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June 2013 - Thread 7 - Getting closer!

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Sarah2506 Sat 11-May-13 11:35:58

We got full! Hope everyone manages to find their way back here:-)

maisiebeem Sun 12-May-13 06:14:38

Oh- and as for bags- I've packed 3! One for me, one for baby, and one labeled very clearly- SNACKS! Think ill get dh to put some t'shirts etc or him in my bag.

curiousgeorgie Sun 12-May-13 08:09:05

Just marking my place!

I finally got my c section date but its for my due date! 25th June... I'm now panicking as don't want to go into labour and end up with an emergency c section. I was told 38 weeks all the way along, but apparently they only book electives for Tuesdays and Fridays and the other days are full confused

I am having a weekend of packing my house up in preparation for moving house at the beginning of June (great timing!!)

Knackered after doing the spare room yesterday as its our junk room, Took me about 12 hours... DD watched Sofia the First on a loop all day poor thing! blush

curiousgeorgie Sun 12-May-13 08:11:52

And with hospital bags I have 2.

One bag with first outfit, a couple of nappies, small pack of wipes, my toiletries, kindle, magazines, snacks, camera, phone & purse...

Then a small wheelie case for DH to bring in after I'm back in my room with two days of clothes for baby and me, towels, a gift for DD from baby, etc.

It worked really well last time.

Sarah2506 Sun 12-May-13 08:16:53

Georgie that's my birthday:-) good choice!

I'm shattered. We were out till gone midnight last night! Friend had 40th in the bar at the top of CentrePoint tower. Amazing views of the city at sunset. It was a massive affair with pretty much all our friends in attendance so good to see everyone for what might be the last time pre baby. It got to 11 and DH asked me if I was ok and I hadn't even realised it was late! Haven't been up past 11 in months. Bed at one and still awake at 7- will suffer today, totally worth it though. Have what feels like a hangover but is likely dehydration.

SIL is having birthday party two hours by car away today. If we go we can get some baby stuff we don't have room for. If we don't I can sit on my arse all day. Tough call.....

Sams4lo Sun 12-May-13 08:28:09

Thank u so much smile it's driving me mad the worry and not knowing now!

As for hospital bag I've got one bag with everything in, as I've tried being organised before with separate bags and they all end up in one at the hospital lol with dhs organising lol x

mil wants to be at the birth this time as well so this could be fun! I don't mind her being there as long as she stays near my friggin head lol!

Withalittlesparkle Sun 12-May-13 09:42:03

I have two bags, although this is breaking the maternity wards rule of one bag per person!!

All of my stuff is in one bag, all of baby's things are in another bag. I have room in both to add more stuff of necessary but I've packed for maybe a two day stay! Any more and husband will have to bring spares, which I plan to leave neatly piled up in the nursery so he doesn't have to go rooting round!

Am I the only person not having a baby shower? Or if I am I know absolutely nothing about it!

Also women with SPD? Did you get a referral? I'm waiting for a date for mine but reckon it'll end up beings so close to the birth that it won't make much difference anyway!

Mawgatron Sun 12-May-13 09:48:40

Morning all! I seem to have gone underground for a few weeks, trying to get everything done at work before I finish this fri. Managed to convince them to let me go a week early as I am struggling with spd.

Hospital case pretty much packed, few last bits to put in but think I'm pretty much there. Got my final nhs antenatal this week so get to tour the ward, will put a last few bits in depending on what is there (radio etc)

Don't know about you ladies but I am MASSIVE! Can't wait to meet him, feel really impatient. I know I should be making the most of this time but I really want to see my son! Eeeeep!

Good luck all you c section ladies, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Mawgatron Sun 12-May-13 09:54:07

Oh, and I had a referral a few weeks ago withalittle. They gave me a sexy tubigrip to wear over my hips and a Velcro support belt. They also said to take paracetamol and recommended the following excercises:
Pelvic floors
Bum clenches
Bump tightens (pull in the bottom of your bump using your muscles)

Apparently all of the muscles round there support the ligaments, the stronger they are, the more support for your ligaments.

ginauk84 Sun 12-May-13 11:09:19

Withalittlesparkle no baby shower feel, I felt like I was the only one not having one so glad to hear I am not! We threw one for a friends first baby several years ago so I thought they might do the same but nope.

