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Nervous nutjobs pregnant with no.2

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winterpansy Fri 17-May-13 11:02:48

Just set up this wee thread for the nutjob graduates. I am hoping all our lovely thread dwellers will be on here very soon.

We should do some stats. I'll kick off:

winterpansy 1 DS edd January 5th

nomoreminibreaks Fri 28-Jun-13 22:02:31

Yes it wasn't my ideal birth to be honest - induced due to pre-eclampsia and his size, waters broken, drips etc then 3 hours pushing followed by ventouse and forceps. I'm looking into hypnobirthing this time round as I'm pretty anxious!

Sorry to hear about your sickness, it's crap isn't it! I thought mine would have gone by now but at 12+5/13+4/whatever the hell I am it's still here and really wearing me out.

Midwife agreed we'd see what the 20 week scan said in terms of growth and look again at the due date and possible other growth scans.

PastaBeeandCheese Sat 29-Jun-13 06:56:19

I didn't find sickness too bad last time. It mainly manifested as strong food aversions. I'd be eating something I like and suddenly think 'I can't eat this, I feel sick'. Very annoying and even extended to chocolate shock

My birth was ok I suppose. Well, it went really well until the end. I managed to stay at home for ages and felt I was doing well. Had some gas and air but DD became extremely distressed towards the end and her heart rate plummeted as I pushed. Had forceps to lift her out quickly so they could give her oxygen etc. Too late for an epidural so the forceps were incredibly painful but it ended quickly and DD was fine in the end.

I put it down to being a typical crap first birth and comfort myself with the thought 2nd births are much easier??!

Coolhand Tue 02-Jul-13 23:07:22

Hi Pasta - sorry to hear you're feeling ill. I was ill on Saturday for 24 hrs - kept vomiting but think it was just a bug and not pregnancy! It was not a good start to my holiday but all well now. Haven't been too bad with the nausea yet just feeling bloated and a bit tired.

My 1st birth didn't go as planned - did all my natal hypnotherapy, was hoping to go to a midwife-led home from home ward with all the active birthing paraphernalia - went into labour, was 5cm dilated, doing well but midwife couldn't find the head - when they scanned, discovered DS was a 'misdiagnosed breech' - basically my midwife had mixed up his bum and his head, so we didn't discover he was breech until in labour. At that point, I was told he looked 'big' and that they don't take the risk with breech/first births and sent to a labour ward for a emcs!

That said, labour feels a long way off for me right now. I'll start thinking about that when I get through the 1st trimester!

PastaBeeandCheese Wed 03-Jul-13 07:26:53

coolhand pleased you are feeling better now. It sounds nasty. Especially if you are on your holiday.

The bloating is rubbish isn't it. My skirt was too tight at work yesterday and I know it isn't bump! Last time I thought I had a proper bump at 12 weeks but it was all bloating and I was significantly smaller by 16 weeks which was nice as I could stay in my clothes for ages.

I think I am going to get one of those bands so I can undo the top button on my skinny jeans towards the end of the day! I went out to dinner last night with friends and was fit to burst on the drive home because I'd eaten 3 courses

winterpansy Fri 19-Jul-13 11:41:02

Hey fellow nutjobs,
How are you holding up in the heat?
I'm fed up with it now but thankful I am not in the last trimester yet - I was at the hospital for the quadruple test and saw lots of very hot, sweaty ladies ready to pop!
I'm 16+1 now and time is going to fast now. Keeping well and just looking forward to 20 week scan.

nomoreminibreaks Fri 19-Jul-13 17:26:27

Hi Winter! I'm feeling for the very pregnant ladies too. My friend came round who's 38 weeks today with DC2 and it must be horrid. I'm getting headaches from the heat.

I'm looking forward to the 20 week scan too - 8 Aug for ours. We're hoping to find out the gender but I'm still really struggling for names!

Got a real bump now which is nice but need to go shopping as my maternity stuff was all for winter last time. I'm getting a few things from eBay meaning I can get better quality for my H&M budget!

BartBaby Wed 31-Jul-13 22:32:34

Hi ladies smile can i join in with the nutters graduates?

Got my bfp over the weekend so its just starting to sink in. I e been trying not to get too excited, just in case, but thats not working! The ttc nuttyness has well and truly swapped to baby nuttyness. Please tell me im not the only one?! grin

Ive not read through the previous threads yet, will give that a go tomorrow. It may take a while.

But my edd is around the 8th april. So still very early days yet.

How are all you lovely ladies getting on?

