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October 2013: Almost halfway!

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cherrycherry41 Fri 10-May-13 23:50:30

Thread 8 of 1,000 wink

HotSoupDumpling Sat 11-May-13 15:19:46

Woah Cherry, glad you got some carbs and sugars down you!

cherrycherry41 Sat 11-May-13 15:30:42

Ive never fainted before GT, i always thought itd hurt but it didnt surprisingly! Luckily i was wearing jeans haha.

Wickedgirl Sat 11-May-13 15:49:04

If you join boots mum and baby club, boots send you a voucher for a free nappy bag(normally about £30)if you buy a packet of nappies.

I am picking mine up next week

pinkmoonlight Sat 11-May-13 16:36:11

I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago cherry- at the till in Accessorize! The (30 week pregnant!) shop assistant helped me and found some chocolate and water! I think with me it's to do with overheating- I've done it several times abroad but never in UK! I was so embarassed and couldn't wait to get out of there. I've now got an emergency energy drink in my handbag! Glad you're ok and fx it doesn't happen again x

Smitten1981 Sat 11-May-13 16:52:58

Oh no Cherry. Hope you're feeling better now.

I'm going to go shopping for a few boy bits tomorrow to try and get me more in a boy frame of mind.

On the plus side I can get the light blue striped Bugaboo I've been eyeing up!

roofio87 Sat 11-May-13 16:59:42

cherry I fainted in Tuesday, but fortunately was at the gp surgery. I had walked there (not far about 1.5 miles) and it was about 100° in the waiting room and I fainted when they called my name to go in to see the doc. very embarrassing but at least a good place to do it. the receptionist gave me a banana and some water and gp said I had low bp but was just hot and dehydrated I think. hope you're feeling better x

FeministInTraining Sat 11-May-13 17:02:32

Glad you're ok Cherry my default when ill is to feel dizzy and sick although I haven't actually fainted since I was a kid. Luckily it's usually at home, have flung myself onto the bathroom floor (nice cold tiles) a couple if times to stop myself fainting recently. Only other issue is the bloody train- have to wear my baby on board badge and wait for someone nice to offer me a seat as I know I can't make it through my whole journey standing. It scares me when nobody does, I had to ask once (before I had the badge) as my vision started going... Packed train... When I sat down I went into a cold sweat it was horrible. I'm more scared of feeling dizzy/sick during labour than of actual pain confused

MotherOfNations Sat 11-May-13 17:33:55

Awww poor Cherry When I had Scarlet fever a few years ago I fainted and fell forward into a mug of Lemsip I'd just made. I had a burnt nose that was red raw for days.

Slippysnow Sat 11-May-13 18:01:44

Seems to be lots of fainters on the thread! cherry hope it doesn't happen again, I suppose the heat of the dryer would've tipped you over. Can't remember whether I congratulated the scanners, so will do it now just incase. Lovely to hear such positive news I hope all of your families were thrilled too!

Smitten1981 Sat 11-May-13 18:11:55

Going to the hairdressers always makes me feel a bit sick and dizzy cause its always hot and busy and takes ages.

xuntitledx Sat 11-May-13 19:18:58

Major craving for lucozade and ice lollies this week!

So excited for my scan on Monday smile

Haylebop12 Sat 11-May-13 19:24:42

Never fainted in my life...! Ooh with all these boys does that lea the ones who haven't found out are probably having girls? It's gotta be roughly 50/50? Ill have a girl to even it out grin

roofio87 Sat 11-May-13 20:07:02

so tired tonight after having my niece and nephew here. I have so much respect for those of you with dcs already!!!
loving being able to feel flutters now. slightly less obvious and in a different place today so baby must have moved but definitely still them I can feel. its weird, but in a lovely way!!smile

Claphammama Sat 11-May-13 20:33:24

hope you feel better cherry! I've never fainted in my life but must be quite scary... have a lovely holiday whatever the weather. I love Cornwall!

Low blood pressure seems to be such a common problem. I struggle with it too. Frequently around 80/50 - ridiculous. I don't faint but feel utterly exhausted.

Just got back - nice to be away but so nice to be back too! 3 hours delay from BA turned it into a 10 hours journey... I don't love them at all after the last two flights. Especially that I've been feeling ill again the last two days - lost my voice again and couldn't sleep at all last night coughing my lungs out. it's been over 5 weeks now... fed up...

cherry I am also planning to get exactly the same Cath Kiddson bag :-) green with white dots - have had my eye on it for ages :-) had the Hip Hop bag with DS bit it's quite mucky now so fancy a new one.

The decorator did the baby's room when we were away. So we have an olive nursery now - a strong colour but I love it!!

So jealous of all of you scanners! gt baby hope it's a girl for you this time then!

Tarlia Sat 11-May-13 21:09:02

Congratulations to today's scanners, sorry on phone and have forgotten. Lots of boys on this thread!

cherry hope you are feeling ok this evening. I find hairdressers a bit too warm and all the chemicals on a warm day are awful even when not pregnant.

MoN ouch with the burned nose, poor you!

