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Nervous nutjobs pregnant with no.2

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winterpansy Fri 17-May-13 11:02:48

Just set up this wee thread for the nutjob graduates. I am hoping all our lovely thread dwellers will be on here very soon.

We should do some stats. I'll kick off:

winterpansy 1 DS edd January 5th

winterpansy Fri 27-Sep-13 14:14:56

Aww apprentice sorry to hear you have been sad. I actually had a crying fit this morning (first one so far!) because of really stupid stuff. Poor DS didn't know what to do so I pulled myself together but think I might need to take myself off over the weekend and have a good old bawl to get it out of my system. Hope you feel better today.

Thank you both for the back-up on the MIL issue. There is a bit of a huge backstory which I will not bore you with but she's not just trying to be helpful, she just wants everything her way ALL THE TIME without asking any consideration to what we actually want or DS actually needs. She thinks DS is her son, rather than GS, and has a huge chip on her shoulder that my parents live just round the corner and see more of him that she does. Christmas at their house is always very noisy - TV blaring all day and them just getting more and more drunk. We want some peace and quiet this year and every one hereafter. My parents are totally cool with us wanting to have our own day as they respect what we want. Arrgg...families!

Any nice weekend plans? We're going to hangout with some friends tomorrow and that's about it. Keeping it nice and easy to try and fit in some tiyding time...the house is a pigsty! I might fit in that bawl somewhere as well as I can't have any wine!

apprenticemamma Fri 27-Sep-13 22:01:41

thanks ladies for your support. Feeling better now. Had a good chat with dh , flowers and a visit from mum. Blessed with amazing parents. I'll read thru properly tomorrow and compose a less self centred reply wink night

onelittlepiglet Mon 30-Sep-13 15:18:52

Hello all, I am tentatively joining after getting my BFP two weeks ago! I am only 5+5 today so still very early days. I was complaining to Dh I had no symptoms and worrying myself something was wrong (can't remember when the sickness etc started last time) but today I feel really queasy and rubbish so think this might be the start of it.

How are you all today?

BartBaby Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:08

Welcome one smile nice to have you graduate with us.

Hopefully you won't get the sickness too bad.

I've had my scan today. All seems well with baby bart. They've moved me forward a day so now 13 weeks today and due 7th April. That's what I thought it would be based on ovulation rather than lmp. So only 3 days after our 1st wedding anniversary!

How is everyone else getting on?

AbiBub Wed 02-Oct-13 12:19:30

Hello ladies!

Long time no speak, sorry!

Apprentice - sorry to hear you were having a tough time, but glad you are starting to feel better! Its amazing what being pg does to us eh! This is deffo the last time I'm doing this!!

Winter - hello my lovely! I have the same issue with my mil and it really pisses me off so you're not alone. She is being unreasonable and you are entitled to your own time and space! Biggest hugz to you! 2 7weeks tomorrow isnt it? Well done you!

Bart - hello! Shame the ms was back with a bit of vengeance, how is it going this week? Yayh to the scan and also if your bubs does arrive on the right day they will share a birthday with our ds :0)

Welcome - one - how are you feeling today? My ms started at 5weeks, do yours may be on its way. Go with the flow on what you can tolerate food and drink wise. I am hoping that yours will not be too bad! Im still getting it!

Muzzy - you still with us sweet? How you feeling? How many weeks now?

Well ms still here atm but trying yo take it in my stride as cant change anything about it. This sat I'll be 15weeks!!! Where has thr time gone? ! Im trying to get into a better routine, do hopefully I can feel like im achieving more. I was really chuffed with my downs results for sure and really can't wait for my next scan and the 16weeks appointment! I am really considering getting doppler as would really like the opportunity to hear little bubs when I want. Can feel little flutter movements and such like which is just fabby!

How are we all?

ASmidgeofMidge Sat 05-Oct-13 20:05:23

Hi all, so sorry for long absence. How's everyone doing? I am now 24+2 - winterpansy our scan showed up a DS - very clearly grin
I've also been feeling quite stressed and emotional - am trying to look after myself with some early nights but it's definitely harder with one to look after already, and with dh's shifts as they are at the moment.

