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Twins due in Novemeber - any others?

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Franykins Thu 23-May-13 09:07:10

Hi all, I found out at my 12 week scan yesterday that I am having twins!! What a shock that was, they aren't in mine or my DP's family so a total curveball!

Needless to say I feel a little all over the place this morning and pg hormones have gone into total overdrive. I am so overjoyed and excited but also shocked and nervous, if not a little scared to be honest.

Just looking to chat with people in the same situation to shares the joys and worries that may be ahead.

I have a big supply of brew and biscuit to share...............................

hetsto Tue 27-Aug-13 16:28:47

Hi all,

Thanks SweetieTime, I might have a look for a Kiddicare, there must be on somewhere nearby. Well done on getting your buggy and car seats sorted too, you must be really pleased.

I know what you guys mean about the bump growing too – I’m feeling pretty big now and people do look rather stunned when I say I’m only 24 weeks! I’m ok with getting big to be honest, as long as it means the babies are growing nicely… I’m just not sure what I’ll be able to wear; I might have to fashion a dress from a duvet cover if I keep going as I am at the moment!

Pleased to hear you’re doing well too Franykins, sounds like a fun but busy week off! Good work on the cot and car seats too.

Is anyone else still feeling sick, or had it return? I’ve been generally feeling ok since about 13 weeks, then morning sickness has made a sudden and gruesome come-back over the last few days. Dashing to the loo and crouching by the toilet bowl is a lot trickier now than it was backthen! Eugh.

hetsto Wed 28-Aug-13 15:24:56

Hi Sweetietime - I was thinking of what you said about bumps today, when I went to try some non-maternity clothes on in Next. I took a couple of pictures 'cause I couldn't quite believe how much my belly has jumped out recently! I guess we'll all be growing growing growing over the next couple of months but it's kind of hard to see how...

SweetieTime Wed 28-Aug-13 17:58:12

hetsto I think we will be growing at a speed now past the 20 week stage. The last 2 weeks I have really come on too. I look quite big now but I am trying not to care. It isn't for very long in the scheme of things and it is such an important time. I did ask my hairdresser if I could borrow one of her capes if I get desperate. I have a couple of more roomy maternity tunics I got from ASOS, I nearly sent them back as they seemed so massive but now I can see they may be the only thing that I can fit into soon.

Franykins can I ask about your planned sleeping arrangements for the twins? I am still stressing what to do for the best when we first get them home, then when to put them in their own room, and in their own room should they be in one cot or separate? I am sure I am over thinking it and things will just evolve naturally.

Have either of you bought any twins books? I am not sure if I want to take a prescribed approach in a book but probably need the tips and advice. Any recommendations?

hetsto Thu 29-Aug-13 09:43:17

Yes, I think you’re right SweetyTime! It’s not that I really mind, in fact I quite like my bump at the moment, it’s just a bit of a shocker and scary to think what it’ll be like by the end of the pregnancy. By the way, I had a nose at your photo and I think you look great, you inspired me really! Hehe, good work on the hairdressing cape, I’m going to scour ebay for stuff I think.

I haven’t bought any specific twin pregnancy or childbirth books, but did get the booklet from Tamba. There is a bit about twins and multiples in ‘What to Expect…’, but I’m not sure I rate it really. I have, however, bought a couple of books on parenting twins, including ‘Mothering Multiples : Breastfeeding & Caring for Twins or More’, by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, but I haven’t actually read any of them yet…

I just thought I’d stick in my two-peneth on sleeping arrangements: we’re going to buy two bed-cots for them in their own room as I guess we’ll need them eventually anyway, then we can decide about co-sleeping them later. I’ve heard mixed opinions on that, with some saying it’s unsafe for them to share, and others saying it’s hugely beneficial! confused We’re going to go with moses baskets in our room to begin with I think…