Change bags - I have a gorgeous Oioi Hobo which is a pale green with tiny flecks of pink if you look really closely, you kinda have to know its there to see - with a shocking pink lining and accessories. It was my one allowed semi girly purchase that DP was happy to carry around too even if we had a boy. It's still almost new as we ditched it for a rucksack as was living on 4th floor without a lift!! Now we have a lift, thank goodness so will be able to use it easily. Love all the compartments.

Cravings, DS was satsumas, beetroot and lemon squash. This one it's sweeties (starburst type or pink/blue fizzy bottles), orange juice and ice lollies. I think it's a boy but would love a girl. I'm getting a bit antsy about Tuesday since we will then know and possible problems.

GT sorry your DH wasn't very sensitive. I understand how you feel , I cannot see life without a little girl although I love my little boy to bits and healthy baby is most important over gender, it would be so nice to have another boy buddy for him but its a meh feeling that's hard to shake. We will all support eachother as we are fortunate to have a few that understand and nobody judges on this thread which is so nice. I wouldn't dare being 'upset' over gender publically on MN, we'd be slaughtered haha.

Natalieand Sat 11-May-13 21:27:30

cherry sorry to hear about your fainting situation. Hopefully you have your feet up now!
I've never fainted must be quite scary especially in a public place like that

I'm looking at the yummy mummy pink lining bags but are they worth the £50-£70 price tag? Like really worth it? Lol

Hope u have fun boy shopping smitten

roxvox Sat 11-May-13 23:17:30

Only a few more days Tarlia and it will be our turn to see our little ones again! Can't wait. Feeling very jealous of everyone finding out the sex, even though we've decided we aren't going to.

I've been looking at a few changing bags, and saw one that I fell in love with, but it was obviously feminine and I read somewhere that it makes sense to buy one that your husband would be happy to carry, so I am focusing on that really now. Black or grey I think it will have to be!

I've just finished knitting a little hat. It's not perfect by any means, and it has taken me a while to do (started it 2 weeks ago!) but it's the first thing that I've ever knit so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself grin

GTbaby Sun 12-May-13 01:09:48

Rox. Get the free boots changing bag for DH to use n u buy the one u want!
Personally don't think have two bags is more hassle, I re pack mine every time I go out anyway.

ananikifo Sun 12-May-13 01:47:23

That's good advice, GT. I have a changing bag with cute animals on it that came free with a vertbaudet order. This is something that could live in the basket of the pram but I wouldn't wear it. I'll probably end up getting the free boots one as well.

I would like to carry the baby in a sling when possible but I don't understand what kind of bag you could carry at the same time. A rucksack maybe?

Sanjifair Sun 12-May-13 05:57:17

Hi all, just catching up on the thread. Cherry, sorry to hear about the fainting, I fainted all over the place last pregnancy and blood pressure was 90/55 last mw visit so looking low and like I'll be heading that way this pregnancy too.
I have a stokke pram and really the only suitable changing bag is the one that comes with it as it clips on to the bottom of the pram. Otherwise you have to carry it everywhere as I found out last time!
Lots of boys on this thread! I think I have a boy as well, but going for a surprise this time. Mind you my instinct is rubbish as last time we found out, and both my DH and I thought 'girl' but we were 100% wrong! I was a little unsure about having a boy to start with but he is such a little joy! I would be fine about having 2 boys so have gone for the surprise this time. Would be happy with a girl too and DH would really like 1 of each, but we will get what we get!

Claphammama Sun 12-May-13 08:22:37

I am so excited! the baby was moving so much last night - wriggling for 5min! it was the first time I was sure it was the baby and not my impression and wishful thinking!! so excited this morning

pinkbuttons Sun 12-May-13 08:32:36

Morning ladies, yey claphammama very exciting!
We also had lots of movement last night and DH felt movt for the first time smile baby must have fully flipped round while he was feeling because felt huge to me but he felt a small movt which is great.

cherry sorry to hear about your fainting, I ended up admitted to hospital for 2 weeks in my last pregnancy because it got to a point I was fainting every day. Hope your feeling better today. xx

Claphammama Sun 12-May-13 08:47:14

so lovely pinkbuttons! I'm only 16+5 today so I think DP will have to wait a bit to be able to feel anything. I'm so happy I can share it with all of you as he thinks telling him about it 5 times since last night is more than enough. I don't... :-)

I'm so in the mood for shopping today... want to buy everything now - changing bags, baby clothes... you name it. Want to go with DS to make him excited and make him feel like he is part of it.

cherrycherry41 Sun 12-May-13 09:07:54

Sounds like fainting is a real problem in pregnancy! Im feeling fine now thank you all for asking thanks
Been up early as setting off to Cornwall soon, driving 5 1/2 hrs to taunton first and staying there the night then doing rest of the journey early tomorrow! Hoping my DD gets some sleep on the journey so i can too! brew

Whose scan is it today?

Haylebop12 Sun 12-May-13 09:16:18

claphamama I took dd when we went to the asda baby event. Told her she had £5 to spend on the baby and she chose a babygro and hat. She is really loving being involved and helping choose things. So definitely a good idea smile

Work tonight booooooo!

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