My stats: ASmidgeofMidge, 34, DD aged 5, EDD 22nd Jan (DS)

AbiBub Sat 05-Oct-13 21:20:32

midge!! Hello lovely! Sorry to hear you're stressed and emotional, but I think you're right with the early nights, I too find I feel much much worse if I dont get good sleep! Hopefully you'll be able to get some good nights sleeps soon smile x

Hows everyone else?
I'm 15 weeks today smile nausea and sickness still present atm. Hopefully it will wear off soon! So tempted to get a doppler as I have another 5weeks till scan and then after that, nothing!! I had requested and extra scan or so as am worried about having another back to back baby, but my midwife just said you'll be fine, you probably wont but if you do I hear its not as bad the second time around! ! Bloody useless I miss my old midwife :0/

muzzy1 Sun 06-Oct-13 14:34:19

Hi abi...yes I'm still here...lurking occasionally smile I haven't been on much recently as am really suffering with all day sickness and generally feeling really terrible. I will be back once I have the energy to focus on anything for gutted to read you are still suffering with ms though! Poor you.
Sorry for the lack of personals but glad to hear everyone is doing well. I am 9 weeks now and saw one teeny baby at our 8 scan so so far so good smile

AbiBub Sun 06-Oct-13 16:56:26

Hey muzzy sorry to hear you're suffering with ms or all day sickness. Big hugz to you. I suffered ms with ds till 16weeks although it wasnt this intense!! So hopefully it will subside soon! 9weeks eeeek! So chuffed hopefully you wont have to suffer the ms for too much longer!

Bart - hows you lovely? Hows the sickness now?

How is everyone? Its my 32nd birthday today and im feeling old!! Lol!

Have a good sunday peeps grin

BartBaby Sun 06-Oct-13 18:29:05

Oohh happy birthday abi flowers I hope you are getting a little bit spoiled. 32 isn't old! My dh is 32 and he isn't old grin

Sorry to hear the morning sickness is still there. Hopefully it will kindly do one soon, so you can enjoy being gp for a while before the 3rd trimester nastyness kicks in.

muzzy great to hear you are still with us smile sorry to hear about the sickness with you aswell. I've had it really bad so can definately sympathise. Just keep thinking that it will get better. And it's supposed to be a good sign!

smidge great news on the ds! What do you have already? I can never remember these things! grin keep on trying to get that rest. I'm sleeping as much as I can, while I can and still shattered! I second that it is definately harder with one to look after already. My dh is working in London this week Monday til late Thursday, so it will be just me and ds. Tired just thinking about it!

Things are still the same with me really. Sickness is very hit and miss. Sometimes I feel absolutely terrible. And other times I'm relatively ok. I've found I feel worse when I'm hungry. So that isn't really helping my waistline!

We've decided to book a private scan at 16 weeks to find out the gender, as were both so impatient! I can't wait for it grin it was £79 so not too bad really. They check baby is ok, and we get a 4d preview aswell, and some 2d and 3d pics. Roll on 26th October grin

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 08-Oct-13 21:14:51

Sorry to hear people are still struggling w/ sickness. I've largely dodged much of that, so can't complain. Bart, I have a dd already-she is 5 and v excited about her upcoming brother!

Abi-I also had a back to back labour w/ dd. I've got a midwife appt soon and also planned to ask about the chances of it happening again...

nomoreminibreaks Tue 08-Oct-13 21:35:42

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long - where has the time gone?! I'm 28 weeks already and feeling very third-trimester-y... The bump is very cumbersome and quite uncomfortable. I've been having pretty painful Braxton hicks, which was never a problem last time but could be down to stress at work at the moment.

It's great to see new ladies on here! Hope everyone's oksmile

winterpansy Wed 09-Oct-13 11:09:19

Hey all, sorry I have been a bit quiet - I've had lots going too.

asmidge Brilliant news about a DS - you must be ecstatic! How is DD feeling about it all?

abi Can't believe you are still feeling sick sad I'm so hoping it passes soon. Happy belated birthday! I was 33 last week myself - had a lovely day with my family and then DH took me out for dinner and the movies at the weekend. I got lots of vouchers too so can't wait to spend them all on myself before I have to spend a lot on DD!

Muzzy congrats on seeing the little 8 week old bambino - hope all is going well!

Bart How are you doing? the countdown is on until 26th then, eh? It'll fly in and you'll be so excited to find out the gender. I couldn't persuade DH to part with the money for a private scan so I was busting to find out by the time 20 weeks came!

