a pack of 7 tiny baby, up to 5lb, vests for £2. I couldn't refuse such a bargain. Of course we have no idea what size they will be when they arrive so it might be £2 wasted. I think the majority of other things I have got so far are up to 7lbs.

Thanks for sharing the hospital bag list too, I have a list so will add a few of your suggestions too. I just keep adding to now. Might be worth keeping an emergency overnight essentials bag handy for situations like you have had this weekend though.

My mat leave cover has gone through this morning and she is starting from 1st Oct. This is a massive relief as I was thinking I would end up just leaving things when I go. My job is very flexible and I can work from home which has been a huge benefit. I have been able to factor in a rest or nap most days when I work from home, meaning I cover the time later in the day. I am sure this has helped me to keep so well during my pregnancy. I am still thinking of going off or very reduced hours from 32 weeks which is 8th Nov. I will have a word with my line manager, now my cover is sorted there might not be that much for me to do anyway. At least at home I can do all my batch cooking for the freezer, order Christmas pressies, write all my Christmas cards, wrap pressies and of course make sure all the baby clothes are washed and ready. Nothing like being prepared is there?

Franykins hope all goes well with the consultant today and you can rest up for today.

Franykins Mon 16-Sep-13 12:14:59

Was definitely rather stressful. I really didn't expect to be kept in though otherwise we would have gone in my mums car. DP would have come but we had his boys so he needed to stay home with them, and part of me thought I was over-reacting but I guess not! DP and boys picked me up in the morning and took me for a fry up though, naughty but so nice! It was rather comical with all the sorting of cars and getting mum home, just totally unexpected. I've been up with a few people over the years for monitoring and they've always gone home after an hour so I just assumed I would too. All the staff were so nice though and I would love Rosie the midwife to be on duty when I have these bubbas. She was so friendly and reassuring smile Little boy to my right has moved again. Sat night he was transverse with his head to my right side, Sunday morning he was transverse with his head to my left looking at his sister. , who is still breach. I said they were nattering away about the stress they had caused me. We saw little boy practising his suckling on one of the scans too - so cute! I was also told that one of the placentas is anterior, whereas I have always been told they were both posterior so not sure what to think about that.

They are so cute! I have two matching lamb ones from the Next sale. They are first size and up to 7.6lb I think so won't last long, but they are not overly thick and only cost £7 each so I got them. Will need to get thicker ones for when winter really sets in but will wait so I have an idea of what size to get.

Re hospital list I am also thinking tiny baby nappies, but will wait till our last growth scan before buying any just in case we don't really need them. If I do buy them and they aren't needed I will give them the special care baby unit instead. I think you might be right about an over night essentials bag too. silly thing is I had just that day put all my stuff in my hospital bag so would have been no hassle to grab out m y wash bag and a nightie!

It's good your mat cover is in place. Mine is coming in next week for me to show her what she needs to do. I am definitely counting down the days till I start mat leave now, I'm constantly tired even though otherwise I feel fine. I just want to put my feet up, sleep when I like and watch all the chick flicks DP won't watch with me. I also plan to go to a couple of local twin groups I have come across and introduce myself before they arrive. And like you say SweetieTime batch cook some food for the freezer.

Thank you, I'm already wondering what he will say about my stay over night. Thankfully bubbas have both been VERY active last night and today grin Its so reassuring even if it does keep me going to the toilet I won't be coming back to work after the appointment so can go home and flop until the boys get back from school.

hetsto Mon 16-Sep-13 16:40:32

Hello all! It’s been ages, so sorry! I’ve seem to have been really busy over the past few days, well, either that or sleeping!

SweetieTime, yes, the sickness meds and cooler weather have sorted me out thank you, it’s very nice not spending any time kneeling next to the loo! As a result I seem to have grown lots in the last week too, which is great! I’ve just posted a new photo up if you fancy a look; 27 +2 today – so exciting! I give the activity monitor back tomorrow, so I’ve been wearing it for just under a week and I reckon I’ve been more active than some people, despite being pregnant. I had a lovely swim at the weekend – it feels so good to float around in the water, tummy bobbing on the surface, hehe!

