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Thread for the spotting and cramping, slightly freaked out Jan 2014 baby due date club

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Mythreeknights Wed 15-May-13 12:23:47

Given a fair few of us have been freaking out over spotting and cramping at the very start of our pregnancies, I thought we should start a new thread where we can share our 'symptom's with each other and guide each other through our own experiences.
I got my BFP on Monday this week, started spotting on Tues morning (yesterday) with stringy brown CM, one and off, cramping finished up by mid afternoon but spotting is ongoing.
I've not had this with either of my other two pregnancies so this is all new to me and is slightly freaking me out, but it's reassuring that in most cases it is implantation bleeding. Those who say spotting without cramping and not reassuring me much since I have had both!!

So, join in if you are in the same boat as me!

AmandaMae Thu 06-Jun-13 19:16:41

Oh MissMedusa I'm so sorry to hear that. I thought you might have escaped...

FWIW, I am going through the "natural" thing too. I think it's tailing off, but there have been a few unpleasant and uncomfortable days. I have another scan booked on Monday morning, and hopefully they will tell me I don't need a D&C. Another horror to be faced down.

Luckily, I'm between jobs. How about this for crazy? I got a call from a recruiter on Monday afternoon, telling me that I'd won a position. Right in the middle of a mc. Wowza. Thankfully I only start a week on Monday, so hopefully I should be tickety-boo by then. Or as tickety-boo as I'm going to get.

But I echo your sentiments, MTB and MyThree - time is a great healer. I'm starting to feel like my feelings have caught up with my rational brain, IYKWIM. I do believe that our bodies do know what they're doing, even when we don't feel we can trust them.

Much love and luck to you all.

Frizz1986 Thu 06-Jun-13 22:28:42

Hi all,

Firstly I am so sorry for all the troubles everyone here has suffered and hope that anyone who has mc goes on to have another pg that goes full term. Its helpful to be able to read peoples experiences as so many people dont talk about mc.

Just wanted some advice as am starting to worry myself.

I had about 24-36hrs of light/dark brown discharge on tuesday/wednesday and had some cramping pains overnight on tuesday.
Called the midwife centre on wed morning and was told to keep an eye on it and if it continued call my gp to get referred to epu. Anyway it stopped wed lunchtime and have felt pretty good since. I thought that was it, i could relax. I have booked a private scan for Sunday just to see if all is ok.

Anyway tonight i have been having on and off mild sharp pains along my left side and towards my pelvic bone and the discharge seems to have slowly begun again (a lightish brown so far) Its only when i wipe but this with the pains is really worrying me (led to me rushing out of the bathroom to sob on dh)
I have my midwife booking app in the morning as i am 9 weeks exactly tomorrow, but I just have this really bad feeling as the pains just don't feel right!

kwalks85 Fri 07-Jun-13 10:29:43

Hi everyone hoping for some advice! I had a miscarriage 24th April and recently found out I am pregnant again, I am guessing 3-4 weeks but hard to tell. I have started experiencing period pains that have been waking me up at night and on and off through out the day - is this normal? No bleeding and not really other symptoms, think I am just worrying after what happened last time! Any advice is greatly appreciated xx

AmandaMae Fri 07-Jun-13 11:41:27

Frizz I'm really hoping things calmed down overnight, and that your appointment this morning has given you some good news. From my very limited experience, the only thing you can really do at this point is ask for an HCG blood test, and a repeat 2-3 days later. In the early stages of pg, your HCG levels should be doubling every couple of days. It's a good indication of a healthy pg - and of course, if they're not doubling, it's the reverse. That was what did for me... kwalks, the same is probably true for you.

Now I've got to call and cancel scans and booking appointments. sad hope you both get better results.

Sultanajo, any news from you? Still going well?

Sultanajo Fri 07-Jun-13 20:05:08

amanda so incredibly sorry to hear your news. It absolutely sucks and I really hope u escape a d & c, although thats what I had last time and I think it helped me move on as I knew it was "over".

missm really sorry things havent properly started for you. Do you have any scans booked in to check on things?

kwalk I am not surprised you are worrying after what you have been through. I have been paranoid all the way thru and am now 11 weeks. I echo what the others have said - blood tests would be your only option at this stage for reassurance. Have you seen your GP yet?

