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Due August 2013 - Part 5 - The Final Stretch - We're nearly there duebies!!

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FoofFighter Tue 21-May-13 19:33:35

Welcome to the thread in which we will meet our babies - woooooooooop!!

Previous thread -

Gerty1002 Fri 16-Aug-13 07:01:08

I was polishing lightswitches with a microfibre cloth at 11pm last night... whilst having either another false labour or a very long and slow early labour. I also happily ironed (most hated task), polished everything in sight, batch cooked and finally completed my hospital bags.

I think nesting has landed for us gonnabmummy, let's hope labour follows soon!

LilPeasMama Fri 16-Aug-13 09:21:58

You definitely do sound like superwoman Gonnab grin
I'm not even out of bed yet, seem to be sleeping later and later these days.

Gerty I'm having both DP & DM with me as birthing partners I thought long and hard as DM can do and say the most annoying things at times and like you her own experiences were 30yrs ago.
I've decided to give her the look if she says anything untoward the kind of look she used to give me and my DB when we were kids to say shut up! grin

Not much going on here at the minute, EDD is tues but i've got no signs and it being my first, If baby is anything at all like me, he/she will not just be fashionably late but probably a full week or two!

Gonnabmummy Fri 16-Aug-13 09:45:00

gerty we are going to need a new thread just for our deliveries grin

I'm having DP and DSis as partners, mums lives away and she's my only sibling plus my lift smile

Convinced he'll be late so probably a sept baby don't mind my birthdays 9th so long as he's out by then smile x

Gerty1002 Fri 16-Aug-13 12:36:13

I'm secretly hoping to squeeeze my birth announcement into this thread but it's looking doubtful!

cakebaby Fri 16-Aug-13 12:45:51

Gerty if you've run out of things to polish, you can come here! Dragging my bulk about is soooo much effort now.

gonnab have you got a maternity superwoman cape? You should get one!

Wonder where some of our original posters have gone?

Gonnabmummy Fri 16-Aug-13 13:12:12

No cape, just reward myself with copious amounts chocolate, sweets, treat anything I fancy yesterday all I wanted was a cheese sandwhich just plain sliced cheddar in buttered bread mmm it was awesome!

Made a huge pasta bake at midnight last night and did dishes I hoped this time would come, however looks like its going to be a night/early morning thing. So prepping for the sleepless nights also think I do need a cape grin

Gerty1002 Fri 16-Aug-13 14:06:47

cakebaby I have now decided to busy myself by making enough cupcakes and cookies to feed a small army or one pregnant woman so I'm afraid it's a no thanks on your polishing, very kind of you to offer though wink .

FoofFighter Fri 16-Aug-13 14:57:41

ooh good, I just managed to squeeze onto the end of the thread!

We have a baby girl grin

We went in to the ward to get checked over as stated a few posts back on Tuesday night (40w), it was really busy and we had to wait a while to be seen, there was a "Code Red" went off while we were there and everyone downed tools and ran like feck to the delivery room, was very upsetting knowing someone/a baby was in trouble and really shook us up. No idea what happened with that but hoping it all turned out well in the end.

Anyway, took my BP, had gone a little down, but was still higher than should have liked, went on monitor for 30mins, did a VE, palpated as 4/5 palpable but was 3cm dilated and she could feel the waters sac smile went off to discuss with the cons.
They wanted me to stay in as was late by then and do hourly BP and discussed breaking my waters the next day.

So stayed in, only ended up being checked once in the night for whatever reason, was up at 6am and waters broken at 7am. OH arrived back in at around half 9, was contracting every 5 mins by then for between 40-60secs and getting stronger, had 2 paracetamol, bounced a bit, rocked and walked a lot.

They said they only give you 4hrs to get established before wanting you on drip, so was rechecked at 11ish and even though I felt that things were moving nicely, they didn't so was taken to delivery and started on the drip. Which meant conitinuous monitor which meant flat on back :/

Things obviously ramped up fast then, was asking for gas and air by I think about 12.30pm, then contractions really took off, v strong. Told OH at around 1.20 to ring his mum to come in, she arrived at 1.45pm, was examined still 4cm I think and although I was kind of zoning out by then, sooking my gas and air, eyes closed, gripping OH for dear life, and I can recall them saying not much progress really and thinking fuck you, there's about 10-20 secs if that between these contractions!