Thank you both for all the hospital bag help; I’ve started packing mine, but there’s a fair bit still to do.

Good work on the nursery Sweetietime, I’m very impressed! We’re not too far off with ours but it isn’t as pretty as I’d like. I might take a trip to John Lewis at the weekend to get some nice bits to put in there – it looks kind of clinical and bare at the moment.

My maternity leave is sorted for 34 weeks, which is right at the beginning of November, but they’re being really flexible so I may well end up bringing that forwards. I’ve also got some annual leave to take, which would give me another two weeks. I’m also quite lucky in that I can work from home quite a bit, although I do like the company of coming into the office most of the time, so that might allow me to keep going a bit longer. We’ll see.

Thanks so much for messaging Franykins, it was good to know you hadn’t disappeared! So sorry you had such a scary time this weekend though! Very glad to hear you and the babies are doing ok now, but do rest up as much as you can! How did it go with the consultant? Really hope you’re ok and not reeling too much from the stress and panic of it all! Take good care of yourself!

I’ve got an appointment on Wednesday, which I’m quite looking forward to – having complained about being monitored all the time, I actually really enjoy seeing them and it’s good to get some reassurance that everything is going ok.

We’ve got quite a few clothes from Baby Gap, which are so cute! I got mostly up to 7lb, but I wonder whether I could do with getting a few more teenie ones.

Has anyone else been having many Braxton hicks? I’ve been having them on and off for a while now, and have been told it’s nothing to worry about – they don’t usually hurt, just a tightening really, but in the last few days I’ve been having more and they’re definitely stronger. I guess it’s just a symptom of getting further along and growing bigger, but they’re a bit disarming. My whole bump goes very hard and feels tight, particularly across the top.

SweetieTime Mon 16-Sep-13 16:57:04

hetsto amazing bump, thanks for sharing. I find it fascinating the different shapes and sizes everyones bump is. Yours in much more pointy out than mine, mine seems longer and flatter. I will take a post a photo later in the week so you can have a look. Good news that it is growing well, always a good sign. Mine seemed to have a spurt between 21 - 23 weeks but not so much recently, or maybe I am just getting used to it being there.
Glad the meds and cooler weather are helping and giving you a break from feeling so poorly

I have been through all the baby clothes I have bought so far and made a list as I had forgotten what I had already bought. I am not sure how many clothes babies will actually need.

So far we have got
7 x tiny baby vests (up to 5lbs these look really small though)
6 x newborn vests (up to 7/8lbs)
5 x up to a month vests (up to 10lbs)

8 x newborn babygros
11 x up to a month babygros
2 x 0-3m girl babygros

4 x jersey hats
4 x pairs of scratch mittens
12 x pairs of socks
2 x pramsuits
2 x cardigans

Does this sound enough? What have you guys got so far?

Hope all went well today Franykins

Franykins Wed 18-Sep-13 15:07:20

Hope your appointment goes well today Hetsto My consultant on Monday was a bit, how shall I put this, underwhelming? Didn't really mention me being in on Saturday night and just did the normal, blood pressure, urine and heartbeats. I feel like they are just another midwife app really but I always drag DP along in case they say something important. I did bring up labour but he said oh we won't even talk about that yet! Erm hello I have 8 weeks to go, when are we going to talk about it? Anyway, bubbas and myself are all ok so that's what matters smile They have been wriggling away all week so that makes me happy grin

Your pics are great Hetsto and what a difference the week made with meds and cooler weather (which I am loving!) smile My bump is all out front and people keep saying I look small for twins, I feel massive. One of the teachers at the boys school, who I saw when picking them up yesterday, told me how dainty I still look. I love her! She has had twins and said she was massive. Seen as I'm carrying around over 6lb of baby by now being called dainty is lovely smile

I have 3 storage boxes of clothes blush One for little girl, one for little boy and a unisex one. Only the unisex one is full though. However, the age ranges in each box are tiny baby to 6-9 months. I am worrying we haven't got enough to be honest, but we have enough to get us through to begin with and then we can see what we actually need more of. Plus I have friends who are giving me bags of clothes to go through. I do want more cardigans though to put on over the babygrows.