Franykins Thu 29-Aug-13 09:50:19

Hi guys, I'm struggling this week! I think I defo over did things last week with the boys :-( but wanted them and me to have a good week off. By the evenings I am finding it hard to get comfy and sleeping is becoming a bit of a nightmare! I'm hoping it will resolve its self soon otherwise think I will have to mention it to my mw. Generally I feel fine though, just a lot of low down pressure by the evening but I was expecting this as bubba girl is lying soooooooooooo low down all the time. And the tiredness has returned. I'm 26+6 today so again I was expecting this as I got closer to the third trimester. Bless DP he keeps offering to sleep in the boys room when they are with their mum but I want to be close (well as close as possible) to him so tell him not to unless I am keeping him up, he's a good sleeper though so its not often I do smile However, on a good note I am still loving being pregnant grin and can't stop talking to the bubbas or rubbing my bely smile

SweetieTime as we are in a two bed house the bubbas will be sharing a cot in our room until we move, or they get too big then we will have to rearrange the room to get another cot in. I came of the pill in Jan after 16 years so we thought we had time to move etc before conceiving but nature had other plans, I only had one proper AF and then fell. We have said that as they get bigger if we are still in the house then when DP's boys are with their mum for the week we will get a travel cot and put it in their room so we can see how they do in a room on their own and get a bit of space back if that makes sense. I think by the time they go in their own room we will put them in a cot each but next to each other so they are still close.

I did by a twin book (can't remember the name of it or who it was by so will have a look when I get home and post later) However, I have found it so hard to find books that give me the info I wanted on twins and have found that internet research has been much more informative to be honest. I wanted something that gave a week by week diagram and information like you get with singleton books but just can't find one!

On the subject of bumps mine is massive!!!! I have just measured and my 'waist' is now 49"!!!! I was a 14/16 before getting pg so wasn't little but wasn't massive either. Surprisingly I can still fit in some of my stretchy size 14 pre pg clothes though but have gone up to a size 18 top, I've just been wearing primark vest tops and fitted t-shirts rather than buying loads of maternity wear. I have got maternity jeans, leggings and a few dresses though. I have had a fair few people telling me I look ready to drop. Well yes I have two babies, two placentas, two sacks, twice the water and extra blood flow, what the hell do they expect, I am over half way. I just ignore them and loving rub my bump with pride. We are amazing growing two babies grin I'm not saying growing one isn't amazing, but go us!

Why do my posts always end up long atm? Sorry x

SweetieTime Thu 29-Aug-13 13:15:28

Loving all this expectant twins chat, it is nice to have others to share concerns, hints & tips with.

Franykins you are a bad influence as I have had to measure my lack of waist and can report it is 40.5". I have a tracking spreadsheet, I am obsessed I know, for my weight so will record waist measurements now going forward. Not that I even had much of a waist to start with, I was a size 14 before getting BFP too. I have only put on 9pounds so far but think that is more to do with super healthy eating and no booze. I also take weekly pictures of myself in leggings and vest so I can see my growing bump getting bigger. I hope this will be a really nice record to look back on when I am back to normal, I am sure I just won't believe how big I got. I still fit into some of my pre mat clothes too, stretchy tops and jersey things are my friends. I have got mat jeans, tights, leggings and a few tops/tunics. I did get a nice beaded tunic top from Next the other day as I felt I had nothing special to wear going out. I hoping this will do me over Christmas when the twins are here but I am still carrying weight.

hetsto I have found the TAMBA booklets a bit rubbish too. I am going to see if the library has anything. I don't want anything too regimented, such as Gina Ford, just tips and guidance that you can take or leave. When you don't have any kids or even been around babies to be having twins is quite daunting. Let me know what you think of the book you have when you make a start. We have the TAMBA Practical Parenting session on Monday so I will share any tips from there too.