Need to get midwife to refer me when I see her Thursday, pain has got worse again today and have another 7 weeks till due date!

I have a baby bag and a bag for me but need to check whether I need any milk as am not sure.

ginauk84 Sun 12-May-13 11:59:51

Ooh I have just discovered the mumsnet talk iPhone app when I took the bounty survey it mentioned it. Don't know how I missed it! smile

RueDeWakening Sun 12-May-13 12:17:58

Georgie an emcs if you go into labour is basically no different to a planned, so long as you go in as soon as you realise - I had an emcs with DS because my waters broke at 31 weeks, my section was booked for 36 weeks so they just did it early iyswim.

The other thing to do is when you go for your pre op appointment (normally a week or so before), ask them what you should do if you go into labour in the meantime - with DD I was originally booked for section on my due date, asked at pre op, and got asked if I could come in that night, DD arrived the next day grin

redwellybluewelly Sun 12-May-13 13:01:03

I have been told that if I go into labour before my ELCS ate I need to get to delivery suite quickly, by ambulance if necessary, purely because its not pregnancy but labour that they are concerned about with me. That said if I am in established labour with good responses from baby I may be 'allowed' to deliver naturally which is what I would much much prefer.

I have packed a small holdall with toiletries, change of clothes and a few snacks, and six nappies, two vests, two babygro's for baby which I will take onto the ward. A second holdall will stay in the car with more clothes for me, husband and baby, magazines and ipod as well as a coolbox of snacks and fresh juice. The car seat will stay in the car as well until needed.

I'm really struggling to find a bear or cuddly for baby, DD is fast asleep with her beebear now and has had it since birth so I'd like her sibling to also have a cuddly. Oh and I've also packed a small rucksack with overnight things and a few toys foe DD to keep in boot of car just in case of having to drop her at relatives in an emergency.

learnermummy Sun 12-May-13 14:03:39

Red, both of mine have had taggie comfort blankets from (so I knew I could easily get replacements). Eldest (nearly 7) still sleeps with his. Will have to continue tradition but haven't got around to it yet!

june2013 Sun 12-May-13 14:52:21

Hello everyone...

Can't believe it's getting so close and some of you have dates!

We had builders in this weekend to make adjustments to what is going to be the nursery that the baby is not actually going to sleep in for 6 months... it will probably her junk room until then...

Been reading threads on when people are stopping work. I'm doing a phd so bit different - advantages are that I'm completely flexible and can work where and when I want. Disadvantages are the same - so that my supervisor doesn't seem to think that I need to go any time before my due date. I'm trying to write this afternoon - it's so haaaaard!

Also, was at a wedding yesterday, I had to do 2 readings so I made sure I looked decent. Despite being incredibly tired and desperate to leave at 6pm, I did think how much easier it was to look great while pregnant than I am likely to look at next wedding 4 wks post birth (ish)...

pinkapples Sun 12-May-13 15:13:11

Thanks for the tips ref bags I've got one for baby and one for me but now both full I'm thinking tho that I should combine bits for me and bits for baby in one bag then a bag for the car if we have to stay in? What does everyone think?

its all getting so real with dates and things omg even without a set date I'm petrified!

Anyone else been getting a funny feeling down below? It's odd only on one side and its like a twinge not actually in it just a bit above it on like the chubby skin bit (that sounds gross but I'm sure you know where I mean) I've got the midwife tomorrow so might ask not much movement these days must be short on space cheeky girly!

grainmum Sun 12-May-13 17:03:26

Thanks for the new thread! Finally actually packing bag - can someone please give me an idea of how often I might need to change breast pads? I'm assuming I probably won't need the whole box of 40?

ginauk84 Sun 12-May-13 17:16:54

redwelly I got a comforter, bought a Pooh one but then saw a tatty teddy one so we have that smile

redwellybluewelly Sun 12-May-13 17:32:56

pinkapples thats certainly what I'm doing re the bags. We have limited space on the wards, I fully appreciate that not everyone will bring car with useful boot but we turned up to delivery last time with one small holdall and MW said thank god we were sensible, because they don't like bags on the floor (infection risk) and make you empty them and take the bag home (i was in a week!) and when I was on the ward I had one small unit and a very small lockable wall unit. Has to be said I pack light but do have the option of a car boot. When I was in on Thursday for assessment on the same ward same rule seemed to apply. Think the cots had a drawer underneath for baby things?