Re hospital bag, mine is pretty much packed now after last weekend. I just thought get it done! I do still have some bits I need to put in, but the essentials are there just in case.

I've not been having Braxton hicks yet, but in the evening my bump just feels really tight. I'm worried I won't know what they are if I do get them. Does everyone get them?

4 1/2 weeks till maternity leave not that I'm counting

hetsto Thu 19-Sep-13 09:27:00

Good morning!

Thank you both for the sweet bump comments – it’s definitely getting bigger, and yes – pointier too SweetieTime! Like you, Franykins, it only seems to be growing outwards at the moment and not very much at the sides, I’m not sure why but at some point I’m going to topple right over! To be fair, the buttons on the cardi’ I’m wearing in the picture do make it look even pointier too.

Glad to hear your appointment went well Franykins, despite being a bit of an anti-climax. Are you feeling ok about it? Hopefully you can get the birth onto the agenda of your next appointment!

Yesterday’s appointment went well for me too thanks, and as predicted, the girls have put on a growth spurt. It’s amazing how much difference a couple of weeks has made! smile I also spoke to the consultant about the Braxton hicks and apparently not everyone gets them, but it generally isn’t anything to worry about if you do. He was a bit surprised that mine are as strong as they are, but said that could be due to the growth spurt, I was glad that I had a couple whilst I was there to prove it! Hehe. I wouldn’t worry about not recognising them Franykins; it doesn’t really matter anyway but mine do feel decidedly different to normal – my whole bump goes very hard and tight and across the top it feels kind of like you’re sucking your diaphragm in.

In terms of baby clothes, we’ve got tonnes but a lot of it has been handed down:

10 x tiny vests
10 x newborn vests
10 x 0-3 months vests

10 x tiny babygros
10 x newborn babygros
10 x 0-3 months babygros

6 x jersey hats
6 x pairs of scratch mittens
10 x pairs of socks – these are so cute and tiny, my total favourites!
2 x pramsuits
4 x cardigans

…I’m not sure why I’ve done everything in 10s!

Franykins Thu 19-Sep-13 10:07:47

Morning. So pleased your appointment went well Hetsto and the girls have grown nicely smile must be very reassuring for you. I'm feeling ok about mine, i'm just never sure what to expect really and feel bad I drag DP along for basically a midwife appointment. At least all our others are now after the scans so he will already be with me and my next one is at 32 weeks so maybe we will discuss labour in more depth. Who knows.

I had a bit of a panic this morning and pretty much finished my hospital bags and put all of the bubbas bedding and towels in the wash. Had a really bad nights sleep and was feeling very uncomfortable with a fair bit of pain. This morning I wasn't sure if I was feeling sick or not. I think I'm worrying myself that they are going to come too early. I have come to work though as there isn't really much to do and I can sit here with my feet up. I have my last antenatal class this afternoon so only have a half day anyway and my classes are run by my midwife so I will have a chat with her about how I'm feeling. Bubbas are being very wriggly so I know they are ok. I don't feel in pain atm so I think maybe its just the way I was laying. God I feel like a drama queen this week!

SweetieTime Thu 19-Sep-13 20:55:27

Franykins not a drama queen at all. How are you feeling now? Sounds very sensible to get everything prepared regardless. It is very unlikely you will go into early labour. My consultant told me less than 5% chance.
How did your antenatel class go? did the midwife say anything about how you were feeling last night?

hetsto great news that the girls have been having a growth spurt. Were they pleased by their progress? I haven't had any Braxton Hicks either, but it might be a bit soon for me as I am only 25 weeks.

I have got all the different vests and babygros out tonight to compare the sizes. OMG what a lottery. They all vary in size so much depending on where they were from. I still need some small size vests but seems to have quite a few small size babygros. Just goes to show how things differ.

Nursery furniture due to be delivered between 7am - 9am tomorrow morning. Very excited.