Amanda fingers crossed a miracle has happened my end as I had a scan this week which brought my dates forward and I saw a wriggly 10+5 bubba kicking and punching which was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! So really keeping everything crossed this little one makes it! Was totally convinced it was game over, which goes to show spotting and cramping doesnt always mean bad news.....(crosses fingers and toes)

Thinking of you all....thanks

AmandaMae Fri 07-Jun-13 20:25:09

Sultanajo, that's AMAZING news! Always nice to hear about positive outcomes! I will be keeping everything except my legs crossed (we are going to get back on the TTC wagon!)

Sultanajo Fri 07-Jun-13 20:28:38

Thanks amanda still cant quite believe it! I wish u all the luck in the world with your TTC journey and hope its quick and your next little bean is super sticky! grin

Frizz1986 Sat 08-Jun-13 15:00:50

Well my brown discharge has stopped again (it appears I only had it for 2 toilet trips but it still scared me beyond belief)
Cramping seems to come and go and just feels uncomfortable really now, not painful.

I spoke to my midwife about it on friday and she reitterated what another midwife had told me when I called in a panic on wednesday. She said if i keep getting bad cramps and the spotting continues for a few days then call my gp and they will refer me for a scan but otherwise there is nothing that they will do. I appear to just have to wait and see. Our epu is only midwife or doc referral as well so unless things get worse I am in limbo. They said the gp wont really do anything yet as I have only had a bit of cramping and only a small amount of spotting so they will just make me monitor it all.

I have a private scan booked tomorrow as I was worried in the week so I guess they will tell me if things are ok in there so far so its just fx and see.
My mum keeps reminding me that the whole of pg is a wait and see scenario and you just have to cross ur fingers and hope all is ok. So here goes for fx!

Hope others get the advice they need and it works out well.

Sultanajo Sat 08-Jun-13 15:38:10

Well thats positive frizz the spotting has stopped and the cramping is easing. It feels like forever until you can get some reassurance, but hopefully the scan tomorrow will give u reassurance. Will keep everything crossed for you. I was told spotting although not normal is very common and 9 times out of 10 they wont know the cause.....

Mythreeknights Sun 09-Jun-13 10:10:32

Sultana whooppeeee :-) that's fantastic news honey, clever clever bean and you for staying strong throughout.

I have been feeling decidedly sick / constantly nauseous and pretty tired in the afternoons so I'm pretty sure this pg is sticking at the moment but I don't have a scan date or any other form of 'proof' available to me yet.

Frizz how is it going? How did your scan go? I think Sultana's experience gives us all a huge amount of hope and support that bleeding and cramping can be 'random' and that all is ok in the uterous. Pain is probably not a good thing (I have had sharp pain when I stand up quickly but I think that's things stretching) so hopefully your bean is in the right place. Crossing fingers and toes for you.

Kwalk I had strong period pains, cramping and heavyish spotting (not quite dripping into the loo but enough to wear a pad) for two days at 4 weeks pg - I had tested on Monday and the cramps started that afternoon and went on for 2 days. That's why my GP said I might have mc'd, but as far as I know, I haven't. So, fingers X for you!

Frizz1986 Sun 09-Jun-13 18:35:37

mythree scan went well thanks. Bean is in the right place and i have been dated exactly where I thought with ov dates (but 3 days later than mw said based on period dates)
She said everything seems fine for what point i am and she coudnt see any bleeding in there.
Heart beat was about 170 as well which is apparently good.

Am feeling much happier after having the scan and would recommend for anyone with worries as it really puts your mind at rest.

I am going to try and stay calm now (as much as I can).

MTBMummy Mon 10-Jun-13 09:21:16

MissMedusa mine passed naturally, they basically look for you to pass a clot the size of a 10p -50p piece to be sure.

I'm really sorry to you and everyone else who is going through this.

To those of you with cramping, particularly if it's to one side, please try and be aware of any pain in the tips of your shoulders, apparently that is one of the first signs of an ectopic, and one of the reasons they were so panicked about mine.

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