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January 2014 - knicker checking, cramps, sore boobs, sickness, hungry, sleepy neurotic mums to be.... Roll on 12 week scan!!

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LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 18:45:19

And off we go again....... grin

chocoloulou33 Mon 13-May-13 21:56:32

Hello marking my place on new thread woo hoo!!! We must talk loads as due in dec only on the 2nd thread! Let's catch em up lol! On another note I have slight ocd & can't deal with the other 1st thread not being filled up so plz fill it up with some randomness so I can sleep 2nite haha x

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 21:57:51

Choco. I have already started with the random notes on other thread... You gonna help me complete it?

chocoloulou33 Mon 13-May-13 21:57:57

A pea sample I like that lol grin

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 21:59:08

Ha ha ha... Didn't even pick up on that... grin

Frizz1986 Mon 13-May-13 22:00:02

I haven't been asked to take pee in either. Although to be honest the amount I need to go I could probably do it there lol.
Mine is in the afternoon. We'll have to see how different it is for us!

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 22:01:29

Frizz. Agree, let's see how inconsistent the system really is... Lol. Compare notes Friday night...

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 22:02:25

Oh for god sake what's wrong with me tonight.. Frizz should be, let's compare notes on Weds night....

BumpAndGrind Mon 13-May-13 22:08:08

GP never tested me, just took my word for it... got admitted to hospital for 2 days with HG and they never tested for pregnancy either- I asked. Today at my (early) scan was the first time it has been confirmed to me I'm not just imagining it grin. I don't even have a booking in app yet.

I feel very luck to have a (healthy) early scan.

Where abouts is everyone...if you don't mind me asking?

TarkaTheOtter Mon 13-May-13 22:14:00

Hi bump. I'm on the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire border.

SpecificDreamRabbit Mon 13-May-13 22:14:52

New thread already! shock

Vengeful, Fur and missmakes, so sorry for your losses sad Take care of yourselves. flowers

MissMedusa, there is no way in hell my mother will be around for the birth. We'd end up yelling at each other; we love each other but we really wind each other up! I think you need to do what's best for you, and if that's not having your mother around for the birth, so be it.

Bump, so pleased to hear your good news about the scan!

Welcome to all the new ladies!

Am feeling pretty moody at the moment – I hope I'm not going to be this grumpy all the time from now on! Keep getting waves of irritation about stupid stuff. Gah!

SpecificDreamRabbit Mon 13-May-13 22:15:31

bump, I'm in East Herts, just over the border from North London. How about you?

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 22:16:02

Bump. Is that where do we come from or how far in our pregnancies?

Question to all theladies. Does anyone hav a link to the stats thread?

chocoloulou33 Mon 13-May-13 22:17:23

tks for that pod can't belive I ended the thread with cat litter lmao xx
bump I am in east Kent x

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 22:18:34

Not a problem Choco33. It made me laugh particularly the cat litter..... Lmao..

TobyLerone Mon 13-May-13 22:20:11

Re mothers: mine's been at both of my births so far, both of my sister's, and was there for my other sister's labour until she had a crash section.
She's excellent to have around! DH wants her there. I think he's worried about not knowing what to do.

I'm in Kent, in answer to Bump's question.

enjoyingscience Mon 13-May-13 22:20:18

Hi bump! I'm in west Berkshire. DP and I are both Northumbrian though, and our fams are not pleased about our southern babies.

Link here

chocoloulou33 Mon 13-May-13 22:25:46

where in kent ru toby

TobyLerone Mon 13-May-13 22:27:25

Just about in the middle wink

I feel sick. It's keeping me awake and I have to be up at 5.30 sad

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 22:28:13

I am in West Yorkshire...

Sorry to hear that Toby.

SpecificDreamRabbit Mon 13-May-13 22:29:06

Hope you feel better soon, toby!

Right, I am off to bed now. Hope everyone sleeps well!

Frogcatcher Mon 13-May-13 22:38:14

I'm seeing my GP tmrw but I was told by receptionist that I didn't need to & could go straight to midwife track. I'm just expecting GP to weigh me & take blood pressure. I did a clear blue digi test today just to confirm all my ICs just in case I had a faulty batch grin. It was positive 2-3 wks which is what I knew already.
I'm in bed too as have Pilates class at 7.15 tmrw am shock sleep tight all

nomoreminibreaks Mon 13-May-13 22:53:16

Littlepea I'm about 5 miles over the border in North Yorkshire! <waves>

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 22:56:26

nomore. That makes four Yorkshire ladies on here now.. waves back

Wardy17 Mon 13-May-13 23:12:11

choc just read your notes from the last thread, can you really not eat pre packed salad???

MoreBoober Mon 13-May-13 23:20:55

Wow you lot are fast!
I'm in the North East but originally Scottish.

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