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The spring grads are settled in, now BROOKING NO ARGUMENT for new summer grads and quick sneeze births!

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One last thread from me, Sparks hope you're ready, you're sneezing on this one smilesmilesmile

SweetieTime Fri 05-Jul-13 18:40:41

thanks boo well you learn something new every day. I knew they could measure your bump to work out how far you were but didn't realise it had a name

Withalittlesparkle Sat 06-Jul-13 04:08:36

Ok here goes with a mega post, fingers crossed MN does chew it up.
I officially love being Mummy, I must love it because its nearly 4am and Im still up despite Twinks being asleep for the last 3 hours, he has chosen my chest as the best place to sleep so who am I to argue?
Things are going really well, it was tough while we were still in the hospital (Not sure if I’ve updated since then --baby brain--) but now we’re home we’re settling in to the swing of things and just generally enjoying being a lovely little family unit. You girls have the single most amazing experience ahead of you!!

Solars I think I was 8 weeks for my booking in, it was really weird, I felt like a bit of a fraud because it still hadn’t sunk it that I was pregnant, despite being so very sick. You’ll get used to checking on here eventually

Keep Happy anniversary

Sweetie Not sure about the ear thing, but I guess it could be linked with increased blood vessels? Obviously I dont really know whether that’s right, but turns out nearly everything can be traced back to pregnancy.

I’m up for a midlands meet up in September, it would be amazing to meet even more brookers.

Face I’ll send you a PM with Twinks RL name, I don’t really want it on MN just to try and retain a teeny tiny bit of anonymity. I haven’t got nearly as many pictures of him as I thought I would have because I simply cant stop staring at him, I cant drag my eyes away long enough to find my camera!!

Boo Youre an amazing brooker, cheering on all the TTCers and antenatal brookers. Just thought I’d share that!!!

Right it’s time to try and wake twinks for another feed, he has a touch of jaundice and the midwife has drummed it in to us how important it is the get Twinks to feed every three hours

cartoontrickster Sat 06-Jul-13 06:45:44

sparks up at that hour and still loving it! I can't wait to have that feeling. just amazing.

SweetieTime Sat 06-Jul-13 07:47:31

Sparks you sounds so amazing, obviously motherhood really suits you. All the photos you have posted on FB he looks so adorable, I am not surprised you can not take your eyes off him. Are you still amazed you created that whole little person? It must be the most unreal feeling ever. I am so pleased for you, it was such a tough pregnancy and you got the best reward in the end.

Oh Sparks you've talents it like a duck to water, sounds like you're really loving every second! smile He is such a lucky boy.

Sweetie how are dib and dab treating you? How many weeks are you now? Deffo up for a meet up before the Midlands one smile

Solars Sat 06-Jul-13 09:39:42

Right I really need to get my head out of the sand and start realising this may actually be happening now, there is so much to learn....fundus??

Sparks that sounds amazing and so pleased everything is going well for you. You're right it does feel weird at 8 weeks and I need to get to grips with it all.

Big waves to Sweetie, Boo, Keep & Face hope you all have a lovely day. We're having a lazy day.....

Don't panic Solars, you will learn what you need to know as you go along, I have never heard anyone but a mw refer to a fundus I think sweetie's friend was being a bit of a smart arse wink Plus we're always here to ask!

SweetieTime Sat 06-Jul-13 12:30:25

Solars my head is still in the sand. I am avoiding reality. I am hoping it will sink in after my next scan.

My colleague is very lovely but a bit of an earth mother type. she has just stopped bf her youngest who is 3, now that is dedication. She was really supportive when we were trying. She is super excited that it has all worked and twins too. She dragged me around the newborn section of asda the other lunchtime. She was completely gaga over everything, I tried to show a bit of interest but it still feels a long way off yet.

boo I am currently 14+5 so counting the weeks to my 20 week scan. I just hope and pray all is ok then I might start to relax

Solars Sat 06-Jul-13 12:47:32

Boo I'm going to be asking a lot of questions then.

Sweetie I think it's also to do with the fact we've been ttc for so long it's difficult to get your head around it when it does actually happen. Everyone keeps saying enjoy the pregnancy but I still feel on edge but I do allow myself an hour a day to be really happy and thankful to actually be here but then I feel guilty again thinking something awful will happen

By the way has anyone here had the Harmony test done? Being older we are thinking of having it. Just wondering where to go, I've heard a couple of clinics that do it in London, I may ask the midwife next week for her opinion.

cartoontrickster Sat 06-Jul-13 15:47:58

solars there's usually threads on it in antenatal tests and choices. I think it sounds amazing. quite expensive though.

SweetieTime Sun 07-Jul-13 09:26:07

Solars I on am IVF preggo thread too, to share the post success mentalling, and some of the ladies on there have had Harmony testing. It is very accurate from what they say but waiting for the 2 weeks for the results to come back has been hard for some of them. I think they got a deal where they had this and some scans for a combined price. Defo worth looking into.

