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Nervous nutjobs pregnant with no.2

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winterpansy Fri 17-May-13 11:02:48

Just set up this wee thread for the nutjob graduates. I am hoping all our lovely thread dwellers will be on here very soon.

We should do some stats. I'll kick off:

winterpansy 1 DS edd January 5th

BartBaby Wed 04-Sep-13 19:21:19

Winterpansy 1DS EDD (DD) 2nd January 2014

apprenticemamma 35 ds 2.4 edd march 7th 14

Abibub 31, DS 4.5 EDD 29th March 2014.

(Nearly 32!! Currently 10+4weeks winter cant believe you're 23weeks eeeeeek.)

BartBaby 27, ds 4.2, EDD April 7th/8th 2014

BartBaby Wed 04-Sep-13 19:28:23

I've added my stats ladies

Nothing much to report here. Still having bad days and not so bad days. I have my booking in appt in the morning so I'm going to speak to her about the meds then, then go to the gp Friday to get more again, or change them.

My comment has gone on to the next page now so I can't see who has written what! Oh dear.

abi my ds doesn't start school until next week! I will miss him when he is there full time but by god I'll be glad of the rest grin I ordered some iron on labels off the interweb with his name on and got my auntie to do the first lot for me lol. Only 4 things left for me to do, although I'm sure I will mess it up somehow.

BartBaby Wed 04-Sep-13 19:37:29

Right I've read the other messages again...

apprentice I'm glad you managed to sort out the nursery place. It's a right pain when you get someone that has no idea what they're going on about. Made worse by the fact that they just try to blah their way through it, and then get it wrong! It would have been much better if she had just said she didn't know, and would check, and save you a whole heap of worry.

winter that is definately rubbish behaviour by your previous employers. I'm also a stay at home mum, although that was through choice as I really hated my job and ds was being looked after all the time by my aunt and uncle, which they loved having him, but when it gets to the point when he would rather stay there than come home, its time to do something about it. It's nice to be able to spend lots of time with them though isn't it. I was intending on looking for another job this month once school has started, but luckily no point in that now! phew!! grin

winterpansy Mon 09-Sep-13 20:43:29

I know abi! Doesn't seem like that long ago I got the BFP. Amazing how the first 12 weeks draaaaggg then time seems to speed up double fast! I've seen Christmas stuff in the shops which is panicking me slightly...really need to get stuff organised!
In terms of the exhausted and possible spd I'm out doing gentle walks with DS every day but I really notice a difference on days I am probably doing too much but there is not much I can do about that. I did pregnancy pilates in my last pg and enjoyed it but just haven't got round to signing up to anything this time. Maybe a DVD or YouTube videos would help to guide me with some gentle stretching. I've a docs appt next week to see about the spd anyway so will get her advice (my doc is totally ace - she's had 4 kids and is really down to earth!).
How are you this week?

bart & apprentice Yeah, my employers were arses and behaved illegally but I took the job after being forced out of my last job because of bullying/harassment/maternity discrimination by my previous boss and a very stressful legal battle (but they settled out of court in the end) so couldn't really be bothered doing much about it. If I'd actually liked the job or cared about it then I would have but it was a bit of a shit job, in a shit location and the boss was seemingly a pathological liar so I was well out of it. Luckily DH is on an OK wage and we'll just about survive on at and maternity allowance so I'll worry about getting a job only when I absolutely have too a few months after DD is born.

How is everyone else doing? I'm wrecked as usual but happy that Autumn is finally here - it's my fave time of year!

AbiBub Thu 12-Sep-13 14:53:01

Hello ladies!!

Bart how has it gone this week with getting ds to school etcc and how has he been? Im hoping your nausea is subsiding a bit. Your edd falls around my ds birthday! ! Easter baby!!

Apprentice how are you getting on now? Are you on the march 2014 thread? I made an appearance a few threads back, but I find its really quick and I just cant keep up!!

winter how are you lovely? Hows the spd? Did you manage to speak to the doc? Dvd on pilates? I hope you're not suffering too much. Biggest hugz.

