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January 2014 - knicker checking, cramps, sore boobs, sickness, hungry, sleepy neurotic mums to be.... Roll on 12 week scan!!

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LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 18:45:19

And off we go again....... grin

gemma277 Tue 21-May-13 23:16:47

MrsGSR thanks sooooo much for all the links, it passed a good few minutes of my evening grin

Little, lucky lucky you!!!! The pics are amazing! So cute!
Thanks for new thread...again... Boi do we ladies talk!

Sultano good luck for scan tomorrow, FX for you.

Choco sorry you feel so low. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

Welcome and congrats Lady!thanksthanksthanks

Slinky welcome and congrats too! Ahh that is so lovely! Just be careful he dosn't say that to everyone that walks in the door now. Lolsmile

SlinkyB Tue 21-May-13 23:20:27

That's what I'm worried about!

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 06:15:33

Slinky, NHS site says you can have sushi as long as the fish has been frozen first. And there's always loads of veg sushi. Might be worth a call to the restaurant to check if they freeze the fish first. A chef friend tells me it's standard practice because it kills a particular parasite in raw fish.

Anyway, off to the new thread. Just had to let you know in case you're denying yourself things unnecessarily smile

LittlePeaPod Wed 22-May-13 06:34:22

All ladies - IMPORTANT. We run out of space on this thread at 1000 comments so I have set next thread up. Please check yourselves in

Link to next thread...

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 07:19:10

Morning lovely ladies,

Sorry I disappeared off yesterday - felt unbelievably rough and couldn't bear to look at a computer screen or my phone. chocoholic I know exactly how you feel - couldn't have described it better and chocco OMG I have had similar thoughts about getting some temporary relief but I know I could never do that, so instead I sat motionless all night on the sofa. Still feeling blergh this morning!

However, today is 8 week scan day! Can't believe it is actually here and I am excited but also really freaking out because have been spotting for a week and it's not stopping, so I am PRAYING all is still OK with bean! I know if all is OK I will be a sniffling wreck - today is gonna DRAGGGGG! Scan isn't until 6pm!!! Hurray up 6pm! Really hope I am not feeling as rough as I was yesterday at 6pm, but I will do anything right now to see bean is OK.

Apologies - verbal diarrhoea this morning it would seem!

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 07:23:14

Pod thanks so much for the new "bread"! smile That's just fab!!! Loving your obsession with coleslaw! Wow, your little chickpea is soooo cute! Bet you have stared at your pic a million times by now! How exciting!!!

Yoni so pleased you are immune - what a relief!

All those with rage, that stage seems to have passed for me now and at 8 weeks I just cry at EVERYTHING! It's getting embarrasing!

Mrs GSR thanks so much for all the links - will be checking some of those out no doubt!!!

Humpty really pleased a day off made you feel better - hope you stay feeling well today at work...

Ginny don't even TALK to me about onions! I was obsessed with red onions in the first few weeks, I would have them with EVERYTHING and then suddenly one day they were devils food and I can't bear the smell! The smell of cooking onions and garlic is usually one of my favourite smells in the world - not anymore!

Thanks everyone for all your wishes of luck today! x

chocoloulou33 Wed 22-May-13 08:11:14

Oooh scan day sultanajo exciting! Such a long time to wait though. Am hoping 2day is going to be a better one than yesterday with sickness. Got dd with a belly ache but am sending her to school to see how she goes! X

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 08:24:21

Morning all! choco and sultana hope you are feeling less vommy today. It really gets you down doesn't it. I wasn't sick at all yesterday evening so was hopeful it was getting better but it's come back with full force this morning. My tummy muscles are getting tired sad.
slinky such a cute story about your DS and his "big buzzer"!
sultana hope today flies for you... So exciting that you have your scan tonight. Xx

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 08:37:42

Sultano, exciting about this evening. Hopefully time will fly.

A question? What prenatal vitamins is everyone on and do you suffer from somewhat bizarre side effects from it?

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 08:41:03

gemma I'm taking the superdrug own brand pregnancy care vits. They were 2 for £12 when I bought them a few weeks back, and each box has 60 tablets, so they were quite a bit cheaper than pregnacare and seem to have the same ingredients. No side effects that I've noticed, unless nausea and vomiting are side effects, now wouldn't that be ironic lol!

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 08:52:43

Sultanajo hope your scan goes well today! Can't believe you've got to wait till 6. Laaaaaaaame..... grin

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 08:53:59

Gemma the Pregnacare vits I'm taking make my wee go neon grin apparently it's something to do with vitamin B

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 09:10:09

choco sad I hope you start feeling better soon!

welcome lady smile

Aww, slinky that's lovely!

