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anyone else due 31st may? need some buddies x

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joanna1990marie Wed 15-May-13 11:24:49

So that's my due date, would be fun to see who else is due then and when we all go into labour, very excited x

bogwoppitinatree Thu 16-May-13 09:34:21

Thanks Shelli - we really wanted to go the whole hog and call him Wilberforce but that might cause some contention later on. We are umming and arring over whether the middle name "Force" would work smile I think I agree about babies coming when they're ready but I'm also a great believer in positive thinking...
I haven't used Clary Sage before but I have ordered some of the essential oil and I am going to light an oil burner an hour or so before bed and maybe put a drop or two in the bath if I like the smell.
Newlywed - that's exciting, hope something happens in the next couple of days smile

NewlywedUpTheDuff Thu 16-May-13 09:36:57

Me too! Had lots of cramps pains and backache all yesterday, spoke to midwife this morning who thinks I am having a very slow progression into labour - eeek! Not too slow I hope!

bogwoppitinatree Thu 16-May-13 09:51:55

Yay! Have you got lots of good DVDs to watch? I have brought complete sets of two of my favourite comedy shows so hopefully I won't be too tempted to blitz the house or anything. smile Good luck, hope it goes well.

NewlywedUpTheDuff Thu 16-May-13 10:20:22

no, im still working from home so using that to keep me occupied! Just trying to keep my mind off it as it could be a while yet. midwife says that the paind could fizzle out, but i hope not! i wish they would start off properly though because at the moment its just like strong period pains and aches which are horrible sad

SucksToBeMe Thu 16-May-13 10:26:33

Hi all, I'm due 30th may, but am booked in for c section on the 24th may. I'm pretty sure the baby's head engaged yesterday.

preggersbycheggers Thu 16-May-13 10:33:32

Still 2/5 engaged and still back to back sad boooooo baby. Move your bum!

Still at least the right way up!

mildred37 Thu 16-May-13 11:14:18

Was feeling alot of pressure last night and was sure my waters were going to burst out of me at one point! However nothing doing so another day of waiting. Boo!

May look up clary sage....

NewlywedUpTheDuff Thu 16-May-13 11:56:44

yes i have been feeling pressure for about 2 weeks , like the baby is trying to push its way out. hurts quite a bit and quite suddenly too! ouch!

joanna1990marie Thu 16-May-13 12:46:46

Awww im so jealous, sounds gross but I've never wanted to mess my pants up so bad! I've had no signs of impending labour whatsoever!

NewlywedUpTheDuff Thu 16-May-13 12:47:57

If it makes you feel any better all the signs I'm having could go on for weeks confused

mildred37 Thu 16-May-13 13:24:13

Yes, signs mean nothing - I've been having them for weeks, or at least I think I have!

Have had a burst of energy today - so far have been out to get shelves and grocery shopping, cleared out our small bedroom, bagged a load of stuff for charity and emptied all the bins as well as organising our clothes drawers. Now having a test before doing some batch cooking for the freezer!

joanna1990marie Thu 16-May-13 13:38:27

Bloody hell mildred! I've only managed to do a bit of washing and a bit of shopping and I'm pooped! Had about 11 hrs sleep last night as well

mildred37 Thu 16-May-13 14:57:39

It's not normal...yesterday I could only manage a gentle amble around a garden centre with the MIL for an hour, I got home and needed a lie down lol!

joanna1990marie Thu 16-May-13 15:57:17

That's ok then....feel less lazy now. Im not sure how tired im supposed to be! It's like being ill with no illness if you get my drift? I can get out of bed and then go and lay on the sofa all day and still be knackered!

mildred37 Thu 16-May-13 16:28:18

I know exactly what you mean - Infact I've been on the sofa with a blanket for the last hour as I've just completely flaked out!!! Make another cuppa and don't worry about it - the way I look at it is that it's one of the only times you can get away with being lazy! ;)

joanna1990marie Thu 16-May-13 16:37:11

True, also I seem to always get back ache whilst doing the washing up....wink the other half obliges grin

mildred37 Thu 16-May-13 18:27:41

Haha! All these aches and pains, it's just too much sometimes....and I couldn't possibly get up and make my own drink or get something myself as it takes me too long to get up....what a shame haha!

SucksToBeMe Thu 16-May-13 19:03:08

I keep getting painful twinges in my pelvis. This is my 2nd and DS was born at 36wks EMCS so I'm clueless as to what labour is like. I'll be watching you lot like a hawk!

joanna1990marie Thu 16-May-13 19:34:53

I know what u mean, dh was pissin himself laughing at me this morning as our sofa is really low I couldn't get up, he described watching me like a David Attenborough special on tortoises tryin to get off their back. My stomach feels very tight this evening.........

mildred37 Thu 16-May-13 20:24:34

Fingers crossed someone has some good news for us in the morning!! I've been having "new" pains but will probably turn out to be nothing for the millionth time sad X

joanna1990marie Thu 16-May-13 21:13:41

Good luck.....hope your pains turn into something! Still gotta pack my hospital bag yet.

shelli135 Fri 17-May-13 06:51:39

Any new additions this morning ? grin Up bright and early feel full of energy today

joanna1990marie Fri 17-May-13 07:29:44

Not from me, 38th week starts today.

luna40 Fri 17-May-13 08:12:12

Had a dream last night I went into labour alas nothing today! I'm still getting lots of twinges/period pains/braxton hicks, but then nothing... I'm probably still weeks away!

mildred37 Fri 17-May-13 08:25:38

Not a sausage sad have woken up feeling ravenous and with a banging head so am going to go and get some fresh air. Doesn't help having our sewers dug up right outside our door....angry

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