Nomore I'm with you on the 3 trimesteryness feeling! This pregnancy has been such a slog compared with my first one. I always wanted 3 children but am now fully in the '2 is more than enough' camp now! I couldn't go through this again with 2 to look after, it's so hard with 1 little mite already to deal with.

Hello to anyone else I have missed!

Things have been a bit stressful here - my SPD has got quite bad and I now been diagnosed with gestational diabetes again. My gtt results were very borderline but I am automatically included in the DG category now. I'm a bit raging because I've been so good with my diet and am still lighter than I was at booking in, despite a massive bump! This means they won't let me go any further than 38 weeks so it looks like DD will be here before Christmas. I'll be trying everything to evict her naturally from 37 weeks though as I want to have another waterbirth! DS arrived at 37.5 so there is hope!

In better news, we're making progress on DSs room and all the santa presents are bought grin

onelittlepiglet Thu 10-Oct-13 17:54:44

Hello all

Not been able to post for a week as we've been away. I am so, so sick now too which is making me very miserable! Constant nausea and really don't want to eat but have to in order to stop feeling sick. I'm retching a lot but not actually being sick (thank goodness).

I don't fancy eating anything....just trying to eat cheese sandwiches and plain things. Smells make me gag too so I can't really cook.

I'm not in the uk any more and the food here is very American and so fried, manufactured and not very nice. I am craving plain, fresh food and things like M&S sandwiches! Things here make me really ill (I wasn't that keen before I got pregnant...).

Sorry for the moan - I can't believe how I had blocked this part of pregnancy out sad!

I'm 7+1 now so not even likely this will end anytime soon. Got my scan in 4.5 weeks so am a bit scared about it but trying not to think about it too much.

Hope everyone else is feeling more human than me!

BartBaby Sat 12-Oct-13 19:49:39

Sorry the sickness has got you one I can totally sympathise with you as I'm still feelin it at nearly 15 weeks! Surely it can't go on much longer?! 10 weeks of constantly feeling sick, so I've had enough of it now. I did get some tablets off the doctor which helped with the actually being sick, but didn't stop the sicky feeling. Although I have stopped those this week so I'm just hoping for the best! Just eat whatever you can, when you can. Hope you are enjoying America! (Well apart from the food!)

winter I hope your SPD isn't causing you too much bother. Hopefully baby will arrive of its own accord then if ds was early aswell. Are you not able to have a water birth if you are induced? I'm going to ask my midwife about water births. I don't even know if they have facilities for them at my hospital. I don't remember one from last time. I think ultimately I will end up with an epidural cos I'm a whimp but I'd quite like to give it a go in the water to start with and see how that goes. It will be lovely to have the baby there for Xmas though smile I really can't wait to find out the sex. Literally counting down the days! grin

nomore sorry to hear you are struggling with Braxton hicks. It could be stress related. Hopefully they will ease off soon for you.

smidge a little ds will be lovely to go with your dd. I've loved having my ds. I would love a little girl so I have one of each, but I'd be happy either way.

abi how are you doing?

Abibub Sun 20-Oct-13 00:41:37

Hey you Ladies

Sorry for such the late reply ( I am awful!!)

midge ahhhh back to back sucks doesn't it! Well I spoke to my mw at booking about it, and all she said to me was that apparently the chances of having a second B2B baby is slim, but even if I did, then apparently it wont be as bad?!! WTF!! I was trying to avoid the what I can only be described as the most horrendous labour I had first time round, and now they aren't even offering me one extra scan between 20 and 40 weeks?!! I really hope you get more joy than I did! I have already started getting back ache that just reminds me of B2B and panicking sad I may have to push it a bit more when it gets nearer the time, as I really don't want to go through that again!!

nomore hello and welcome back!! 28 weeks, really!! where has the time gone!! Hopefully the Braxton Hicks have not been so horrid recently.

winter hello lovely! habby belated birthday for the other week, glad you got a bit spoilt and hope you spent vouchers on yourself? oh poop to the SPD and GD, lets hope your LO makes an appearance before they get to intervene, in in which case that probably isn't that far away!! Glad you are managing to still get things done regardless, well done you!