SweetieTime Fri 20-Sep-13 08:21:24

Nursery furniture arrived - now it just needs assembling!!!

I have posted a bump photo in my profile if you want to have a look. I am not sure how to rotate it so I hope you don't strain yourselves looking sideways on.

Franykins Fri 20-Sep-13 09:29:42

I am feeling ok now thank you SweetieTime just tired and a fair bit of low down pressure, but bubbas must now weigh a combined total of about 7lb so I guess that's why. As long as I can go the next 5-6 weeks at least so i'll be 35-36 weeks I will be happy with that. I know the longer the better but I am just so tired now. Although everyone keeps telling me how good I look and that they thought I would be bigger haha. Makes me feel better though grin I have loved being pregnant.
Antenatel class was ok, all on breastfeeding but I guess if I want to tandem feed I will have to adapt it slightly. It wasn't my midwife, there was cover so I didn't ask blush silly I know but I was feeling ok. I felt the same this morning but felt better after breakfast so think it was just hunger and the pain probably more stretching?

After hanging the washing out last night I think it is safe to say we have LOADS of vests up to 0-3 months! Might have gone a bit ott there blush so going to go through it all this weekend and make a list, see if there is anything that we might be short on. I have got a list but it was made a while ago and I have been adding clothes and not writing them down, very unlike me as I love lists smile But your right, I have found that different shops have different sizes for the 'age' they are.

Yay about nursery furniture grin how very exciting. I really wish I had a nursery to decorate sad very jealous hehe. DP and I are going to put some stickers on the wall with the cot to make it more 'baby' though smile

Lovely pic smile and lovely bump smile makes me feel huge though haha, I will see if I can post a pic today 9never have done before so this should be interesting) I now have a 50" 'waist'! but have only (?!?!) gained 2 1/2 stone so its all bump and some boob I guess.

Franykins Fri 20-Sep-13 09:47:49

Bump pic is up!

SweetieTime Fri 20-Sep-13 12:43:46

Franykins I think your bump looks great for twins at 30 weeks. Yours is very pointy too, I have pointy bump envy. I think everyone feels HUGE just cos it is so different to normal. My waist was 42" when I measured earlier in the week. Another of my worries is on weight gain. I have only gained 11lbs so far, I am sure I should have gained more as I wasn't sick in early pregnancy and have eaten normally, and more besides, throughout. Both twins are growing well and both were bigger than a singleton at the same stage at my last scan so I suppose I shouldn't worry but these things creep in to my mind at the dead of night.

People keep telling me I look really well, I am not sure how I should look but I am happy to be told I look well. The make up is obviously doing a good job. I haven't hated being pregnant, it has sort of just happened. This experience so far wouldn't put me off doing it again, if I had started younger I might have ended up with a football team.

You should have said something to the stand in midwife, that is what they are there for. If you get any more twinges I would ring them, just in case. Even if they have you in for monitoring again it is all for the best.

You must compare the sizes of stuff against each other, I was shocked how Up to a month size vests from Tesco came up smaller than Tiny baby from Matalan. How can that be? I am now very confused what I still need. I love a list but am not sure how to list things we still need now. It is the really small things we may be short of, but if they are jumbo twins when they arrive we might be ok.

It will be weeks until all the assembly of furniture is done and then the wall stickers but when it is all done I will let you guys know and post some pictures.

BTW have you packed your own towels for your hospital bag? I have put a couple of old navy towels in just in case.

Franykins Mon 23-Sep-13 11:03:30

Hi, hope you've had a good weekend.

Thank you SweetieTime I love my bump smile Wow 11lbs is great, as long as bubbas are growing ok then there's nothing to worry about surely, especially if you midwife etc aren't worried. I have put on almost 3 stone now blush but it is all out front and just bump. I wasn't really sick or anything either but I must admit my chocolate intake has gone way up! I never really had a sweet tooth until about 10 weeks ago, now I am obsessed with choc! Not good really. Although this weekend the choc has been replaced with gingerbread!