They put a wedge under my right side to tip me up a bit as trace kept dipping as she was wriggling (strange feeling her moving mid contraction!!) and I just stayed there in the end. I hazily recall them asking me to VE and me saying no as was in contraction, then gave them thumbs up when was ok, she stuck her hand up, could hear them say couldn't feel anything, wasn't sure what they meant OH thinks they meant was fully dilated.. next thing I know needed to moo and push, remember StuMW exclaiming oh she pushed my hand out and that was closely followed by DD grin 14.20pm.

We looked down, OH thought it was a boy as she has v swollen labia, told me it was a boy and i was like really? no it's not i don't believe you kind of thing, but didn't have energy to look myself, then got told no it's a girl, sneaked a quick look down, exclaimed how much like OH she looks, he said she's a proper thumper lol

MIL cut the cord (OH offered first didn't want to), she weighed 8lb 15.5oz, so half an oz from 9lbs, lots of lovely golden light brown hair smile we stayed in one night and came home yesterday evening.Took us a day to decide a name ;) Sophie Elizabeth - BFing a bit painful but think we are getting there now with some good advice from FB friends.

Think that's it! Good luck to anyone still waiting, it's been a pleasure sharing this pregnancy with you all <3

<pootles off to find the post natal thread>

Bunnylion Fri 16-Aug-13 15:35:54

Well down Foof! And congratulations.

I've really enjoyed your input and words if wisdom on the pregnancy threads. My due date is Wednesday so will hopefully see you on the other side (by which I mean post natal thread) soon.

Enjoy your little lady. flowers cake wine

Gerty1002 Fri 16-Aug-13 15:45:48

Congratulations foof! Love the name, we would have had Sophie if we were having a girl smile was the only girls name we could agree on!

FoofFighter Fri 16-Aug-13 16:12:10

How the hell did I forget to mention the 2nd degree tear and stitches? oops! not given me a jot of bother so keep forgetting I had them!!

cakebaby Fri 16-Aug-13 16:43:40

Awwww, well done foof congratulations and welcome Sophie!

Great birth story too, thank you for sharing it with us.

Mrsd77 Fri 16-Aug-13 17:03:18

Congrats Foof! Great conclusion to your pregnancy journey. You've been on here since the very beginning and had so much sense to share. Enjoy your new little girl! (I know I am!)

Ditsy79 Fri 16-Aug-13 17:10:33

Congratulations foof! Hope you and your little one are doing well.

PurpleDana Fri 16-Aug-13 17:21:27

Congrats foo!! Enjoy your baby.
Due date tomoro, nothing much happening tho :-/

FoofFighter Fri 16-Aug-13 18:14:59

Thank you everyone smile Just ordered her a Thumper outfit online seeing as that was what her daddy called her at birth, plus she appears to keep doing the Thumper shaky foot thing haha

FoofFighter Fri 16-Aug-13 19:20:40

Postnatal group thread here

IJustWoreMyTrenchcoat Fri 16-Aug-13 20:22:12

Welcome to the world Sophie, congrats Foof smile

Woodifer Sat 17-Aug-13 12:23:37

Well done foof

dana I'm due today too

Parents and PIL keep phoning "any signs?", normally just as me and/ or toddler just started nap...grrr

Snufflebabe Sat 17-Aug-13 15:06:45

Congrats Foof! Think you are one of the Scottish RIE mummies too, if I remember correctly!

I'm still going, 40+2 today and I think bump has started to drop.

Had an internal examination yesterday as consultant considered giving me a sweep. We wasn't able to do one as baby still not engaged!

I am booked in for an induction on Thursday. MY DD was born by induction so I know what to expect, but would be nice to go naturally beforehand.

Very very tired and uncomfortable now. Difficult to walk any distance, meaning looking after my 3 year old DD is hard work.

Can't wait to meet this little one now and find out if our DD has a brother or a sister.

Bakingabubba Sat 17-Aug-13 18:27:22

Congratulations foof and welcome Sophie!

I'm still plodding on, now 40+4 with no suggestion this baby is budging any time soon...sigh... Have MW on Monday who will hopefully do a stretch and sweep...we are so ready to meet this baby now, I have reached the 'bring it on!' Point when it comes to contemplating labour! DH and I have even got our names sorted (shockingly!) including the middle name and today we were discussing who would be the godparents!

My parents are starting to call with irritating frequency - we are now screening phone calls and ignoring most of them - probably everyone now thinks I am in labour! Let them think - I am tired of giving them daily updates!

PurpleDana Sat 17-Aug-13 22:01:42

Hmph! Due date & still no baby. Can't believe we spent so long convinced she was going to be early & now she is actually gonna be late!

Woodifer Sun 18-Aug-13 23:20:35

Took liberty of starting new thread

glenndanielle Wed 09-Oct-13 08:24:59

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