Bart bet you're excited for next weekend eeeeeeek you'll find out sooner than me!! I'm like Winter where we cant really spend out on an early scan, but i'm 17 weeks today so only another 3 weeks to wait!!

one sorry to hear about the ms - it totally sucks doesn't it!! Hopefully it will be a little kinder as the weeks go on.

Well I'm 17 weeks today and I'm still suffering with the nausea, dry wretching etc, which totally sucks, it had started to ease off but then speaking to some family members one weekend, I told them that and clearly spoke to soon!! I really do hope it subsides soon, as this totally is utter crepe!! Have felt some flutters here and there but nothing for the last few days :0(

Best shoot off to bed, but just wanted to get on here and say hi before you thought I had all forgotten!!

Hows everyone this week? smile

apprenticemamma Thu 24-Oct-13 23:23:58

hi all and wrlcome newbies I've been hanging out on the march 14 Fred and the babynames thread.

Sorry to hear of continued nausea for some and other issues e.g. b2b. Sounds horrendous, cant teally say anything else wink .Just had our scan and I have a lower anterior placenta....unless it shifts which it prob will will need a c section. After last time I'm.not too bothered though wink !!

And. .. we are having a girl! Thrilled to bits . Ds decidedly nonplussed and wanted to watch Charlie and Lola on the big scan tv they have. Funny (maybe symbolic though....?)

BartBaby Sun 27-Oct-13 19:36:15

Hello ladies smile how is everyone doing? It's been so quiet on here lately. I'm sure people are just tied up doing real life stuff!

apprentice congratulations on your baby girl! I'm sure your ds will be slightly more interested when she arrives. Was he hoping for anything inparticular or is he just not that interested? grin

abi I think a lot of midwifes just go through the motions so you may have to keep on at her to get that extra scan. Fx crossed for you though. The consultant wats me to have extra scans at 26 and 30 weeks I check the growth as ds was apparently quite small for full term. I'm not complaining about the extra scans though.

Things are improving here for me. Nausea only intermittently and not much being sick. I have to be careful and eat something when I start getting hungry or that just makes it bad again.

We went for a scan yesterday and were having a girl aswell! The awkward little monkey had her legs crossed most of the time there. Even after a walk around, a few jumps and a cold drink! But we got there in the end, and the bloke said he wouldn't have told us if he wasn't sure. I'm still not going to buy lots of girly things until after the 20 week scan, just incase. It will be good to have 2 opinions!

Abibub Mon 28-Oct-13 08:50:13

Hey ladies!!

Thats great bart that your ms is calming and under control :D ☆ ★ ☆ I guess the quietness on here is down to being busy, ive been fairly busy and still likely to be hence why less posting on here, and also the Martians thread I'm on too! Fabby news on the girl result glad all is well with baby too. At least they are keeping a close eye which is the main thing, plus you get to see LO a few more times :0)

Great news apprentice on the girly front :0) I bet ds will ve chuffed to bits when she comes along! I had heard a low anterior placenta means possible c section but if you happy with that then that's all that matters! :0)

How is everyone else doing?

Nausea still off and on, but when I do have good days I dont want to take it for granted and say that its going as it comes back with a vengence! ! 18 + 2 here today! Feeling very tired after all the big weather last night so hoping to squeeze a nap in today!

winterpansy Fri 01-Nov-13 20:50:09

Hey all!
Just checking in to see how everyone is. Hope everyone is feeling OK.
I've been a bit under the weather this week with a chest infection, as has DS so it's been a bit rough, and we had this little scare but fingers crossed all is alright and little DD is just being a madam! SPD is hit and days good, some days bad. So I'm just taking each day as it comes. That's my whinging over for tonight smile promise.

So glad to hear nausea is finally getting better bart and abi. Enjoy your glowing 2nd trimester before the 3rd trimester exhaustion and crapness starts! I am so glad I have decided this baby will be the last I have grin

Yay for your girls apprentice and bart!

Hello to everyone else - really hope all is going well.

Have a good weekend everyone x

Abibub Wed 06-Nov-13 08:20:40

Hey all!

How are you lovely ladies?

winter just read your other thread. So sorry you have been left with worry sad lets just hope it was a one off scare and that she'll back to what your happy with growth wise. Its good to know they are keeping a close eye on it. Could it be because you had been poorly? How are you feeling now? So the next scan is a week friday then? Do come on and let us know how you're getting on! !? How many weeks are you now?