Well I had a quick look at baby clothes in Next yesterday. I feel like a bad pre-Mummy as we haven't got anything yet. So I might pop back and get these sleep suits and matching hats I think they also did matching bibs. They are just too cute and come in small baby size so I think I will be needing really small stuff in the beginning. I went out with a couple of friends and they were saying to just get things in the smallest and next up sizes only as you can always buy bigger when you need them. I mean 24 hour supermarkets are always there for the basics. It isn't as if they will go short or have to go naked really is it?

SweetieTime Sun 07-Jul-13 09:27:47

found the [[ bibs] too

SweetieTime Sun 07-Jul-13 09:28:09

found the bibs too

Aaw Sweetie you're not a bad pre mummy, and your babies will not be nekkid, I bet people will buy them all sorts of things when they're here, but those baby grows and hats are very cute smilesmile

Withalittlesparkle Sun 07-Jul-13 09:57:46

Sweetie your babies won't go naked, if your friends and family are anything like mine you'll end up with so much stuff you'll wonder where your meant to put everything!!!! Since being born (so not including any second hand donations and I'm probably missing loads) Twinks has been given 10 baby grows, 3 romper suits, 3 vests, 5 tshirts, 2 pairs of dungarees and 2 sets of pjs... And then nearly every present has come with a pack of nappies as well!! Pre giving birth I'd been given/offered so much second hand stuff even I had to start turning people down, even the guy at the local chippy offered us a bag of stuff!!

You've got plenty of time, just start buying stuff when you feel more comfortable, oh and Asda is amazing for cheap baby things, Twinks has one particular set of baby grows I love putting him in (we're rather messy with the bottle so have to change him loads) the asda stuff seems to wash so well, looks super cute AND if doesn't cost a fortune!!

Gorgeous sleepsuits sweetie, they won't go naked! Mine were 5lb 10 and 6lb 9 at birth. B briefly wore tiny baby "up to 5lb" size, which fitted his body perfectly but were too short leg wise (he's always had long legs!) So he only wore those for 4 days then started wearing the "up to 7lb" size, whatever that's called. Drowned him a bit but better than squashed baby toes, definitely. S always fine in that size too. I reckon you'll get shed loads of clothes, fb has loads of twin selling pages for matching/ coordinating stuff, which I don't use, not really into matching all the time just stuff them in hand me downs a lot . Oh, and when dd was born we owned a Moses basket waste of space a borrowed pram, a borrowed carseat.... And some hand me down clothes, enough for a week or so. Part of the lack of acquisition was trying to sell our old house, part was waiting for a baby to move into a bed to get a cot handed down (9 weeks after her birth til that arrived!) Honestly, babies don't really need much stuff. The only difference is with two you NEED a buggy, but while they're tiny tiny they won't be in bouncers, or on playmats or anything you'll be permanently holding at least one . It's handy to have things like bouncers already so you don't have to research what you want and buy when you're knackered with no time though, but if push came to shove, all that can wait.

solars I reckon do whatever will help you relax. I've no idea about harmony tests, I had no tests, with either. Or maybe one blood test with dd, so I'm not very helpful. But mentalling I can do grin . I had 3 extra scans and CTG monitoring twice with the boys though for mentalling (felt genuinely panicked every time mind-pain, bleeding, then decreased movements!) . You are a Brooker though. It will be fine. When's the next scan- how long to get through til then?!

keepitgoing Mon 08-Jul-13 03:45:42

Hey all - am now back, and shattered, so having a very lazy day. I am so lucky to be able to do this... Unfortunately I fell asleep after the first set of tennis last night, so missed the biggest match ever! Ah well.

solars that's great that you've got your booking appointment. Have you had much more spotting? any sickness yet, or are you going to be like me and sweetie and escape the bad stuff... Sometimes I still don't feel like I can really be pregnant. But, I think it does sink in after the 12 week scan a bit. 

Speaking of heads in sand, I have just realised two things. Firstly, that I told DH that I would not read, speak or think about the birth until 20 weeks. That is on Friday!! And secondly, and more scarily - I AM THE NEXT BROOKER TO SNEEZE!!!! --unless sweetie's twins are a bit too keen-- 

sparks I am so pleased that it's all going so well. I just can't wait for those days of madness as we all settle into things. How long has DH got for paternity leave, 2 weeks?

sweetie I have bought a grand total of one pair of socks. We wanted to buy one token thing, but a) I am still quite nervous and b) there is ages to go. Someone on the other thread same as me has bought buggy, crib, etc etc.....

trix I am so pleased about your scan. Even if they couldn't exactly measure the NT then you'd think if something major was wrong then they'd see it. Great that your DH is feeling better about it all too now, you poor things have been through so much.

solars yes sweetie's right, the FMC in London is (o at least was) offering the harmony test and NT scan at a package deal of £180 - this is way way cheaper than normal. You have to have the blood test at 2 weeks, then the scan and results at 12. It sounds like a fantastic test, esp for those at higher risk

As for me, all is good here. I think that I possibly maybe have felt Kip move. But I'm not sure what it feels like, it was a bit like a heartbeat in a different place. One time DH felt something outside but we thought it's a bit early for that, esp as my placenta is at the front, so I think it's probably wind. My 20 week scan is on Saturday. I am trying not to be too crazy about it, or read about all the billion things that they might find...