AbiBub Mon 05-Aug-13 14:25:46

Hey ladies! Im being brave and coming in to say hi!! Still dont know exactly how far gone I am, but say I was to base it on a 'normal' 28 day cycle I would be 6+2 I think.

I have a docs appointment this wed, so they can refer me to midwife, and then hopefully I can ask for a dating scan!!

How are you all doing? :0)

BartBaby Mon 05-Aug-13 21:55:11

Hey abi it seems pretty quiet on here... Hope everyone is ok? Will message on the other nutters thread smile

AbiBub Mon 05-Aug-13 23:10:40

It does doesn't it Bart! Hey ladies how are you all doing? ? Seen the other thread Bart, will reply! :0)

nomoreminibreaks Tue 06-Aug-13 07:44:06

Hi ladies! I'm still here but not sure where others have gone. Welcome newbies!

Not much change here - 20 week scan on Thursday. Feeling much better than before but don't remember feeling this tired in the second trimester last time (though didn't have a 2 year old to keep up with I suppose...). Hope everyone's well? smile

AbiBub Tue 06-Aug-13 09:50:10

Hey nomore! Perhaps other ladies have got preoccupied with their pg?!

Wow, 20week scan!! Eeeeek, thats flown by, does it feel like that for you? Are you going to find out the sex? Got my docs appointment tomorrow who will then refer me onto midwife and then hopefully I can get a dating scan, none of my cycles over the last 6months have been the same length! ! I dont even know how they work out thd weeks for longer cycles, surely a week is a week? !? confused

How you feeling in yourself apart from tiredness? I hear ya on that one, tiring isnt it, must be because of having another LO. My ds starts school this sept, im gonna be shattered! !

Is anyone else around? Hello and how are you all?


BartBaby Tue 06-Aug-13 19:20:11

Hello nomore smile blumming heck 20 weeks already?! Where on earth has the time gone! Glad you are doing ok though.

abi let us know what the doc says tomorrow about your scan. I hope you get it. Im thinking if i mention that my af last month was very light and only a day and a half maybe they will offer me one just incase it wasnt real af?! But i think its just wishful thinking! Lol

AbiBub Tue 06-Aug-13 22:27:31

Hey Bart, will deffo let you know how I get on for sure! Might be worth mentioning that, I would if I was you!! Im going to mention that my bfp line came up straight away on all the tests ive done, if you have concerns they can do more than the standard 2scans throughout the pregnancy. My concern may get me more this time round, with ds being a back to back horrendous labour last time I dont want that happening again!!

Nomore, still cant believe time has gone that quick, 20 weeks already :0)

BartBaby Wed 07-Aug-13 17:29:01

How did it go abi ? I will definately mention it. Might call up on friday or monday when im nearer 6 weeks. I certainly dont feel 5 weeks right now! My tummy is i can only assume to be bloated and huge! I feel more like 5 or 6 months when im sat down. Im sure it doesnt habe anything to do with the pizza hut i had for lunch hmm but its just like ive got a bit round ball up my top lol

AbiBub Thu 08-Aug-13 09:21:09

Hey bart! How's things with you? Im good, morning is worse for nausea for me this time round so feel that my mornings are wasted by just feeling lousy!! Im like you, I think water retention maybe my cause as I dont always feel bloated. I have to be honest if I put aside the nausea, sore boobs and dizzy spells/ tiredness it actually doesnt feel like im pg. I know I still am as did s test tuesday night and the line came up straight away again and it was dark and thick! The doctor was lovely. She noted all my concerns and has made a note I would like an early dating scan because none of my cycles are the same length, she said there was quite a range!! She also noted my concerns about another back to back labour like our ds was, it makes me nervous as he was a horrendous labour, he came out dark purple and almost a blacky purple with the cord wrapped round his neck, ventouse, episiotomy and epidural, i think thats why i have put off having a second one for so long tbh. also she's logged a edd as 27th March but she said hopefully a scan will clear that up!! Hopefully the midwife will pick up my forms and give me a buzz as soon as poss :0) hee hee your pizza hut comment made me chuckle!! Hows is all going with you? x

Hey are there any other ladies around on this post? How are you all? x

BartBaby Thu 08-Aug-13 09:52:37

It sounds promising for your scan then abi smile my bloating is thete all the time, i just feel fat and huge lol. But ive lost half a pound rather than put any one. Ptobably due to being off food apart from the pizza hut of course mornings arent great for me either. Its starting to get a but worse every couple of days.