How are you other ladies if you're still about??

Well for me, really tired today and suffering with nausea and was nearly sick again this morning, lots of burps and dry wrenching :0 ( I find if I dont get enough sleep the nausea us far worse, bart is that something you find? Im 12 weeks on sat!!! Im hoping that this subsides after first trimester as this officially sucks, I still cant have milk and really missing it, I havent had it in weeks, and im to scared to try it yet, did anyone else have a problem with milk? Got my combined tests on monday so dp has taken day off to come to the hospital to see bubba, and my mum is picking up ds from school!! I cant wait for the 20week one snd then hopefully we can find out the sex!!

Gosh sorry have waffled on! x

BartBaby Thu 12-Sep-13 19:55:45

Hi abi sorry to eat your sickness is still hanging around. I'm not much different, changed my meds last week and haven't actually been sick for a few day, but the sick feeling is there constantly. Never ever let's up. I don't think it's any different whether I'm tired, just woken up, not really tired, its just there. Hoping it won't last too much longer. I've started eating more i think this past week. Milk is just awful if its brought back up! I don't drink it first thing just incase I am sick, but sometimes get the urge for a mouthful later in the day. Although I've never been a big milk drinker anyway.

Ds has been ok at school. Not had any crying which is good!

How is everyone else doing?

apprenticemamma Thu 12-Sep-13 22:05:01

hi all. I've been a bit tired this week. Work 30 hrs a week absolutely crazy busy. Maniacally going all day put ds to bed, make dinner and collapse. How the hell we'll cope with two I'm not sureshock . lots. of. coffee wink !! I'm sorry to hear ur both still suffering abi and bart . I get moments of food aversion fussiness e.g. tonight's chicken pasta was rank...but generally eating like a horse. I am also extremely excited bc tonight I booked a weekend away with oh to Dublin on Octobergrin grin grin grin . Have a family reunion on the Saturday but other than that we are going to indulge a little and be tourists. Yay! We've also come to the realisation that trips away are possible in the future if we keep the kids in nursery and go away Mon-wedgrin minimising the stress on family...and surely cheap spa deals take place on these dayswink..right? . I don't know about u guys but I'm already panicking about who will mind two kidsgrin for a night let alone a weekend. God just realised how selfish this sounds..I'm not ...just totes needing a holiday!!

AbiBub Fri 13-Sep-13 23:58:01

Hey all!

How are we doing? This week has flown by!! Ds is getting there with school, he is only part time atm. He is really stroppy and refuses to go to bed which has ben a couple of months thing really so cant really blame it on school!! The trials of being a mum eh! Glad your ds is going well at school bart how are you finding getting out the door in the morning with the nausea? Ive had a few occasions where ive literally been or nearly been sick and then got in the car and driven ds to school!! 12weeks tomorrow and have my combined scan and test on Monday! So excited to see little bean again! Nausea still here too atm bart you're not alone!! Today I got fed up as the things ive taken out of my diet which I thought were causing the problem and yet I still have nausea and sickness. So tonight I braved it and had something other than water ( which is the only thing ive been drinking since I stopped having milk) I had slightly flat cola. It hasnt come back up yet, do that's a start! The main thing I want to try and introduce this weekend again is milk (didnt want to do it during the week as getting son to school more important! ) just wondering whether it will help trying to introduce in afternoon to start off with? bart how are your meds going so far? Whens your 12week scan date?

winter how are you lovely? Hows the organising going? Do you feel less hectic?

apprentice hello! Glad the food aversions are all but non existent, I hoping mine will be like that soon!! Eeeeeeeek bet you're really looking forward to the time away in October! I often think about how im going to cope with two also and the baby sitting issue if two kids etc luckily I dont often have the money to go out with so I doubt it will be a huge issue but I still think it will issue at some point! I dont think you are selfish to think that either, we all need our own time off, we are parents for such a long time in our lives and a day off here and there my mum said is essential to keep going! !