We are going home in 2 weeks - trying to make the most of being here - hence the holiday to the slightly cooler (27 at night) mountains, and a trip to the beach next weekend just before we go. I have a busy couple of weeks of sorting things out, but am v excited.

SweetieTime Mon 08-Jul-13 10:00:06

Sparks we have already been offered freebie stuff but so far no clothes, and nothing from the bloke in our chippy - I feel I am missing out grin

Dream as you know it is so unpredictable with twins, I am fearful that they will come really early so we will need small sizes. My Mum has started knitting these teeny weeny cardigans already. She showed me one yesterday and it is really small. It is funny we have been asked by a couple of people if we will be dressing them the same, I will just be happy if they aren't naked. I am sure I won't be organised enough to have them matching unless they are in plain white sleep suits/babygrows for practicality.

keep woo hoo on feeling kip move. I am sure the others will tell you if that what it feels like, but it is very exciting. 20 week scan at the weekend too, I understand your nervousness. We are waiting until 20 week scan too, and are both scared of the potential outcome. We have been looking at stuff and I have a list of the basics we will need. But as Dream says it is quite a short list so far. I just want to have looked around while I feel up to it rather than waddling around the shops when I am further along. Also we have been busy spending on our new house, I feel like a walking cheque book with all the things we have had to buy and workmen we have had to pay. We are moving in at the end of the month so hopefully we can chill a bit after that. My 20 week scan is mid Aug so the spending will resume at the end of August I think.

I am working from home today with my feet in a bucket of cold water under the desk. I am not sure they would allow that in the office. keep I don't know how you cope with such temperatures day in day out. You must be made of stern stuff. Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine without overheating.

Solars Mon 08-Jul-13 17:15:21

Sweetie how cute are those sleep suits?! Hope you had a nice easy day working from home today, sounds bliss with your feet in a bucket of cold water.

Dream because of going through the ivf and my clinic obsessing about monitoring I'm lucky that I get scanned once a week which is really helping with the mentalling. In fact I had a scan this morning and the little one is growing to plan and doing well still.

Keep how exciting to feel something, eek!! I had about 3 days of no spotting last week after my scan then 2 days of a smidgen of pinky cm on wiping, nothing today. They checked the womb on the scan again today and all looked fine. Yes someone told me about fmc and another place for the Harmony test and you're right fmc do an offer for £180 compared to £400 normally or £600 at the other place, so I have booked myself in with them for a scan at 10w2d. I'm getting good at being patient these days so hopefully the 2ww for results will be a doddle. Brooking for your 20week scan and for you not to go too crazy in the meantime! Also my only symptom seems to be tiredness and I had one afternoon last week of feeling nauseous so I'm hoping I'll be like you and Sweetie and relatively symptom free!

Solars Mon 08-Jul-13 17:17:19

Oh yes, Trix how was your scan today?

cartoontrickster Mon 08-Jul-13 17:36:22

my scan was good. nt measurement was 1.5mm which I think is good. she seemed confindent that we would be low risk but they will phone me with the results in a couple of days so I don't have to wait 2wks for the letter. she didn't say much other than everything looked fine. so I'm glad our scan on Friday was so good and everything was pointed out to us or I might be panicing. I have another scan on Sat at my private clinic.
thank u for remembering solars glad your scan went well too, I've lost track of how many wks you are now?

cartoontrickster Mon 08-Jul-13 17:39:39

keep I'm just looking on today's scan report and it says placenta:anterior. is that the same as you?

DinoSnores Mon 08-Jul-13 17:42:39

cartoon, that's fantastic!

keep, I have always had anterior placentas and so don't feel the baby much until after 20 weeks. Even then, I don't feel the baby much. I was at one scan at 36 weeks and could see the baby (now DD2) kicking away merrily but couldn't feel any of it!

Solars Mon 08-Jul-13 17:56:31

Trix that's really good are you in for intralipids again soon? How often do you have it? I had my NK cells re-tested again today too, really hoping that they are behaving. I'm only 7w6d today!

cartoontrickster Mon 08-Jul-13 18:00:31

I'm also having a drip on sat whilst I'm there and will have my final one 4weeks later at 16wks.
I found the time up till 8weeks really dragged then it seemed to go a bit faster. its so nice to be able to have all these early scan too isn't it. I literally do not know how anyone waits until 12wks!

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