On the sleeping arrangements we have ordered 2 cot beds for the nursery and we have 2 carry cots for the buggy which I intend to use instead of moses baskets at first. We can not fit 2 cots in our bedroom so am thinking of using the carry cots and maybe even a travel cot when they outgrow the carry cots. I have heard the same mixed advice as you hetsto so not sure what to do for the best.

I am loving being pregnant too, especially now I actually look pregnant rather than I have just eaten all the pies. I am so lucky that I have been blessed with a really easy time of things so far. I am hoping it won't catch me up at the other end but so far so good. It is such a miracle that is happening inside us, it freaks me out a bit if I think about it too much.

YummyMummy2Twins Thu 29-Aug-13 20:48:22

Congrats to you all! Just reading some of these posts full of excitement and preparation brings back memories.

You will love it! My twins are 6 months this week. If you have any questions please shout. I'd be happy to share my experiences.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 09:16:30

SweetieTime if I'm correct your about 22 weeks atm? I can't remember what my waist was then, but so far I have now put on about 2 1/2 stone. I'm sure this is above what it should be blush but I can't stop eating chocolate! I make sure I have healthy stuff too, but for someone who has never really had a sweet tooth its taken me by surprise. I was looking forward to stuffing all the pies and crisps haha. God that makes me sound bad! I was on weight watchers before falling so haha very healthy diet pre pregnancy, but all I can think about is chocolate! I'm sure I will regret it after the birth but I am just so enjoying being pregnant grin I also take a weekly picture in leggings and vest top smile love seeing the changes.

To be honest I have joined TAMBA and looked at a couple of the leaflets, but haven't taken up any of the courses or anything. From what I can see most of them are too far from me so haven't bothered with them. The book I got that I was talking about is called Twins - by Dr Carol Cooper & Katy Hymas but like I said its not perfect. I do still go through it as it has some useful info but its only quite small (I ordered it online and thought it was going to be a lot thicker sad) bought it cheap on eBay though so not to bad. I did have a look in my local mothercare to see if they had any twin books but they didn't.

Re the sleeping, you can get cot dividers if they are not getting on well co sleeping, so it kind of turns one cot/cotbed into two smaller ones if that makes sense. This will be our first port of call if co sleeping doesn't work. WE have had to get rid of so much from our room already and move a lot about so if we don't need two cots in there it would be so handy. Having said that of course whatever turns out to be best for the bubbas is what we will be doing. We have got a crib/moses basket form my mum as well, its the one she had for my sister then me, then two of course cousins went in it, then my niece and nephew. If rather big and is a proper basket type crib, not the soft moses type (if that makes sense) and my mum has made new bedding for it like she did for my sisters 2. Of course I have a new mattress for it. So if they don't' get on co sleeping we can use that for a while but my plan was to keep it in the lounge but it will fit in our room too. My mum is also in the process of making two patchwork quilts for them grin Love her! Then I have my nan knitting two blankets and a very close friend is crocheting pram blankets for us as well - one in purple, lilac and grey then the other in green, dark blue and grey. It's safe to say I'm feeling the love grin

Thank you YummyMummy2Twins smile

hetsto Fri 30-Aug-13 11:15:45

Hello all,

Glad to hear your still enjoying your pregnancy despite the return of tiredness Franykins! I suppose it’s inevitable as we get further along that we’ll start to feel the strain. Fingers crossed you’ll regain some energy as you get over the fun-packed holiday though, great that you had such a good time!

I’m going to have to join in with you two Franykins and SweetieTime on the ‘waist’ measurements – it’s just phenomenal! I’ll take a measurement when I get home later and let you guys know. I’ve only just started on the weekly photos, but I wish I’d done it sooner and also taken one of my pre-pregnancy belly as I’m pretty sure I’ll never see that again! smile I’ve discovered over the bump maternity jeans and they are the comfiest things ever! I might have to get another pair as I’m just living in them at the moment! I thought dresses were the best way to go, but actually these are way more comfortable.

Thank you YummyMummy2Twins, I’m sure there’ll be lots of questions as we go on.