I'm leaving replacement clothing out for DH to bring in if needed, I know I'll be in two nights. My biggest concern is getting enough food!

Now off to look at taggie cuddlies, I bought DD a stupidly expensive velvet one last time and she never even sniffed it so baby was going to have that.

june are you getting maternity leave? I'm taking seven months, one is unpaid, but my supervisory team have been ace.

Steffanoid Sun 12-May-13 17:38:22

I've managed to condense the bags for me and baby into one and then the labour bag which has babies first outfit, only have a couple of outfits that are still fitting, a guest yesterday said id ballooned even though she only saw me 7 days ago.

babies cot is up, clothes that were given yesterday are nearly all washed and homes need finding, had a count and have 35 packs of baby wipes!

I've been getting period pain feelings today and a bit of a sore back, feels like im about to wee but not, feels very strange all over my belly and bits today

redwellybluewelly Sun 12-May-13 17:49:47

grainmum I'm taking ten packs, mine come in pairs, but your milk may not come in until 3/4 day as until then its colostrum. I remember changing breastapds every feed after we got home at two weeks. And I needed them for the first year because I leaked a stupid amount.

To pains, I had what was a very very contraction like pain last night, with dd I had regular nighttime contractions from 39-42 weeks. I'm only 35+6 so they are starting earlier for sure!

redwellybluewelly Sun 12-May-13 17:51:07

Oh and the pushing on cervix. That too. Ouchy ouch

MrsBri Sun 12-May-13 20:12:21

Evening :-)

I've had a vaguely productive day today as I've re-packed my hospital bags. I've now got enough to keep me going until after I've cleaned myself up after the birth, as well as a few bits for baby. My 'after' bag will stay in the car and has more stuff for both of us in it.

DH can get more from home if necessary. He's confirmed that he knows where baby's clothes are, so that's good!

Our Isofix base arrived on Friday and the car seat is coming on 21st, so we will install them together and keep them in position all ready.

I feel quite sick today. And exhausted, despite sleeping seemingly ok. I'm so glad I've finished work already.

Baby has had another mental bum shoving / foot waving day. At least he's still finding room to exercise in there!

I appear to have shooting pains in my bits every now and then. Ouchy.

I'm also getting to the end of the cross stitch too. Still have a good 20-30 hours' work to go, but bearing in mind how much I've already done, it's a drop in the ocean!

pinkapples Sun 12-May-13 20:21:04

Well done mrsbri a very productive day grin I too have been busy re-packing my bag 3 times yup 3 times each one after reading a conversation on here lol

I now have babies changing bag which I have used for 1 outfit for baby (babygrow sleepsuit mits hat) and one outfit for me (joggers and top) as well as one big shirt for me for labour (hubby's) and a pair of loose pyjamas and 4 knickers (the large variety!) pads and mat pads 5 nappies and wipes and toiletries
then my second (car)bag has more clothes for baby more clothes for me spare shirt for hubby drinks snacks more nappies hopefully I have cracked it now (not packing again hopefully) an have met hospital/birthing centre approval (still don't know what I'm allowed) with one small bag grin

Hawkmoth Sun 12-May-13 20:27:31

No bag... But I did buy a pack of newborn nappies today, then had to NOT CRY on my way out of the shop.

Am looking into taggies, possibly making one myself, though probably not as I don't get on with sewing machines. DS has his first duvet cover from his cot as his blankie. Red Cover. He loves it and sniffs it and takes it everywhere.

Last night had a look at my notes to see how big the growth curve predicted my baby will be. The bloody MW had plotted the last measurement a week early so all the raised eyebrows and funny looks about me declining a GTT were for nothing and I won't be having a huge baby. Next time I see her I will think smugly about my GCSE in Maths!

SunnyL Sun 12-May-13 20:41:38

DH has just bought a car. He is a walking cliche. It's a red 2 sweater classic - clearly the most practical car for a man who is about to have a baby!

Actually I'm not mad in the slightest and I've even paid for a 1/4 of it as an early birthday present for him. It's going to live in the garage and be his project car for the next 5 years so will keep him amused. I did have to tell him though that I didn't think it was ok for the baby to be put to sleep on the front seat as it is not a dog!

Otherwise had a nice sociable day but trying my best to stay awake til a more reasonable hour.

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