Ive also been thinking about the birth awell.... I had an epidural, episiotomy and forceps and ds started breathing too quickly. I then lost a lot of blood and passed out for a while and needed a blood transfusion. I ended up with (tmi) haemarroids, which with the tearing meant i couldnt sit down properly for weeks. They cleared up but things havent been the same back there since and im very worried as i know it will happen again this time. Im more scared about that than tearing again or losing blood!

AbiBub Thu 08-Aug-13 14:14:03

Yeah just when I think ive controlled the nausea it comes back with a vengence!! :0/ Omgosh your previous labour sounds horrible! ! Well done you for looking past that and wanting to do the baby thing again :0) the beauty of that previous experience is that you can express concern and that you want more care throughout the pregnancy :0) oooh do you know what, I dont think ive checked my weight yet!! Hmmmmm :0/ got baby brain totally, when is your appointment with docs/midwife?

Nomore- how has your scan gone? How you feeling?

Anybody else out there?


BartBaby Thu 08-Aug-13 14:36:07

I think it sounds worse now than it seemed at the time. Although i do remember dh crying a little bit when i was in and out of consciousness so it obviously wasnt great. The birth itself was mostly fine. And i didnt feel any pain because of the epidural. Just afterwards! Lol.

My appt is with the midwife on 20th august. So i will be 7 weeks then. She said its a group booking type of thing where there will be a few people, then she will take everybody off to the side to do the personal stuff i assume. Ive not heard of it done like this before?!

AbiBub Thu 08-Aug-13 15:36:14

Do you know what ive never heard of it being done like that either, perhaps its a new way of doing things?! I'll let you know what mine will be like when I hear from the m/w !!

Yeah I was a slave to myself first time round because I wanted to only do it with gas and air so 10hours in I was told I should really have epi to take the swelling down in my cervix, do you know what, the epidural was the best decision I made!! Also they put a catheter in and my goodness it was such a release of pressure, it was the best feeling I had had that day!! :0) I agree with the pain thing afterwards, my scar ended up getting an infection god bless tea tree oil in baths

Feeling nauseous again, feeling the need for an apple?!?

Is there anyone else out there! !??

apprenticemamma Thu 08-Aug-13 16:14:42

can I play? so much chatter on these threads it's hard to get a word in edgeways..seems not quite as frantic here as the march 2014 thread. Anyone else more terrified second time round? wink

nomoreminibreaks Thu 08-Aug-13 16:55:26

Welcome apprentice! Just got home from my scan - another boy! Would have been excited either way but think this is the easier (and cheaper, which DH is very pleased about!) option. Due date of 30 December.

apprenticemamma Thu 08-Aug-13 17:11:06

congrats no more! Fab news. I'd be very happy for a second boy. So mischievous and fun. I've got a feeling it's a boy bc can't stop munching red meat .. Hope ur keeping well. x

BartBaby Thu 08-Aug-13 17:39:28

Hello aprentice and nomore smile

Congrats nomore we dont hwve much stuff left from ds so we will need lots of new things anyway so im hoping for a girl i think. But have a feeling it will be another boy aswell. Which of course i will be just as happy about. And it will be good for ds to have a brother. But part of me wants to go out and buy pretty dresses! Lol.

aprentice yes definately more scared second time round. I think i was so naive the first time. I just assumed everything would be ok, which it was. This time ive heard so many horror stories and know so much more about pregnancy, that i cant help be a bit more aprehensive about things.

abi i have been eating apples aswell. I like the juicy crunchyness as you bite them. Mmmm. So tired again today. Had to 'rest my eyes' again after making tea for ds! Just cant keep them open.

Ive told my mam today aswell. Only told her and a couple of close friends so far until we know things are ok in a few more weeks. I think were planning on taking ds to the scan with us and not telling him until he see's the little wriggly baby in there smile of course that could be a disaster if something is wrong. But positive thinking and all that!

AbiBub Fri 09-Aug-13 10:09:23

Hello!! :0)

Welcome apprentice! How are you doing? So inwardly terrified for sure!! I think its because we know so much more the second time round!!

Nonmore - wow another boy! Bet you're chuffed! We would love a girl this time but will probably end up with another boy, the main thing at the end of the day is that they are happy and healthy smile . How you feelibg today? You're half way there! ! :0)

Bart hello! :0) I like you could probably sleep for england at the mo! It seems like 'blink and you'll miss it'kinda sleep!! Glad I had the apple made a giod difference! We've already told ds as he has a habit of doing leaping hugz!! Would like to take him to scans if its not in school time as it would be lovely to include him in as much as possible of this then hopefully he won't feel pushed out by new sibling!! Its so tough to know how they'll feel when a new baby comes along!! :0)

How are you all feeling today? smile

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