Happy Friday everyone!

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 13:12:35

Haha looks like I started something with the waist measuring.

Definitely inevitable I think Hetsto but still worth it. I have just woken from a snooze at my desk! Luckily we're very quiet and the two guys I work with have come to accept that mid day I just need to snooze! I have Monday off with the boys too so trying to think of something to do that will wear them out but I can just sit an watch! If the weather is nice I'm thinking kiddie cinema in the morning then off to the beach with my mum, just have to wait and see. Also only have 7 weeks left till I start maternity leave - can't wait!

I started my photos at 11 weeks when I thought I looked 'normal' but DP said he could see the start of a bump (I should have been alarmed I suppose or guessed towards twins as I wasn't expecting a bump to show till later with my pre preg tummy haha) but going back over the pics is amazing! The difference between some weeks is mental.

Ditto with the maternity jeans Hetsto I love love love mine and want to live in them too, however I just seen to get too hot in them atm so am (sadly) waiting for the cooler weather to kick in. I think I struggle with the dresses now because I find it harder and harder to close my legs! The shame! Haha. Little girl is just so low that I can feel the pressure. So i'm being rather unladylike these days. Oh well. I love to wear my jeans with tight t-shirts and vest tops, anything to show off my mega bump grin

Ditto to Happy Friday smile only 3 more hours left at work then a mini pamper session for me, nails then hair cut (which has been left to grow for 13 weeks! No excuse as my best friend is a hair dresser and has cut it for the last 13 years for free!) All in preparation for a family members vow renewal/joint 21st birthday party tomorrow. Another long but fun day ahead I think.

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 13:18:35

hetsto I have only just started wearing my over bump mat jeans this week too. I have made do with my non mat linen trousers until now. But now it is a bit cooler I am glad I have the jeans to turn to. You are right they are so comfy, I am surprised by this too. I have mat leggings and tunics as an alternative standby. I have been wearing jersey skirts or dresses for work with M&S mat tights - again surprisingly comfy.

Franykins I have never had a sweet tooth either and really went off chocolate and ice cream in the first trimester, it was strong flavour crisps all the way for me, such as Seabrooks prawn cocktail, Doritos cheese and quavers. Now I am back to normal and the only thing I "crave" is grapes but only the purple ones. So at least it is a healthy craving.
My Mum is also knitting, she hasn't done blankets but has done these super tiny cardigans. So far we have one each. She has done only white as she started them before we knew what we were having. I know it is lovely for people to be making things for the babies isn't it.

Yummy can you tell us how/where your twins slept when you first got them home and how you found it & where they sleep now? Any other top tips you can offer us?

I have felt super tired today. Do you also have days when you seem to do nothing different but are hit by extreme exhaustion? I has only happened a couple of times so far. I am not sure if it when the twins are having a growth spurt but judging my how much my bump has grown this week that could be the case.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 13:42:09

Oh god SweetieTime I had a major thing for prawn cocktail crisps too after having a dream I got drunk with my mum on red wine eating prawn cocktail crisps. Very odd but that kicked something off for a couple of weeks, and they had to be McCoy's nothing else would do. They are hard to find, I ended up buying the multi flavour packs but they only had two prawn cocktail ones in, DP had a lot of crisps to eat haha. I can't wait to get some of the things being made for us smile my friend who is doing the blankets is also pregnant, 14 weeks this week, so she said she will start them soon for me bless her. I told her not to worry now she is pg too as I don't want her being all busy on my behalf but she said not to be silly and that she really wants to make them grin

Good question for Yummy SweetieTime

Yes I have days like this (although its seems to be constant this week) and also put it down to bubbas having a growth spurt.