Oh gosh ive prattled on again!! Sorry!

winterpansy Sat 14-Sep-13 21:23:14

Evening all!

abi 12 weeks today!! Eeeek!! So exciting grin
How are you feeling? I hope that you magically feel better now you have hit the first milestone. We're having issues with DS going to bed too - he screams 'NOOOOOO, NOOOOOO' every night! He'll hopefully be in his big boy bed and out of the cot within about 6 weeks or so and I hope he'll stay in it! I'm feeling slightly less stressed about sorting stuff out and will make a dent in it all during the week -nesting is kicking in to my brain, my actual willingness will hopefully follow soon...

apprentice Ooh, nice one! A weekend is Dublin will be great. There is so much to do and it'll be nice to have a few days away. DH and I went away for a few days a few weeks ago and it was just lovely. Lots of sleeping, relaxing, eating and dtd - all of those things that will soon become a distant memory grin
We're very lucky that my parents live close by and always are up for some babysitting (DM is a firm believer that having some time on our own from time to time makes us better parents and is good for DS) but I am wondering how long it will be before they will take two on! We have a wedding to go to next May so DS will be about to turn 3 and DD will be almost 6 months so not sure how that will work. I'll worry about that next year, I suppose!

bart How are you doing?

Anyone been on the original nutjobs thread recently? Have we any more BFPers to join?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend x

BartBaby Sat 14-Sep-13 22:23:45

Hello winter i am doing ok thanks. Still feel sick all the time but not actually been sick in over a week so can't complain. Although been totally exhausted the past few days. Fell asleep tonight on the sofa, despite having a nap from 10-12 today! I'm sure your ds will settle down at bed times soon. We had a rough couple of weeks with our ds when he was quite young getting him to stay in his own bed, but they do learn. And he never gets out of his bed at all now.

We're off on holiday on Tuesday and I can't wait for the break! Last bit of sunshine before we bunk down for winter grin

abi sorry to hear you are still feeling pants aswell. I've not been to bad this week on the mornings. I've been waking up and having my tablet and a yoghurt, then managing to get us ready and ds dropped off at school before rushing to asda's cafe for some breakfast! The thought of my sausages, hash browns, beans and egg has been getting me through grin I've found if I eat as soon as I'm hungry, I don't feel quite as bad as if I don't eat.
I've got my scan for the 30th sept when I will be 13 weeks. Then I've got a consultants appt for 9th oct as I'm classed as high risk because I lost lots of blood having ds and ended up needing a transfusion. I think we just need to make a plan and they will be more prepared next time incase it happens again. It's a worrying thought that I'm trying not to think about too much.

I've been lurking on the old nut jobs thread. Muzzy has had a bfp within the last couple of weeks so hopefully she will join us when she is ready. Im 10+4 today and seems like ages away I got my bfp. Seems like its flown by now, but at the time feels like it is going so slowly, if you know what I mean. Off to bed for me anyway.

I hope all the other ladies are doing ok?

AbiBub Sat 14-Sep-13 23:43:48

Hey winter and bart and apprentice any other ladies that may be lurking (where are all the others? ?????? )

winter Im glad you're feeling less stressed, I always think we should go with our bods on these things and when the time is right we will be good to go on getting things sorted for sure! Yep 12 weeks and its gone quite quick in one sense but not from the nausea and sickness point of view! On cue this morning I was sick, but with just acid?! Horrid! Im really hoping this ends soon as im just fed up of feeling this nausea and sickness! Im sure your DS will really enjoy his big boy bed, fx it means he'll feel happy enough to stay and go to bed! !