Well how are the other ladies on the thread?

Im nearly half way through pg (this sat is 20 weeks!) And we have 20 weeks scan on monday. We got a doppler jusy recently and its sooooo lovely to hear babies hb :0) im deffo gonna use it a good amount as this baby movements are not what I call wriggly but I get to find where abouts my placenta is on this next scan so I may just not be feeling it!

Ds started full time on monday just gone and its lovely! ! He also seems to be enjoying it which is fabby :0) x

BartBaby Wed 06-Nov-13 09:43:40

Hello ladies smile not doing to bad here for a change.

Still occasional nausea but nothing too bad. Was a bit achy/crampy yesterday but I'm sure it's just everything stretching and getting kicked and punched grin

winter I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry too much. It's great that they are keeping an eye on it, and all babies grow differently so she may have just had a slow couple of weeks. I'm also having a couple of extra scans as ds was born weighing under the 10th centile. They put previous IUGR on my notes but I very much doubt that he actually had it. He had no other symptoms and is perfectly fine with loads of energy, he's just always weighed under average.

abi I'm nearly half way through aswell 18+2 is near enough and I can't believe how the time has flown by! Have you bought much stuff yet? I've got the Moses basket and stand and that's it so far. Oh and a pack of beast and 2 packs of sleep suits. The dopplers are great aren't they?! I've had mine since 10 weeks. Although didn't hear the hb until 11 weeks, and then not consistently until about 13 weeks. It's very reassuring though.

I've been feeling movements like somersaults for a few weeks now, and started feeling the first kicks a few days ago. I can even feel them from the outside now, although they aren't very strong yet.

Hope everyone else is ok?

Abibub Wed 06-Nov-13 11:40:43

Hey bartbaby smile glad you're feeling better, I too still have bowts of nausea but im either managing it better or its subsiding but I still have food aversions. Yep 18.2 is close enough!! Im 19+4 so we're quite close! grin

Love my doppler, im deffo gonna get my money's worth at only 25 quid! Babys hb seems to be at 145-148 when asleep then when its woken its at 150-155 . Ds heartbeat im sure was slower?!

Cant wait to see little beanage again on Monday's scan,hopefully everything is ok, and hopefully we'll get to find out the sex?!! Movements for me I hardly feel atm so would be intetesting to see where my placenta is!

Really tired, haven't been sleeping too well lately. Hopefully that'll change!

How's everyone else? x

winterpansy Fri 15-Nov-13 11:14:25

Hey there, how are you all doing?

I had my scan and DD has put on 200g over the fortnight which is much better than the 100g the previous fortnight so while she is still small, she is growing so that's a relief! She's still breech though so I am hoping she'll turn as I am so hoping for a waterbirth again and can't think about dealing with DS and newborn DD while recovering from a section!

I'm 33 weeks now and the end can't come soon enough - spd is so bad I've been given crutches for my worst days and I am a bit down about it but the end is in sight and it will all be worth it. Not being able to do much combined with mad nesting has left me a bit frustrated but bit by bit we are getting little odd jobs down around the house and the place is almost ready! DS has gone into his big room (he LOVES it!) and has been sleeping so well in his bed so that's been great.

Enough about is everyone? abi Did you find out the sex??
bart apprentice nomore How are things?

BartBaby Sat 16-Nov-13 08:47:05

Yes abi I forgot about your scan!! I hope everything went well?

Good to hear from you winter and so pleased that baby has grown some more. Sorry to hear about your bad SPD. I've had a few pains hear and there in my bum cheek and down my right leg, but only now and again so far. Nowhere near as bad as you flowers my nesting definately hasn't kicked in yet! I'm still in the very tired and want to do nothing stage grin we need to move ds into his new big boy bedroom aswell. Although he isn't too keen to move. I want him to be in by Xmas though so will need to get a move on. We need to get a new curtain rail and put that up first, and it seems like such a massive task!

Things are ok here with me. Apart from being tired constantly! I'm not even sleeping too bad. Waking up loads for wees, but straight back to sleep. And even naps in the day. And I'm still tired! Sickness is all but gone though. Only feel sick when I'm hungry but I just need to eat an I'm fine. 19+5 today so nearly halfway. Scan next Thursday to hopefully confirm girl smile

How is everyone else doing?

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