Just wondering how you are doing on picking names? DP and I are lucky that we like most of the same names, i'm just finding it hard to commit to any atm. I think I've made my mind up then have a wobble and change it. Nightmare! Haha.

hetsto Fri 30-Aug-13 14:04:17

I know what you mean about closing your legs Franykins, I haven’t quite got to that stage yet, but I do find myself naturally sitting differently to how I would have done before – never ever with my legs crossed and usually with feet and knees further apart. ..By the end I’ll be doing the splits! I like the jeans with t-shirts and vests too! smile

The pampering session sounds lovely Franykins, enjoy! I actually managed to get DP to paint my toenails for me last week – hehe! Have a great time at the party tomorrow – sounds like loads of fun!

It’s funny with the sweet tooth thing; I’ve always loved sweet food, but suddenly I’m all about spicy and savoury stuff – wasabi peas and chilli puffs are my current vices.

I’m similar with tiredness SweetyTime; often I’m totally fine and have plenty of energy, but some days it feels like everything is a huge effort and I just want to sleep constantly. I think it could be linked to the babies growing as I was pretty knackered last week and seemed to grow loads too.

We’ve started thinking about names and were going ‘round in circles a bit to be honest; we agreed on the types of names we liked but had different favourites. We don’t know many other people who are expecting at the moment, so have shared our thoughts with family and friends to get their opinions too, but now I’m even more confused to be honest! We’re currently thinking about Rosa Josephine and Eleanor April, any thoughts? …I can’t decide if I love the alliteration or hate it at the moment!

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 14:19:50

Yes I noticed I was sitting differently quite quickly, now I just have to have my legs apart!

I can't wait smile hopefully it will chill me out enough to get a really good nights sleep ready for the party. Somehow, and don't ask me how, I am still managing to paint my own toe nails! I hate feet and hate having mine touched so can't bring myself to ask DP to do it, although I'm sure he would do a great job as he paints model kits (my big baby!) so has a good steady hand. I do however love babies feet (which is handy seen as there are going to be 4 of them!) its just when they start to get walked on I get an aversion to them hmm

Oh they are lovely names Hetsto I really like them together as well smile So far we have Austin Leonard and Beatrix Pearl. Shortened to Oz and Trixie. My first choices were Evelyn Pearl and Oscar Leonard but both are so popular now (I should of had my babies 10 years ago when I fell in love with the names!) I know its not all about popularity but growing up a Francesca we didn't really know any others so it was nice an unique (Until I went to Italy for work of course wink) I've of course heard/met a few more now I'm in my 30's but still feel its got a uniqueness to it and want that for my children to. My sis on the other hand and her fam ( DH,DD & DS) all have very popular names that are all in the top 50.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 14:23:02

Can I just add that I am really enjoying talking to you girlies and sharing our exciting times grin x

hetsto Fri 30-Aug-13 14:56:35

They’re gorgeous names Franykins, I really like them! I know what you mean about the popularity thing too – I really like Eleanor but I know it’s so popular now that I’m beginning to think again, I also loved Lily, but that’s rocketed in popularity too. I’m called Heather, and like you, always really liked having a name that people knew how to spell and pronounce, but that was rarely rare. I’d like that for my girls too, but not at the expense of a nice name!

It’s great, isn’t it?! I’m really enjoying being able to share this journey with people having similar experiences too!

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:20:11

I haven't noticed I sit differently, I will take more notice now. I can imagine I will be mortified how unladylike I have become.

Franykins you are very brave all bump on show, I have been trying to keep mine as discrete as possible but I know that can not last much longer. Good luck with asking DP to paint your toes, I asked my DH to cut mine the other day and anyone would have thought I had asked him to cut off one of my legs. I ended up getting the Minx lady to do them, she wasn't fussed at all and said she would do them every time for me. Luff her. My twins feet have been the best bit of my scans. I have loved seeing them the most, the little flats of their feet. Surprisingly big I have always thought too, I can not wait to kiss their little feet - how soppy am I??

hetsto & Franykins both have chosen such lovely names, I really struggled with girls as there were too many I liked. We knew the sort of names we both wanted, something not too popular but not so extreme that no-one would know how to spell it. Franykins like you my DH has a bit of a different name, Joel, which he really likes but isn't too out there and we both wanted the same for our kids. I have a really common girls name of the 70s and don't want the same for mine, I have 3 friends with the same name as me. We didn't want old fashioned or too modern either plus we have a difficult surname. It is so hard isn't it.