bart glad your feeling a bit better, sorry read that you had mentioned to winter you hadnt been sick in about a week, which is wonderful!! I was sick this morning with nothing but acid, was yuk! You're a braver lady than me, I cant have yoghurt or milk in morning! ! I feel better when I've eaten, but it doesn't last long and I find if I overeat then I feel worse in evening!! Ive stopped my multi vitamins as of today, and this afternoon ive had a few gulps of milk, which so far has stayed down. First day in way over a month ive been brave enough to have milk!! My thinking was I had to reintroduce milk at some stage before I cant have it anymore. I love milk. I used to have it when pg with ds it helped irradicate heartburn. So im thinking along the same sort of lines that it might help to start coating my stomach again! What did you think? 30th will soon creep up for sure, ive got my scan Monday :0) ahhhh my friend was high risk, and once they know that they should keep a really close eye on you. Im sure everything will be fine for you. :0)

Muzzy was one on the thread but was there another? Or I must be going mad? ! Im still lurking as I want yo know how they're all getting on!!

AbiBub Tue 17-Sep-13 23:06:22

Hey lovely ladies!

How are you?

Scan yesterday went well, although the lady doing it was pushing really hard down and tapping and banging the ultrasound against my tummy really badly to 'try and wake baby up!' My tummy still feels tender today and im still suffering with ms. I feel lousy. Bubs seems ok, all healthy two arms, to legs etc but she wouldn't give me the ratio results? ! Just said everything looks to be how it should and you'll hear from midwife soon?! Thanks a effing bunch you Stooooopid scanee lady!!! Sorry rant over!

muzzy1 Wed 18-Sep-13 17:43:32

Hello ladies...I think I might join you although am still very scared being such early days.
I will have a read back and see what has been going on but glad to scan read and see everyone is doing well, except for the dreaded morning sickness! I think mine is just starting up but am not complaining.

AbiBub Wed 18-Sep-13 23:13:46

Hey muzzy ! Welcome to the thread! We dont do lots of posts here but hopefully catch each other at the right times!! Lets hope you manage to sidestep the ms betterthanus!! :0) my advice, take each day as it comes, but remain positive and hopeful :0) and if in doubt, seek reassurance ; 0)

2beornot Wed 18-Sep-13 23:20:56

Hi ladies. Saw this on active threads so thought I'd pop in to say hi. I hope all your pregnancies are going well!!

BartBaby Thu 19-Sep-13 20:13:22

Welcome muzzy and hello 2be smile

Just a quickie as I'm away on holiday. Glad your scan went well abi I'm sure everything is fine she would have said if not surely?

I hope everyone else is doing good? I've had a few good days whilst away so I'm very pleased I'm not ruining the holiday! Lol. And I've only needed 2 tablets today rather than the usual 3.

AbiBub Sat 21-Sep-13 13:51:21

Hey 2be! Hope you're ok?!

Bart! That fabby that you were able to take less tablets lets hope thats a sign that the sickness is winding down!

Hows everyone ?

Well got results from my combined test and im low risk!My results are 1:13728 one very happy abi :0)

Whats the hcg maternal serum free beta for and maternal serum PAPP-A ?

Any nice plans for the weekend?


apprenticemamma Sat 21-Sep-13 21:48:55

hi all... congrats abi that's amazing and that was quick. I thought our one on 3314 was decent. Been hanging out when I've had time in the march 2014 thread but it moves so fast. I'm off to bed sadly with laptop to prep an upcoming work project. Meh. sad Meant to be going on Thomas tomorrow but it's gonna be an all day thing and contemplating sending the boys with my dad so I can get leave to get this project done and sleep grin ..folowed by thoughts of guilt. Am I being unreasonable ..?

AbiBub Sun 22-Sep-13 21:27:27

Hey apprentice!

No, you weren't being unreasonable at all, pg at thd best if times really is quite tiring (we are growing humans after all! ) what did you decide to do in the end?
Your downs result us still fabbyly amazing! :0)

Hows everyone getting on ?