I've had people telling me how well and good I look, however that changed this weekend when I dared to pop out without my make-up, something I rarely do blush but I was just popping to a friends and my mums. My friend asked how I was and I said oh really tired today (she is also pg and is 17 weeks) she replied with you do looked tired today hun, but then I never see you without make-up. The fact I went to a party the night before and didn't get home until 11 (get me! I'm normally in bed by 9 these days!) probably had something to do with it. Her mum also said I was starting to look tired and to go home and rest. I know they weren't being mean but I do look like crap without the 'warpaint' not that I wear loads but I must have a good concealer! I have really enjoyed being pregnant though and would definitely do it again if DP agrees, but I haver to accept that he now has 4 children so may not want more, which I can understand.

You are right I should have done, she just seemed a bit 'willowy' if that makes sense and I didn't feel comfortable. I feel absolutely fine now so that's good smile and am feeling lots of kicking, summersaulting and hiccupping now so that makes me very happy.

It's my DP birthday today and it's the first time he has felt the hiccups smile I then got told off (in a nice way) for his bday presents as he doesn't really 'do' birthdays. I'm in big trouble later when he gets more from the boys and me wink I haven't gone mad as I know we have an expensive time coming up but also this may be the last time for a few years we can get each other some of the more expensive things we want. If that makes sense.

I have lists of the things we have, unisex, boy, girl, and have just done it in weight rather than ages as they differ so much. I did go through the unisex stuff again this weekend as I had washed some more stuff. It is safe to say I have gone rather overboard with the white vests up to 7.8lbs, we have 20!!!! How the hell did I manage that when I have lists! Silly me! I said my friend please don't buy any white vests as I have loads you can have!

How exciting! I still need to order the stickers for the wall in our room where the cot is. I want to make it a bit more baby, even though they won't remember. I want some nice woodland creatures and have found some really cute ones on eBay.

I have put my beach towel in my hospital bag as its nice and big. I haven't put any in for the bubbas though as I don't think you are meant to bath them for a while. Maybe I will pop one in for them though just in case. I'm also going to rethink how I've packed things. So far I have done a bag for me and a bag for them. I might change this to a labour/straight after labour bag and just have an outfit each for them in there and the essentials for me, clean nightie etc, and then put all the other stuff in the bigger bag for DP to bring up from the car when needed. What do you think? How have you done yours?

SweetieTime Mon 23-Sep-13 20:41:58

Franykins happy birthday to your DH, i am sure he enjoyed his presents anyway.

I have been to Primark today and got these slipper things for me for only £1.50 so they have gone in the bag. I also got big black knickers these are in the wash but will be going into the bag.
I have also been to Superdrug and stocked up on bronzer. I wear tinted moisturiser, eye liner and mascara everyday as a minimum. I think bronzer will be a must going forward.

I think I would take as much as possible in your bag and then additional stuff in a second bag that you leave in car or at home to be brought in if or when needed. I intend taking a couple of nighties (one for birth and one clean) and at least a pair of pyjamas (that don't look like pyjamas) or comfy outfit in case I have to visit twins in SCBU. Slippers, socks, underwear, toiletries then snacks & juice plus phone, kindle and charger.
Then I am thinking of taking at least 6 vests and babygros for the babies, plus hats, bibs, socks and cardigans. Not sure if we need to take our own nappies, I will ask.
I might put extra nappies, if needed, and baby clothes in my spare bag plus other things for me.

hetsto Tue 24-Sep-13 17:07:48

Hi there, I just wanted to post a quick message to wish you guys all the very best and thank you for all your kindness and support. I'm going to post what's been happening with us in a separate thread as I'm afraid things haven't gone well, but I really don't want to bring you guys down or normalise it, so please don't feel you need to read it. Just thought I'd wish you lots of luck and love as I don't think I'll be about on MN for a little while. Take care, you'll be brilliant mothers to beautiful twins, I know! xx

Franykins Wed 25-Sep-13 09:51:22

I am at a loss of what to say today sad I just hope everyone is taking care of themselves. All the best to everyone xxx

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