We haven't told anyone the names we like as everyone has an opinion and their judgement changes how we feel so we decided to keep it a secret much to my DM and DSiL annoyance.
Our current favourites are Felix William and Amber Grace. Although my top would be Japser & Beatrix Franykins great minds think alike, I cannot believe we have the same names and it is something quite unusual. I am still working on DH for the Jasper/Beatrix combo but will see. We also have Frankie and Martha or Tabitha but DH is less keen on those.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 15:31:11

Hetsto Heather is on our list. I've only ever known one and I was much younger then. It's a lovely name smile

SweetieTime I just find that if I try to hide my bump I look even bigger and before I joined weight watchers I was a size 20 so once I got down to a 14 I felt much more happier with myself and shape so my clothing changed as well. As all my weight gain has been bump I just thought 'sod it' lets get it out there. Of course its still covered just in tighter (but comfy and stretchy) clothes. I've always wanted to be pregnant as well and so I want the whole world to know haha.

We both really like war era names. I also like Mabel (little Mabs) but can't bring myself to use it. Also on the list were Martha (DP vetoed Tabitha but god knows why!) So looks like we have very similar likes SweetieTime I love the Jasper/Beatrix combo as well. I did have to work on DP for Austin, the first few times I mentioned it he just said 'shit car' But when I told him how popular Oscar is becoming he changed his mind and is now happy with Austin haha, I guess because they sound similar and we can still use the nickname. Like you I have stopped mentioning names to people (I have shared with family and very close friends though and they all like them but have their favs between the 4)

I've also really liked Ava, Ada and Ivy but a friend has just had a little girl Ivy and the other two are getting popular as well.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 15:34:50

Oooo and Harriet (little Hattie) Constance (family name, little Connie) Heidi and the curveball of Genevieve. The only other boys name we considered was Max but both changed our minds on that.

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:42:07

OMG I love Mabel, I wonder if I can talk DH into Mabel as I am not 100% on Amber. DH has red hair so if twins take after him would it be cruel to name a red headed child Amber?

Franykins well done on the weight loss, that is an amazing reduction. You deserve to be proud of yourself for such an achievement. Out there and proud sounds like the way forward.

We went through the 2012 most popular names lists to get inspiration and wanted to avoid those most popular. Ava and Isla are really popular here recently.

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:43:38

I loved Kitty and Lottie too. We had Connie on our list too. Max and Zac were there but again too popular.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 15:47:43

Go for it SweetieTime I think it is still an option for us, its a family name on DP side but I didn't know that when I said it. Amber for a read haired girl could go either way I think. That's a hard call. Sorry, that really doesn't help. Its a lovely name though so don't discard it just yet, you might take one look at her and just decided she is an Amber. Its such a hard choice, which is why I don't refer to the babies by name yet, they are my little bubbas grin

Thank you . Had a bit of a roller coaster over the last 5/6 years and my weight was all over the place, hence in the end going to ww to get myself sorted! Was so pleased with the results and will be going back when bubbas are born (but not in any hurry!)

That is what I did too smile

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:51:56

We also had Rosie, Sylvie, Eloise, Layla and Piper for girls. For boys Elliott, Stanley, Billy and Hector. I love thinking of names but it is very difficult when it is for your own.

YummyMummy2Twins Fri 30-Aug-13 21:27:39

Hi SweetieTime

To specifically answer your question - so we bought a big travel cot to put in our bedroom where they both could share and be together. This was only because a cot wouldn't fit in our room. The travel cot is a big nice one from Toys R Us where the mattress is raised, has music, night light and vibration effects. I only ever use the night light though. Plus when they finish it can be used as a play pen for downstairs.