AbiBub Sun 22-Sep-13 21:28:52

Also apprentice, I forgot to mention I to am on March 2014 thread but it does move so quick, I spend most my time catching up! !! ; 0/

apprenticemamma Sun 22-Sep-13 23:09:18

abi I went #martyr and am so tired and hAve a very sore back (moan). Reading journal articles in bed not a good end to weekend either. ..but my DS was ecstatic so that made us v happy grin

winterpansy Wed 25-Sep-13 21:40:50

Hey muzzy and hiya 2be!

How is everyone doing. OMG time is flying so fast now! My app tells me today I have 98 days of pregnancy left. Double figures....! I hope it's more like 80/85 days left but we shall see if the little lady plays ball and comes before Christmas grin. I have such a bump now and have started waddling a little! 26 weeks tomorrow, can't quite believe it! I'm feeling not too bad - trying to make the most of it because I just know in a few weeks I'll be utterly knackered again. I'm starting to get stuff organised and am making progress with the Christmas shopping and DSs room. We're having a little trouble with the in-laws at the minute though..controlling MIL thinks we are coming to their house for Christmas day - I don't think so!! We'll either have a teeny baby or I'll be fairly immobile. There is a row brewing but I don't really care - DH can sort it out!

abi Great news about your test results! How is the sickness?And you bart?

apprentice How is your back now? I saw an osteopath at the weekend for spd (was offically diagnosed last week) and sciatica and am like a new woman - he was a miracle worker and I am really enjoying the pain-free walking while I can (till my pelvis pops out again!).

apprenticemamma Thu 26-Sep-13 21:39:52

hi all

sorry been quiet.. been feeling really sad sad and don't want to lower the vibe in here. Stressed at work tired not well and panicking re having two again. Today been crying on and off all afternoon since finished work, does anyone else get uncontrollable crying fits? Just curious. It's like a switch goes inside me and feel overwhelmed with upset. Then get days when feel much better. Wtf...!

apprenticemamma Thu 26-Sep-13 21:42:47

Winter your mil is being unreasonable. Things need to be on ur terms so close to the E.D.D. Perhaps she feels she is being supportive by taking care of the meal etc & helping with your older one. I wouldn't be having this though wink!

BartBaby Fri 27-Sep-13 07:56:03

apprentice I wouldn't worry it's probably just the hormones. I know its a cliche but we can blame almost anything on the hormones! grin and its only natural to worry about having 2. I've not started panicking yet but I'm sure it will come! But we will manage. It's what us women are made for. And we're almost experts by the second one! Once you get into a routine it will be easy peasy at least this is what I'm hoping anyway! could you maybe have a few days off work to get a bit of rest? I had a fair bit of time of with ds. I really don't know how I would manage if I was still working now. Definately hats off to you flowers

winter I agree mil is being unreasonable not asking what you want to do and just assuming. Like apprentice said she is probably just thinking she is being helpful so you don't have to do any cooking or anything, but as we all know why they think is best and what we actually want are offer very different. Just get dh to explain that it is too close to due date and whether you have had her or not, you will be having a quiet family Christmas at home. Luckily I don't see my mil very often. She's ok, but she's a bit ill, so its just hard work with her. In fact I've only seen her once since march as I'm annoyed with her over something to do with our wedding (which she chose not to come to) so it suits me that dh goes round with ds and I get some peace! grin

abi how are you doing now? Great about your test results! Must be one weight off your mind smile

Well I'm back off holiday and sickness is back to pretty much what it was before I went away sad I think my body just prefers the holiday routine more than the home routine! I'm 12+3 now though so hopefully not too much longer left. I got a doppler off my friend and have heard baby's heart beating a few times now. It's such a lovely reassuring sound. I've even managed to record it on my phone. And I'm sure I've felt baby turn over this morning while I was laying in bed. Felt just like it did a somersault! And I've read that you can often feel the movements sooner with the second one. So I'm sure it was that and I didnt need to pump so can't have been that blush

Got my first scan Monday and I can't wait for it! It was supposed to be yesterday but dh is away with work so I changed it. Stoopid work I could have had it by now!

Hope everyone else is doing ok?

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