Good luck for you scan today sultanajo!

gemma I'm taking pregnacare plus, but I've just ordered pregnacare max from amazon for £11 something for a 4 week supply smile

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 09:26:19

for the ladies with bad ms, have u tried sipping fizzy drinks? it really helps me,ive gone through about 6 cans of 7up since yesterday evening.i know its not great but it does really help.

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 09:29:34

Mint imperials and lemon sherbets are working for me.

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 09:34:37

Just to fill up the thread, here is the list from which of free stuff you can get after the baby is born smile

Baby Freebies – a wide-ranging site that covers everything from discounts on clothes and free days out to money-off vouchers for a variety of items.

Latest Free Stuff - a round up of free offers and deals available, many of which are new and mostly start-up packs and samples.

All 4 Free - an extensive list of free baby samples, activities for children and ways to earn vouchers or points.

Freebie List – is a UK-based site which doesn’t have a specific baby section, but is dedicated to reviewing the best freebies available online. It is regularly updated with the latest free offers, including a mixture of free stuff, product samples and software.

As Toby said, you might end up with loads of junk mail, but some of them could be worth looking into smile it also mentions:

^Cashback websites such as KidStart pay a proportion of the money you spend online into a nominated child's bank, building society or child trust fund (CTF) account (if your child has an existing CTF). After registering, all you have to do is go to the online shop you're buying from via the special links on the Kidstart site.

By shopping online in this way you can get up to 5% cashback on Mothercare purchases, up to 7% when buying from Tesco, 3.5% back on your first purchase from Boots, 25% from eBay revenue (ie how much eBay makes from the sale) and 2.5% from Kiddicare. There are more than 400 shopping sites in the scheme.^

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 22-May-13 09:39:34

Mrs GSR - thanks for the links!

Sultanajo - good luck for later eeek!

Sarahleanne - 7up is great, have been sipping it throughout the day for a few weeks. Also ice lollies are helping. Along with maoam sweets. Poor teeth!

Welcome all new ladies and apologies for my grumpy post yesterday. Virtual hugs for everyone who is feeling rough. Have a good day ladies.

Oh and thanks for the new thread pod! See you there!

chocoloulou33 Wed 22-May-13 09:40:47

Ooh lovely mrsg thanks for all those links. I feel slightly better than yesterday but my ms gets worse as day goes on. Have got myself some crackerbread to try. Feel like I'm not eating varied diet at all sad I'm taking sanatogen pregnancy multivitamins x

chocoloulou33 Wed 22-May-13 09:42:39

I don't drink fizzy drinks at all (fussy person) so can't try that one. Gonna try some boiled sweets though x

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 09:43:37

gsr u have just baffled my brain lol. I remember getting the bounty pack with my first and being like WOW,i think with my 2nd most of it went in the bin haha.
That kiddicare website is really good though!!

can someone give me some advice puuurrrleease.
does anyone have experience with double prams? my daughters gunna be 2years,2 months when baby is born so im guessing im gunna need a double one? I havnt seen any I like apart from the side by side ones but my husband says its pointless getting one of those cus they don't even fit through doors.and they do look a pain in the ass to push around and my muscles aren't that big blush.
sorry to bore u all,just wondered if anyone has any advice?

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 09:52:45

Sarah - Maclaren Techno double fits through standard doors, is very narrow, though pretty basic. Mountain Buggy double is also very narrow and a bit more heavy duty. I think you can also attach baby seats..?
I'd go for a Baby Jogger City Select if I could afford it! A friend of mine has one and it's absolute genius. All kinds of different seat options, loads of storage and clever features. Quite long though... Only thing is it might not be worth it if your bigger one isn't going to get more than a year's use out of it.

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 09:57:53

Do you think you could manage with a sling/buggy/buggy board combination? Baby in sling for first few months, toddler in buggy, then baby in buggy and toddler on board? You can get buggy boards with bike style seats. We also have a Boba 3G carrier that I'd highly recommend as you can use it for a newborn or a large toddler (up to 45lb I think?!?) so you can pick and mix who goes in the buggy. My DS aged 2 loves the carrier! He calls it "horsey horsey", though we're not using it so much now I'm preggers cos not sure lugging a 30+lber around is necessarily sensible!

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 09:58:19

thanks very much for that extra, I will have a look .thanks!

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 09:59:24

I might have got the Maclaren model wrong... Used to have one when I was a nanny but sold it on so not 100% sure of the name.

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 09:59:45

I was thinking about getting a sling but worried il look like an idiot on the school run, but for practical use it probably would be better.

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