I found this to be the best option because two Moses baskets again wouldn't fit in our room and they grow out of it so quickly. They sleep in it width ways instead on length ways and there was big enough space for them, and I put it right next to my bed so it was easy for me to pick them up at night just by reaching over. I was very close to them and could hear their breathing which was reassuring.

We still bought two cot beds which is in their room and we are just at the stage of transitioning them in their own cots. We are putting them in there for lunchtime naps so they get used to it before going on to the nights. But for now they are still in the travel cot as I'm still breastfeeding sometimes in the night so it easy for me to pick them up and put them back to sleep quickly.

Ok other top tips. Sorry for long essay.

First of all let me say, everyone's situation is different and what might have worked for me might not work for someone else. But I hope this does help you. I found as well as support, we had a lot of interference, advice, what you should and shouldn't do blah blah blah (mainly from parents who BTW never had twins) Best advice is do what works for you and your babies.

So this is what helped me:-

~if you or someone else is planning a baby shower on your behalf. Do a raffle to win a lovely prize of some sort. Their entry fee will be a pack of nappies. My aunt planned this this for me at my shower and we had soo many nappies which lasted us for 5 months. Some people bought boxes of them and loads of baby wipes. It helped us loads costwise and we never had to leave the house! Was such a good practical idea.

~if you happen to be by yourself on the ward in hospital, don't feel afraid to ask midwives to take babies for a few hours in the night so you can rest. One lovely midwife offered to do this for me and fed and held them so I could sleep. I asked again the next night.

~ if you can, get mum, in laws, a close friend to come and help for the first week to help get you settled. For the first week my mum stayed with us to help with feeding, meals etc. My mother in law cooked and sent batches of food. I hated my hospital experience and just wanted to go home. Going home to a freshly made bed, a hearty dinner prepared, babies cot ready was absolutely divine. Sometimes mums do know what's best smile.

~if bottle feeding, for night feeds keep bottle warmer upstairs with all the feeds your will need for night. We used the ready made up milk and prepared 2 bottles each from 10pm onwards for the 1am and 4am feeds. You can use a cool bag/ice box with some ice to keep it fresh. I decided to do this because one night I literally nearly fell down the stairs going to the kitchen, I was so tired.

~ keep the little mini bottles they use at the hospital and sterilise and use when you get home. I did this because one of my twins was 5 pounds and her mouth was so tiny she couldn't even latch on properly or feed from the normal bottles.

~my milk didn't come in for about a week, so I used the Ameda double pump to help things going which was fab. I pumped and then fed from bottle because I just couldn't get the hang of feeding them from the breast at the same time. Managed it 3 or 4 times with tons of pillows but it was a struggle to do it all the time.

~go with the flow I would say for the first few weeks, then try and establish a routine. I used the Gina Ford book for guidance, but I didn't follow everything she said. I just took bits that would work for me but I must say it helped with a routine I still use today.

~for the first couple weeks at least avoid visitors coming unless they are coming to help cook meals, tidy up, washing etc. There will be so much excitement, but you will need the rest.

~I bought the Bugaboo Donkey. Well worth the investment as it lasts up to they are 5. Bought it with carrycots, car seats, chair sets. Plus it can reduce to one if you only have one baby for the day.

Hope this helps for now. Any other questions let me know.

Franykins Sat 31-Aug-13 04:29:41

Wow YummyMummy2Twins some good advice there smile thank you. I've already had yo laugh at my sister as she said 2 won't be much different/harder than one. I just thought ok so I've never had one and i'm sure it's hard work but I'm sure two is gonna be a fair bit harder. Double the joy too I'm surrenders though and well worth it - i can't wait. Remind me i said this haha seen as yet again i can't sleep.

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